Why it seems unlikely that the Nashville Predators would trade Shea Weber

It’s (an understandable) dream of Oilers fans to see Shea Weber traded to Edmonton. Not only is he from Western Canada, big, strong and capable, but he’d fill the #1 defenceman hole that Edmonton has had since Chris Pronger left town.

Those dreams seem destined to go unfulfilled.

Get Used To Disappointment

Why would Nashville trade one of the league’s precious few franchise defenders? The answer always seems to be “they’re a small market club and they can’t afford him.” By their actions, though, it seems clear that the Predators have decided they can’t afford not to pay him.

The Economics of a Trade

Shea Weber signed his current contract – via a Philadelphia Flyers offer sheet – on July 19, 2012, forcing the Predators to either match and hang on to Weber for at least a year, or decline to match and accept four first-round picks in exchange for Weber’s services. The Flyers made it as difficult as possible for Nashville by structuring the contract to be extremely front-loaded.

No NHL player made more money in 2012-13 than Weber. More than that, Weber’s contract is structured to be heavily bonus-intensive – featuring a $1 million base salary and a $13 million signing bonus for each of the first four years. The signing bonuses mean that by the time Weber could be traded by the Predators, they will have paid $27 million of the $110 million on his contract – just slightly under one-quarter of his total contract in the first year.

Facing a $110 million decision, one has to think the Predators weighed the cost. None of these ramifications were unknown at the time; the Predators knew what they were getting into matching that offer sheet. If it made sense to sign him then, it’s hard to imagine they’re going to change their mind and move him after having already taken the worst lumps.

Certainly that’s the message general manager David Poile has always emphasized – asked about the possibility of a trade by CBC’s Elliotte Friedman in April, he made no secret as to his view:

We have a franchise goaltender and the best defenceman in the NHL … We are building our team around them.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: either the Predators made a terrible mistake, Poile’s being disingenuous, and the team plans to try and get a better return than four first round picks after spending $27 million for 48 games or they really have no plans to trade Weber. The latter seems more likely to be reality than the former. None of that means the Oilers shouldn’t ask, but it does mean not much is likely to come of it. 

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  • Quicksilver ballet

    If Gretzky can be traded… the unlikeliest of all hockey deals.

    A team like the Predators, is much like the Oilers pre-lockout, hangers on in a small market. Operating near the bottom of the barrel counting heavily on revenue sharing to cover the shortfalls. There’s no way they could ever afford to be a cap team. I believe the last 5 yrs they’ve been in the bottom 3 in the NHL as far as salaries go, consistently 10-13 million per season under the cap. Doesn’t exactly scream, we’re pushing to be the best. Looks more like, that’s good enough for this market to me. The Predators have been building around their blueliner and goaltender, but they’ll still be doing the same thing 5 yrs after these guys are retired. Unless the Preds get their hands on a generational type player, success will be difficult near the bottom of the barrel structure ownership is clinging to.

    Too much coin tied up in one player. Poile would have to give it a second thought if Edmonton offered Eberle and Gagner to help bolster their top 6. Heck, give them Smid or Nick Shultz along with the first in 2014 as well.

    Some trades are just good business transactions that help both hockey teams. I’m hoping.

    • Word to the Bird

      You said it yourself, too much coin in one player.

      Do you have ANY idea how much value these first overall picks will be in their prime? Past first overall forwards in the past 5 years:


      You tell me that we’ll be able to afford 3 with Weber on the books.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Very different scenarios. Pocklington was bleeding cash and the team’s finances were in deep trouble. The Oilers basically had a fire sale from 88-93 because of his financial instability and eventual bankruptcy. Nashville is different because they are stable economically but just cannot afford to spend to the cap. They’re actually better off spending that cash on assets like Weber and then finding economical veterans like Wellwood, Antropov, etc.

  • Word to the Bird

    His contract would be the biggest albatross down the road. It would be much smarter to go for a cheaper alternative. Perhaps a risk on Tyler Myers? I just don’t see why we need a Dman of Weber’s caliber.

    It reminds me of when I was listening to OilersNow and someone called in saying “Bob did you hear about the Nugent-Hopkins and a first for Malkin rumours?”

  • The Soup Fascist

    ” it’s hard to imagine they’re going to change their mind and move him after having already taken the worst lumps.”

    Bingo. Thanks for writing this JW. If only this article would put the Shea Weber fantasy to bed. I see Quick is still clutching at the dream though.

      • Ducey

        Come on. Thats the smartest post ever!

        Look, why don’t you focus on reality. The Oilers ideally need to get a #1 Dman. If we look at Weber (a 49th pick), OEL (6th), Doughty (2nd overall), Keith (54th) it would seem the Oilers could pick up a guy who has been drafted and has not yet become the next great defenseman or focus on drafting him themselves.

        They have the chance to pick the best defenseman not named Jones in a deep draft with their #7 pick. That guy might be able to help them in a year.

        I suggest that rather than break the bank trying to get someone next year that they focus on development.

        Take the best guy they can at #7, sign Streit to a three year deal, and trade Hemsky for another good prospect.

        Next year you have Streit, Petry, Smid, Shultz x2, and Fistric as your top 6. Potter is #7 and on the farm you have Klefbom, Marincin, Musil (who has been a beast in the playoffs), and the prospect from Hemsky. Your #7 is a year away with Gernat, Davidson, Simpson still coming.

        By midseason you might have Marincin and Klefbom playing in the NHL as needed.

        That would constitute some tremendous depth at defense and is only a year away.

        • GVBlackhawk

          That top 6 of Streit, Smid, NSchultz, JSchultz, Petry, and Fistric is not very good — certainly not good enough for a playoff team.

          And don’t listen to Oilers management. Klefbom and (especially) Marincin are not going to step in next year and make an impact. In fact, Marincin would likely get massacred in the NHL at this point. They should develop in the minors until their abilities reach the point that the Oilers are forced to bring them up.

          • Ducey

            You have another year of development for J Schultz, Petry and Smid and get rid of whatever BS system they had last year and they will be fine.

            Marincin is 6’5″, has decent speed, put up 30 pts in 69 games in OKC and led the team in +/-with a +20 in his rookie year. He is going to be a good player.

          • DSF

            They won’t be “fine”.

            None of that group has the tools to be a legit #1 or #2 D.

            If Junior learns how to play some defense, he might eventually be a good #2 but that is likely some years away.

            If the Oilers want to be competitive in the next 2-3 years, they need to find at least one top pairing D and they can’t afford to wait while burning through ELC’s.

            That’s why this “rebuild” has always been doomed to failure.

            Proper rebuilds are done from the backend out since D men and goaltenders take much longer to develop.

          • Ducey

            Oh no! I better start cheering for another random team!

            How about say, the Canucks? They gave up a whole 13 goals less than the Oilers. They are so much better with their #1 Dman. Who is that again?

            Maybe Columbus. DSF says they are good. Oh, wait, they didn’t make the playoffs. Maybe we can get their GM though.

            Nashville then? They have the best Dman in history and a brilliant GM. Wait, but they finished behind Edmonton and gave up more goals. Rats.

            Oh Minni. Thats right. They have the other best Dman in history and gave up so many fewer goals than the Oilers. Whats that? Yeah, 7 fewer goals.

            No way the Oilers could ever improve by 7 goals against.

            THEY ARE DOOMED!

          • DSF

            1) 13 goals over an 82 game season is about 22 goals…the difference between good and bad. And remember the Canucks fielded an AHL team in the final game allowing the Oilers to pad their stats.

            2) Dan Hamhuis…one of the best defensive defensemen in the league who also managed to score 24 points while not getting much PP time.

            3) Columbus would be a good bet. Now that their goaltending seems settled, they are absolutely loaded on D and, with 3 first round picks and too many defensemen, have the assets to shore up their forward ranks.

            4) Nashville is in a tough spot after the Flyers launched their all out assault but, as you say, they have a brilliant GM and I’d wager they will be back in the playoffs before the Oilers.

            5) Minnesota is still a work in progress having turned over 40% of their roster in one offseason but they went from a goal differential of -49 to -5 in one offseason so they certainly appear to be on the right track. When you consider how much depth they have in their prospect pool, its’ a good thing the Oilers won’t be in their division next season.

            Bear in mind that Jonas Brodin is only 19 and already is a better defenseman than any Oiler and that they have Matt Dumba about to make his pro debut.

          • The Soup Fascist

            So DSF, when a team is picking first overall for 3 yrs straight, and starting a rebuild, what do you do if the majority of top ranked prospects are forwards in those years. Like they were with oilers?

          • DSF

            Well, this actually started before the last 3 years.

            Had the Oilers taken Kulikov instead of Paajarvi, they would be a lot farther ahead.

            Instead, in the last 5 drafts, they’ve taken 4 wingers and 1 centre. Getting Klefbom in the Penner trade may help but you have to wonder how his injuries will affect his development.

            Considering how the Oilers have drafted, I think it’s almost inevitable that at least one of the wunderkids will have to be traded for a top pairing defenseman unless they can get one in free agency.

            If they don’t, I can’t see them going too far.

          • Your correct because most/all felt he would not come over last year . He’s 6-1 and 195 by the way – I stand corrected . Currently slotted at ranking 39 . Maybe same problem with Nicushkin to be honest – risky pick no doubt .

            I’ll add another pick Oilers by MacT. own admission is 38th ranked Eric Comrie for goal and could be a good second round pick .

          • The Soup Fascist

            I think we’ve been drafting pretty good in late late rounds in the last few years. Where we’re falling down is in the second and third, likely because there seems to have been an upper management mandate for a coke machine. I would imagine the scouts are doing there job but are being overruled by the Oilers mission to get a Lucic of their very own.

            I would be way, way more upset at blowing a pick in the first round over our inability to find Jamie Benns in the draft.

            Sam Gagner 6th in 2007 (second in points from his draft year)
            Jordan Eberle 22nd in 2008
            Paajarvi 10th in 2009 (we missed out on some good D, but this is still a strong pick)
            Hall 1st in 2010
            Nuge 1st in 2011
            Klefbomb 19 in 2011 (looking at what was drafted above and below him, this might have been a great pick)
            Yak 1st in 2012

            So which would you rather, us blowing these first rounds picks or us not finding gems in the depth picks?

          • DSF

            1) Gagner was NOT a great pick.


            Couture – .720

            Voracek – .624

            Gagner – .623

            Pacioretty – .621

            Gagner has more raw points because he was gifted huge, prime, sheltered minutes early on. And that doesn’t even take into account Shattenkirk and Subban who both would have been a better pick.

            2) Eberle is covering his bet but Derek Stepan, who was selected last in the second round is quickly overtaking him. A solid pick but Stepan is the steal of that draft.

            3) The Paajarvi pick is almost a “whiff” at this point.

            Kulikov, Leddy, Johansson, O’Reilly, Silvferberg, Clifford, Smith and Foligno would have been much better picks and all of them were selected much later than Magnus.

            4) Klefbom has yet to play a pro game in North America but I’m thinking he’ll have a tough time surpassing Brandon Saad in the foreseeable future.

            The Oilers didn’t blow the #1 picks too badly but they are hardly killing it with any other picks.

          • Wax Man Riley

            You may be right on those points, but, DSF, you are picking out random players that teams took flyers on (Stepan?). Anybody can do that for ANY team!

            Do you ACTUALLY think the teams that took those players have such better scouts? Or did they get lucky?

            Horcoff #99. Petry #45. Kyle Brodziak #215. Stoll #36. Greene #44. Every team gets lucky in the latter rounds. You can’t use that as conclusive evidence.

          • Wax Man Riley

            In 2005, Montreal chose Kostitsyn 200 overall. 353 games so far. they hit it out of the park with that pick. Do they have amazing scouts? I would say so!!!!!

            Or maybe they got lucky and if they chose Bliznak instead, then Vancouver would have had the best scouts because they got Kostitsyn.

          • DSF

            Montreal has great scouts.

            In the Gagner draft (2007) the Habs got McDonagh, Pacioretty, Subban and Jannik Webber.

            The Oilers, despite having THREE first round picks, ended up with Gagner, Plante, Nash, Omark and Kytnar.

            That’s really “unlucky”.

            The 2009 and 2010 drafts are even more “unlucky”.

            How is that Mitch Moroz pick looking now?

          • Wax Man Riley

            I am not defending the Oiler’s draft. Not at all. Kytnar?? Plante?/ Nash?? WTF Oilers!??!?!

            I’m just defending the random player picks to make a point.

          • Montreal has great scouts.

            In the Gagner draft (2007) the Habs got McDonagh, Pacioretty, Subban and Jannik Webber.

            The Oilers, despite having THREE first round picks, ended up with Gagner, Plante, Nash, Omark and Kytnar.

            In 2008 they drafted Danny Kristo, Steve Quailer, Jason Missiaen, Maxim Trunev, and Patrick Johnson.

            Though I suppose in 2009 they struck gold with Louis Leblanc right?

          • DSF

            In the last 6 years, disregarding the 1st overall picks who could have been selected by Maggie the Money, the Oilers have drafted TWO NHL players and one of those players, Paajarvi, would be in the AHL on any good NHL team.

            In the same time frame, Montreal has drafted 7 players who are already established NHL players with Tinordi and Beaulieu very close.

            That the Habs accomplished that while drafting much lower than the Oilers gives you a pretty good idea about the skill of their amateur scouts.

            Good grief…the Oilers had THREE first round picks in 2007 and all of them look like mistakes.

          • So the Oilers have to throw out their first rounder while Montreal gets to keep them?

            If you take away their last three first round picks like you want to do for Edmonton you are left with ONLY 2007 picks and Gallagher.

            What have the Oilers picked since 2007 if you subtract their last three firsts? MPS, Eberle, Gagner, with Hartikainen and Lander with a shot at becoming regulars and a hndful of Defensemen with a reasonable chance at becoming NHL players.

            You want to stack the deck on MTLs favor before comparing, but when you do the comparison fairly there is not much to separate the teams.

            Subban was a fantastic find, but other than that I don’t see the evidence of a vastly superior scouting group.

          • Wax Man Riley

            DSF wrote:

            In the last 6 years, disregarding the 1st overall picks who could have been selected by Maggie the Money, the Oilers have drafted TWO NHL players and one of those players, Paajarvi, would be in the AHL on any good NHL team.

            In the same time frame, Montreal has drafted 7 players who are already established NHL players with Tinordi and Beaulieu very close.

            That the Habs accomplished that while drafting much lower than the Oilers gives you a pretty good idea about the skill of their amateur scouts.

            Good grief…the Oilers had THREE first round picks in 2007 and all of them look like mistakes.

            So the Oilers have to throw out their first rounder while Montreal gets to keep them?

            If you take away their last three first round picks like you want to do for Edmonton you are left with ONLY 2007 picks and Gallagher.

            What have the Oilers picked since 2007 if you subtract their last three firsts? MPS, Eberle, Gagner, with Hartikainen and Lander with a shot at becoming regulars and a hndful of Defensemen with a reasonable chance at becoming NHL players.

            You want to stack the deck on MTLs favor before comparing, but when you do the comparison fairly there is not much to separate the teams.

            Subban was a fantastic find, but other than that I don’t see the evidence of a vastly superior scouting group.


          • Your really bad at this game. You realize in a “redraft” that MPS and Gagner would be selected around the same draft position.
            Now the Nash and Plante picks are terrible. But you wouldn’t be insulting our current team. So for alk the examples of how incompetent the oilers are. You have managed to use the one matrix that makes it seem that they mayhave known what they were doing.

            Come on. Tell me about how Parise could have been ours but we took JFJ instead. Or lets discuss Horcoffs contract.

            Good grief your slipping, or getting lazy.

          • GVBlackhawk

            Petry, Smid, and the Schultzes are fine in the 3-6 positions. None of them are top pairing guys at this point; they are not prepared to handle the opposition toughs.

            Marincin posted some good numbers in the AHL (partially aided by playing with JSchultz in the first half), but that does not tell the whole story. He has some kinks in his defensive game that have to be ironed out before making the jump to NHL.

            The Oilers have been rushing prospects to the big club for so long now that many people think this is the norm. The most successful teams let their players develop in the minors for 2-3 years before they bring them up.

          • oilerjed

            “Adam Larsson huge upside, NJ needs forwards, may be the right timing for a deal.”

            I have to say I like this idea of sending our offensive players to the East Rather then to a western conference foe.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Look, why don’t you focus on reality. [quote}

          Deals are made for many reasons Ducey. Some players/contracts are sold under wishes of ownership/group, and some are just old fashioned hockey deals. All are still deals, no matter what prompts a deal. Getting themselves out from under this financial burden is reason enough to believe this is at all a possibility. If they act in the next 12 months they can still rid themselves of 75% of the value of that 110 million dollar contract.

          Is this not the said reality you’ve mentioned here? I like you Ducey (gives Ducey a head wash) but we’ve put up with a lot of ship here these last 7 yrs. This needs to change.

          You have to give me credit Ducey. The vision of desperate Oiler fan on his knees begging for his monies worth, is appropriate at this time, is it not? Lets just milk it for the summer.

          • The Soup Fascist

            I watched the replay of NC State 1983 NCAA Basketball championship story on 30 for 30 yesterday. What I got out of that was:

            1. It is good to think about your dreams every day – and you should dream big dreams.

            2. Don’t ever give up the fight (I just realized that Valvano may have stolen that line from “The Untouchables”, but it was way more powerful coming from him than Costner)

            So Quickie, you can dream that dream and no one should have any problem with it. And MacT should inquire about the opportunity – more than once – and “fight” for an elite defenseman.

            As long as MacT does not focus on an unlikely homerun to forego a bunch of singles (a’la Tamblowelinni putting all their eggs in the Marian Hossa basket a couple of seasons ago) – what is the harm?

            **OK I think I used up analogies / references to about 5 different sports. Do I get an Oodle Noodle prize pack, or what?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Maybe you guys are right. Lowe will never pull a Pronger out of his hat again. Why even bother raising expectations for the third highest ticket prices in the league.

    This is as good as it gets Edmonton. Just making the playoffs again is as good as it gets for this most northern outpost.

    Weber to Edmonton, the laughing stock of the NHL….what a laugher! Will the last overpaid, underachieving veteran playing out his golden years here, please turn out the lights before leaving town.

    Quitters rejoice, and pile on!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Really? Just because people are being realistic and don’t expect the best defensemen in the game to get traded to the Oilers suddenly means that they dont want the Oilers to improve? Give your head a shake man and stop the being bloody dramatic. Of course everyone here wants to see the Oilers improve. You know what we dont want to see? We don’t want to see this club chase another elite player, not land him, and not have a backup plan.

    • Wax Man Riley

      Oh My GAWD!!!

      Le tit go Quicks. It has nothing to do with giving up or accepting mediocrity. It has everything to do with Nashville saying:

      “Ummm we just ate 25% of the best defenseman in the league’s contract. We have a world-class goalie AND the aforementioned defenseman and we will build around those.

      Why don’t we trade for Crosby and Malkin then? Hey… if Gretzky can be traded, right?

  • vetinari

    First, Nashville doesn’t want to trade him, and second, even if they did, the return to Nashville would have to be huge.

    Also, from a practical standpoint, Weber can’t be traded until mid-July and I doubt that our “impatient GM” is going to sit by and let UFA’s and trades happen without getting in on the action just on the chance that Poile might reverse course and set up a deal with the Oilers that they can afford. Not gonna happen…

    • GVBlackhawk

      What? Belanger, Peckham, NSchultz, Omark, and a 2014 3rd rounder won’t get it done??

      Delusion runs rampant in the Oilogosphere when it comes to Shea Weber.

      • vetinari

        @GVBlackhawk – Belanger, Peckham, NShultz, Omark and a 3rd rounder likely wouldn’t get you a bus pass from Nashville, let alone Weber.

        As an aside, I was in Nashville two weeks ago for a friend’s wedding but unfortunately, the Pred’s were on the road or else I would have taken in a game. The team was almost invisible in their newspaper’s sports section and I’m sure every player of the Pred’s lived in relative anonymity down there.

        If you wanted to talk college sports, basketball, baseball or NASCAR, guys knew that stuff… you want to talk hockey, good luck with that! I tried to convince one set of Americans that hockey was as “down south” as it got– you had toothless, bearded guys fightin’ and a feudin’ with weapons against a bunch of northerners– why wouldn’t they watch that? But apparently, the ice thing is a no go, they have trouble following the play, have no idea how to pronounce player’s names and have no idea what the rules are (“icing” occurs on more than just cakes, gentlemen).

  • vetinari

    Seems like the Oilers have been searching for Milan Lucic for ever, looks to me like Nichushkin is somewhat close probably more skilled and much less apt to fight.

  • It never hurts to ask, the same as it wouldn’t hurt to ask about Crosby, Malkin, Toewes, Tavares, Getzlaf etc.

    The fact remains unless a team is really trying to change their dynamic very few teams move their superstars without a huge overpay going in the other direction.

    Unless a trade is demanded the chances that he leaves there in his prime are slim. Our best bet is hoping drafting works out, or looking at project Dmen.

    People that have the size and the skillset but for whatever reason have yet to put it all together.

  • Quicksilver ballet


    Nashville had to retain the services of Weber. He is their only marquee player imo. They lost Suter and I suspect the fanbase would not have reacted well to losing Weber as well. They paid a steep price to keep people shuffling to the ticket window. Trading Weber, even in a deal that mekes sense hockey-wise to their club, may not go over well in that market.

    I too am an Oiler fan tired of my team living in the basement, but trading Weber makes no sense from the Nashville side of the ledger.

    Now about Lucic…

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Edmonton has been on the short end of this scenario far too many times these last 20 yrs. The Predators have some lunch money in their pocket and one of the bullies in the schoolyard (the “have” Oilers) wants it.

      I know the last 4 yrs have been difficult, I can identify with Lowe driving this thing face first into the mud to collect lotto
      picks/assets. The goal now needs to be putting things back together instead of breaking it apart. It’s just nice to be able to go somewhere (here )and converse about things that cross our mind, but don’t matter in the overall scheme of things. Our NHL is living in a too many teams, not enough talent, hell.

      Time to plunder someone elses dungeon.

  • admiralmark

    The difficulty for us fans is not the length of the rebuild, but the length of time the Oilers have been terrible. That’s what is making us impatient. But it is difficult to weave straw into gold and yet we fans expect that. We still need both better roster players and better prospects.

    Trading for a stud dman may cost 1 or 2 of our fab 5 That may mean we are still running on the spot for another season or taking a step backwards. Fixing this will not be easy.

  • RexLibris

    If it appears almost certain that the Predators would not trade Weber then perhaps there is a silver lining in it all.

    That being that the Oilers might be able to interest the Flyers in a trade. Presumably the Flyers would be the one team most interested, or at least most aggressive, in trying to land Weber. If they have deemed certain assets as expendable by trade then perhaps the Oilers could find something to pique their interest.

    As for the Oilers/Weber pipe dream, the Oilers need to find their own Weber, not go chasing after the same one everybody wants.

    Drafting one at #7 this year likely isn’t the answer either as it would probably take at least three years before that player could contribute to the team. The better use of a draft pick might be to select Samuel Morin in the 2nd round this year.

  • admiralmark

    Nashville kept him because they felt whomever got him the 4 first round picks would not equate to Weber , as that team probably would have flourished with him . There hands were tied and they’ll probably get more for him via trade at a later date . Seems to me Weber was welcoming going elsewhere after they let Suter go – so he might not be a happy camper .If so , and considering Nashville did little this season with Weber in lineup then he could be readily be available for the right price . Not a price I believe reasonable for us , however .

    I feel they would like to move him before he demands a trade and lowers his value to them . After the signup money is done then they could be in a vary precarious position with him if he wants out .

  • Wax Man Riley

    The answer is not to trade for Weber because that contract would kill our team in time and Nashville would want way to much. The answer is to find the next Shea Weber. I don’t have the answer to this but that is what the Oilers should be looking for. Is there even someone remotely close who needs a few more seasons to mature, who could be the next one. Is Erik Gudbranson or Alex Pietrangelo possible choices and could their teams be persuaded to trade with us? Forget Weber and look into the future. I think that’s all MacT can do.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Honestly, it is 10 times more likely that you can get Weber than Pietrangelo – and Weber falls into the “slim to none” category. Reason being is AP’s youth and the lack of albatross contract that you alluded to.

      Would be nice though …..

      Gubrandson may have been more in play if Colorado didn’t “Tambellini” the Panthers. Now, not so much, I think.

  • RexLibris

    Ok, no more trades Weber rumors. Check. Glad someone is smartening up the fans.

    Now let the Gudbranson/Pietriangelo/Bogosian rumors start up.

    It would be great to get that franchise dman, but I think if we got some depth there, we could forego trading too much to get it. Like The Soup Facist said: “an unlikely homerun to forego a bunch of singles”…meaning let’s get some decent defensemen, and our prospects (Klefbom maybe) could eventually turn into the guy everyone is looking for anyways.

    Our defense sucks, but if we add some quality (just not necessarily the best in the league) and then some 2 way guys up front, and a little size, we should be playoff bound. Then we can make decisions on where to go from there to be a contender.

  • RexLibris

    I quite surprised no one is jumping on board with Adam Larsson.

    If he was in the draft this year he would be a top 4 pick in my opinion.
    He would easily be the 2nd best D in the draft.

    Unlikely NJ would trade he .

  • 15w40

    Weber isn’t happening.

    Try and move some of the Oilers’ assets to get one or both of Shattenkirk and Chris Stewart and maybe throw in Ryan Reaves for good measure as a 3rd/4th line punisher.

    This will cost some current roster players from both the forwards and the defense, but these are the types that the Oilers need.

    Will the blues be able to keep both Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo? I can’t see them parting with the latter. He could be a future captain. That and they have Bouwmeester signed for next year at 6.7 mill.

      • 15w40

        Ya – i know but since we’re just sitting here with the pie in the sky, I thought i might as well just “throw him in there too”

        It’s fun to spitball this stuff, but to make any of these deals happen the pipe dream of keeping
        #4, #14, #64, and #93 just isn’t going to happen.

        All of these players being thrown around don’t get traded for 2nd line players and spare parts..

  • 15w40

    If Quicksilver is a solid Oilers’ fan, I understand his disappointment and anger. Many of us feel the same disappointment in the utter incompetence of the senior management in hockey ops. Perhaps this will change with MacTavish, our only hope.

    As nice, but impractical, as it would be to acquire Weber, in actuality defence isn’t the Oilers’ biggest problem. It is at forward.

    As we get reacquainted with the increased speed, intensity and physicality of SC playoffs, can any of us imagine what would have happened if the Oilers made the playoffs this season? Most of the forwards would have been either wiped out physically or been inconsequential in the first round. The inconsequential would include veterans Belanger, Brown, Hofcoff, Jones, Smithson and Smyth.

    MacTavish maybe impatient, but he has a real mess to clean up before the Oilers can compete for the SC. Whether we like it or not, the rebuild will continue (under whatever name management cares to call it).

    • Yes our forwards would get leaned on and that is a problem. A big problem, not as big as our defense is though. the entire game starts from the backend out and we currently employ 3-4 NHL defensemen. Smid, Petry, Justin Schultz and maybe, maybe Nick Schultz. Justin has the potential to be able to pair up with a #1 guy, I have 0 issue with Smid and Petry being the 3-4 pairing. Nick going forward is like a 6 who will be fading into a 7 eventually.

      We have top end forwards (if unbalanced) we do not have top end defense at this point in time.

  • I absolutely think STL has to be a primary trade target. They wont be in our division anymore which is basically like being out of conference now. We have stuff they could use (offense and the ability to be flexible with our cap for now) and they have stuff we could use (defense with massive upside that would fit into our talent cluster).

    I dont know what the pieces are/could be going eithe way but Shattenkirk/Stewart have to be at the top of the list for what we would want.

  • The Weber contract is stupid. The Oilers don’t need Weber, they need the next Weber. Weber was taken like 47th overall and needed two years of development until he made the jump and likely another year or two before he was one of the best in the NHL.

  • DSF

    regarding Columbus, I think Bobs’ 932 save percentage helped a lot.

    Although they paid handsomely for him, Minnie received a Norris quality dman without the bother of having to develop him. Parise is not too shabby either. So hence the big turnaround. I would agree, they hit a monster first round homerun with Brodin.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Okay, that Weber thing didn’t go over so well.

    Can we move onto Shea Weber jr/Erik Gudbranson then?

    We might as well fix everything that ails our Oilers in one day.

  • blueorangekoolaid

    Would New Jersey be interested in a deal for our pick so that they can sacrifice their pick this year from the Kovalchuk fiasco? Maybe they would work out something like Larsson and their 1st next year for our first this year and another piece? Maybe Hemsky. Then they can burn their pick this year and still draft high. Replace Larsson with this year’s pick and have Hemsky. Maybe their 2014 1st could be conditional on number of games played for Hemmer. So it’s basically our 1st for Larsson and then Hemsky for a conditional 1st next year plus the freedom to pay their Kovalchuk penalty. Not sure if they had to declare their intention to sacrifice that pick already or do they have until the draft to decide?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    With JD and Jarmo Kekäläinen taking over in Columbus, maybe they’re not all that sold on Ryan Murray. A kinder, gentler mini version of Shea Weber?

    Kevin Quinn, Louis Debrusk and Jack Micheals along with a third rounder, perhaps? Stauffer could drive them, he’s not doing anything now. Would be a few tanks of gas and a lot of twinkies, but that Stauffer guy is willing to say/do anything for the sake of a paycheque it appears.

      • The Soup Fascist

        But I am not sure what else you would expect him to say …. “Fellas, this guy is smallish and potentially overrated” ??

        I have had the opportunity to watch Murray play since Bantam and he has been an exceptional hockey player – no BS. His greatest asset is that he does everything well.

        The concern I have is that he doesn’t do any ONE thing exceptionally great. That could be trouble at the NHL level. If he becomes the second coming of Scott Niedermeyer, that would be wonderful. I fear though, that he may track closer to a Kris Russell type of player.

        I will not be disappointed if I am wrong, he seems like a good kid. But I think Yak will ultimately be the more impactful player.