Once upon a time, Oilers GM Steve Tambellini told us things would be quiet, that he didn’t know if he’d be busy. Bright and early the next morning, hell was a poppin’. 

June 30, 2011:"I don’t know if anything is going to happen. We already have some young players in some profile spots. If I can find a player or two who gives us some of that poise and experience or some grit we’ll do that. I don’t know if it’ll happen July 1 or July 20." Steve Tambellini.

OH YEAH? July 1, 2011

  1. He signed C Eric Belanger to replace C Colin Fraser.
  2. He signed L Ben Eager to replace L JF Jacques.
  3. He signed D Cam Barker to replace D Kurtis Foster. 
  4. He traded for D Andy Sutton who replaced D Jim Vandermeer
  5. He signed L Darcy Hordichuk to replace R Steve MacIntyre. 
  6. He signed D Corey Potter to a 2-way deal.

Steve Tambellini settled all family business by tea time, after saying he didn’t know if anything was going to happen the previous day. I don’t blame him, but a "we’re not sure if anything will happen" response to a question about trade deadlines or free agency isn’t going to go far with me. 


There are all kinds of things the Oilers could do tomorrow. Add Mark Streit, add Travis Moen, add Ben Bishop. I think they could send away any of Ryan Whitney, Mark Fistric and Theo Peckham among defensemen; and forwards Ryan Jones and Ben Eager. 

However, deadline deals usually involve draft picks, and for the Oilers that brings up a difficult decision: sacrifice some future for the present (and possibly future) or stay the course?

Here are the Oilers draft picks for this year’s edition:

  • Oilers 1st rd pick (currently #14–Lazar territory)
  • Oilers 2nd rd pick (currently #44–Tristan Jarry, Eric Comrie?)
  • Ducks 2nd rd pick (currently #58)
  • No 3rd rd pick (Fistric deal)
  • Oilers 4th rd pick (currently #106)
  • Oilers 5th rd pick (currently #136)
  • Oilers 6th rd pick (currently #166)
  • Oilers 7th rd pick (currently #196)

The diamond here is the first round pick, but the second rounders both have high value and appear to be the currency this deadline. Teams are mostly unwilling to deal a first round selection, but more willing to trade one or two second rounders.


I’m just guessing, but if we wake up tomorrow and find out the Edmonton Oilers have acquired Mark Streit or Jamie McBain, I think one of those 2nd round picks will be part of the package.

Surely the leadup to this deadline tells us that much.

Do I think the Oilers add at the deadline? Yes. Yes I do. They owe it to the young, emerging talent and to those wonderful fans who laid out their hard earned coins and paid for last place hockey.

Surely that’s a good enough reason to get better tomorrow.

  • Bucknuck

    C’mon boys and girls, are you really afraid to have management stand up and try to give this team a boost. Is it not worth the chance? After six years of watching good players leave town for picks, are you seriously thinking we need more damn prospects. Give me a break already, and shove those 2nd round picks up your wazoo. We have enough of that already.

    You seller people are like the nobles in Braveheart who would not support Wallace. So busy fighting for the scraps that you’re missing your god given right for something better. Playoff HOCKEY.

    “Fight and you may die… run and you’ll live. At least for a while.”

  • Lowetide

    Not a big fan of Mcbain, he rarely hits (career high is 41 hits in 76 games)..and he doesn’t put up high numbers and will likely want a big raise after next season for reasons I don’t know..because he can move the puck?? Sorry, we need either physical players or high scorers..enough with the in between(or neither), we have enough of that already.

  • It’s funny how the team wins a couple games in a row and suddenly its time to go ALL IN!!! with a pair of suited connectors.

    This is not about the past. This is not about what you, as a fan, want. This is not about emotion.

    This is about asset management. Simple as that.

    Anyone you aren’t definitely going to sign next year YOU TRADE NOW. With those picks/prospects you have some additives to use in a deal to address needs.

    Noone is saying you can’t improve the team. But it better not be at the expense of the future for, say a 36 year old d-man.

    I hope it is not ‘anti-braveheart’ or uncanadian or unoiler to suggest proper longterm asset management.

    • Bucknuck

      I am pretty sure a puppy died somewhere because of what you said. Very unbraveheart of you. You’d make a good noble I guess. joking. I just disagree.

      Proper longterm asset management would be to try and get these kids some playoff experience while expectations are low. I don’t think whitney gets better than a third round pick, and personally I would rather see what the team can do rather than see management hinder them.

      I am not afraid to lose a player that can be replaced in the off-season.

      The chances that whatever you get for Whitney will help the future of the franchise is not as good as the chances that adding assets might get this team into the playoffs.

      It’s a gamble either way, but at least you are gambling to win, instead of gambling because of lack of faith.

      “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader

      • The thing is that these kids will get playoff experience when THEY get us there, not some magical soon to be UFA 36 year old d-man, for instance. These kids are the core, they are what we went through all of this suck for, they ARE the Oilers.

        I’m just saying that if they go on a huge unlikely run and squeak in, it won’t be because of Whitney. It will be because of them. Get return on the assets we are about to lose and let Pecks play a few games.

        Sure, we can be both buyers and sellers… I just want us to sell the players we should, and not hold on to them because of some sort of foundationless belief that everything will collapse if we trade a few bottom of the roster players.

        If this team can’t get into the playoffs because we lose Whitney, Jones, and Khabibulin, then we really weren’t getting into the playoffs anyway. Let’s be grown ups about it.

        • Bucknuck

          Whitney and Jones both fill a useful role on the team. If you trade them, then you have to fill those roles.

          Yeah the kids are the the ones driving the bus, but Whitney is better than Peckham in most people’s minds, so trading him away hurts their chances.

          The team plays much better with Jones doing his mad hustle on the wing. Did you see him and Yakupov the other night. Why would you trade him? He wants to be part of the team so maybe they re-sign him.

          Or they sign someone else. But there is a reason a team would add those players. Depth. Something a team needs to get in the playoffs. So why should the Oilers trade it away?

  • G Money

    If Whitney isn’t traded they should offer a 2 year deal at $3mil and trade him next year . After the year his had this is a fair offer and gives him that chance to comeback ( like Hemsky).Same goes for Jones but at $ 1.25 mill . Do nothing and it tells the paying public a lot .

  • Scary Gary

    Unless there is a deal to add a legit top 4D who doesn’t have a bad contract, or some other knock your socks off deal – which is unlikely – other than Belly and 1 of Peckham or Fistric I think they should sit tight. The value of them believing in themselves as a group and fighting tooth and nail to get into the playoffs is worth more than a 2nd rounder in the big picture.

    I’d be real nervous to move MPS and for all the ridicule they get from fans here I suspect as a trio our top 3C are better than most teams. Let the youth have 1 more summer to grow.

  • Jonesy is an effective depth forward and pk guy who will never ask for more than he is worth and wants to be here.

    MAKES ZERO SENSE TO TRADE HIM. Stauffer had better be talking out of his ass.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I’ve usually liked Jones, but I think I saw him through Oilers-coloured glasses.

      He’s a decent skater, decent penalty killer, and can get into the corners a little. My problem with him is that if he gets the puck in the corner, he can’t do anything with it.

      I’ve seen him at least twice in the last 2 games, get the puck in the offensive zone corner, and fire a blind backhand to the slot. Maybe he just didn’t have support, but he just willingly turned it over instead of taking an extra split second to look over his shoulder.

      No hockey sense

  • He was picked up on waivers. Also, you don’t have to dislike a player in order to trade him. Buy low sell high sorta thing. Is Harski that much worse than Jones?

    Anyway let’s see how people like our UFAS next week when we are out of playoff contention. It is a very steep hill we have to climb. Verrrry steep.

    It’s just not a good idea to set yourself up to depend on things turning out with the best possible outcome.