The Edmonton Oilers have been connected to the Boston Bruins many times since 1979. Some very famous playoff series, a few trades of note and the two clubs have some executives in common over the years, too. This week, the two teams have been associated with trade talks involving names like Ryan Whitney and Ales Hemsky. 

Is there a match? What could Boston offer?

Watching the Bruins last night, it’s pretty obvious they need some blueline help. Their top 4D is solid, led by state of the art defender Zdeno Chara and including veterans Dennis Seidenberg, Johnny Boychuk, Andrew Ference and the young and talented Dougie Hamilton. 

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Whitney could slide right into the 5-6 role and help on special teams. Although he’s not playing at pre-surgery levels, his competition for that job (Aaron Johnson, Adam McQuaid, Matt Bartkowski) isn’t terribly stout and Whitney’s a good bet to play in front of them.

If the Oilers deal Whitney (and they’re playing well with Whitney playing big minutes), Boston could certainly use his talents.


Edmonton has a few things to gain in dealing Whitney. They could finally carry the normal 7 defensemen, and allow Theo Peckham out of the doghouse. They could also shave a few dollars off the payroll, always a nice item for the owner. And of course, there’s the asset they get in return. That might be a draft pick, a prospect (the Oilers have a lot of graduating prospects, suspect they’d prefer one in Europe, college or junior).

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  • D Matt Barkowski: AHL defender with average size, he was reportedly part of the package for Iginla. He wouldn’t be a top 6 option in Edmonton any time soon (unless I’m missing something) and aside from being LH I don’t think he has a lot of appeal for the Oilers.
  • R Jordan Caron: AHL winger, 6.03, 204, spent much of the 2010-11 season with the Bruins and is 81, 10-14-24 in his career with Boston. Caron’s size and skill set make him an interesting possibility for next season, I could see him being a contender for bottom 6F duties in the fall. Someone to follow if the trade is made.
  • G Niklas Svedberg: Tall, stringbean goalie from Sweden has been outstanding in Providence, and frankly I think the Bruins are more likely to make their current NHL backup (Anton Khudobin) available before this fellow. Currently boasts a .923SP and should be considered an outstanding prospect based on his current season.


Trading Whitney for an asset who doesn’t need to be added to the big league roster would allow the Oilers to add Dan DeKeyser to their roster without having to move anyone/risk waivers. DeKeyser is going to make his decision sometime in the next 24 hours (based on reports) so it’s a consideration. The Oilers have made a presentation, and now they’re waiting along with Detroit (considered the favorite) and a few other clubs. 


Ryan Whitney can help the Boston Bruins, and I think there are players in Providence that could make the Oilers system stronger. There’s also a certain logic in trading Whitney for a draft pick, and Boston may be in acquisition mode after the events last night.

There’s also a growing feeling that the best destination for Ryan Whitney is Edmonton. If that’s the case, the Oilers at the deadline could be quiet for the first time in years.


  • outdoorzguy

    I thought maybe we could unload Tambellini and Lowe on them (because these are the two idiots we really need to trade), but Chiarelli is much smarter than the idiots combined to make that deal!!

    • Lowetide

      It’s an interesting question. If you sign Smid and Whitney the club’s main area of need (defense) remains the same. Smid-N Schultz-Whitney left side, right side Petry, J Schultz and ???

      If the club gets DeKeyser something has to give. Sign Whitney, trade Nick Schultz?

  • outdoorzguy

    We don’t have anything worth trading that would actually get us anything in return…thanks to our moronic management for getting us into that position.

  • outdoorzguy

    I’m still torn on trading Whitney. His mobility is an issue but he is one of the few dmen we have who can move the puck. I don’t see the Bruins moving any more than a draft pick for Whitney. They will move on and find another rental if we expect any more than that. So I say stick it out with Whitney. If we sign this Dekeyser kid, put Potter on waivers. He is playing better of late but I still don’t believe he is any more than a decent AHLer or 7th dman.

  • Lowetide

    Joe Haggerty ‏@HackswithHaggs 27 Mar

    Don’t be shocked if its the name Magnus Paajarvi that you hear paired with Ryan Whitney in trade discussions w/the Bruins #BruinsTalk

    Joe Haggerty ‏@HackswithHaggs 27 Mar

    @DarrenDreger @JasonGregor Yeah. I was told Whitney & a forward w/ a number of possibilities: Paajarvi and Hemsky among the names. We’ll see
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    Tweets from last night mentioning players in story above.

    • Lowetide

      Jon, how do you think the Bruins would handle Whitney? Mondo PP minutes, but what about 5×5? If they’re going to deal for him, they must have a plan. Boychuk?

    • northof51

      All the Whitney love was making me nauseous , so thanks for weighing in JW.

      Whitney was OK against CBJ, but was absolutely terrible the game before against STL. And don’t forget that he sat out in Nashville after one of his worst games this season at home vs. STL. So I would say that “improving” is a very relative term when used to describe Whitney.

      Potter or Petry can play the PP in Whitney’s absence. We have to get rid of him ASAP!

        • northof51

          Let me clarify that I do not think Potter is the answer. I do however think that the Oilers should move Whitney to get SOMETHING in return. They will need to make improvements at D, and that is obvious. Sticking with our current crew is clearly not the answer.

          Also, Whitney has 4 times as much time on the PP compared to Potter, and has 5 times the points. Total point production is not the only measure of a player. Whitney has been beyond terrible – we get dominated when he is on the ice (save for for a handful of games this year).

          • Eddie Shore

            The thing is trading Ryan Whitney is not going to get you a player that will step into the lineup today. He’s a pending UFA. I would rather keep him and battle for eighth than trade him for magic beans. To me, that is more valuable to the core group of players than adding another body for next years development camp.

      • northof51

        For some time now I’ve been stating that COURAGE and RISK TAKING are key components of good management, and that it takes courage to move players when they are playing well, at or near the top of their game.

        All year we’ve been praying that Hemsky and Whitney would improve enough to bring value at the deadline. DON’T F83K this UP!

        Move them now. The market is there for them and they are as healthy as they will ever be!

        I’ve been one of the patient ones when it comes to the rebuild….but this opportunity may NEVER come again!

        We could actually get more for Hemsky/Whitney than Calgary got for Iginla. JUST DO IT BABY!

  • Lowetide

    DeKeyser still hasn’t proven anything and may need time in the AHL . If Whitney would sign for say $ 2 mil keep him if not get what you can .Habby needs to go hopefully a 2nd or at worse 3rd. Biggest problem is still the management group who just wait . I, like you had hoped McT would help move them along .

  • D'oh-ilers

    I’d be pleased if the Oilers added Caron. He’s young with an inexpensive cap hit and has a lot of the attributes the team needs for a bottom 6 winger. Big, strong on the puck, solid defensively and not afraid to hit someone.

  • D'oh-ilers

    I like the idea of flipping the vets for picks in this draft and subsequent ones. To be buyers in the future we could use some extra chips. Trimming the fat, and adding more meat in the summer is the way to go.

  • D'oh-ilers

    Trade to Boston will only bring back prospects. We need a few new skill sets from NHL players to keep the rebuild progressing. Washington needs to change their mix as well. Trade three or four players from our Roster (Whitney, Hemsky, Prospect/Jones) … For either Carlson or Alzner and a goalie.

    Both Teams are better for the trade

  • Supernova


    I like your thoughts on trading Nick Schultz.

    Sign Smid, hopefully get the college stud, trade N Schultz,

    Decide on Whitney in relation to what you can attain. Gathering another 2nd rounder could allow them to trade a few to their 2’s to get another 1.

  • Eddie Shore

    Just the thought of resigning Whitney makes my stomach turn. Thought were trying to get better, not stay the same. As for whether trading him or not… I’d keep him for the year and let him walk for nothing. The depth on the blue line this year gives Krueger somthing to tinker with and we need to stay close to the race just for the experience. This is an important time. And even if we get a second for him, it won’t be as important of a piece as this playoff race will be

  • Eddie Shore

    Nick Schultz is awful. I’m so mad. We would have been so much better off just keeping Tom Gilbert. Everyone was excited about Schultz but he is definitely not as advertised or hyped. Hopefully the oilers have seen this and can still trade him.

  • Eddie Shore

    +1 on keeping him for the rest of the year and either resigning him or letting him walk. If we’re close to a playoff spot and the return isn’t great I’d rather let him play it out.

  • Eddie Shore

    If we trade Whitney, we replace him with a possible rookie, peckham or fistric. We get toughness but we lose a puckmoving defenseman. Mmmmm let’s keep Whitney.
    Repeatedly hockey analysts tell the fans that hemsky has no trade value and I agree. 5 million cap hit for a player that is on pace for maybe 20 goals and fifty points plus he hasn’t played a full season for four or five years.
    Why in the hell would u trade MSP when he is starting to find his game. Keep this kid and see what u have.
    Honestly we are trading these players for a bunch of prospects, maybes or draft picks. We need NHL players back that will help us now and for the future. We lose these trades and put our team development back a few years. DON’T EXPECT TO PICK UP A QUALITY UFA THIS SUMMER. That’s a pipe dream. Hold on to these players unless ur getting a quality NHL player back and it makes sense.

  • geeker99

    I have a real feeling we stand pat on the team roster unless we go on a suckfest. I dont’t mind watching Hemmer heroics as long as we get a nhl player back if the trade is on.

    no more getting picks, the rebuild needs paint and custom parts and then we go for a couple of years. ballsy move pulling khabi but it worked. Exciting and hockey with effort is all I ask and was generally happy. Meaningful hockey is fun!!!

  • Rocket

    Now is the time to offload Whitney. I like him but it’s about time for him to drop his R’s & go to southie for a spell & see how he does.

    Boston needs him & the Oilers need another draft pick to mess up so it works both ways.

    Either way, the Oilers D needs to improve.

  • Rocket

    N Schultz is actually the Oilers best defensive defenseman this year. He has screwed up a couple times royally but statistically he is doing well as measure by his Corsi.

    Whitney is pretty much useless most nights. Tonight he messed up 3 breakouts that I counted and that is his bread and butter.

    If we can get something for him all the better.

    The fact of the matter is, the Oilers do need better defense than they are getting and Whitney is a 5/6 powerplay specialist. Useful to certain teams, but not the Oilers.

  • oilabroad

    Whitney is not in the long term plans (nor should he be), if they can get a second for him, take it and run…
    this is Edmontons last year of the rebuild, stock up on draft choices and prospects, as you will be trading those away in the next few years for useful pieces and rentals…

  • 106 and 106

    There’s an Edmonton Oiler defensemen that other teams want, and he’s been a black-hole for scoring chances against, and only going to falter with ankle age. Our PP only has one D-man, so it’s no big deal with Schultz around. Get the deal done, Lambellini.

  • geeker99

    Take what Boston is offering for Whitney and move on. If you can move Jones do it also. If someone comes knocking for Hemsky make sure you fleece them for at least a first round pick and an A level prospect.Rangers? Kreider and a first. Washington?Forsberg and a first?

    Washington is 3 points out and is need of an offensive infusion.

    You know who I think is a one and out. Vancouver.They look awful.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Hemsky doesn’t have that trade value especially in the east. U would be lucky to get a late first round pick for hemsky. Lucky. So we trade hemsky, jones and Whitney for prospects or draft picks.. Then what. The guys we get in return take 3 or 4 years to become NHL players. How does that make sense. I would look to see if we could get bouwemester out of Calgary. Then we could look to trade Whitney for prospects. We need NHL players in return for our players or we don’t make the playoffs next year.

  • Silver Streak

    Change the D coach….seems fairly obvious to me. We have to look at the coach …our D personnel arrived with more skill and confidence that what we see now…..our D systems are weak….our breakouts terrible. time to get off our players backs and have a long long look at replacing Mr Smith.

  • Lowetide

    Haggerty talks about Whitney

    Ryan Whitney: The Bruins are looking for a defenseman and there’s little doubt the Massachusetts native would love to play for the Black and Gold. The Bruins have made phone calls about Whitney and it seemed like things might have been progressing on that front Wednesday when the Iginla deal looked imminent. But now it’s cooled off a little as the Bruins regroup and go for Plan B. The Edmonton Oilers are said to be looking for a Douglas Murray-type return (two second round picks) or a goaltender (Niklas Svedberg) in exchange for Whitney, and neither of those is going to happen. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility to see a Jordan Caron-for-Ryan Whitney still happen if the Bruins need to get an offensive defenseman.

  • northof51

    Same principle applies to Habby….He’s at the peak of his trade value….move him now!

    Hind sight is 20/20, but i’m wishing we would have dept him on the bench after the shutout through to the trade dealine.

    Probably won’t make much difference in the end, question now is do you play him once more before the deadline and risk injury???