Goaltender trade target: Anaheim Ducks

If the Edmonton Oilers decide to look to trade to solve their need for a new backup/tandem goaltender (and given the weakness of the free agent crop, they may), the most obvious target is the Anaheim Ducks.

An Abundance of Riches

Player League Cap Hit Contract Summary
Jonas Hiller NHL $4.5MM UFA/2014 15-6-4, 0.913 SV% on the season, career 0.917 SV%.
Viktor Fasth NHL $2.9MM UFA/2015 15-6-2, 0.921 SV% on the season; 46GP, 0.934 SV% in SWE last year
F. Andersen AHL $1.8MM RFA/2014 24-18-1, 0.929 SV% on the season; 39GP, 0.943 SV% in SWE last year
John Gibson OHL $0.9MM RFA/2016 17-9-1, 0.928 SV% on the season; 7GP, 0.955 SV% in WJC this year
Igor Bobkov AHL $0.9MM RFA/2014 11-17-0, 0.903 SV% on the season ; 6’5" goalie is a rookie pro

There may not be a team in the league with a better goaltending system than the Ducks. In Hiller, they have a legitimate starter, in Fasth a guy who can compete for the starting job right now, in Andersen and especially Gibson two first-rate prospects, and in Bobkov a legitimate prospect arguably superior to anyone in the Oilers’ system right now.

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The three guys worth really looking at for the Oilers are Hiller, Fasth and Andersen.

Jonas Hiller

Even with all the talent the Ducks have on the way, it seems a long shot that they would be willing to trade Hiller, their playoff starter (aside from a game two letdown, he has been tremendous against the Red Wings in the first round, with a 3-2 record and 0.930 SV%). At 31 years of age, he’s still in the prime of his career; the only reason his name can be included is because of the quality of Anaheim’s other goalies.

Viktor Fasth

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In a shortened NHL campaign, Fasth managed to give Hiller a run for his money as starter, and his exceptional rookie performance in the NHL is backed by years of brilliance in Sweden. The negatives here are that he’s a little on the small side (6’, 186 pounds) and despite being a rookie he turns 31 in August. The Ducks might possibly be induced to move him because of the quality of prospects they have coming up (19-year old John Gibson has yet to play a season of professional hockey, but he’s already starring for Team USA at the World Championships); he would be a real threat to Dubnyk for the starting job if the Oilers could pry him loose.

Frederik Andersen

Andersen, already Denmark’s go-to goaltender in international competition, might be the best trade target of the group. He’s big (6’4”, 247 pounds), young (turns 24 in October) and unlike Hiller and Fasth hasn’t had a brilliant season in the NHL – yet. With Fasth in the majors, and Gibson turning pro, the Ducks just might be willing to move him and he’s bound to cost less than either of the team’s NHL ‘tenders. His AHL and SEL record is impeccable; based on his performances in those leagues he’s ready for a backup job in the NHL.


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  • Citizen David

    Nice job searching outside the box named Mike Smith. A lot of these “who should the Oilers target” pieces look at established players who fit a mold instead of looking at the next big thing.

    Nice to hear there might be other options out there other than the obvious.

  • What is with this Oilers, organization, can they not develop any player or position from within.

    Seems every position they need, requires a trade, or UFA signing. The trades they did make in the past several years are all boardering on `duds`, and their really isnt anything exciting on the farm.

    How about one of the scribes doing a write up on
    the Scouting` department of the Oilers org.

    Where is player development with this team.

  • Supernova


    If Pittsburgh doesn’t make the finals.

    Could you see a scenario where they buy-out Fleury and then go after one of the Ducks goalies.

    They would seemed to be very ideal trading partners.

      • 106 and 106

        Not sure what you mean by committed to fleury.

        They just started voukon after having goaltending problems the last few years.

        The only reasons they are committed to him is he was a #1 pick and they won a cup with him, since then he has cost them at least one post-season and was on that path again this year.

        Not sure if you have done a column based on potential compliance buy-outs this year lately but I think that would be a fun, and interactive column.

  • Ducey

    EDM really should take a shot at a guy like Andersen, Hellberg, or Svedberg. Current young AHL goalies for ANA, NSH, and BOS. Nashville might want to keep Andersen as a future backup, but Andersen and Svedberg are in a bit of a log jam with Rask, Khudobin, Hiller, Fasth, Gibson.

    I’d like EDM to sign someone from Europe to a 2-way n let them play a bit in OKC to see if they’ve got anything with them. Guys like Antti Raanta, Alexander Salak, and Christian Engstrand

  • Quicksilver ballet

    What’s sad about all this, is if we had our own decent amateur scouting department, we wouldn’t have to plunder everyone elses players/prospects.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I don’t think this is the issue of the scouting staff. Bunz was WHL goaltender of the year after being drafted and Olivier Roy has shown well albeit with some marked inconsistencies in his career. I think it’s the Oilers player development coaches that are the issue because as soon as these kids leave their junior or european clubs and fall into the hands of the Oilers’ system they seem to fall apart. Not just the goaltenders but guys like Pitlick, Hamilton, etc.

        • Ducey

          Waiting 5 years to properly judge whether they have developed is yet another.

          You can’t write off Bunz after his rookie season.

          Look how his WHL stats went from year to year: .880, .886, .898, .919, .921.

          Isn’t it possible his pro stats will do the same once he learns how to be a pro?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Sure miss the days of a goalie stepping in right out of junior and into the NHL. Kids like Barrasso,Fuhr,Moog,Roy etc. Nowadays a guy is pretty much UFA eligible before a team knows if he’s even a starter or not(Dubnyk). I mean, how difficult can it be to stop a 3oz puck travelling at only 100+ MPH, it’s not rocket science.

            Between the talent challenged teams relying so heavily on systems play, and the broad over coaching in general of all players, it’s no wonder it takes these kids the better part of a decade before they know if they’re ready. Must be a conspiracy hidden in there somewhere, I can’t quite put a finger on it yet there Ducey, but give me a couple weeks and i’ll figure it out. Think there’s a monetary link there I could start with?

      • Spydyr

        Dont stop now,keep running with this line of thought.

        The Oilers system is an epic trainwreck.It has destroyed many players and professionals of all types.Everyone except the tyrant behind protecting and maintaining it.

        The Oilers are over-saturated with statistical influences and inputs,this has been part of a long process od decay not a landslide or sudden change,everyone is protectionist and uses stats to back every decision they make in a self-centered manner,no one is willing to step away from the percieved safety of the stats long enough to make a real decision on anything.Managments intangible skillsets are handcuffed by this statistical safety net they are forced to use.

        One systemic influence is supposed to tell all of our men what to do at the same time,please understand this concept,if that influence is inferior or flawed then nothing will ever run smoothly.we have always had the best men for the job here,we have strove for greatness from a personell perspective,but the system template we apply them to has been inferior and flawed for decades,the system is a dandy if you have Wayne Gretzky here to run it or Moma2 to become Waynes Brains,but without the keys to start it its a dud.

        We havent had a decent system here in decades,the NewAge Hockey System is far better than anything we have come up with here in a long time,its philosophys are Intuition based not statisticlly based.The polar opposite of what the Oilers believe in.

  • 106 and 106

    We won’t get Gibson, unfortunately. However Anderson is interesting. Ben bishop was worth a second. Perhaps we can pull a similar deal. You have to think if we were in on bishop we would at least inquire here.

  • Spydyr

    When you miss the playoffs for seven straight years the whole organization should be looked at.From owner down to stick boy.Since they already fired the trainers , equipment men, three coaches and a GM.It is obvious the problem lies higher up.
    Unfortunately the owner and six rings are not going anywhere anytime soon.

    That leaves the players.With the losing record every position is in need of an upgrade .Goalie included.Dubbie is not the biggest problem but if you can get better in goal.Get better in goal.