Ladislav Smid and the Oilers agreed to a four-year extension worth $14 million this morning. This is fair deal for both and a reasonable cap hit of  $3.5 million. The deal does not include a no-movement or no-trade clause.

I’m not surprised the two sides agreed. The Oilers needed Smid and he really likes it in Edmonton. A rare win-win-win, for the team, the player and the fans.


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  • Spydyr

    This must be an April fools joke. There is no way the Oilers management paid the right price for the right player at the right time. That just does not happen here anymore.


    I am very pleased with this deal. I think Smid would have gotten more as a UFA over the summer. This is an important signing, and Smid took a discount to stay with the Oil. A good soldier.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Ecstatic my star will be sticking around for the big push in the next few years.

    He grew up hard here during the lean years and learned on the NHL job… tough assignment.

    It’s amazing they didn’t overpay.

    We needed this player under contract for term and we needed to not pay for it. We got both… shocking.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    @John Chambers
    Well played. Went right over the heads of a few trigger-happy commenters.

    Sounds to me like there were two parties in the negotiation and they reached a deal that was acceptable to both, and no guns were held to anyone’s head in the process. How does one side or the other get “to (sic) good a deal?”

    I am no fan of Lowe and Tambellini’s record, and I will throw in Katz’ name as the, erm, genius behind those ill-fated whale hunts. Maybe they have all been learning on the job, and this is evidence that they are finally getting it.

    Manage within two caps: the salary cap (moving target and you can manage your response to it) and 50 contracts (fixed target where the Undo button has very limited functionality). Manage a depth chart with a rolling three year window at every position. Do so in front of a fanbase with big opinions and limited patience. Guys, it isn’t that easy.

    • MarcusBillius


      The”to good a deal” part is the fact that Smid surrenders an aspect of dynamic control of future contraction negotiations when he signs for 300k or so less than his going rate, and Iam including the term influences in my analysis.

      I agree both sides have shown us an expedient and reasonable result and must have been on the same page to have had it go down this way, but as i said earlier it seems as if Smid is always closed out quickly like this, and to me it is evidence of the true value the team puts on him aside from their propoganda which is common but to me distasteful business practice.

      Laddyis a long serving Oiler and has elite shotblocking ability which will look even better in2 or3 more years,I believe Smid was in a very comfortable bargaining position, I am not saying the Oilers had a gun to his head I am saying I am not sure I agree with the fact that laddy opted for the soft sell of the dollars and a mediocre term.

      I understand the potential for Laddy to hit it huge in four years if we earn a Cup here and he is a key shutdown stay at home guy, those men earn top dollar after Cup rings get put on their fingers. I believe he is taking a calculated risk, a gamble. Had he demanded more money now he would have gotten more, and it would have made him a tougher asset to trade in the next 4 years, undervaluing himself only makes him a potential trade asset sooner. And gives the Oilers a dynamic advantage in determining Laddys future, they gain lattitude if you will.

      The Oilers have hardballed Smid since day one and were very tough on him when he was young, the organisation constantly manipulated things to keep a dynamic advantage in their hands come contract time, this is one way of doing business no doubt.

      I understand how difficult juggeling the many tasks you list could potentially be but i also see ways those tasks could by viewed in a synergistic manner and could through osmosis be condensed into much smaller more malleable dynmic decisions. Many of those tasks go hand in hand and can be micro-managed together in a multi-task format. There is also a fantastic support network surrounding each of these tasks when we are at the NHL level. You can manage a burger pit into the ground or create MacDonalds empire, it just depends how well suited and prepared you are for the job nd who you re surrounded by. No man should be expected to carry more weight than a single link in a properly forged chain.

  • this deal is irrelevant….fine to keep Smid, after next year the cap should go up forever more so can be easily absorbed. problem is this does noting to address the core elements of what is needed

    1) Strong Center(s), Brandon Dubinsky, Steve Ott? (20min, pp net presence, pk specialist and the BEST son of a ** in the league)

    2) Aggresive Forchecking wingers, Curtis Glencross, Wayne Simmonds (pain in the ass speed demons who will score, forecheck and skate like maniacs after pucks

    3) D Gem, we do not have one today or tomorrow….im sorry but this is true. We need an ace, a Pronger, Doughty type….look at the teams that have won cups, they ALWAYS have an ace…guys that lay down to block shots are all over the place….Tammy needs to do something he is genetically predispositioned not to do….think big (Yak + Smid for PK Subban? offer Letang 9yr $63M?)

    • Jason Gregor

      Does nothing to address the core element?

      This team doesn’t have enough quality #4 D-men, so it does address that need. They keep him. They need more, but suggesting this signing is irrelevant means you think they can win with just one superstar D-man. No team does that. Smid is a solid contributor. Smart signing.

      Letting Smid go and getting a strong centre or guy like Ott, would have been one step forward, one step back. Oilers are at stage where they need to build strong foundation. Smid is one of those signings.

      • The Soup Fascist

        yes nothing. smid is a matt greene, a brooks orpik, a fedor tyutin…..nothing to blow balloons over and write a letter home to mommy.

        my choosing of the word “irrelevant” was to denote that it was a neutral move, when and if the oil win a cup, it wont be because of any superhuman play or quality of Lady Smid but sure…guys like him and he is a “leader” whatever that means.

        Addressing our dimunitive centers is not a core element? Steve Ott by himself would not astronomically address multiple needs? (nhl bodycheck leader, 20min a game, center, scores garbage goals) Oil have an abundance of this?

        Buffalo is a mess right now…every effort must be made to get Steve Ott and immediately delete jones and petrol.

      • Connor Snipes

        Smid is at best a number 5/6 anywhere else in the league. The cap better go up quickly when 93, 19 and 64’s ELC’s come due because if Edm is paying this for a “shutdown” d man, how do you expect legitimate 1-2 d men at 5/6 million per to fit here?

        In the grand scheme Jason, don’t you think this might be trouble for the Oil? Especially years three and four of this deal.

        I understand why they did it…as it’s been pounded down our throats for the last three weeks: UFA at only 27, blocks shots, eats minutes, PK, likeable guy, wants to be here, decent but not great hands/puck moving skills, etc…I suppose someone else would’ve overpayed if we didn’t.

        • bleedingoil

          5/6 based on what?
          Top 5 in league in blocked shots and hits. The Oilers can only put 24 goals in the net when Smid is on the ice so I am not going to blame his -2 rating on him alone. We take some of the most penalties in the league, and over 20% of Smid’s ice time is on the PK this year. A 5/6 guy? You think there are at least 120 better Dmen out there? Based on? Please dont say point production on this low scoring squad we have had this year.

    • I usually always argue with you, here or at Lowetide, but this is almost exactly what the Oilers need.

      I would minus Simmons, but the rest is bang on, Ott over Belanger, check, Glencross for the top six, check, and Dubinsky for his two way play.

      Also, I think it was a Staple’s article about Couturier being available, might be interesting for the Oilers. I still think Bouwmeester or Weber will end up an Oiler this summer.

    • Muji

      Pronger is a hall-of-famer. There are only a handful of guys like that in the league and the only one close to Pronger-caliber is likely Chara.

      Doughty has the same # of goals that Smid has this year and is a $7M cap hit. Letang is a great offensive dman but is not a complete defenceman like Pronger.

      I’m not saying that the Oilers don’t need a complete dman – they do – but they’re hard to come by and most teams don’t have an elite one.

      • The Soup Fascist

        hard to come by indeed…like all/any good players, thats why your GM needs to have big kahuna’s and a shrewd mind. Letang is UNREAL, watch him play closely, controls the play completely. You surround a guy like him with average d and you get the goals against pitts does. If im Tammy, I offer Edm’s #1 pick in this year’s draft a day before the draft to Pitts for Letang (pitts next year cant keep him and malkin) and i do a sign and trade like Klowe did with Pronger. Remember that? ya….thats what winners do, seek and attack.

    • Monkeyswan

      Problem is? How could Smid have helped any of those concerns you listed. They signed a decent d-man at a good rate, I think he would have got more had he tested free agency.

  • bleedingoil

    Wow you guys. This was the Oilers top pairing D on the left side. If he’d gone to free agency, he could have gotten 4.5 for sure – maybe higher because a seasoned D just like him is not in plentiful quantity. And what nobody is considering is that if he left, there’s nobody out there to replace him with. Not in our system for a couple years, not in free agency.
    He took a discount because he wanted to stay here. We’re damned lucky.


    I’m just happy to not be the fist person wearing a Smid jersey at Rexall. Real happy to see he’s getting the love he deserves around here. Absolute warrior.

  • Eulers

    Good move to keep a valuable piece and a heart and soul guy who embodies the sacrifice and grit required to win. I’m glad they were able to back down from the 16mil x 4 years report to make more room for future contracts. I don’t this often, but I tip my hat to management for taking care of this.

  • Where's Your Towel

    Good signing, good number. I would have been happier to toss in an extra year and get down to 3.25, but no real complaints on this deal.

    We need guys like him. I consider Ladi part of the core.

    • Phixieus666

      I think 3.25 is probably the absolute lowest you could get any Dman of Smid’s caliber and really if 250,000 a season is going to kill your team, your not a good GM anyway so there are bigger problems. Good deal all around. but still think they need some improvement on the D.

      I’d be willing to keep Whitney at a discount but there needs to be a top guy to play with J Schultz next season and would prefer an upgrade on Potter.

      Does this mean Nick in on the way out? Smid and Fistric give you the physical presence and the rest need to be able to pass the puck effectively. Or does this mean Fistric will be your 7th And Nick stays?

      Still a lot of ?s on the defensive side of things

  • gary b

    Perfect. With any luck this will set the tone for guys signing future contracts to stick with the club (*cough Gagner *cough).

    The kid is a warrior who could have gotten both more money on the open market, and likely even here at home. For him to sign for that shows he signed for what he’s worth, not what he could get paid.

  • D

    This is a key signing in the sense that the Oilers were able to retain a valuable player and not have to overpay. This might mean the organization has turned a corner. Smid wanted to stay in Edmonton and likely took less than he would have received on the free agent market.