The Oilers took care of business and swept the Flames, two games they had to win, and now the real games begin. Nine of the Oilers remaining 12 games are against playoff teams, and this is the scenario the Oilers desperately wanted their young team to experience.

The intensity will increase, and the youthful Oilers will need to match the consistency, smarts and veteran savvy of the Canucks, Ducks, Blackhawks, Wild and Kings.

These games matter. The players know it, management knows it and the fans know it. This should be fun.

You can sense the excitement in the city and on the Nation. Fans are jacked up. The scar tissue you’ve obtained from seven seasons of watching an over-matched, under-talented, uninspiring team is starting to breakdown. You actually look forward to the games, because you believe your team has a legitimate chance to win.

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If you are under 30 it is likely a feeling you’ve never truly experienced during the regular season. The Oilers are still a few players short of being a dominant team, but their first line is the hottest line in the NHL, and when one line is that good you have a chance to win any game.

During this five-game winning streak Taylor Hall has 14 points, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has 10 and Jordan Eberle has 8. They’ve combined for 32 points, and the scary part is that they’ve missed some glorious chances. Their speed, skill and smarts are a deadly combination right now, and it will be interesting to see how Alain Vigneault, Darryl Sutter and Bruce Boudreau try to slow them down on this road trip.




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Dubnyk (Although Krueger hinted he hasn’t made up his mind and Khabibulin might play. I don’t see any reason not to play Dubnyk)

Magnus Paajarvi is banged up, but Krueger said this after the game last night, "It’s not a serious injury, it’s a manageable one. He’s probable for tomorrow." Hemsky has been playing with a minor knick, and I suspect Paajarvi will dress tonight. If the injury is more about pain-tolerance than impacting his play he’ll go. Players can play hurt, but it isn’t wise to play injured, especially if the injury will limit your performance.

Jerred Smithson, acquired yesterday from Florida, will be in the hospital today as his fiance is scheduled to give birth. He told me yesterday that if things go as planned, he’ll join the team in either Los Angeles or Anaheim. "Family comes first, once we get the baby figured out, I’ll join the team as quick as I can. I can’t wait to play in Edmonton," Smithson told me on my radio show yesterday.

I’d play Smithson when he gets here. He shoots right and his FO% the last four years is: 54.8% in 2013, 56.1% in 2012, 57.4% in 2011, 54.9 in 2010, 52.6% in 2009. He can win draws, and you can use him and Horcoff on different sides.


  • The Oilers nine remaining games against playoff teams are all against the top-six teams in the west. They will have to play one of them in the playoffs if they make it, so they might as well get used to it.
  • The Oilers are 8-2-2 since Shawn Horcoff called a player’s only meeting and returned to the lineup in Chicago. I know the 4/93/14 line is carrying this team offensively, but Horcoff’s message sunk in. The Oilers have cut down on their turnovers in the defensive and neutral zone. And they rarely turn it over at the offensive blueline anymore. Those plays were killing them early in the season.
  • The other big change is their willingness to drive the net. Guys without the puck are finally going to the net and creating havoc. 
  • The Oilers are 2nd in combined special teams at 108.3. They are 3rd in PP effeciency at 23.8% and 7th on the PK at 84.5%.
  • It is hard not to like Roberto Luongo these days. His twitter feed is hilarious, and yesterday, when the Canucks made the idiotic decision to make him hold a press conference to discuss why he wasn’t traded, he was very honest and classy. When asked why he wasn’t traded he replied, "Cause my contact sucks. If I could rip it up now I would."
  • You could tell not playing is killing him. He’s handled this situation extremely well, and when the Canucks finally trade him to the eastern conference I suspect many fans will be cheering for him. Tonight of course, you hope the Oilers light up him and Corey Schneider.
  • Derek Roy will help the Canucks. They desperately needed a 2nd line centre, and he will give them some much-needed secondary scoring.
  • I liked the Columbus decision to acquire Marian Gaborik, especially because it didn’t cost them any of their three first-round picks. Even if they don’t make the playoffs this year, the Blue Jackets added a proven sniper. Basically, the deals between the Rangers and Blue Jackets look like this…Nash, Brassard, Dorsett, Moore and a 6th for Gaborik, Dubinsky, Erixon, Anisimov and a 1st rounder. I’d still say the Blue Jackets did well.
  • Very interesting move by George McPhee to trade away Filip Forsberg, 11th pick in 2012, for Martin Erat. The Capitals will win the South East this year, because they are rolling and the Jets and Hurricanes are on the skids, but how will this trade look in a few years. I’ve gotten very differing views from scouts. Some really like him, while others think he’ll never produce more points than Erat. Time will tell. Caps win trade today, but Preds could benefit greatly in the future.
  • Don’t look now, but the Oilers playoff chances, according to sportsclubstats, are up to 42.1% after last night’s victory. Before the five-game winning streak they were at 4.1%. That is quite the jump. Detroit is at 72.7% and St. Louis 70.4%, but the Oilers have closed the gap considerably.


GAME DAY PREDICTION: Have to go with the hot team considering I’ve picked them to win the last four. I know how superstitious the Nation can be. Oilers win in OT, 4-3.

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OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Hall, RNH, Eberle line combine for six points.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION:  Ryan Smyth ends his 20-game goal scoring drought with a deflection early in the 2nd period. Smyth does a triple combination fist-pump, look-to-the-heavens, glove-slide-on-the-ice celebration afterwards. His young teammates love the "celly," especially Yakupov who says to Smyth, "Prunes is going to love that and use it during Hockey Night in Canada,"


***This will be a DSF comment free section today. From your quiet editor/tech producer who needs a break from it all. Any comment with mention of him will be quietly deleted. Enjoy the game and one free day…***

  • A-Mc

    Wow some people are just never happy. The Oil are on a 5 game win streak that has them sitting in a fragile 8th place and yet some fans will still waste thier time griping about management and potter.

    Look: the team is winning and even when they dont, they are still playing well. Leave them be.

    Moving on…

    So here we are with 12 games left and the dreaded but possible 7-5-0 record Target. Im Nervous as F#ck. im going to need to learn to control my emotions if the Oil have progressed to a bubble team.

    *deep breath*

    GDP: … Cant do it. Im leaving it to the hockey gods..the oh so merciful hockey gods.

  • ghostofberanek

    6 games ago, I was complaining about Taylor Hall. I whined and moaned about his play, give aways etc. I stated that I hope he makes me look like an idiot for saying that. Well, here we are. I’m an idiot, and I couldn’t be happier for it.

    Also, kudos to Tambi for (what I believe), was a good read on the situation yesterday. They’re just now starting to gel, and you simply don’t mess with that. I think he’s done a fine job for the most part.

  • StHenriOilBomb

    Maybe with an 82 game season this team would have even more opportunity to make some noise. All of the experts thought that the 48 game season would be to the Oilers’ advantage. Looks like it’s the other way around.

  • StHenriOilBomb

    GDP: Vancouver is not the team it once was. Oilers battle back from a 3-1 third period deficit to win 5-4 in OT.

    OGDP: Nuge’s line scores 2 goals, and Hall adds 2 more points to his impressive run.

    NSOGDP: Because I promised my fiance that I would skip one of these games to spend an evening with her, I will miss what turns out to be the most exciting, gruelling game of this short season. Thinking I had lucked out choosing the Calgary match-up, I will end up ruing the decision after numerous glares across the living room for obsessively checking scores, shot totals, etc…

  • A-Mc

    Mirror Mirror, indeed! 6 game winning streak, check. Meaningful games in April check. Hall in top ten scoring check. Regardless of if we make the playoffs or not, this is fun!

    PS. I want to me that mirror!

  • A-Mc

    OGDP – Smitty scores one off his pants. (end debate)

    Great idea to bring up either Eager or Hordi, just for the plane rides if nothing else.

    Leave Potter alone, like all the oilers he is nicely rounding into form. and finally

    props to Tambo for staying the course, remember back in January when all we wanted was meaningful games in April, well we have that in spades. Free agancy is actually going to be fun this summer, lots of cap room, Katz cheque book will be wide open. This is a young team that has broken 2 old Oilers records this year, one more year and we will be playing meaningful games in May.

    • A-Mc

      Not just meaningful games in May but entertaining ones as well. He could have cheated and brought us to mediocrity sooner with a team and coach built for the trap.

      This will be a really good, entertaining team for many years to come. And it is on course as planned.

      I will add that I am more of a fan of Tambo’s plan than I am of him, but I am so happy he has the gumption to stick to it in spite of all the bleeting.

  • Metal&Oil

    I agree that brown should not be left alone without any back up on the ice when faced with a lineup like Calgary put forth last night. If its me I call up Hordichuck and add him to the available list of players that Kreuger can call upon. Darcy is a willing guy and could provide the Oilers a secondary threat if need be on the fourth line. If I am Tambo I offer Darcy a contact next year for OKC. He’d be a great transitional player to have in the organization for a few years. He may not have have the skills or the wheels to be a legitimate NHL player on a nightly basis anymore but he definitely could fill a role in OKC. I think he brings experience,work ethic and intangibles that we dearly need to have on our farm team. We need guys like him to help the younger players develop work habits that can translate to the NHL level.You don’t just throw good soldiers away like Darcy Hordichuck. Calling him up would show him that the organization still respects his body of work and his loyalty.

    • Bonvie

      Agree that they should consider calling up a player to protect the skilled players in such games as these but disagree with the person you suggest, I would take Eager, Lizon, or Teubert before Hordichuk(not an enforcer and not that good a fighter). They should consider getting a real enforcer such as McGratton on Calgary, or my favourite McIntyre. This type of a player is a cheap insurance policy and just for games like these when the other team knows they are gonna lose, and just want to take liberties with your stars.

      • oilerjed

        “Agree that they should consider calling up a player to protect the skilled players in such games as these but disagree with the person you suggest, I would take Eager, Lizon, or Teubert before Hordichuk(not an enforcer and not that good a fighter). They should consider getting a real enforcer such as McGratton on Calgary, or my favourite McIntyre. This type of a player is a cheap insurance policy and just for games like these when the other team knows they are gonna lose, and just want to take liberties with your stars.”

        Cant disagree more with you. Enforcers dont even fight out of their weight class due to the unwritten rules. (and the fact they would kill someone) The question should be why are they not putting Fistric in the lineup for these games?? He will stand up for the boys and can actually fill a roll on defense as well. I would love to see him pummel Bieksa tonight.

  • I tried it at home

    Im not saying it would happen, but out of curiouslty, could Horcoff take Bieksa in a good ol’ fashioned Drop The Gloves waltz? Ive seen the man, he’s not exactly small, has shown heart and is a fitness nut. I know he’s not a fighter per se, but it certainly would go a long ways to cementing his legacy as Captain of the Oilers.

  • Eddie Edmonton

    Yakupov’s first goal last night was sick. He smacks the sh!t out of the rotating puck before it even hits the ice.

    I like the maturity the Oilers showed in the goal celebrations once they realized they were playing with a dead horse.

  • Czar

    •The Oilers are 8-2-2 since Shawn Horcoff called a player’s only meeting

    That’s about the same time the new Nation Gear came out,coincidence? I think not!

    Bieksa is a D-Bag!

  • vetinari

    The epic road trip was the low(e) point of the season; the home stand and Flames double-header has been the high point.

    I feel bipolar watching these guys in action… one game, they score on themselves or Dubs can’t stop a shot from centre ice, and the next game, they come in wave after wave like they’re storming the beaches of Normandy.

    I hope that they can ride the energy of last night’s victory into this evening’s game because Vancouver is better positionally, and will cut down the kids room to wheel.

  • ginganinja

    I’m not worried about the jackets but realistically, the fight is between us, the blues and the red wings. Red wings have a pretty cushy sched as far as which teams they play, and the blues are much better than they’ve been playing. One can only hope that Elliott and Allan are as bad as we think they are down the stretch. Or Datsyuk gets injured.

  • oldhippy

    If Beiksa is cheap shoting tonight thats a good thing, it means
    the Oiler are up. One day, Hall will take of things himself
    and that needs to happen, not by fighting but a god cross
    check in the lower back or one in the face for the matter
    will tone him down. Perhaps Nuge will have enough and do it.
    One of these days its coming.

    Have fun taking penalties Nucks- with the confidence this
    team has now you will be eaten.

    You still demand respect Nuck and i give you that but you know what ?
    We aren’t scared anymore.


    You have made me proud lately, keep it up win or lose.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    The playoffs are still a huge longshot. keep your enthusiasms in check, but enjoy them.

    a win tonight would be huge.

    also… the Oil will never have a calder. the league will never let them have all the major awards.

  • 2004Z06

    …I really don’t care if the Oil make the playoffs. If they do…great, but that is not what this season was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be about improvement and playing meaningful games in the spring. It seems they have met those targets in spades. The team has improved 11 spots in the standings this year. That in itself is staggering. The Canucks on the other hand have fallen 9 spots since their Presidents Trophy performance. If I am a Vancouver fan, I am quickly realizing the window has slammed shut.

    Imagine where the Oil would be if Eberle and RNH were on the same pace as last year? This team would be ahead of Vancouver in the standings for sure.

    Thank you for continuing to point out the negatives of what should be considered a significantly positive step for this organization.

  • oilerjed

    It was also the goaltending that helped them get into the spot they are in was it not? I wouldnt be giving any Hitchcock team to much credit unless its your bag to watch slow boring hockey with out a pulse. Same for the Nucks, no scoring, ok d, and good-great goaltending. You give to much credit to these teams and not paying close enough attention to what is going on NOW. Get with the program DSF or get the *&%^ off the bus.

  • Bonvie

    It is great to that Nuge looks to be back on form. It’s also been fun watching Hall improve his passing game. That guy is becoming a more complete player every game.

    Yakupov is 5 points from the rookie scoring lead, and Hall is 5 points from second in the league. That is Bananas. Then to consider we have Nuge, Eberle, Gagner, and J. Schutlz on the team as well. I don’t know, I’m starting to believe this might all be enough to not only make the playoffs, but make some noise while we’re there.

    Kicking St. Louis out would be especially sweet as that means Calgary only get two first rounders this year.

    I remember the last game against the Canucks when Vinuelt said after that he just had no answer for our top line.

    Further, does anyone think Whitney might actually be getting back to form? Defensively he’s still weak but his overall is getting much better.

    • Jason Gregor

      That is not me my man…I’m on air, I don’t have time to edit comments. But I do like the “take action” attitude of our beloved quiet editor. Usually he just yells at me via emails..ha

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Man this koolaid has been tasting so sweet lately that I’m gonna need a dentist soon.

    Seriously though the team’s looking really good lately. I’m hoping I don’t need to drink the koolaid too much longer. No need to hope and believe when the team is actually playing well.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Watching Luongo’s press conference yesterday has me thinking they’re fragile right now. I thought tears were gonna roll down his cheeks.

    The locker room must be a mess right now.

    Never kick someone while they’re down? I’m a freakin’ neanderthal and I say kick away! Hard!

    Go for blood!

    A few thoughts from last nights game.

    Whitney played a good game. For Whitney. But I’ll give him some props.

    Fistric should draw in for Potter.

    On the Nuge: Did you cats see him go into the corner and do a little junk and jive on a doused Flame defender. It looked like he was on one side, I think I blinked, and then he was on the other side of the guy and had the puck. He’s slippery, mang! And, he’s just a kid. Whoa!

    Nice to see that line together again. Wicked fun!

    Win and you’re in! Keep gravy train flowing, boys. Lets go, Blue!

    • ginganinja

      On the Nuge: I’m not sure if we’re thinking about the same play but there were a few times last night where it really just looked like nuge could contort his body anyway he wants while keeping possession of the puck somehow.

      At the beginning of the season we saw glimpses of how good he might be, but in the last ten or so, my goodness he’s a wizard

      Nuge and Ebs should get some real props for Hall’s recent explosion as well, those three are playing like one unit right now.

      • Eddie Shore

        Contort. I like that. He’s slippery, a freakin’ contortionist, does magic tricks in between periods, just plain good. And, He’s only going to get better. I’m loving this sh*t!

        There were a few plays where he made Cowtown players look silly. He’s sick, mang!

        How about that crowd, ginganinja? Cowtown has turned! I was laughing. It was good. My beer tasted great! I just look at it like they’ve begun to see the light. Good for them.

        Have fun wandering in that desert. Big smile. BIG SMILE! lol

  • ginganinja

    One other note:

    I haven’t seen Eager play since he was demoted, but I’m thinking the Oil are gonna need some more meat.

    The games are getting rough. Me like.

    Call him up! This is the type of hockey God wanted Eager to play.

    Just my word, yo.

  • ginganinja

    Jason, your final comments on your last two blogs are brilliant. Kudos to you for that. Besides ClydeFrog and his excellent writing, you are the only other one that can muzzle the big mouthed self appointed genius. Thank you for letting us celebrate the Oilers success and extend our well wishes to them, without negativity from a certain poster.

  • Bucknuck

    What!? A GDB that isn’t dominated by one person slamming the Oilers all day long. SWEET. They have been terrible enough the last six years without having to put up with that on an Oilers site.

    I will be watching Gagner tonight. Is it just me, or has he started to let up a little the last few games (I noticed he had two pts last night). I wish the guy could get consistent with faceoffs, but other than that I have been so impressed with him this season.

    • vetinari

      I have always been on the fence with Gagner, but he is playing himself into the equation. Just like you would want to see from every young player that comes here.

      Good on him.

      Things I like about him away from the technical aspect of the game:

      He plays with emotion, passion, he’s got heart. When he scored he just worked the crowd. It was cool.

      He goes out with the young cats when the do an interview. When he speaks, he says the right things. His leadership qualities are burgeoning.

      He needs to get a little dirtier, nastier. But, this playoff drive, IMO, will unleash that in a lot of these young cats.

      • Bucknuck

        I love your listing of intangibles. I love his compete. He’s already had a good run (400 games) and he’s only getting better. He is a little nastier every season. I wonder what commentators are going to be saying about him in five years.

        Ah to have a Crystal Ball… but that would take the fun out of it.

        If he ever leaves town it better be someone like Anisimov coming back. He’s a player.