A remarkable game for dump-and-chase

Lost in Edmonton’s lop-sided defeat to St. Louis is a pretty amazing statistic: no 5-on-5 dump-in by either team resulted in a shot on net. Both teams tried the tactic over and over again – but it failed entirely to generate offence.

Zone Entries

One of the items I tracked in last night’s game was zone entries – logging the time and method each team used to gain the other team’s zone. The results are in the chart above, with “shots” referring to both missed and blocked shots. A “controlled” entry means that the team entered the opposing zone with possession of the puck – either via pass or carry. Other options include tip-ins, dump-ins, turnovers on the forecheck and the like.

Of the Oilers 18 shots and missed shots 5-on-5, 17 of them came with a player carrying or passing the puck into the St. Louis zone., something they did 38 (less than half the time). One of them came off a combined 43 other zone entries – in this case, it was the result of an effective Ryan Jones forecheck after the Blues carried a loose puck into their own end and tried to regroup.

Of the Blues 31 shots and missed shots 5-on-5 (excluding two off the faceoff), fully 29 of them came from entering the zone with possession – something they did 45 times. Only two of them came off dump-ins, one early in the second period and one late in the third. Let’s look at those.

Successful Dump-In Number 1

The Blues dump the puck hard in from centre off the opening faceoff of the second period.

The puck goes to the far corner, where Ladislav Smid and an opposition forechecker fight for the puck. Eventually Jeff Petry, Sam Gagner and two other Blues enter the fray; after a long battle St. Louis finally wins possession along the boards.

Eventually they work it to the slot, under constant pressure, and manage a quick shot that goes two feet wide. My best guess is that it was a slap-pass attempt that went off Gagner in the slot (we can see the open Blues’ player on the far side of the net and Khabibulin desperately trying to get into position) but it’s hard to tell from the video and the play-by-play sheet records it as a missed shot. That’s the extent of the offence generated by this dump-in.

Successful Dump-In Number 2

With a little over five minutes left in the third, the Blues dump the puck in from centre – some they did with increasing frequency as the game wound down.

The Oilers have no problem gaining possession – Ryan Whitney takes it behind his net with time and skates it toward the corner, at which point he makes a bank pass to Justin Schultz.

Again, it’s hard to tell from the video whether the puck hops or Schultz just wasn’t ready for the pass, but whatever the case it goes just past the end of his stick and the Blues recapture the puck just inside the Oilers’ blue line.

After working the puck around the Oilers’ end for a while, St. Louis finally gets a decent shot opportunity and rips the puck wide.

In Summary

The Oilers and Blues combined failed to generate a single shot on goal off a dump-in, despite the fact that both teams frequently chose to dump the puck into the opposition zone. I’m not sure if it was an engaged defence or an inactive forecheck – probably a little bit of both – but the reason that game felt like a contest from the dead puck era last night was because neither club could generate anything off a dump and chase game.

Where the Blues were remarkably successful was in generating opportunities after gaining the line with possession. Both teams entered with possession frequently, though the Blues were significantly more likely to get a shot or a scoring chance off such an entry.

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    • outdoorzguy

      6 Years!! Try fifteen. There was one blip in the plan 6 years ago, remember we made the playoffs on the last day. Every year for the last 15 we go through this. But it’s allowed to happen. Nobody challenges team management. Nobody challenges ownership. People keep buying jerseys. People keep going to the games. As much as everyone complains, they keep going. Stay home for a month. When Katz doesn’t get his profit, maybe he’ll hop a plane back to Edmonton and start dealing with this garbage can of hockey.

  • justDOit

    What a brutal game overall. Dump and chase apparently isn’t as effective for the oil as it is the blues. I think that system works well when you have some stud dmen to make sure the puck cycle along the boards stops when it hits the blue line. But even if this was the game we wanted to play, you gotta bring some energy to make it effective. No energy, barely any shots, no hits, no fights…this ha to be the most boring game to watch in a while.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Hemsky drove me nuts all game last night, imo he had absolutly no drive to work to retrieve the puck when a pass was a bit out of reach no desire to generate any type of offence. Krueger should hold him accountable like he has done with Whitney and Smyth and bench him. Im usually a big Hemsky supporter but he just didnt seem “into it” last night, and for a guy who makes 5mil and one of the vets on this team like I said it drove me nuts watching him half ass it all night.

    • You and I saw different games.

      In the game I saw, Hemsky took five of the Oilers’ 19 shots, three of their six even-strength chances, and was far and away their best forward offensively.

      I don’t know how you saw that game and came to the conclusion that Hemsky should be benched.

      • justDOit

        we got shots on net?hemsky was the best?best of the worst mabey,the whole team should be benched for that performance,and that conclusion comes from a fan who did not watch with beer goggles Willis!

        • The team was terrible, without question. Ales Hemsky was the lone forward who had some good moments, though – if were picking out scapegoats based on performance, I’m just saying we should basically pick anybody other than him.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Well said Romulus !
            People are sick of losing and emotional, I get it, but don’t let that affect rationale

            this team just needs time and tinkering, please do nothing major or it will wreck this team

            That impatience has created today’s present day islanders

            people need to be patient

            If Hopkins is a poor man’s Datsyk then he’s on track and will be amazing at 23, the age Datsyk first played in the NHL!

            People look at the standings and who’s in the playoffs, did you expect anything else? If so why?

            Did people really think we should outperform veterans in the league playing for Chicago, San Jose, Detroit, Vancouver, LA, etc?

          • northof51

            I wasn’t even going to log in today, having nothing good to say. But I did, just to give you props on your statements RE Hemsky. I totally agree with your assessment of his and the team’s game last night.

            As if the Oilers play wasn’t embarrassing enough, some of these comments make me hope fans from other teams don’t read these articles.

          • justDOit

            Can’t props that enough.

            When a line or two, and maybe a D pairing, gets outplayed, then we have to look at those players and maybe the coaching. When the ENTIRE team gets embarrassed like they did last night, the focus needs to go up the food-chain. This wasn’t a bad night for Ebs or Hall, and all the line matching and strategy in the world wouldn’t help RK out of that one last night.

            STL is a great team, and they deserve as much credit for the win as Edm does for the loss. This is a team that has had some good drafts, made some excellent trades (Stewart/Shattenkirk, anyone), and has addressed needs through any and every means necessary.

            Meanwhile, the Oilers ‘brain trust’ has sat back on their draft record and hoped for players to improve in the offseason. For a while this season, they could point to their improvements (two rookies and two lower-level depth players), and tell us that the plan is on track. But what was also happening in that span of games, was that the other teams in the west were experiencing some struggles of their own. CBJ, STL, MIN, LA, VAN and COL all had things to work out during the shortened season without a camp.

            Well it looks like all those teams have turned a corner, and now join CHI and ANA in the rush for the profit season – er, I mean, post-season. This comes at a rather inopportune time for a club like the Oilers. Inadequate depth and experience, combined with a run of the flu, is not what they need to beat a surging team like STL or CBJ. The rest of the season looks like murderer’s row to the Oilers right now – STL, ANA, CHI, LA, MIN, CAL and VAN.

            So what say you, Mr. Tambellini?

            “Uh – it’s always darkest before the dawn…?”

            It gets pretty dark before a storm too.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            The Oilers actually outdraft the blues in Rounds 2 through 7. The Oilers problem is that the did NOT draft by consensus off someone else’s list in the 1st Round.

            From 1997-2007, the Oilers first round picks in comparison to every other team’s first round picks are pathetic.

            If you want the proof I have it all documented.

      • OilersBrass

        I thought Magnus was the best player on the Oiler side.

        Hemsky is an amazing talent. Frustrating to watch though. Amazing plays to get into the offensive zone, then turn the puck over or shoot to a routine save. He will be an excellent asset if we can ever get someone to play with him. Or him to play with some line mates.

      • justDOit

        Agreed – easily best Oiler, even backchecked. A game he sometimes disappears I thought his compete level was awesome.

        Whitney on the other hand had a date with Canada Post – brutal.

      • outdoorzguy

        Agreed JW Hemsky is not the real issue. This game is moreso indicative of the Oilers need for more size/strength within their top 6. Their best offensive forwards could not even come close to the puck in the low slot/crease area as the Blues checked their sticks and used body positioning to push them out. It felt like a talented junior team trying to play an NHL team.

  • Wax For My Stick

    That was tough to watch. I feel bad for the fans that had paid money to sit through that at rexall(and just fans in general). I don’t blame them for booing last night at all. On a side note, I’m surprised no one has said anything about that rat Dan Tencer ripping the fans last night for booing the team last night…I thought there would have been a dozen comments about that, possibly an article on how out to lunch that arrogant prick is.

  • OilersBrass

    That was horrible coaching last night. Obviously what they were doing for the first 2 periods (and the last) wasn’t working and they weren’t getting chances, so why woulnd’t Krueger change things up?
    What they needed last night was a greedy puck hog russian with a crazy release – insert Nail Yakupov.
    I’m still waiting to see the Nail from the juniors. I know he’s playing a more complete game, but when your team is down by three and you have the skills he has, he should be shooting more.

  • justDOit

    I was at the game last night. First thing I noticed was that StL was skating at full speed whenever they were on the ice. It was like they stepped it up for a playoff game.

    Second thing was that StL was anticipating and getting on the puck much quicker than the Oilers. Surprising since the Oil are supposed to have a fast team.

    Is this system? Or effort?

    Third thing was that many Oiler passes hit the stick then bounced off, creating a turnover. Is this the passer? Or passee? Home ice. Shouldn’t be the ice conditions.

    I know StL is a better team but I expected more intensity from the Oilers. Although I didn’t boo, I don’t blame those that did.

    • outdoorzguy

      Is was all system that allowed the Blues to play the way they did, they played a heavily NewAge Hockey System influenced Adjusted -hybrid last night that catalysed all of its offense off of the zone entry and opportunisitc first shot which all players were greenlit to take at will from anywhere, no set plays were being implemented on offense, just on defense this is what I begged the Oilers to do for two years, the morons.

      All they did was allow the puck carrier whoever it was to catalyse the offensive playaction every possesion, they had every other player just go to a hotspot or a shooting lane again RANDOMLY at will with no set play structure, then the puck carrier simply dilly-dallyed around inside our zone and RANDOMLY at will made either a pass or a shot with men in support positions, again randomly organised but still there, their forwrds were beating or defensive transitions EVERY time because there was no set play for the defense to catalyse upon it was all random and the Blues just put men in proper static positions FASTER than we set up our structured defense and then used a one-man zone attack to catalyse a fast pass/shot that always had support already waiting and set between our defesive transitions as we set up.

      Yhe Blues gave us no offensive structure to catalyse our defense off of so on nearly every zone entry we were unable to focus the defensive influence and they simply waited while we tried to key on them and when we couldnt we immediatly all transitioned into our defensive structure, and it was during this stutter when we realised we couldnt key the defensive attck in and all began to shift our positions thast they simply made a fast pass/shot and caught us in transition. they did this ALL GAME LONG, and Ralph and his crew couldnt READ AND REACT at a high enough level to counter this.

      This is a closer representation of the NHS expressed via the adjusted-hybrid than we are currently executing, if you pay close attention the Blues use a conventional set defensive zone exit just like we do , the difference is that their offense is 100% creative, EXACTLY, as ours needs to be and as I created and designed the NewAge Hockey System to do for the Oilers two years ago. The Blues system shouldnt have beaten us as the Oilers have had access to and incorporated parts of the same data themselves, they just dont listen to everything they pay 1/2 attention. Other teams take the data seriously and make complete adjustments

      The Blues changed their system after last years playoffs, they or specificly, Doug Weight who keyed in first, watched LA use similar NHS influences incorporated into their existing Agdjusted-hybrid system to waltz through the playoffs and discovered the secret, they learned how to read LAs dynamic play managment and just added similar NHS based dynamiclly managed adjustments of their own.

      The adjustments the Blues made created a closer representation of the overall dynamic intent of the NHS than any other so far, they utilised everything posted online without a doubt, and had they had more the would be useing a full-out NewAge Hockey System right now and probably be on their way to a cup, unfortunately for St.Louis as for LA and the Oilers, all of their Adjusted-hybridfs are only incorporating various components of the NHS philosophys which naturally fit their systems, and all of them are succeptible to the same tactical system checkmates, in fact if you break it down Phoenix plays a similar dynamic style to the Blues in many ways and can be shut down the same ways as well.

      The Oilers were not keeping their sticks on the ice because they were constantly in transition and had to be initiating an explosive stride twice as many times as the opponent,ha ha ha, its called tactical dynamic managment and its textbook NHS and the Blues executed it well,ha ha ha, so you are absolutely accurate in what you describe seeing on the ice, and now you know why it was happening, we were in essence “running arounf like chickens with our heads chopped off” trying to key on some offensive set plays which just werent materialising, because they werent creating them, we were always a step behind them somehow for the entire 60mins, it wasnt “somehow” at all it was tactical planning, and the saddest part is that this is the exact system adjustments we used for our best winning streak in years at 6 games last year, we have repeatedly had players in our romm stand up and fight for the NHS influences that the Blues system uses and they were suppressed and snuffed by the Oil-luminnati. We have some players right now who follow the NHS philosophys and you can probably name them if I listed the NHS core values they implement into their games and perspectives right now.

      Anyways the easy way to shut them down was posted on the GDB by myself, and that is simply to have created neutral zone interference through contact with the puck carrier or with the puck, puck first focus useing the stick and sphere of influence in the n-zone combined with a standup physical contact presence on the blueline with again a stick/puck focus first followed by an immediate contact taking the fast pass/shot away immediatly. They were catalysing all of their playaction and offensive tactics off of a zone penetration where the puck carrier became a one man conductor and randomly dilly-dallied around in the zone waiting for us to begin to realise we had nothing to key in on and then start transitioning into our set play positions, then they quicly fired a pass.shot , remember the puck carriers linemates werent following a set play so they all just randomly gravitated to hotspots and shooting lanes and were already in place before we began the terminal transition they were burning us on EVERY time because they werent jockeying us for specific position they were ust going to random hotspots and beating us to the punch that way taking whatever came their ways and working with it, just predicating it on catching us in defensive transition with a fast well supported,randomly maybe but still well supported puck movement at the net.

      The best way to initiate offense is to take away their blueline ability to force us to collapse in defensively and initiate a fast shot when they wanted to, I posted this same offensive initiation a few Blues games ago already but here it is again, we pressure them at the blueline knowing already that their pressure relief play after they penetrate the zone if engaged is to ring the half-wall and send the puck deep and then work it back to the halfwall again and to the blueline if they can to initiate the first shot from there, they do this when you pressure them high and take away the first fast pass/shot. They do not have a solid middle presence. So we simply pressure them high but suck them into the zone and then hit them with pressure 1 or 2 feet into our zone but still very very high, this allows them to comfortably engage their pressure relief play because they have committed to and made the zone entry sucessfully already, then we just pinch the half-wall off and try to hit the man who stepped up two feet into our zone to make contact and then slipped behind their d-men with a perfectly timed outlet pass or any kind of a chip shot past their last man. This gives us lots of odd man rushes and an instant transition into offense with great anticipation. We HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE, so this isnt new to us or the coaches.

      We are not writing a proper and accurately structured ‘system book” on other teams because they consistantly present their systems the same way over and over and we fail to read and react and we regularly lose , it is non-sensical in to many ways to not begin to suspect a conspiracy,ha ha ha.

      On offense all we had to do was work their d-men to the wings and spread them out then make contact and pick one out of the playaction as we dropped short soft saucer dumpins right to the middle for our third man in with tremendous upspeed entering the zone to blast past us and pick up all alone right on the doorstep, this is a system buster to them and forces them to use their pressure relief play which we SHOULD already know as well from the last five games, it is their offense that they ajusted NOT their defensive zone exit structure and set plays, they dont know how to replace that any more than we do , that would mean a switch to full NHS.

      I dont have time or space here to write the three or four other basic things we are failing to read and react to that are THE SAME things we have faced many times already when engaging the Blues system.

      Suffice to say that the Blues use an NHS influenced Adjusted-hybrid system whick catalyses all of its offense off of a one man o-zone penertration , the playaction is randomly catalysed by this spear-tip player making it impossible for defenses to read and transition to, and the fact that the support players can simply sprint to random hotspots to await the randomly generated net pressure from the puck means they are ALWAYS in suprior positions to our d-men first and can immediatly break away randomly to reestablish presence anywhere without worrying about set play assignments so our defense had a hell of a time transitioning with the playactions support to anticipate where the playaction would go, this was classic NHS.

      The Oilers have had me providing the NHS data for over 2 years and have essentially ignored me and used parts of the data, this is not helping them because you cant use just one or two of the best parts, you need to use a balanced integration of NHS influences into the adjusted-hybrid they now use consistantly to see positive results.

      You dont need to know the NHS or any system to read the dynamic sequences we are seeing in games via the realtime results onice. The dynamic sequences and patterns are REPETATIVE, and easy to read. There is no secret to how and why we are losing, its just impossible for the team to see the dynamic reality.

      All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men couldnt put the Oilers Dynasty back together again, but the NewAge Hockey System can, remember the simple adjustments you see teams like Chicago, and LA and the Blues and many others making are just a SMALL PART of the complete NHS, the NHS evolved from the systems teams are useing now and as a result many components are interchangable in a downwards direction, you can easily enhance an Adjusted-hybrid by taking from the NHS but you cant add to the NHS by taking anything from the Adjusted-hybrid because its all already incorporated and tacticlly managed or toseed out.

      The way the Blues catalysed their offense last night was about 30% of the optimal NHS execution of that dynamic intent or tactic. The Blues are maxing it out right now by having to engage their offense from a set play defensive zone exit like we do, the NHS doesnt rely on set play defensive zone exits to catalyse anything at all. This reliance on the set play defensive zone exits to initiate the offense before it can become creative is the limiting factor to the Blues adjustments performance wise. In fact this is why ALL current systems are INFERIOR to the NHS on every level. They are severely limited in their ability to catalyse 60 mins of pure unadultered offense like the NHS does consistantly. But the Blues are really really close and have incorporated ALL the data I posted so far onlinne including the data LA and Chicago have utilised so well in their own adjustments. The Blues look like we look when we execute those same adjustments as WE HAVE IN THE PAST. Cant everyone see how well our skillsets and talent depth fit the randomly catalysing offense the Blues shoved down our throats? Cant anyone at all recognise the pattern of games over two straight years where we evolved the exact execution the Blues use? Cant anyone see the EXACT NHS influences in Sam Gagners ability to catalyse offense the same type of way dynamiclly? We have had games exactly like this where it was us who were seemingly playing keepaway for 60 mins with the puck on our sticks all night and shots ringing off posts left and right and goals going in, utter domination– WE HAVE DONE THAT in the last two years and by adjusting the EXACT ways the Blues have. If the fans can see the dynamic connections maybe they can exert pressure on the Oilers to wake the hell up, other teams are watching us play Jeckyl and Hyde and are actually cpoying our times when we adjust useing the NHS influences but they are sticking with it and they are ECLIPSING us for godssakes, they are evolving past us useing our own data. Just imagine the Blues system with 70% more offense backed up by our core of skilled elite players, man we would be rocking immedistly, that is what the NHS could give us. Playoff time in no time just like LA last year, ha ha, in fact it looks like LA now needs a few new adjustments, or maybe their coaches lost that loveing feeling after the majic run,ha ha ha. The bubble popped, ha ha ha. It must have broke when they tried to break their sucess down after the run.ha ha ha. Maybe it really was a few players useing NHS tactics on their own that catalysed that run and Cup win and I and the NHS also deserve a ring ha ha ha,and Sutter really was clueless as to how and why his system suddenly became unstoppable with about 25 games to go in the regular season when he really honestly had not changed anything at all systemwise, ha ha ha, a few extra things just got added to his existing system structure and execution catalysed from a few players and followed by all out on the ice not from the bench or his cloudwatching head , ha ha ha.

      We need to find a way to read and react to the opponents dynamic onice playaction, its that simple. we need an ability to react immediatly with preplanned offensive pressure catlysing this playaction out of anticipatory tactics , we need find a way to READ AND REACT faster, I can take the gametape and the GDB and syncronise them in realtime so they are happening exactly as they were both played and posted and look to see if in fact my NHS influenced adjustments I made read and reacting as per the NHS were faster and more accurate and potentially sucessfull than Ralphs real adjustments were. And consistantly every game i kick his and his crews asses, I make the right and accurate read and react posts many times periods and multiple periods before the Oilers clue in and read and react to the same influences. I can post the proper counter adjustments to opponents pushbacks within minutes sometimes SECONDS after they make structural dynamic changes onice and over 90% of the time faster than Ralph. I can prove it with a stop watch, a game tape, and a laptop computer. I can prove a 2 year consistant record of this same result.

      I dont care how it all works, the fact is our coaches arent feeling the games enough, there is a disconnect somewhere and its killing us. They need help reading and reacting to the dynamic evolution of the game in an anticipatory manner. They need a system philosophy to help them do this and they dont have that , all the poor beestards have is a hollow mythically catalysed template from the infamous Round Table to work with, and its just not enough to get the job done.

      For 2 years I have outcoached both Tom and Ralph, line Mac-T up and I will do the same to him , I learned from him, and his influences are present in the NHS.

      Just look out, I am not going to have the free time to invest in posting so much soon and am thinking about learning how to make videos, before this season is over I will post a vid or two to prove beyond any doubt everything I claim about the NHS and its influences, including a Stanley Cup win. In a vodeo I can easily show the exact paralell dynamic actions online and on the ice including tons of messages and online communications which catalysed immediate and exact onice adjustments many times verbatim and exact. wait till you hear NHL coaches quoteing NHS philosophys on the ice with the team and on the air on National Television,ha ha ha, right after that i will show on the video how I was banned from the Oilers site over the NHSs influences , how they overtly rejected the data. I think I can put together some really illustrative highlights from onice,practices,game commentaries,even media statements by opposition managers and coaches referring directly to the NHS influences in relation to our team. I think I can do this in a short video, in fact heck yes its decided i am going to do a video to shut up the NHS detractors and to slam the hammer down on any and all people who have had even so much as a derogatory thought about the NHS or the posts providing the data by Moma2,NewAgeSys,BadMedicine.

      You show me video of NHL coaches quoting your system data verbatim from online posts within 24 hrs, onice to their entire teams and national media and I will eat my shorts provided you man up and are prepared to eat yours when I play you my video, because the NewAge Hockey System has that degree of influence and history.

      Vindication is sweet especially if more than enough rope has been spooled out to string up your detractors when you reel it back in, its been two long years of presenting the NHS and now after absolute suppression and lack of validation there is a really cool forensic trail to document and present in video format.

      As a reward for absorbing all of the long detailed posts about the NHS everyone can feel like they are a part of something bigger than the forum when they see the real tangible results the NHS has already manifested, after all everyone has a little input into the NHS because it is new and constantly evolving and reactive.

      I am off to google how to make short videos on my laptop. Who knows maybe a short docu-drama will be enough of a resume the the PTB here at Oilersnation to garner me a small piece of the blog-pie.

      We arent out of the playoffs yet, just picture fifteen games like the Blues executed against us and you can see how we can get ourselves out of this hole we dug with out own hands. Remember that they optimised the NHS paralell in their execution of the EXACT same Adjusted-hybrid system we are useing now, and we have ALREADY incorporated their adjustments in the past with great sucess and great disdain of our coaching staff, our players were keel-hauled for using NHS tactics and adjusting the system they were losing with into a winner. This is why LA won their cup, they had the same data the Oilers had and ran with it without coaching interferences like we saw in Edmonton, Sutter was hands off and let the men take responsibility and a few {ex-Oilers}stepped forward at the end of the regular season and tried something new on their own that caught fire, it wasnt Sutter or intentional system changes in LA it was the winning dynamic feeling cultured by a few men who followed a superior gameplan and catalysed it from out on the ice.

      We can make the same exact adjustments as the Blues in one game or practice some guys will remember them immediatly, and we have the template and system data to maintain that presentation against any system out there. We just need to admit we need to make the changes and acess the right resources immediatly. But jesus if the Professionals cannot see these seemingly obvious dynamic realitys then what hope is there for the season?

      We need people burning the midnight oil preparing individual independant tactical plans for the teams we still need to play because we have been unprepared all year long, we need firm, clear tactical direction on a game by game basis, we need a dynamic template to follow to manage our games properly for a full 60 mins. And most of all we need to duplicate the system execution we used last year on the 6 game win streak, the coaches dont have the template because they were just adlibbing it then waiting for whitney to return from injury, they mish-mashed everything and havent a clue what the hell they did or in what sequence they took the steps in.

      The key to making Blues style NHS adjustments is in how we initiate or catalyse our offense beyond the neutral zone, everything between the opponents blueline and our net has zero to do with initiating and engaging our offense, the exit zone strategys and neutral zone traverses dont matter at all, all we need is o-zone penetration to initiate our full offense, imagine our sucess with MPS,Hall,Hemsky, breaking into the o-zone on three different lines and activating our offense every possesion because thats the potential we currently have. Imagine our overall team speed being maximised by guys simply having to beat d-men in one on one footraces when we dont have any structure and can freelance at will,ha ha ha, like they did to us, catching us in defensive transition for 60 mins consistantly,ha ha ha.

      We have so much potential and so little gutsy, ballsy true proven pure leadership at all levels that I wonder how we have managed to avoid a massive organisationl overhaul decades ago. All we need is one single direction to focus on and these horses will take us there but we are manifesting the worst possible scenario , we are bogging down the cores evolution with system execution issues and communication issues catalysed by managerial overinvolvment in the wrong places at the wrong times

      Pick a system, any system, and then just play it consistantly, but if the coaches cant even understand the moves needed how the hell can the players win games? And I can show how our coaches are choking on an old system they cannot properly utilise in todays NHL. We are DOOMED unless they add Intuative Dynamic Analysis in realtime to Ralphs side and begin to read and react much faster than they seem capable of doing right now.

      • Bonvie

        The Oilers need to hire this guy, and make him Howsons boss whatever his position on the team is. They could make them big chief and little chief of implementing the new age system.

        • book¡e

          @ Oilanderp Yes I know the post is long but there is only one way to learn things and that is to once in a while clam up and listen.
          I understand that this isnt a locker room or an athletic dynamic but I kid you not were I a spectator, a player or a coach I would eliminate your ability to contribute to any communication dynamic you wished to be a part of that had any connection whatsoever to what I was trying to accomplishor supporting. No entrys into the dynamic with a kick to the balls please.

          The Devils Advocate attitude you intentionally or otherwise project even in brevity is just destructive there is no benefit to it and it is like a cancer.

          You may call it flaming or constructive criticism if you choose so you feel like some part of the team but its simply the expressions of an individual who is operating out of their comfort zone and has temporary dynamic learning challenges and actually feels negatively about the difficultys they are encountering and are screaming for help. If you were a superstar or something you would be worth the trouble,time, and compromises the group needs to commit energy to to have your perspective around because it is so dangerous and regressive in nature, but other than that you need to go immediatly at all costs. On the net of course we are forced to tolerate all perspectives, so I cant just manipulate you away dynamiclly or simply take you aside and tell you to piss off or simply take you outside to force the issue, the only place your Devils Advocate perspective can survive and thrive is the internet because there are rules that keep your negative impact here.

          I cant imagine having to handle your perspective in a locker room environment, hold on a second, yes I do as a matter of fact, been there and done this before.

          I have coaching experience and because of that I would target and then at all costs weed your attitude out wether I was at school, work, play,or battle, your Devils Advocate attitude is destructive everywhere but your house where your parents get to act like this and weild that perspective when they are teaching you things.

          This Devils Advocate perspective is normally an overpowering maternal influence from a Mother or primary Female role model or another very strong female influence. To a female mindset this perspective is preventative and a good thing, it is like a warning squawk, and those only catalyse from people who are closely connected to Intuative Dynamic thinking and are thinking in an anticipatroy way ahead of the curve,and this happens to be via nature a dominant female trait and ability. Male perspectives generally do a stutter step when they encounter these yelps of warning within the context of communications is instinctual and what got our species this far, men plough the road and women keep watch and you really can simplify it this much although when you condense the concepts you lose much of the dynamic context just as we do on the forums when we are to brief.

          I coached both mens and womens sports teams so I know what I am talking about, and these are facts, they may or may not be universal depending on your choice of perspective but they sure are tangible facts in my experiences.

          The first step to taking control of a team and laying the foundation for an evolution that will create a winning culture is to target and pick off one by one every single fencesitting perspective in the room, and only one can stay, the best one can be tolerated because we do truly need one to balance the teams personality,but all the little critics in training must be weeded out from the garden or we will lose control dynamiclly and suffer constant communication breakdowns or stuttersteps.

          I dont care if “everyone” reads my posts that would be vanity, I just care that “someone” reads my posts and thats very basic in concept.

          I cant believe you counted those words,ha haha there must be an APP for that,ha ha haha.

          And would I have fun picking people off in the Oilers dressing room, there are a lot of fencesitters in there for a lot of different reasons but the dynamic need to eliminate all but one is still a primary driving force if this team wants to evolve.

          When I watched Oilchange for the first time recently I almost fainted, it was literally a letdown of epic proportions for me to see a professional sports locker room looking as Vanilla as that one does.

          I cant imagine how a team working witin a terminally flawed dynamic culture like that
          could ever rally itself internally to face NHL level challenges within the structural dynamic framework of a 3 period hockey game never mind an entire season. How the hell do you manage a team like that , it is impossible to do. I bet you ten to one Horcoff would challenge me immediatly and bring all the right leadership qualitys to the table to make a valid and very serious statement, an NHL captain level statement, however this wouldnt change the fact that the engagement and battle would have to happen almost immediatly, or the outcome which would be that Hocrcoff would finally have the unrealistic expectations which were thrust upon him seven years ago removed completely for the first time by a true dominating leadership influence that would not be denied.

          I applaud Horcoff and his accomplishments but we really put him in a challenging role and evolved him as a player and a leader here. If I remember the Horcoff we first got and the versatile role he played on our roster i suddenly see exactly what our team needs right now today, he is the perfect template for our bottom 6, he has the talent to work his way up into the top 6 like Jones can through his versatlity

          I think we need a few players like Horcoff here to help us win the Stanley Cup, but I am not sure Horcoff can remove his leadership influences enough and stay in the room, you see we need a leadership change AND we need Horcoffs contributions but we cant allow him to be the primary leadership catalyst anymore or have him remain in the room and represent the Devils Advocate perspective, thereby dragging us down dynamiclly.

          When I use the term fence-sitter I am referring to an Iginla like attitude and communication style, remember iggy is an All-star NHL player, I recognise his achievements first and foremost. But I would never let him get control of my locker room, he is not an aggressive enough communicator naturally, he does not project the dominant cocky challenging leadership influence a championship team needs to begin with. He is much like Horcoff in his communication style, even their voices could be dubbed over each other tonewise. Do you think messier wasnt aware of the dynamic reactions he was catalysing when he gauranteed a win in the playoffs at that late stage in his Hall of Fame career? Dam rights he did, that was a dynamic double banks shot on the eight ball by Mr. Moose Messier. He was dynamiclly orcherstrating a future victory by manifesting it everyway and everywhere he could possibly manage including the fanbase and the opponents heads and locker room, even their livingrooms, it was a masterfull stroke of dynamic genius only a true Hockey Legend could even concieve of trying to execute never mind pull off, Messier was like and is still like a mischchievious Gretzky with a mean cruel streak floating around in there somewhere, Wayne had a lifelong impact on Marks way of seeing the world even beyond hockey they were symbiotic that way. We need that type of dominant leadership and it can come in any type of package as long as the heart is the same size.

          Gretzky and Messier were very different players but they were NOT fencesitters, they went out and made things happen, much like Sam Gagner does. They either won games or fought and scratched for 60 full minutes with everything they had, only a few nights were taken off in their rookie years then they got serious and refused to accept losing to anyone, they took loseing personally and looked beyond the opponent dynamiclly. They learned to play the system perfectly with no mistakes, and this is why they had so much and such early and such long lived sucess as a team, they learned immediatly that the more accurately they executed the simple system as a team the MORE damage Wayne could engineer within every game to limitless proportions. it was this stable system platform that enabled Wayne to be so lethally effective consistantly every night, now Gagner and MPS are almost there and Nuge is right behind him in learning how to manage games dynamiclly like Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier used to do,exactly the same way as a matter of fact guided by the NHS. But our dam coaches and managment cant keep away long enough for things to evolve completely and properly.The Blues are executeing the same system we use in the exact way we need to do it, they are doing it without our skillsets and talent level which happens to be the catalysing factors behind those specific adjustments in the first place.

          Remember that the Blues were catalysing their offense off of the puck carrier every time no matter who he was ALA Wayne Gretzkys dynamic playaction effect for 60 mins, thats why our defense couldnt key on their offensive playaction, ha ha ha, it is exactly what we need to do and imagine the power we will project with the average highend skillsets we will have catalysing the offense every possesion as they did? We are built for the NHS but can find sucess with this system presentation the Adjusted-hybrid creates.

          I watched Ralphs postgamer and man I am confused as to how he thinks he can BS his way through those interviews and expect us all to buy his party-line.

          I hate to expose Ralph so brutally but there is no other way to evolve as quickly as we need to. We can keep our defensive zone exit strategys we are comfortable with and we can immediatly embrace the exact presentation the Blues used on us within ONE GAME, we have already practised and executed this system presentation sucessfully in the last two years in fact we were dam well doing it long before the Blues were, the coaching staff just wouldnt or because of managerial interference couldnt utilise it consistantly. This is written history at this point in time.

          Its time for the voacal majority of fans to wake up and rise to this challenge of helping the Oilers evolve past these challenges that are holding us back. We all see the same game happening out on the ice but we all choose to record the action from a slightly different angle, when you stabilise that perspective for everyone at once using Intuative Dynamic Analysis and managment tactics you immediatly bring everyone onto the same page at the same time. We need to let the team know we have identified the weak spot and want changes made.

          The Blues game is a fine example to use, I could go over the gametape play by play with the coaches and show them the exact dynamic template of the entire game in a condensed format they could follow like a map, and in this way I could show them where they are missing their read and reacts. Or we could just refer to the GDB and read the timeline and content of my posts because that will be a shortcut to the results. I am not talking about a dynamic that is negotiable for the Oilers coaching staff i am saying that I am exposing them 100% in their dynamic actions and inactions and I am accurate and thorough in my focus and Intuative Dynamic Analysis. How they could have missed the tactical reads in this game is beyond me, I think when Ralph changes the lines it deflates the men and messes with their heads and i think many of them are aware of the systems weaknesses and how easy it would be for the team to adjust like St.Louis and other teams are doing so they are losing heart.

          We are no further ahead in terms of evolution than we were with Tom Renney at the helm, in fact we need the willingness to oopen up the offense like the Blues do more than ever now that Taylor and Jordan and Ryan are a year more experienced.

          The coaches here think that the lack of offensive n-zone and o-zone set play structure and focus you need to implement to initiate the systems offense as we can do and the Blues did to us would hamper the kids overall evolution to playing at the NHL level, and they may be right if you consider the application of a broad spectrum of system philosophys they may or may not one day face, but if you focus on just the one we need now, the one the Blues are useing and we have already used then it is a worthy sacrifice because the defensive structure remains intact and unchanged. Our coaches just refuse to let the dogs loose, and if they did we would for example see Yakupov explode and rip the Calder lead away within ten games, and we would see Nuge open up and Ebbs wake up.

          I had to post hundreds of times since the 3rd game we played this year just to exert my share of pressure on Ralph to put MPS-gagner-Yakupov together and hemmer on the 3rd line to support the same execution the Blues use , we need a single zone entry specialist on each line to penetrate the zone and do as the blues do go for the shot/plus play , one and a rebound, and be in position early enough as a group to make it work. When we try this the coaches keep a leash on the players systemwise and dont allow them to get into position as fast as they need to to outpace the defensive transitions of the opponent and we look out of sync, our coaches refuse to abandon offensive set plays coming through the neutral zone and in the o-zone and as a result we waste the abilitys of three ELITE zone traversing specialists at the NHL level. Most teams only have one of these weapons like we used to be when we only had Hemmer –now we have Hall and MPS and we arent properly utilising them, we are a NATURAL fit for the freeflow offenseive initition out of our defensive set plays, a much better fit than the Blues are in fact. Our potential just remains unrealised. We could easily ice three deadly lethal and effective lines tomorrow tailormade for this execution. But our coaches and managment refuse to listen to the right data, they are obsessed with not being proven wrong and the fat lady has already left the building, its just that no one has told them yet, they are still waitiig to hear the shot that has already killed them.

          In our situation we need the core players or “the Cart” to lead the “horses”or the system, it seems dynamiclly backwards in a traditional way but in fact it is what we need to do, and it is a very very rare privilage at the PRO level to be able to do so. Simply because so few organisations in any Pro sport can ever put together the talent and skill level depthwise to accomplish it. There is a pro basketball team further ahead in the same dynamic evolution we need to go through if you look hard enough for a similar dynamic situation in Pro sports. We couuld vault past them in in an evolutionary sense in one or two games if we implement Intuative Dynamic Analysis into our organisation immediatly.

          The Round table is turning out to be our Achilles heel as I believe they are the catalyst of the refusal to adjust the ways this team obviously needs to adjust in to find sucess at the NHL level. They are proponents of set structure winning the day in a tortise vs Hare type of situational dynamic. This happens to be true if you want to play it that way, but you DONT ever waste the opportunity this core group presents doing such a regressive thing. We are not an under-talented team trying to just compete at the NHL level game in and game out any longer, but we are being managed that way from the core levels down, and this epic mismanagment is sinking our dynamic opportunity to spark a dynastic flame here and now.

          The only way we can optimise the Round table and most of our current dynamic situational tactics as an organisation is to do what the Blues did on the ice and exactly what we need to do on the ice, we need to bring in a SINGLE and effective catalyst to inititate our powerbase and assets. We need a defined and recognised Overlord or leader who is untouchable and cannot be shutup or run out of the room to be present and accounted for at all times to help guide the teams dynamic path and managment, this needs to be a far reaching and totalitarian influence ordered and suppoerted by the Owner Daryl Katz and it must answer ONLY to Katz in private with absolutely no publicity or media interaction whatsoever, everyone must fall under its jurisditction including K Lowe.

          This is the only way to turn the team around without imploding it and ripping away all the championship level assets we have ammassed, as we have been doing the last few years bit by bit through attrition and inabikity to diagnose our internal challenges as being dynamiclly rooted. We have all the pieces we need, the organisation is just leaderless from an Intuative Dynamic perspective. It happens to be no fluke that this specific system is having this problem because it comes from the system Wayne Gretzky personally catalysed in this exact dynamiclly managed manner many years ago here, this sad representation of that dynamic action is actually how our managment people saw things evolve back then when they were a part of it all, and this shows you exactly how differently we all record the same events and what can happen if we dont have accurate and timely Intuative Dynamic input into our perspectives. The very men we have here who were a part of the actual history dont even see the true dynamic reality they were participating in beyond their own focused individual experiences even this many years removed from the events. Dont feel bad for them Wayne tried to coach and we all saw the result of that endeavour. And he is the King of the Ring.This is why we keep seeing flashes of what we want here and keep the flame of Dynasty hope burning like maniacs beyond all seeming reason, from time to time this group hits the sweet spot but as soon as they are forced to adjust the house of cards falls down again. This is due to over managment and inaccurate micro-managment influences and a lack of an onice managerial catalyst. To many different cooks with their actual fingers in the soup to get things just right, we need 75% of our braintrust to take a seat in the balcony section and just send messages down from time to time and get their dam hands out of the kitchen so we can get some consistant results happening.

          We have no defined leader and no defined belief to trust in, we cannot trust by commitee as we are trying to make happen, it is impossible to balance the influences sitting at the Round table without a serious professional Intuative Dynamic influence being empowered to have a balanced amount of decison making input in everything. With an independant totalitarian veto ability supported by ownership forcing the Round Table to become policed dynamiclly,not prevented from being effective simply policed because they cant seem to self-police the epic influences they have ammassed in one place. Our organisation must become vulnerable to dynamic change and evolution again and this means making every single level of the organisation accountable AT THE SAME TIME and to the exact same totalitarian degree . There is only ONE way to do this and it is all-in.

          Once this entire group is forced kicking and screaming onto the same page we will see its potential blossom immediatly and ferociously, there is so much energy being directed by so many people in so many wrong areas that when this ship is righted she will literally explode into forward motion. But these things need to be dealt with directly and with integrity and with a fat wallet.

          This team will continue to wallow and and provide false-positive results until Daryl Katz coughs up enough dough to afford the right asset to get the curative job done and can locate and retain that asset, I have been getting more expensive by the day and its been two years since the Oilers pissed me off , I tried to give them something for free that will now cost them an arm and a leg, they have tried to buy a facsimile of my perspective already and it hasnt worked out, and I also have noticed that there are no paralell perspectives to mine out there trying to help them, Intuits are hard to find in the best of circumstances so when you need one in a specific pro sports environment you are looking for the Hope diamond baby. And once the dirt gets washed off of the lump of ore and we can all see the glitter then by god the price literally skyrockets into the stratosphere. The cats out of the bag with the NHS and the Oilers are still acting like it hasnt happened and they dont need to react immediatly. I was cocky as a competitor because I ALWAYS won much more than I lost, and I am cocky now because two years ago I had no clue wether or not many people shared my perspective or wether no one shared it, but in the last 2 years I have learned that very few truly understand my perspective dynamiclly at all, and this matches the template for winners and losers I have encountered in my life, I was always winning and never really did see things like most other people because they didnt put in enough hard work and thought and planning to consistantly win at everything, they didnt CARE enough but i did, they all had specialitys they focused on for their fix of the winning feeling, well I was addicted and put in the hard work to manifest the feeling all the time.

          I know when I have a deathgrip on a dynamic situation and I have had the Oilers managment pinned down and have been shaking them by the throat for two years trying to break their misplaced focus and forcefeed them the NewAgeSy Badmedicine like a good Moma2 the entire time. In the process I have actually learned how drasticlly different i always viewed competative dynamics, I was a monster, I had blinders on totally, i was aware of how differently everyone else saw the competative dynamics but i didnt care as long as they could do what I needed them to do. I didnt cater to anyones style and i used them all every way I could to manifest wins.

          At the end of the day leadership and winning are about exerting a controlling influence completely within every area of your sphere of influences performance envelope, and to me that meant controlling the room as well as the playing surface. I drove specific players who I identified as being disruptive to the winning dynamic irregardless of their skill levels or talent just because of disjointed communication or because they were budding Alphas themselves off of teams i was on, i hurt guys in practises if they didnt conform to the competative leadership template I wanted to project. I tacticlly eliminated them from playaction in games repeatedly to nullify their influences in the locker room , and I managed them like i wanted to when i wanted to no matter who they thought they were to produce wins. I broke them like I broke my opponents because a weak link is a weak link no matter how shiny it is and no matter what it is made of or where it is located, it may be made of gold or iron I could care less because a weak link is a fatal flaw to the winning dynamic. I can still see the looks in some of the best athletes and teammates eyes when they realised i would hurt them in practise if we werent winning. 90% wouldnt challenge that intention and focus and committment. And the other 10% i eliminated from the equation one way or another.

          This isnt a chaep shot but a lot of the elite level athletes i matched up against were Hockey players who were only concerned with their potential NHL,ha ha ha,careers, so as soon as i turned up the heat they heard their daddys words and backed off to preserve that million dollar contract they were all going to be cashing in on,ha ha ha. I was able to sharpen my teeth and learn to dominate athletic dynamics because of hockey players,ha ha ha, and i didnt even play hockey. But their unwillingness to man up and committ 100% to any sport other than hockey allowed me to take the drivers seat in nearly every situational dynamic i found myself in athleticlly.

          Winning is about dynamic managment and nothing else, all the skill and talent in the world will not make you a winner but winning sure as hell will turn you into a hard as steel champion even if you started as a useless pile of slag on the floor like I did, i was short, thick and slow naturally but i evolved through consistantly leraning to reproduce the winning feeling and by becoming addicted to it it.I became the Most Oustanding Male Athlete in my High School, not bad for a short fat slow kid who was a bookworm eh? A 4.6 40 yard dash at 200lbs packaged in a 5’8 frame makes you pay attention when it reaches out and touches you. You learn to win in your head first then your arse follows, this way of learning means you can drag your arse through different developmantal stages and win all the way through, it is not a reliance on the physical assets you have it is good managment that shows you the critical need for superior physical skillsets and makes you work harder than your peers to develop them, exactly as gagner did this last off season, he is evolving in an epic way right now, and i am excited to watch him every night because he knows things his teammates dont know, he knows he cam manifest a win on any given night and that the efforts of the opposition and their system are NOT the primary driving influence, he knows he and his systems execution are the catalyst and that hard work is the spark every night for 60 mins that he needs to nurture. This is why we need yakupov and PMS with him , to teach by osmosis.

          I see myself written all over Gagners game, and its a good thing he doesnt clock in at 5’8 and over 200lbs with a team best body fat % like i used whan I competed or more men in that room would be working harder every night guaranteed.Or they would be spending nights in the sore-ass hotel compliments of me, i couldnt live with losing and sure as hell couldnt look across my own dressing room and workplace at a losing attitude without losing it completely. I experienced winning to much and developed to much pride to accept that condition. I would rather die first or move the hell on if other arent willing to die beside me than sit there immersed in my own losing sorrow. I knew winning was just a matter of everyone working harder than they wanted to and had no problem motivating any way i had to. Everyone has a little of the majic in their pockets sometimes you just need to grab them by the ankles and turn them upside down with a shake to show them what they had hidden in there.

          Now you know why we are a losing team, i watched Oilchange and saw inside that room, i would go hog freaking wild in there if that was my home base. We all as teammates have the same assets in play and at risk every night , the defining factor between winning and losing every night is how much of that potential we individually are willing to leave out on the ice every time we vow to support each other out there. But you see the boys are supporting their paycheques more than each other and politics more than each other and we are seeing this in their evolution as a group and by the results they are producing as a group, they are almost to a man underachieving.

          I count five players who have shown up so far with this winning level of compete every night , only five off the entire roster. Ralph cannot manifest this winning dynamic from his position behind the bench, this has been an epic case of player mismanagment and bringing in the wrong dynamic influences into the room, we were a poor team for many years and we began to drop our standards to match our fiscal power and this is the result of that fall from grace organisationally. Now that we have an excess of talent and skill we can line up the fence-sitters in one big row and pick them all off in consecutive order as per degrees of negative influences and not care less about their talent or contract situation, its time for the big wakeup call.

          But none of this can be done unless we have a solid Intuative Dynamic influence present and accounted for that can give us complete dynamic evidenciary support for such major and deep changes, we need an organisational assesment ASAP. There is zero margin for error in an Intuative Dynamic Assesment and any changes needed will be selfsupporting and selfvalidating, this is about exposure of causality, we need to have an intervention dynamiclly and we need it ASAP.

          Katz can darn well find me and try to mend the wound his teams website opened up with me 2 yrs ago for starters as there are a few scores to even up there, or he can accept the alternative which is the public exposure of his hockey teams operating manifesto when my soon to be developed videos show how inept and poorly managed his Hockey team really is. I dont know the man and cant guess which path he feels most comfortable taking. But I can guarantee that there will soon be a viral option in video format to illustrate just this failing business dynamic he is so happy representing.

          Its one thing to pull the wool over the fans eyes when they are in the dark as to what you do operationally and have no way to catch you when you screw up, but its another thing to pull that off when fans have a solid template illustrating your dynamic motivators and tactics, an analytic disclosure of the sequentual history of both your actions and inactions and the catalysing influences behind those decisions and the people by name attatched to these influences. It is called exposure. Consider it the first step towards a rehab catalysed curative solution to the Oilers challenges.

          @Oilanderp ,as the season fritters away i find myself feeling powerless and desperate and the posts just seem to get longer as I reach out grasping for straws of salvation while i feel myself and the team sinking slowly but surely into the black pit of despair. I just dont have any give-up in my soul or the posts would sadly begin to tail off. Its my nature to fight to the bitter end tooth and nail, now dont get to close as i am feeling cornered and might bite,ha haha, just kidding I am old and have false teeth i couldnt bite the top off of a ripe banana if the Stanley Cup ring the Kings owe the NHS and I was waiting for me inside ha ha ha, but it sure is nice chatting with you,ha ha ha.

          • Sure I can give you details, but you need to delineate wether you are asking about the system the Oilers are using and how the NHS influences or needs to influence it or if you are talking strictly about the NewAge Hockey System as a seperate entity.

            It is NHS not NAS.

            I cant comment on the NAS as i dont know what it is.

            Do you mean the NHS or NewAge Hockey System? Specificly?

            If you do its simple, it is a system that uses a two phase cycle to eliminate the need for set plays and it focuses 100% on offense for 60 mins utilising a possesion/transition style supported by an active gapping tactic that provides superior momentum control. Just picture the Blues taking 20 or more shots and scoring three more goals and you will be pretty close, the offense catalyses the same way the Blues were catalysing theirs, off of the puck carrier, and it does this for 60 mins in all zones of the ice. It is a smothering dominant upscale offensive trapping style not far removed from what Mac-T popularised during his tenure here. The key difference fans used to our current system will notice is that we trap over the entire ice surface not just the n-zone or specific zones. The NHS is entirely based off of Intuative Dynamic Analysis and keys on dynamic actions and reactions not conventional set plays. It is absolutely non-traditional in every way imanaginable, it flys in the face of hockey convention intentionally.

            We can execute the same version of our current system that St.Louis used overnight because we have already done it several times in the last 2 years. This will give us an NHS influenced Adjusted Hybrid presentation and optimal result which happens to be greater than the way we are trying to execute now and also greater than any other way of adjusting the Adjusted-hybrid period. This presentation maxes out the Adjusted-hybrids offensive potential, and the next evolutionary step beyond this NHS influenced execution is to convert to a full out NHS and abandon set plays and conventional hockey thinking and strategising. i can guarantee you this will not happen because i have never released the total NHS database online and also because i am an Intuit and am an integral part of how the system functions and is catalysed. The NHS was created based on Intuative Dynamic Analysis so you need to be an Intuit or have that specific influence present to make it function optimally. I designed the NHS for the Oilers and swore to keep the key data offline until they woke the hell up, i have had hockey friends try to replicate the results and none can do so. The NHS is more than Xes and Os it is a complete philosophy and belief and communications system rolled into one. You arent going to break into the office and steal the micro-film, its embedded in my beanbag,ha ha ha. I released limited relevant NHS data that could be transposed onto the Adjusted-hybrid the Oilers were using to hopefully show them the path to the NHS, instead the weasels simply tried to scalp only the things they liked and ignored the philosophys and Intuative input requirements. It just so happened that the data was on an open site the Oilers home site and everyone had acess to it including ex-Oilers playing for the Kings, some of whom acessed and utilised the data exectly as i had posted it and they recieved the exact results we would recieve if we followed the exect same data i gave the Oilers initially. That Cup was ours and our managment pissed it away because the site the team runs is run the way the Oilers run everything and they supressed the NHS inputs instead of embracing them as other team did, they ran into a wall with me at the worst possible time in their franchises history. They took offense to an internet poster having a consistant and tangible influence on their hockey team and they sent out the heavies. Their mistake I guess. I came to them with open arms and was ball busted so now they need to work harder to regain something they already possesed and tossed out, sounds like the usual BS from the organisation doesnt it? One step forward and two steps back all the while BSing the reality away with the support of the Oil-lumminatti powerbase and influences.

            The real key to the NHS is in the fact that it evolved out of the most popular system being used right now, as a result it encompasses all the tactical data of that system and goes far beyond, it actually uses the Adjusted-hybrids strengths against it and the Adjusted-hybrid is what most of the top teams are either useing or gravitating towards as we speak.

            There is no time to make a switch to the full out NHS for the Oilers, but we only need one or two games to revert back to the exact execution we have used in the past that activates the Adjusted-hybrids offense exactly as the Blues initiate it and this is truly our best bet to make it to the playoffs this year, we need win streaks now so we need absolute all-in dominance competing will not be enough now. We need to set our sights much higher now that we have forced ourselves into a corner.

            The optimal performance envelope of the adjusted-hybrid we use if it engages its offense in a freeflowing manner and catalyses it off of zone penetration and the puck carrier as opposed to set plays will be powerfull enough to provide us with win streaks we need right now. Nothing else will do, we need to be all-in now, all doubt is gone we need to pull out all of the stops immediatly.

            Wecant engage the full NHS this season but we CAN engage the closest facsimile and thats a properly executed NHS influenced Adjusted-hybrid that eliminates set plays through the neutral and o-zones. And catalyses all of its offense off of the puck carrier and that mans playaction direction 100% of the time on every possesion.

            Same choices we have had for two years running now, jesus other teams are actually using our technical and tactical data to pass us evolutionarily, it is embarassing to say the least. I listened to Scotty Bowman the other day on the radio specificlly saying he noticed something about the Oilers transition game and insisted his team incorporate it, for christs sakes this is bad , other teams are laughing at us and are moving past us in every way possible using our own data. They even sincerely compliment us and then emulate the things our dam coaches and managment cannot keep consistant and continually give up on, other teams seem to be able to grasp and master these adjustments after we introduce them to them, something is very screwed here man. It is not this complicated to run a hockey team, we are being intentionally submarined by someone somewhere of that there can be no doubt. No team could be this screwed up dynamiclly without a very determined effort to keep things this way. That is a fact.

            How can we do things on the ice and not understand them but have others understand what we are trying to do? It is the same disconnect Sutterhad with the Kings last year and has in spades this year, the coaches arent catalysing the offense the players are doing it from outside of the system like Gretzky used to do and they ARE LEARNING HOW TO DO THIS FROM THE NHS.Coaches read these adjustments and emulate them immediatly as soon as we use them against their systems. we are like blind men throwing punches via an earpiece we have on and when we lose reception we get our asses kicked completely, there is a disconnect and it is the fact that the NHSinfluences are being denied to Ralph and the men. The influences get through in bits and pieces ut something always interferes with the communications consistancy and integrity. Oilers managment or coaches have to be this influence. Hence my battle to expose their crappy job of running this team, they are bullys and powermongers and need a lesson badly, they ran into the right teacher, the NHS and its creator,ha ha ha ha.

  • OilersBrass

    Our style of play ( puck posession) does not support dump and chase ………also with tight puck support we are most often bunched together and that creates odd man rushes.

    If we are going to encourage dump and chase as mentioned, we need to do it at a time where the player dumping the puck knows there is a players going for the puck……….sort of like Detroit does.

    Our dumps seem to happen with no real strategy at puck retrival. Rennys system for dump and chase yeilded better results, IMHO.

  • oliveoilers

    A performance devoid of commitment and passion. You can’t call them robots, as robots are engineered to perform specific tasks consistently well. They embodied exactley what the pro-owner fans thought of players during the lockout; shallow money grabbers who turn up for a pay cheque and damn the fans. A pathetic effort all round. If millions of dollars, the adulation of the fans and the playoffs don’t motivate you, what will? Hitchcock must be wondering how they never scored more.

  • outdoorzguy

    “But ultimately I am not satisfied with the direction we are heading and I believe making a change today is in the best interest of our franchise.” Yzerman’s comment upon releasing his coach.
    Do you think Loser Lowe or Timid Tambellini have a concept of this theory? “not satisfied with the direction we are heading”. We’ve been heading south for 15 years. Oiler management seem happy with that direction. “Best interest of our franchise” isn’t picking number one every year. There’s a little more to it than that. Sometimes you have to put a bit of effort into guiding a supposedly professional team.

  • Bonvie

    First of all I did not here the boos because I had already shut off the tv and I did not hear tencers comments.

    That being said there is no reason for people to be booing this team off the ice. If you think that paying the price of admission gives you that right please stay home. This is a young team with a lot of very impressionable young men. Does anyone honestly think that booing them on national tv is going to endear them to our city and make them want to stay and sign value contracts. NO it is not. They are on a decent roll right now and laid a big fat egg last night. Hello people most of these guys aren’t even of legal age in the us yet. It really pisses me off when I hear about this team getting booed. It just goes to show how narrow minded some of the fans in this city are. We need to support the players in their inevitable growing pains to help this team grow into the powerhouse that it has the ability to be. Now nothing is a for sure but I will tell you this if players like hall and ebs and nuge, yak,Shultz and mps sour on this city like the fans so easily do to them we are going to watch tamblow move them for diminishing assets. Now I don’t know about you but I would rather leave the future of the team in hall and companies hands instead of the management.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      You are entitled to your opinion just like everybody else, like you said you shut the TV off and didn’t listen to the post game. Being a 20 year season ticket holder I have no problem with the booing as long as it doesn’t become a habit. It was a sign of frustration by fans that hoped we would be contending to make the playoffs and were given a glimmer of hope and now realize this team isn’t there yet. The best thing really is be major sellers next couple of weeks and pick up some players this summer that see the future is promising and those players are coming here because they want to win not because we are overpaying them.

    • Chris.

      I was there; though I chose not to boo.

      The fans at Rexall are smarter than your average NHL hometown mob. They were booing a really, really, really poor effort; not the loss. (The players know it)

      Remember these are the same fans who went to the mat for this team screaming during that debacle against LA. All we demand is effort and commitment… every night.

    • PlayDirty

      The organization deserves to be booed – top to bottom. If guys are pi$$ed to hear it – good. Thye can get their $hit together. Anyone who isn’t should go play in FLA.

      How would you prefer that the fans voice the displeasure?

      As a die-hard living out of province, I’m thankful I have an excuse for not buying season tickets cuz I would probably go mental watching it in person. Im having difficulty telling myself the $50 I spent on Centre Ice was worth it.

      i feel like I was more psyched to watch the game than many of the players were to play it. Don’t wanna get booed? Play better hockey.

    • Reg Dunlop

      First, if you shut your TV off clearly you are in no position to dictate to actual paying customers who pay thick cash and choose to boo. Do you honestly think under any circumstances players will give Edmonton ‘hometown discounts’? Do you honestly think this team, as constructed, can be a powerhouse? On both counts I think not. Do you think that us ‘narrow minded fans’ have not supported the oil who have been a laughing stock for the last 6… make that 22 years? Give your toque a spin Elvis.

    • outdoorzguy

      what the hell are you talking about, these aren’t 12 year olds playing house league. these are professionals earning in alot of cases millions of dollars to do a job. and your telling me the people payng for their salary (the fans) don’t have a right to criticism? they do and can express it any way they choose, even booing. they are professionals and need to be treated as such, not babied and told there piece of crap effort isn’t their fault, it is.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I’m not shocked that we struggled to generate anything against the Blues. They are big and structured while we are unorganized on our breakouts and the forecheck. That we kept them at bay on their dump-ins is nice to see but we the goals that we gave up were mostly a result of poor puck management in the neutral zone.

    Regardless, that game was one of the most boring I have watched all season by any two teams. There was a distinct lack of emotion and nobody really stood out to me in terms of trying to turn the tide out there last night. Just brutal all around.

  • washed up

    Do most people here think that the contract’s that were given to Hall and Eberle will hurt the Oilers in the long run. I think Hall is the real deal, But wonder if Eberle’s contract might have been a mistake.

    • PlayDirty

      Eberle contract? on a team that was dead last in 2011-12 – 78G and 76 pts.

      Go find that forward in the NHL with those #s and put there names and contracts next to his.

      Put another way – He’s in the equation for consideration for Team Canada behind Hall.

      • PlayDirty

        He was in the equation for team canada. he played his way off that list this year. Not much time will be spent discussing his name when the teams getting chosen.

      • washed up

        Yes, based on 2011-12, But Horcoff and one good year and we’ve been cursing that contract ever since. Now in no way am I implying that Horcoff and Eberle are compareable in terms of talent/potential. I just wonder what the rush was to get them signed under the old CBA. I know the skinner contract set the bar for them, but if they would have waited unit 2012-13, maybe you get Eberle on the same term for 5mil. It’s just seems that the oilers are so quick to offer these types on contracts, with such a sort sample size from the player.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hmmm, so many Debbie Downers today. I didn’t feel the Oilers played all that bad last night. The Blues would’ve easily beat 3/4s of the teams in the league with last nights effort. Edmonton hung tough with them for almost 50 mins (1 goal game).

    Perfect storm from what i can see. A good effort, a regulation loss (another top 3 pick being the goal), good results all around from what i can see. Yet another top 3 pick will help soften the blow of losing one of the fab 5 when the time comes for adding that stud blueliner.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    From watching the game on TV last night it seemed either the ice conditions were brutal or the Oilers had forgotten their stick-handling skills.

    The pucks were bounching and rolling all over the ice, Oiler players in particular had difficulty in handling passes, controlling the puck and shooting with any force or accuracy.

    It was obvious the ice conditions affected both teams for at least two periods.

    The club’s weaknesses at centre continue to plague both the offense and defence. The Blues’ size and grit were just too much to overcome.

    This is the time in the season where the going gets tough and the tough get going.

    With 18 games left, 3 each against Vancouver, Calgary and Anaheim and 2 against Minnesota (11 games), and singles against Nashville, St. Louis, Columbus, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Colorado and Chicago (another 7), reaching 55 points to finally make the playoffs will be daunting, if not impossible for the squad with its present roster. Will Tambellini call for the cavalry?

  • washed up

    Was at the game last night and most of time the Oilers didn’t look like they had an idea what each other were doing! To the credit of the Blues they were a very hard working team and forced the Oilers into a lot of that confusion! At times it was comical to watch with 3 or 4 Oilers standing at the Blues blue line, with the puck and not knowing whether to dump it in or not! Unbelievable! Plain and simple, last night the Oilers were clearly outworked and that’s something that should never happen! Where’s Gator and Ethan when you need them or the facsimile!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    We need a trade…gagner, Whitney, and peckhem for Sean couturier and a pick…we also need yak in top six…not to mention hall and ebs back together… and man, we miss the lord o’pucks,RNH.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hitchcock teams are based on playing shorter but higher-tempo shifts than other teams. Not sure if anyone kept stats on average shift length, but I remember back in Hitchcock’s Dallas days, he had forwards playing 45 second shifts when most other teams were at 55-60 seconds. That’s why St Louis dumps and chases so often without a shot generated: the forward with the puck will dump it in to let his teammates change lines, and that forward will often chase it to keep the other team from quickly transitioning back during the line change.

    Others have already commented on how St Louis out-worked the Oilers and were the faster team last night. I think the shorter shifts are a big reason why the Blues can do this. It leads to some boring hockey, especially since the team spends a third of the time dumping it in and changing lines, but it’s a formula that’s worked for Hitchcock for a long time.

    Some of the Oilers’ rushes into the offensive zone looked really disorganized too. I’d put that loss squarely on Krueger as the whole team looked badly coordinated. The better coach won last night.

    • 106 and 106

      Agree with you – but 4000 is too long as well – I just finished a thesis paper in 1500 words – this is a forum for discussion, not essay writing.

      New Age – Maybe starting your own blog/website/company is the best way to promote your thoughts.

  • 106 and 106

    “Would someone please ban this joker. He is trying to commandeer this site with his SENSELESS DRIVEL and so far getting away with it.”

    Have you most of the comments on this site?
    90% are getting away with it!

  • 106 and 106

    Sorry guys, but I go to Copper N Blue if I want to read logical and coherent posts. I come here for some “different” perspectives: the troll (we know who he is), the impossible trade scenarios (how about Hemsky, Peckham and a 3rd round pick for Shea Weber?), the line combinations that will transform a 29th place team into a contender (the Tre Kroner line will dominate!), the prospect fanboys (Bonsignore, Shremp, Omark could have been great if it weren’t for blah blah blah), and the Tambo apologists (we are building a contender just like Pittsburgh and Chicago did, so just wait 5 more years), not to mention the flamers who will find any reason to blast you.

    If an armchair coach wants to rant with these 20,000 character posts and claim that all of the successful teams are already using his perfect newage system, then I think he’s found the appropriate forum to post his thoughts. He has to put up with your posts so you should extend the same courtesy to him.