It was a two horse race in this Photoshop Contest this time around and we can’t help but think that Kim Jong Un himself would have been pleased with the effort put forth this time around. And why not also plug in a crazy good Jay Z/Lana Del Rey mashup for some ambiance while we read?



Ok seriously both of the entries that were running away with this contest are awesome. However this entry by the supremely talented OilerLand is one of the more amazing entries in the history of the Photoshop Contests. This is poster quality design right here folks.

Oilerland is one of those guys who pumps out work and you go "man, this stuff is so good. It’s amazing that the NHL hasn’t connected with him in some sort of official capacity." He has a blog and sells gear and everything and you should go and look.

Get a good look. bathe it in. This is supreme quality.


Ah we had such a laugh when this entry came in to WanyeMail. It’s just a priceless entry that captures both the spirit of the contest and the humour we were shooting for. Look at ol Kay-Z running away from those bikini babes. Must be hard to be a billionaire in constant – WAIT WHAT –

*squints at bikini babes on 2 inch monitor*



As always a big thank you goes out to everyone who entered the Photoshop Contest. These things are one of our most favourite parts of the site and we will have another one once the dust has settled on the playoffs fer sure. Prizes to Oilerland glory to the State of OilersNation.


As the regular season grinds to a painful close here in good ol’ E-Town it is clear that the Ministry of Squee has fallen short of it’s goal of finishing in first place and landing the $5,000 shopping spree from United Cycle. Although we have climbed aaaaaaaall the way up into 397th overall it is going to take one HELL of a week from Brooks Laich for us to vault into the Pole Position. And yes we are aware he has climbed back onto the IR for the remainder of all eternity.

Meanwhile up in the clouds in an emotional state of bliss that we can barely fathom the leaders keep on leading. Bernie Nicholls Blue Skate Blades seems to be maintaining his comfortable 5 point lead week after week after week. But if there is anything we know about the NHL it’s that things can change in a hurry. Except here in Edmonton of course.

*sighs so heavily time stops briefly*

As we prattled on about a few weeks back we have an entirely new draft game cooked up for the playoffs called Streak Cred. It is going to be more interactive and prizes will be global yet the charities supported will remain in Edmonton. Then when your Tanzanian cousin plays and bitches that he can’t even crack the top 10 you can say "yeah well, Edmonton charities halfway around the planet benefited so it ain’t all bad."


Anyone see Travis and Cory Dakin on the television last night? That’s one of the most amazing things that has ever happened. Like seriously what a hero. Then there was the time he did this.