The Oilers won’t be making the playoffs, again, but watching them fall apart during the most meaningful stretch of the season has been painful, and a bit surprising.

I doubt anyone expected them to score a measly four goals in five games when battling for the 8th and final playoff spot.

I suspect Oiler fans have never been more frustrated and disappointed as you are right now.

The past few years you accepted losing because it was part of the "process," and you expected it to get better. But this year was supposed to be about progress, but after a five-game win streak gave you hope the Oilers have wilted under the pressure of push-for-the-playoffs hockey.

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Last night’s game was pathetic. You can’t even state they put forth a great effort, but didn’t get any bounces. Calgary, a team with six AHLers in the lineup, worked harder, worked smarter and showed more skill.

The players knew it was an awful performance, but I’m not sure they know how to change it, or if they have enough good players to do it.

Many thought last season was the lowest of the low, but last night the Oilers might have reached a new depth of despair. This organization needs to take a long look at every person involved. From upper management, to the coaches, to the players and weed out those who don’t have the drive, smarts, will or desire necessary to improve moving forward.

Mr. Katz you might need an outside evaluator to look at all aspects of your team, because it is obvious that those in charge aren’t making the right decisions.

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It is Suggestion Sunday in Oilersnation.

What are your best, and most realistic suggestions that should occur for the Oilers. Because it is clear something is lacking.

Is it leadership from Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini?

Is it a losing culture?

Is there a lack of desire?

Is it a lack of experience?

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Is it all of the above?



  • Sorry, late to the game here, I apologize if I mention what’s most likely all ready mentioned.

    Well, Lowe needs to go, he’s the man running this ship into the ground for the better part of a decade.

    Tambellini will wear this mess, rightfully so too, if you don’t have the balls to tell Lowe to back off then you wear it.

    If Katz intervene at the draft to pick Yakupov like some suggest, the Macgregor should go, actually Macgregor should go based on his draft outside of the 3 first taken.

    The pro scouting department needs to go.

    These players HAVE to go if the Oilers are to pull out of this rebuild.

    Defense to Forwards

    Petry – Peckham – Schultz Sr. – Tuebert – Whitney

    Brown – Smithson – Paajarvi – Hartikinanen – Smyth – Petrel – Gagner – Hemsky – Jones .

    These players are antiquated or soft, I mean butter soft.

    The Oilers need to bring in size and skill, not just size.

  • Now here’s what I actually think will happen.

    Tambellini will be moved to a Sr. Position like Vice President of hockey operations.

    Mac-T will move to GM

    Olczyk will be fired and Howson will be brought in.

    Some of the pro scouts will be dismissed.

    The Oilers will draft a RW named Lazar and tell us that they know something that every fricken scout out there doesn’t.

    MacGregor looks down the whole time he’s interviewed trying to explain the logic behind not drafting a C or LW

    The Oilers will try and trade for a top pairing defensmen but will end up trading for an antiquated D man like Striet and another soft center like R.J Umberger.

    The Oilers will tell us there excited about these moves.

    The Oilers will extend an offer to Jones and will not buyout Horcoff saying that it doesn’t make sense at this time.

    The Oilers actually bring Back Khabibulin for a year at 1.4 explaining that Dubnyk and Khabby would have had an even better save % if the defense was better……….

    The Oilers tell us Paajarvi and Hartikinanen put in a great summer of working out, so somehow now there stronger and will even start to body check…they even promise.

    The Oilers bring in Klefbom so there defense is finally set.

    The Oilers defense is this Striet with Schultz jr ………Klefbom with Smid….Petry with Fistric and of course the Oilers tell us Teddy P is in the bet shape ever and the Oilers offer Whitney 1 year at 2.5

    Whitney is insulted, Bitches on Twitter and moves on.

    Inexplicably I renew my season tickets.

  • M22

    Ok, enough. All of this is starting to drive me up the freakin’ wall. To every person posting here that is calling for change in the coaching staff or scouting department or roster, or to fire Tambo: STOP IT!!! Stop cluttering up these pages with short-sighted bleatings. ALL of this will be achieved by making only one looong overdue move: the removal of K Lowe from this organization. Removal, as in not another promotion, or sideways shuffle. The embarrassing errors made by this bunch, headed by Lowe, over the last 4-5 yrs have been pointed out at the Nation countless times, so I won’t repeat them. As far as I’m concerned, the second most unforgivable act Lowe has done was hiring Tambellini in the first place. The MOST unforgivable? Not correcting his error. Hindsight? Don’t give me “hindsight”. All one needs to do is listen to Tambellini talk. All you need to know, right there. Honestly, when I hear him, I can’t see what Lowe saw in him. Yet, he picked him to steer the ship. Figured he was the guy. Saw savvy, smarts, shrewdness, leadership. Un-be-liev-able.
    Remove the head – all else falls.

    Edit: sorry for the rant, just a frustarted fan……and I love your bleatings

  • M22

    I think three must gone this season should be Tambo , Kelly Buchburger ( why he is a assistance coach I have no idea) and Sam Gagner too small to be a centre plus he is gonna demand 5.5 million. All three been here since 2007 and no playoffs since.
    Even their drafting sucks too all three second round picks are busts (pitlick , musil ,etc)
    How good Saad would have looked on this team????6’2″ 210lbs