Ryan Nugent-Hopkin’s season is over. He will have shoulder surgery, as early as this Tuesday in Cleveland.

He has a suspected labrum tear in his left shoulder. Last year they fixed his AC joint on the same shoulder, but now he will need the same surgery Taylor Hall had last year.

Hall’s season ended on March 27th last year, he had surgery on April 3rd, and he played his first game in OKC on November 2nd, 2012.

Nugent-Hopkins might have surgery as early as this Tuesday, April 23rd, but that means he likely won’t play until mid-November. Due to the lockout the Oilers didn’t have to rush Hall back, and the Oilers will need to fight the urge to get RNH back on the ice next season.

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Just like Hall, Nugent-Hopkin’s injury dates back to junior. Hall told me last fall that the surgery process is painful, but that he felt much better, he also said he was glad he didn’t have to rush back due to the lockout. The Oilers must play it safe with RNH in October and give him significant time to heal.

It is fair to ask why RNH didn’t have this surgery a month ago because it was clear from the start of the season that he’s been struggling. I wasn’t at the morning skate so I couldn’t ask him, but it is something I will ask tomorrow. I suspect the answer will be that they were the hunt for the playoffs and the doctors said he couldn’t injure it any worse than it was. 

There is no chance Nugent-Hopkins will be ready for the season opener, and that means the Oilers will be without their #1 centre. I understand the Oilers wanted to compete for the playoffs this year, but I think they should have sent Nugent-Hopkins to the surgeon much sooner.


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  • Spydyr

    Shameful. He should of had his shoulder repaired when it first was determined their was a problem. No one would had issues with tanking the season to ensure his long term health. I’m disgusted and dismayed by this inept useless regime. Now we start next season without our number one center, are we in for another long year.

  • Wax Man Riley


    Is there anybody on the planet that did not know he needed this surgery last year?????

    By his comments, it seems pretty damning.

    To waste a lockout shortened season is absolutely ASININE!

    Whoever is responsible for the decision not have surgery last year needs to be so far away from this hickey team they may as well be in Indo F*cking China!

    What clowns…this team top to bottom is a laughing stock and a disgrace.

  • Alsker

    So, two out of our three 1st overalls have injuries dating back to junior, and no one in the organization caught either injury, is it coincidence or incompetence? Seriously I cant tell you if the problem(same injury no less)is detectable or not BUT isnt that why we have the proper people in place to see to it this doesnt happen. Another black mark on a already tarnished organization, this tier 2 fan is most embarrassed, just epic.

    • Alsker

      Are you saying we should of taken Seguin or Landeskog. Hall is fine now, and a superstar. Give RNH time to heal, he will be fine. I think the picks were fine, the handling of them was not.

      Seguins supposedly got a degenerative hip problem which may cause problems one day, and Landeskog sustained some injuries and a concussion.

      • Alsker

        No i didnt say we shouldnt have taken either of them, however if it would have been better for both of them to have it done sooner than later, why wasnt it?? How many physicals did they go thru before it was found, OR how many times did mgt turn a blind eye to it? This is more my issue than if they were the correct picks.

      • Oilers are still getting bashed for drafting Hall instead of Seguin. They got bashed big time when Seguin got his first goal prior to Hall.

        Oilers are still getting bashed for drafting RNH over Landeskog/Larsson. They say Landeskog was the better player and RNH should be sent back to junior to save $.

        Oilers are still getting bashed for drafting Yakupov ahead of Murray/Galchenyuk. They say they need defesnse and not a forward.

        The bashing goes on and on because Slats is no longer the GM.

        • The Oilers drafted the right players period. The only debatable was Hall Seguin. On Slats, he got a free pass for his drafting, no one cared cause he was a master of attracting players through trades.

          On Lowe, he’s made 2 playoffs in 10 years. His rests on his laurels and has the gaul to say he’s qualified because he rode coat-tails to 6 cups, and 2006 his team caught lightning in a bottle. Yes that’s a slam, I respect his competitive nature, and his drive but drive doesn’ t make you competent, it makes you overlook the other intangibles your missing. Its all he has, the intangibles that make Lou Lamorrello great, Bryan Murray outstanding, and Holland the shiznit are the ability to access talent and attract players to your organization. As one poster eloquently alluded to, Lowe’s an arrogant SOB, and veteran players have known not to come to Edmonton in the past. We’re stuck in the New York Islanders rebuild, albeit after how many years and so many failed experiments finally succeeded. All we can look forward to is eventually gaining enough young talent so we can’t help but win. Any GM in the NHL could do that. It takes a brain like Bryan Murray to escape the shackles of a painful rebuild.

          If MacT makes that bold deal, I’ll be his first nuthugger, well, sorta.

    • And Oilers fans always find excuses to bash the Oilers because Slats is no longer the GM. Don’t you think this also happened when Slats was here. I recall him forcing players to play to injury but no bashed Slats because Slats could do no wrong.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I wanted to finish off the season strong, but after this gut wrenching news, I hope we finish off say 1-4 and secure a top five selection to take Barkov, or even Monahan. Maybe MacT could win the draft lottery nd we could move to 3-4 and take McKinnon. However the hockey gods gotta be saying you dumasses have won 3 times, and got lucky with Eberle, and Klefbom, and restocked the cupboards with multiple decent assets,and you still can’t figure out how to build a team around elite talent. This year the gods may screw us.

    • And once again Oilers fans prove why no one wants to sign in Edmonton. They care more about draft picks than wins. I’m getting fed up of Oilers fans cheering losses to get a good draft pick. There’s a reason players don’t sign in Edmonton and the reason is the fans.

      • Amazing how you concentrate on one part of the comment and not the other. How bout you re-read it, and mull it over for 10 seconds.

        I said I wanted the team to win until this latest news, I’d rather we tank now because we need some immediate help at that position come next year cause we are not seeing a healthy Nuge till December.

        Comprehendy? Building momentum n continuity going into next season would be the desired at to finish this season, but this teams deflated like an air balloon with the Lowe boondoggle, the skid, and now this. Its not getting any lower around these parts.

  • Alsker

    How would oiler fans (all tiers) feel about trading eberle for seguin? Boston gets more of a natural winger and edmonton gets another centre. Wasn’t its rumoured eberle for the Boston pick or was it Columbus? Either way, we would have both hall and seguin now.

    Personally, I’d do it in a heart beat. Not because of his down year, I would’ve last year too. I’m an eberle fan but I think this helps us.

  • The more time that passes, the more I get pissed about Klowes mishandling of Souray. Its hard not to when Souray is one of the top defensemen in the league this year. Yeah he sure was worth that buyout.

  • Yes we all have opinions… some interesting and some very speculating. Hey I like the one where the poster has determined that our downfall is Gagner. Wow. Wonder if the Hawks would be out of a playoff spot right now if Gags was there all year? Interesting.

  • The Soup Fascist

    WOULD YOU PEOPLE STOP BASHING THE WORD BASH! It is the best four letter / one syllable word in the dictionary. No wonder it doesn’t want to be in your sentences. You keep bashing the word BASH, but what happens when you really want to bash someone. Then what? Huh?

    You people call yourself fans but then try to run the word BASH out of the dictionary.

  • So tonights 1st line is Gags , Hall & Yak ;2nd is Horc Ebs & Magnus ; 3rd Lander , Hartski & Jones ; 4th Smithson Brown & (Pettrell Hemsky injured) so ??????????? Oh well Krueger try a 5-6 pick no hope for 21st place .

  • DSF

    Players don’t sign in Edmonton because Kevin Lowe is an arrogant POS. They see things like this and the way Lowe handled Souray and they woukd cringe.

    As for your belief that Kevin Lowe is not to blame . I strongly disagree. Lowe stated that Tambellini ran everthing by him. This was in an article here in the summer. Besides who hired Tambellini in the 1st place and then extended him last season.

    The problem starts with lowe, and ends with Katz’s fan boy attitude towards thus organization.

    • You’re an idiot. Players don’t sign in Edmonton because so-called Oilers fans bash the Oilers every chance they get and run players out of town.

      They also don’t sign in Edmonton because Pronger accuses Oilers fans of burning his baby’s crib. Until Oilers get fans that stop bashing everything Lowe does because Slats left, players won’t sign in Edmonton. Ask Ray Whitney. He said he didn’t sign in Edmonton because of the fans.

  • Bizarre timing. Did they keep him in the lineup to see if they could get into the playoffs? And once they didn’t did they wait a few games after Tambo was removed before taking rnh out?

    Did they know he was Going to need surgery in December? Last year? When they drafted him. Some pretty strong arguments at all three points in time to get the surgery done then – especially if it was last year prior to his injury of the same shoulder.

    Clearly they handled this in much the same way as they did halls surgery.

    Both demonstrate dithering and putting the interests of management ahead of the player. And what kind of message does that send to other players/agents who we would like to attract to the oil?

    And is eberle hurt too?

    Christ it’s hard to see the merits of this ownership and management.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Off season meal-plan:

    1. A steady diet of steroids and babies.
    2. A bowl of blood before every game.

    I want this kid drooling for carnage by the start of next season! They got it right on BackhandShelf: he needs a panic button where he just gets into beast mode and keeps the puck on his stick like a magnet. Joe Sakic wasn’t a rough or viscous guy, but he had that extra gear.

  • I don’t even live in Canada, so I’m about an 8th tier fan and the Oilers could likely give a flying fart about my opinion, yet here it is anyways.

    This is the Ghost of Tambellini Past coming back to haunt us. No other explanation makes any sense.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Sather won his cups as a coach and a GM. What has Lowe won since he stopped following Messier around… crickets… besides my opinion of low has nothing to do with Sather. I judge the man on his own record. Lowe being a living piece of hockey paraphernalia for Katz. Does not excuse his arrogance and mismanagement of my beloved Oilers.

    As a side note the next time Sourays in town we should give him an ovation for being the only person on the “inside” to call out Klowe and company.

    • DSF

      I got a Souray Jersey,

      however being a second rate fan I don’t have a ticket tonight. I declare we start a Souray fan club. I vow to bring a sign next season to a Anaheim game that says:


      Heck, I wish I could afford tickets for the next five games…Someone really needs to start the “FIRE LO-WE!” chants. I’d settle for a give us Wang chant too to send a message to Katz.

    • Spydyr

      I agree…….good assessment. Now it all makes sense why so many players in the NHL said so many negative things about management……..KLowe is a clown and Burke was right about him.

      I say bring Burke to Edmonton.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Why are we not surprised. This from an organization who reminds all of its staff not to search Google, on Google, or it will break the internet. This goes for you too Jasmine/Narnia.

  • GVBlackhawk

    My wife walked by the other day as I was watching Post Game interviews and she couldn’t believe how big Taylor Hall looked compared to previous years..I think the rehab from that shoulder surgery probably included a ton of upper body workouts, RNH will be fine, if anything this could be a blessing in disguise, would’ve been nice if Oilers would’ve called a surgery date a month ago but if he gets the surgery this week it gives him a bit over six months before the start of next season, he will be fine..bigger, stronger, better.

    • This just puts the final nail in the Tambo coffin. If he had this information before the trade deadline I’d wonder wtf he was thinking. Did Tambo think that this team would go far with his number 1 center with a bum shoulder? If he did have this information then his firing was even more necessary. I wouldn’t have said a word if had the balls to take him off the shelf a month ago and told ON that RNH needed the same surgery as Hall. I could live with that. Beyond the fact the person is more important than the team. It behooves a GM to make short term descisions like this if he was aware of it. If you have knowledge that RNH needs surgery you don’t even ask the player if it can wait. You call him into the room and tell him he is done and go get the surgery. See you next year. Piss me off it wasn’t done sooner. Tambo if he knew should have known better. That what he was getting paid for as GM.

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Can you imagine the ON rage if RNH hangs it up after the 8-2 oiler win that had up in the playoffs for a day ? Mathematically eliminated is the only time to pull the plug folks ….

        • I completely agree. Being a 3rd tier fan gives me a bit of an outside perspective, and from here it seems that Oiler fans sometimes just want a reason to be outraged.

          If anything, they did it early! I hope all goes well baby Nugelet.

        • GVBlackhawk

          You liked the 20% odds of making the playoffs after the 8-2 win, eh? Worth sacrificing the first month or two of next season? Doesn’t make sense to this fan.

          • Good point. Stick another nail in the coffin of this corpse which we call the 2012-2013 season. Why wait? It really sticks in my craw how this looks like Souray all over again. We play him till he breaks totally? We need to ensure that we send the message that we put people above winning. That is what Oil Country is about. That is what makes us great. Its people. The game is secondary. Always.

    • I hope you’re right but consider Hall a year or so ago if not more, was already 195 pounds, i suspect Hopkins is 175 at best if not less

      regardless, it doesn’t change until told otherwise, why Hopkins wasn’t shut down earlier

  • NewfoundlandOil

    Guys, this is perfect. The Nuge will get surgery and will add 15-20 lbs this summer while eating Doritos in front of the TV.

    Next year he will be peaking…..throwing hits…..and be the Coke machine centre and true Oiler (see shoulder) that everyone wants.

    I don’t understand the disappointment with this.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Hey Jasmine,

    Last time I looked Lowe doesn’t have a puppet job, he is being paid to do something. It was both he and Tambo. Lighten up. If you want to consistently display obtuse ignorant logic, I’m sure the Canuck army would welcome you with open arms.

    If you’re going to disagree, do it with a well constructed argument. Caps lock is not a substitute for logic.

    Grow up much?

  • I don’t think this stops the Oilers from moving Gagner at all, they draft Barkov, move Hall to center for 2 months.

    As for RNH not getting this looked after knowing there was going to be a lockout, the whole bloody orginization should be fired.


      • Lazar would be two years, and projects to be a third line checker possible second line RW at the high end.

        Barkov has dominated the Finnish elite league, projected to be one of the best Fin’s to come out of the league.

        I think he can play soft minutes next season, possible even a regular 4 th line role with PP time.

        Watching so many Jr games I’m certain had he played in the CHL he would be ranked #1 overall.

        He is clearly one of the best players playing in a men’s league, while dominating it at only 17 years of age.

        He certainly can’t be worse then Belanger – Smyth – Petrel – Brown – Smithson – Jones, so a clear upgrade right there.

    • Nothing to worry about…

      A natural LW that’s just hitting his stride, a raw rookie fresh off the draft, and Horcoff will be all the center depth we need….

      We might as well see if we can trade Gagner for another first, then we can maybe get another dman to round out the top 4?

      Draft picks have to be the answer, right? Getting younger is the key? Pushing players into positions where they will struggle to succeed seems just as shortsighted as playing RNH this long.

      With plans like these, Oiler will be drafting top 5 forever…

      • the oilers are the worst run organization in the league. its not even close. they are just embarking on their comical journey of futility. as oiler fans we will know nothing but anger, frustration and embarrassment.

      • How do you suppose the Oilers get a defensmen, fix the bottom six, or get size and skill in the top six?

        You have to move players to get players. So say good-bye to Paajarvi, Hemsky and Gagner.

        Unless of course you want to move some of the kids who are all tracking better then Gagner.

        Oh, and all the draft picks (first rounders) are the Oilers best players, so there goes your theroy.