A quick thing needs to be discussed today. Nothing crazy – just the usual cry for last minute entries for our photoshop contest.


Our Grade A Tier One Wanye Fan (there are only 1,249 types) @adman0828 tweeted me the other day saying "Hey Wanye, take a look at this." Now generally that means someone is trying to send me a link to make money by making surveys online or trying to show me what bad things people are saying online about me.

But not the Ad Man he’s as legit as they come. Turns out some academic genius has recognized the greatest online community since Geocities and wrote a blog about Hockey and the Remix culture citing our photoshop contests as a new era in sports media.

We kind of think of them as a funny way to see Taylor Hall’s face photoshopped onto a girl but whatever.

So says the article:

A remix culture, according to Lawrence Lessig, is one where "people participate in the creation and the re-creation of their culture" (Lessig, 2007). It is one where people can use an existing artifact to create something new and unique.

So far so good we can dig the concept of a remix culture. Carry on with the praise new best friend.

OilersNation, a fan website, recently hosted a photoshop contest that invited readers to submit their edited images inspired by the Edmonton Oilers. Original narratives and themes from movies, television shows and advertising are used with Oiler-related images to create new content. Fans expressed their feelings and thoughts regarding the Oilers season, team managements decisions as well as optimism and support for the clubs future.

That sounds about right even though he forgot to mention its EXTREMELY HILARIOUS to call Ryan Nugent Hopkins a lil baby and ask people to show him being buckled into his carseat prior to the game.

Now sure this article was written in 2011 and we only found out about it a couple days ago. And sure it goes on to basically say we are breaking copyright laws left and right and will probably live out our life in jail somewhere for suggesting the contest.

But between this and the Yak City contest being shown on Hockey Night in Canada the photoshop contests are clearly awesome. And everyone knows it. And you can trust us we have now been citied in an academic article as a real thing.



We need submissions for the contest for there to be a winner of the prize – (3) unreleased Nation Gear tees from events over the past year. The concept is showing the Oilers management regime changeover like they do in North Korea. Show pics of soldiers marching. Remix some propaganda posters and show  Kim Jong Un being Kevin Lowe. Use the hilarious pictures of Dennis Rodman making a visit for some strange reason.

Deadline entries are tomorrow unless we don’t get many more. Fire em over to wanyegretz at gmail dot com. What is everyone doing anyway? Working?