Pride. Heart. Determination. Guts. Dignity. Self-respect.

That is what the Oilers need to demonstrate tonight. They haven’t shown any of that the past three games, and regardless of how many wins they produce in their final six games, they need to show their teammates, coaches and management that they care.

The players and the their fans didn’t expect to be in this position again; playing meaningless games down the stretch with no energy or emotion.

Two weeks ago the Oilers found themselves in 8th place, albeit for only one day, but they were in the mix. Since then they’ve lost six straight, been outscored 22-7 and outshot 205-153.

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On April 9th, after three tough losses to Vancouver, LA and Anaheim, I suggested that overall the Oilers hadn’t shown much improvement from last season. Some of you agreed, and many didn’t. At that time, like we all have earlier this season, I pointed out that the Oilers’ ability to consistently get outshot was a major concern. On Monday new GM Craig MacTavish said the same thing. This is a major issue, and it has been one for the past three seasons.

The Oilers have been outshot in 32 of 42 games this season. They are 9-18-5 in games they’ve been outshot, while they are 7-1-2 in games where they’ve outshot their opponents. Of course they wouldn’t pick up 16 of 20 points during every ten-game stretch just by outshooting the opposition, but it illustrates that they’d have more success and they are actually capable of firing more shots on goal.

The Oilers have missed the net on some glorious opportunities this year, but none of them are near the top in missed shots. Taylor Hall leads the Oilers with 40 missed shots, but that is only 68th in the NHL. Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (38) are tied for 80th.

There are exceptions of course, but usually teams that consistently outshot the opposition win. 

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Chicago 218   Pittsburgh 62  
Anaheim -19   Montreal 151  
Vancouver -18   Washington -186  
Los Angeles 241   Boston 140  
San Jose 112   Toronto -231  
St.Louis 154   Ottawa 14  
Minnesota 45   NYI 120  
Columbus -170   NYR 94  
Dallas -192   Winnigeg -25  
Detroit 68   New Jersey 211  

Five of the current 16 playoff teams have been outshot, Toronto, Washington and Columbus by a significant margin. New Jersey is an anomaly. They have the 3rd best SF/SA ratio in the league, yet they sit in 11th spot in the east because they simply can’t score. The Devils are 30th in goals with only 97 in 43 games.

Many will tell you the Maple Leafs won’t win a playoff series, unless the magically alter their game. They are probably correct.

The Oilers are 30th in SF/SA with a gaudy -248. It isn’t just their SF, 27.0/game (26th in NHL), that is a concern, because they are 29th (32.9) in SA. They struggle equally in both ends of the rink.

Their struggles are a combination of many things. Nick Schultz said this about their defensive zone coverage earlier this week, "We still have too many guys not playing the system. Some guys are in the wrong spot, or they go to the wrong spot." Schultz is well-versed in knowing how to play a system, having played his first seven seasons in the NHL under Jacques Lemaire.

Lemaire was a stickler for detail, and according to Schultz he was an incredible teacher. He made sure guys played his system.

Are the Oilers too inexperienced, too stubborn or is their system too difficult? It is probably a combination of all three. Ralph Krueger’s system demands places a lot of responsibility on the centres and defence, which is odd considering neither position is an area of strength.

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However, it would be too easy to just blame the system. Too often I’ve seen players make bad passes or decisions in their own zone. They also have many young forwards who’d rather play offence than defence.

Yesterday on my show I asked Lindy Ruff his thoughts on who you fit your system to your players or vice versa.

"The players aren’t all so good that they can play any system. You either adjust your system, or find players to play your way," Ruff said.

The Oilers can’t change their system or their players at this juncture of the season, but they can at least show up and compete tonight.


At this point I’m not sure it matters who plays where or with who. Just play with desire, smarts and passion.


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Teemu Hartikainen looked to be the odd man out during the morning skate. The coaches won’t just give him a spot in the lineup, he has to earn it. I don’t have a problem with that. It is clear this team lacks any sort of physical presence in their top-nine, and Hartikainen needs to recognize this. He also needs to control puck better in the neutral zone. He has some good elements to his game, but he doesn’t show them consistently.


  • Do you have the stage presence, personality and decent singing attributes to be named Edmonton’s best Karaokeier? I’ve had many people claim they are great, but only about 10% of them have actually submitted an audition tape. You have two weeks to get your tape in, or if you just want to come out for a wicked-awesome fun night read here. Details on how to enter are here.
  • Reports out of Boston suggest Milan Lucic might be a healthy scratch tonight, if they play the game. Combine that with Craig MacTavish’s comments that the Oilers need to be bold this summer and instantly you have trade speculation. Lucic is exactly the type of player the Oilers need in their top-six, but is he worth a $6 million cap hit?

    Lucic’s new three-year, $18 million deal starts next season. The Bruins have almost $59 million committed to 18 players next year, and that doesn’t include Tuukka Rask, Jaromir Jagr and Nathan Horton. They will need to shed some salary, but will they move Lucic? Peter Chiarelli would likely get a huge return for the former 2006 2nd round pick.

    Lucic is having an average season with only 6 goals and 24 points, prorated to 48 points over 82 games. He’s been a 27-goal, 62 point player the past two seasons, but Lucic brings more than just points. He’s big, strong, mean and he’s good enough to play in your top-six and protect his skilled linemates. He’s okay defensively, and he’s young; he’ll turn 25 in June.

    What would it take to get him? Would the Oilers 1st rounder, possibly 4th or 5th pick, Magnus Paajarvi and David Musil do it? Would the Bruins want Nail Yakupov straight up. Would the Oilers even consider that?  I don’t see them agreeing to Jordan Eberle because he has the same cap hit as Lucic. I’m not sure what it would take, but if, that is a big IF, Lucic is available you can bet Craig MacTavish will be talking to Chiarelli.

  • The injury bug is hitting the Blue Jackets at the worst time of the year. Matt Calvert has been great for them the last month, but he broke his finger in the first period last night. Artem Anisimov, Adrian Aucoin and Nikita Nikitin are also injured. The Blue Jackets are in 8th, but Dallas and Detroit are two points back with two games in hand and both teams have more regulation wins than the CBJ. I’m cheering for the underdog. I’d like to see the Jackets make the playoffs.
  • Lennart Petrell is likely done for the season. He had a walking boot on after Tuesday’s loss and Krueger said he’ll be out at least a week. I don’t see any way he plays the final two games of the season. He might have played his last game as an Oiler.
  • What a great WHL game last night between the Edmonton Oil Kings and Calgary Hitmen. Calgary won 3-2 in OT despite being outshot 35-19. Chris Driedger was very good between the pipes for the Hitmen. Game two goes tonight at Rexall Place. If you can’t go you can listen on TEAM 1260 or watch it on Shaw.
  • Good luck to the Spruce Grove Saints in the AJHL final. They need a win tonight in Brooks to force game 6 in Spruce Grove on Sunday night.
  • The Oilers currently hold the #7 pick in the draft, but Calgary, Tampa and Nashville are only one point behind them in the standings. Considering what Oilers fans have had to endure the past three seasons, I’m guessing most of you would like to see them play hard, but lose 4 or 5 of their final 6 games, to secure a higher pick. Many believed last season was the final time you’d have to cheer/feel that way, but it looks like have one more ELPH rallying cry.
  • Tomorrow night the Edmonton Rush play their biggest home game in franchise history. They currently sit in first place in the NLL west division. A win over Calgary guarantees them first place in the entire league and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. A loss, however, could drop them to 3rd in the west, if Washington wins. It will be a great game. If you can’t go, you can watch it on Sportsnet. I’ll be part of the broadcast crew, but don’t worry we don’t get much face time.


GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers and Avs combine for 10 goals in an exciting end-to-end game. The Oilers prevail 6-4, and guarantee they won’t finish last in the Northwest.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Taylor Hall ends his 6-game goal scoring drought by scoring twice. Hall was extremely frustrated after Tuesday’s loss and he’ll show why he’ll be the next captain in Edmonton with an explosive three-point game.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers outshoot the Avalanche.  


  • Bucknuck


    Either take a step closer to the blueline attack in our defensive zone or lean out further with your sticks but there is a tad to much envelope for their blueline playaction.

    This game should be a showcase of solid defense and plugged in offense for us, send Yakupov in as much as we can he is only a few points off of the Calder lead, and we REALLY need to get Nuge a few goals this year before we roll the season over.

    I think Nuge is in need os some dynamic managment, he needs to get set for a wrist shot, take a black marker and mark where his forefinger is wrapped on his stick, the n he needs to take ten rapid wrist shots as accurately and fast as he can maybe twenty because he needs to readjust his grip a few times, not keep it the same we want to see minor changes, then we want to stop and mark again with the Sharpie at eh readjustment marks as he speeds up and gets comfortable looking for more speed, we are looking for his dynamic shot template so we can speed him up.

    Now step back and look at the second mark, take your hockey tape and wrap ten or so wraps there so you have a guide, when Nuge is in close he needs to feel down to the tape wraps with his low hand till he feels it before he shoots, this choking up will do him wonders immediatly tonight if he takes a few minutes to find his adjustment spot, but he needs to speed up his shot a tad and this is the fastest easiest way to do it without overthinking the whole thing and it will give him immediate results. This is like a second trigger, he doesnt want to always use this sweetspot, just in close when he needs to overpower the goalie ASAP.

      • SwampDonkey

        MMMMMmmmmmmm ——- yes Dorothy if you close you eyes really tight and click your heels together three times the puck will go home, REALY!!!ha ha ha ha.

        I am glad you replied to my post so quickly before Nuge buried that goal, the timing was pefect.

        All I am doing is following NewAge Hockey System Philosophys and applying them to real-time game situations. And yes the results are definable, immediate, and consistant if the systems dynamic templates are followed accurately.

        Forget the goal, that was a no-brainer, just micro-managment, it was the last shot Nuge took in the game that was the evidenciary gold nugget, did you hear his last shot rip off the backboards? That sucker had some heavy mojo on it.

        Nuge needed the boost and he earned it himself 100% through attention to detail.

        Each NHL player is a valuable enough asset to deserve constant and consistant Intuitive Dynamic Micro-managment on an on-going basis through the season. This type of support is critical if you want to optimise a players contributions over an 82 game schedule. The volume of time required to accomplish this is considerable, so unless you have system catalysed built in dynamic managment tactics you will need to invest a great deal of time and energy external to your system focus to optimise your player assets.

        The Oilers system DOES NOT have this micro-managment component built into its player managment tactics and this omission creates sporadic disconnects that negatively impact the systems ability to project itself. We dont read and react until it is to late because our perspective is lopsidedly based on statistics or results, we need to see the flesh turn black before we will react properly dynamiclly.
        Its just greed causing managment to try to take shortcuts, they keep adding more and more statistical input and influence boosting their horsepower and ability to project their perspective.They are trying to utilise brute force to bull their way to a comfortable reality and winning results.

        Intuition is NOT instinct, you do not develop intuition by ammassing years and decades experience, you develop instinct through experience but there is no guarantee those instincts will lead you to positive results, just consistant ones. The wrong or mismanaged instincts can make you a perennial loser.

        There is only one way to win a game and literally millions of ways to lose it. Instinct is tangible and developed over time and through experiences and cerebral muscle memory,Intuition is intangible and is normally a birth perspective that precedes the experience component.Useing instinct means you need to physically interact with those millions of potential outcomes one at a time and try to plug them in till you find the winning one , useing Intuition means you can imagine the correct combonation and plug the winning one in immediatly.It is like instincts are the Tortise and Intuition is the Hare, and the race is to an NHL win and 2 points in 60 mins.

        In a hockey game if you try to use instinct to win a game you are in essence trying to use mathamatics, if you use Intuition you are using creativity. It is like a computer and a human playing chess, the Instinctive experience built influence is the computer, the math based tangible results catalysed influence is the computer. The Intuitive influence or the human creative mind that does not need to experience dynamic interactions in a tactilie manner to produce winning results is the Human Being in the game. The human doesnt need to actually lift and move every piece on the board without letting go of it to strategise, there is no tactile tangible requirement to physically “feel” the moves happening they are VISUALISED in the humans imagination, but the computer must actually physically try each of the millions of combonations in a tactile physical manner one at a time until it finds the right one it may be fast but it is till doing every bit of the heavy liftine it just keeps adding horsepower to keep up to demands, this is how our system actions on the ice,exactly, in a mathamatical instinct experienced based manner and it is killing us out there. We need to learn to base our systemic valuations on Intuative Dynamic Managment,this will allow us to bring a more Humanistic and understandable perspective to our systemic communications, this influence needs to be incorporated organisationally at every level ASAP. NewAge Hockey System, three words says it all.

  • DSF

    Nice job of trabsitioning into the o-zone. If we take the blueline away from them when they are trying to initiate their offense and if we continue to hit those guys in the slot nice and hard from crossice when they cut through looking for the deflections we should do alright .

    Nice job of our wingers of turning to face the center of the zone as soon as they hit the halfboard area, it makes a big difference, and is wayyyy better then going so deep or leaning so hard inside, it is really opening up the passing to the net. Looks good.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Yes baby yes, very nice shot, that goaltender never had a chance, excellent shot.
    Nuge really needed that one.

    Eberle is playing very very well tonight.

    Nuge is going to tag another I think.

    Sometimes its just small adjustments players make at the right times that can get them back on track, you know like a formula, as they say its all in the timeing.

    • SwampDonkey

      You should read the blog pal, and add something hockey related.

      Nuge had scored 3 goals going into the game last night, so for anyone to bet on him scoring would be insane and unrealistic, a true blue longshot so to speak.

      I didnt bet on Nuge scoring, I knew he would, you will chalk the post to luck, I say ha ha ha, to each their own.

      Near the very end of the game Nuge took a shot from in front that RIPPED off the backboards, it had excellent velocity,did you notice,ha ha ha ha. Yes yes I know, its fluke right?Ha ha ha ha.

      You may think I am diaretic but I believe you are cerebrally constipated.Ha ha ha.Relax before you rip something you will need again later.

  • Bucknuck

    The problem is coaching, and management. Look at Toronto, Montreal,Winnipeg and Washington. How many #1 pics did they have over the last 3-4 years??? Those teams were not very good last year Nd this year all are playoff contenders. Sure some may be 1 and done, or just squeak in, but it’s more than what Edmonton has done. How many #1 pics does a team need!!!! Kids don’t win cups or playoffs. How many combined playoff games does Edmonton have? Ill bet it’s close to that of JAgr. But Edmonton don’t need seasoned veterans with playoff and winning experience, they need more #1 pics. Ever watch an opposing player enter edmontons zone with the puck? Tell me where the defenseman enganges him. You will puke. It’s a tap the stick defense, not attack the body as it should be. No wonder teams like playing Edmonton, they get to go the the top of the circle uncontested. Smid??? Do any of u watch him play?? What playoff teams were calling at the deadline for him??? NONE!!!!

  • Romanus

    Seeing as we are doing such a good job of neutralising their blueline playaction catalysing maybe we can just carry that momentum into some shorthanded offensive pressure, after all these games are for fine tuneing,lest so for some offense on the PK.

  • Reg Dunlop

    If the oil played like this all season… they would still be in 24th place. We rule in non-contact hockey. 2 teams mailing it in, the one with the most skill ALWAYS wins.

  • We have every reason to keep the tempo a little higher, lets keep it flowing for the fans, with more offense.

    More Yakupov please, he only needs three points to be in the Calder race. Lets push him, tell him to just go to his favorite spots and everyone feed him all shift.

    Lets not just close this game out lets play it out, we owe it to ourselves to play it hard to the end.

    • SwampDonkey

      NAS, your post are so F-ING long its sickening, but yes more YAK Please F-ING Please, Yak Attack, Yak Atack, YAK,YAK,YAK attack the danm net and go for the calder.

  • Sterling Archer

    Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,HaHa,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,HaHa,HaHa, Haha,HaHa,HaHa,HaHa, HaHa, HaHa, HaHa, HaHa, New HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, HaHaHa, Age HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa,HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa,HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, System Har, Har, Har, Har, Har, Har, Har, Har, Har,HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar,HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHar, HarHarHar, HarHarHar,HarHarHar, HarHarHar HarHarHarHar, HarHarHarHar, HarHarHarHar, HarHarHarHar, HarHarHarHar, HarHarHarHar

  • SwampDonkey

    I like the idea of a big body in the top 6, but not at the price of a yak or ebs. What about ryan clowe soon to be free agent hopefully less then 6 mil per.

  • SwampDonkey

    Food for thought going forward . Montreal to small and buys out underperforming GOMEZ , only to have him go to a big club like San Jose where he starts to reblossom . Think we have one or two softer and small forwards that will help not make us better going forward ? Too much of one kind ?

    Who fits the bill going forward from present roster ? Hall, Eberle , Hopkins , Yakupov , both Schultz’s , Smid , Petry , Paajarvi ,Dubnyk . Horcoff only because of his contract basically . I see rest of squad on bubble looking for upgrades .

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    Jason thank you for asking Ruff about the application of systemic focus in regards to the Players. I respect Lindy and know some of his Kin, they are from Alberta.

    “The players arent all so good they can play any system” —- this is less than accurate, a coaches job is to communicate system responsibilitys to players and beyond an Average NHL physical skillset and cerebral ability it is the coaches cross to bear, that was a very teflon statement.

    “You either adjust your system ,or find players to play your way.”—– this is less than accurate, you cant change/adjust your system{organisational super-structures catalyst} because your players arent good enough to use it!Maybe because the coaches cant handle communicating and executeing it. And what are you going to do find players to “play your way” what are you seeking smarter players? Or simply more obedient ones?
    Define “good enough” is this a reference to physical skillsets or cerebral ability, or willingness?

    A system is just a template or a plan, some require more dynamic adjustments consistantly than others, so some systems require coaching teams to be versed in communications at an elite level, this is because the systems themselves arent complete or adequate to begin with and require this extra work. The more complicated the system the more elite and capable the coaching staff must be and the more experienced the players must be to effectively recieve and utilise the coaches inputs at an acceptable pace during games.

    If you have a simple system and you need big mean nasty men to make it work then it is what it is, you will need to find those big nasty men and incorporate them in enough numbers to effectively execute your systemic intent.

    If you have all big mean nasty men and a complicated system you might want to change the system to fit the men.

    But this smokescreen just covers up the dynamic reality that this is all a managment teams responsibilitys, an organisation has to have a history, a developmental history of its player assets and a focus that maintains that direction. You dont just wake up one morning with a roster full of big mean nasty men to work with, it takes years to build an organisations internal compass and systemic intent.

    Lindy is giving you a perspective of an NHL coach walking onto a new team and having to take the first step of assesing the situation and defining a direction that fits within the systemic envelope he inherits. He cant bring his own system with him.The dynamic we are discussing is systemiclly catalysed, and managment defines that above and beyond a coaching team.

    Heres how its supposed to work and why it breaks down and why Lindy gives this correct assesment of what he really faces.

    An NHL Owner picks organisational manager, this guy picks a system, that guy then picks a man who is 100% versed in that system to run it, then that man picks a coaching team also 100% versed in the system to communicate it to the players,and every resource available supports this dynamic template.

    If the Owner has a system in mind it trumps this template. So essentially if you put a name on the organisational manager then definitively you will find the origin of the system a team uses. The system itself isnt as important as the organisational preparedness to support it, hence teams with a long and consistant systemic focus are more sucessfull than other teams.

    Changeing any component of this template is serious business and hurts the organisation. Imagine a head coach or a GM or anyone with managerial duties coming into this dynamic without proper systemic data and experience??

    Imagine an organisation that has a round table running it that is comprised of inputs from many different systemic philosophys, this is not an advantage, irregardless of their individual or combined experience levels.

    Now imagine you have this absolute mix of perspectives in place already, how do you bring that mess together? This is our challenge in Edmonton, we are forcefully transitioning to a new systemic focus, our results are catalysing this change nothing else. It is important to remember that if we replace components managerially or otherwise our core challenges will remain after the personell changes, our solutions will not be found through these types of changes.

    The Oilers need to institute a systemicly catalysed communications baseline organisationally, and bring all of their assets together in an Intuitive Dynamiclly managed manner.

    Bring in an entirely new system and start from scratch from the ground up, or bring in a Intuitive communicator with the credentials to support an organisational transition to a new and superior communications platform that will support the system and current assets the team insists on utilising in a more effective manner.

    I have been harping on the Oilers inferior system for years, and they wont change, they keep bringing in more and more manpower that thinks the same to try to support these choices,and we have consistantly experienced the results this dynamic managment has catalysed, and we have consistantly looked to players and components of that group as scapegoats to explain the results we see.

    We face some really tough decisions managerially now, we are seeing the true guts of the re-build now,and it isnt player assets we are bemoaning, it is systemic incompatability catalysed by our managerial assets.Lindy discusses player/System fit but to me it is a matter of Coaches/system fit that defines sucess and failure.I know Lindy was answering specifc questions, I am just trying to illustrate a paralell dynamic that is primary and overriding in its value.

    The only question we have is course of action, will it be curative where we bring in an Intuit to support current systemic intent and managerial execution? Or will will we make a terminal turn where we clean house and start completely fresh with a system that fits the core we have stumbled upon?Or will we slog forward as we are now?

    Intuits with the type of resume the Oilers need are one in a hundred million people, so barring a miracle or one walking into their offices the Oilers do not have a realistic chance to use that possibility.Picture someone who has Wayne Gretzkys cerebral ability to anticipate dynamics, and then imagine they can illiterate and teach this perspective to anyone, because that is what Intuits can do and that is the skillset the one the Oilers need must have.So Katz cannot buy one off the shelf from say NewYork or L.A where they are commonly found and utilised by Fortune 500 companies, for six figure salaries I might add.You cannot fake results or intuitive ability, and results are immediate or non-existance there is no lag time between action and result.

    In my opinion the best option is for them to add Intuitive support to the systemic intent they have now rather than start fresh again. I am in my mid-40s and have never even heard of an Intuit that comes close to the type of resume the Oilers need, Google cant find me any results that support this type of asset, so that means its just me and the NHS available as options from an Intuitive perspective. The Hackathon and the last Man Standing will NOT harvest this type of asset for the Oilers, that is a misguided approach that lacks integrity.These investments of time and money were catalysed by Intuitive outside influences that were affecting the team, that is why they were cooked up in the first place, you can tell by how they did it,ha ha ha, or rather an Intuit can read the dynamic template in thirty seconds. Someone correctly identified the need for Intuitive input but couldnt find one so they tried to manufacture one to sell to the Oilers. Ha ha ha. You cannot manufacture intuitive ability, you must have it naturally or be taught by a natural Inuit. And there is no handbook, it is a one-on-one teaching dynamic, a one-of a-kind experience.

    Hartikainen happens to be trying to execute a physical role and is only half-in, his energy role needs to include fighting to be effective within our system envelope to dominate those dirty areas you need to be a physical threat and he just doesnt have that dimension, Harti tries to be MPS and it will never pan out, he needs to add fighting while Magnus just needed to add toughness.

    Hartikainen just needs to be willing to fight, hit the gym and learn to fight, its that simple, he is lucky that he has the rest of the package at the NHL level, so his prioritys are clear as far as development go. If Harti doesnt adjust he will fall into a lesser Jones role, he needs to keep his edge to keep his job. Jones also needs to fight and when he doesnt he is half as effective no matter how hard he tries, but ALL dimensions of his game improve when he plays tougher. We have a few guys in the current lineup who are in this same position actually and we will definately see some move if they cant grow teeth soon.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    All these posts these past few days about trading Eberle are hopefully out the window now. What an unbelievable game he had last night. I will never mention him as trade again.

  • Eddie Shore


    I was thinking about the Oilers shoring up on size and skill in the bottom six for next season. I was wondering what you might think of the possible additions of either Dwight King, Brian Boyle, or both?

    Dwight King is a younger guy (23) and is massive. He has proven over the last two seasons that he is a top 9 player and I think would add some serious size to a lacking third string.

    Boyle is a do-it-all grinder. Wins faceoffs, puts up decent points, and also has some good size. Contract is comparable to Belanger so I think he would look good on the 4th line with hartikainen and Brown in a serious energy line.

    Let me know what you think!