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Henrik Zetterberg had no goals through the first give games of the Ducks/Wings series, but with his team down 3-2, Zetterberg showed up when it mattered most and potted 3 goals and 5 points in the final two games as the Wings upset the Ducks.

There is no doubt you need depth to win in the playoffs, but if your star players don’t produce, it is unlikely your team will win. The Ducks got great production from depth guys like Emerson Etem, Nick Bonino and Kyle Palmieri (combined for 9 goals and 14 points), but their leading goal scorer in the regular season, Corey Perry, had no goals and only two points.

Zetterberg elevated his game when the Wings needed it, while Perry couldn’t deliver for the Ducks. In his previous 43 playoff games Perry had 18 goals and 40 points, and he proved he could produce when it mattered most, but he couldn’t this year and it cost the Ducks.

Perry has proven he can produce in the playoffs, but usually when your big guns don’t show a pulse offensively it is difficult for a team to win. If Perry had produced in either of the final two games, the Ducks likely would be facing the LA Kings instead of planning tee times.

For me, the difference in this series came down to Zetterberg elevating his play in games six and seven, while Perry struggled offensively.


  •  Boston gave up a 3-1 series lead vs. Habs in 2004, and a 3-0 series lead over Flyers in 2010. They lost both game sevens on home ice. Will they "choke" for a third time in nine years again tonight? 
  • Toronto has comeback from a 3-1 series deficit once in franchise history. In 1942, they trailed Detroit three games to none, before winning four straight.
  • Speaking of struggling. The Marchand/Bergeron/Seguin line has combined for one goal and three points in six games while averaging 18:05 of TOI a game.
  • The Washington Capitals hold the NHL record for surrendering the most 3-1 series leads. They’ve done it four times. They lost to the Islanders in 1987, Penguins in 1992 and 1995 and to Montreal in 2010. 
Year  Series  Series Result In Games    
1942 F  TOR  4 DET  3 *
1975 QF  NYI  4 PIT  3 *
1987 DSF  NYI  4 WSH  3  
1987 DF  DET  4 TOR  3  
1988 DSF  WSH  4 PHI  3  
1989 DSF  LA  4 EDM  3  
1990 DSF  EDM  4 WPG  3  
1991 DSF  STL  4 DET  3  
1992 DSF  DET  4 MIN  3  
1992 DSF  VAN  4 WPG  3  
1992 DSF  PIT  4 WSH  3  
1994 CQF  VAN  4 CGY  3  
1995 CQF  PIT  4 WSH  3  
1998 CQF  EDM  4 COL  3  
1999 CQF  STL  4 PHX  3  
2000 CF  NJ  4 PHI  3  
2003 CQF  MIN  4 COL  3  
2003 CQF  VAN  4 STL  3  
2003 CSF  MIN  4 VAN  3  
2004 CQF  MTL  4 BOS  3  
2009 CQF  WSH  4 NYR  3  
2010 CQF  MTL  4 WSH  3  
2010 CF  PHI  4 BOS  3 *
  • Stu MacGregor gave me his thoughts on the potential to trade the #7 pick as well as a report on a few draft prospects here. I’ll have full chat with MacGregor up tomorrow on the Nation.
  • It was a great comeback win for the Red Wings, but the Blackhawks will be too much for them to handle. Hawks in 5. The Kings/Sharks series should be very competitive, but I picked Kings to repeat so I’ll stick with them. Kings in 7.
  • Nova Scotia banned hitting for all levels of peewee, but they also banned it in Bantam and Midget for B and C level players? I’m not a fan of the latter considering the studies show there are more concussions in higher level peewee and bantam than there is in the lower levels. What if your son is a first year bantam and he is the final cut on the "A" team. Now he plays "B," but he doesn’t play with body checking, so I’d think he’d be at a huge disadvantage when trying out for the "A" team as a second year player. That is a concern for me.
  • Some will argue that a kid playing Bantam "B" they isn’t going pro so it shouldn’t matter. Is hockey only about playing pro? I sure hope not. I suggest having two leagues. A non-checking and a checking league. Let your son decide at 13 if they want to play with checking or not. For many it is a fun part of the game, and many players never suffer a concussion. Rather than just ban checking overall in bantam and midget, come up with options for those who want to try checking. Just a thought.
  • The Blues/Kings series was a prime example of the game being over-coached. It was all about defensive awareness and tight checking. For the sake of hockey I hope the Blues never win anything if they plan on playing that style.
  • Ty Rattie finished his WHL career with a bang. He had a hat-trick vs. the Oil Kings last night and finished his career with 50 WHL playoff goals, the most in WHL history.
  • Look for Oiler draft picks and Oil Kings’ David Musil, Travis Ewanyk and possibly Mitch Moroz to head down to OKC for the remainder of the AHL playoffs.
  • A polite reminder to help support the MS Society and get your tickets for a great party this Friday night. Strudwick just returned from Sweden with some extra tight pants, and he said he’ll be rocking those on the Karaoke stage on Friday. We need to sell 80 more tickets, so try to make it out. Info here.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    What else should we expect from this organization, whom piloted this ship into the difficult times were forced to endure. You SUCK MacGregor, give us/do something!

    Far too much “lets sit and wait to see what falls into our lap” B/S talk from the Oilers. Why don’t those in charge get off their arses and make their own luck? Only 5 untouchables on this roster and they still can’t seem to accomplish anything on their own. Be proactive, don’t settle for table scaps, trade up and get a superior player.

    Our only hope is MacTavish telling Lowe to ef off and let him do his job, his way. If Craig really is in charge, I half expect to see a deal (bringing in a player who helps this coming season) made before the end of this yrs playoffs. The 6-8 new faces can’t parallel the bulk Eager,Belanger,Barker,Hordicuk,Smyth debacle from 2 summers ago.

    Pfft, trade down, yeah right. Have these guys looked themselves in the mirror lately, they don’t appear to be able to project who can/can’t play 5 yrs into this gig any better than the fans can. I think there’s an opportunity there to grab that 3rd or 4th pick, it’s time to make your own friggin luck Craig.

    • Wax Man Riley

      Not sure the real horse trading begins until after the playoffs………..I will say that in the past six years all we have heard from Tamby and Lowe was ” we are working on it, just wait and see”, and then deliver absolutely nothing.

      Fast forward and we now have Mac T saying the same thing………..I hope when he says something, he actually does something to back up his words, otherwise he will be roasted.

    • I’m squarely in the camp that believes if we aren’t trading up for Barkov (Or Mackinnon) then we should be using that pick + something(s) to trade for a legit 2c or top pairing Dman with some try (and size hopefully) to help ASAP.

      Monahan sounds great if he’s there but would realistically like to make a splash now.*

      Nikuschkin (or however you spell his name) is really interesting thought too as long as they’ve really really done their homework.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Avoid nischuskin. I don’t hear great things on hockey sense.

    Monahan is what the oilers need. If there isn’t a trade to be made for gagner and the 7th (and another piece) for a big young second line centre then I vote even trading up a bit to ensure Monahan or even barkov. I have a feeling the flames look at lindholm or Monahan.

  • Citizen David

    Does everyone agree that outside of Jones (and maybe Mckinnon, Drouin, and Barkov) there isn’t a prospect to be drafted that can or should come in to help the Oilers team right away? Unless we move way, way up, and even if we do I think everyone realizes our pick this year is not and should not be in Oiler silks next year. Depending on whose left on the board at seven, I’d even go so far as to say our pick this year likely does not make the club, or at least have an impact on the club for another two years.

    With that in mind, ow many of us think Nischuskin will fall from where he’s projected? Since we aren’t getting a player that will step in right away anyway, if this kid is available at seven, we should take him. Say we make the playoffs next year, and the year after that maybe we even win a round or two. That would put us in cup contention in two -three years, exactly when this kid would be getting out of his KHL contract, and would have had a few years seasoning in the KHL. He’d then step into presumably a competitive Oilers line up and be yet another massive weapon in our bid for the cup that year. By then our D prospects will have matured and we could be looking at one of the best teams since the Pens won the cup.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      29th and 24th the last two seasons. How well would this roster fare next yr, minus Whitney,Jones and Fistric. MacTavish may only be able to gather July 5th leftovers to add to replace the very few roster spots that up for grabs in September.

      New blood in, deadwood out needs to continue. What good is selecting a kid who’s 2 possibly 3 yrs away? By then, we could be starting a new rebuild. MacTavish’s goal should be to get both Barkov AND Nurse. Goodbye Hemsky,Gagner,Paajarvi,Hartikainen,N.Shultz,Horcoff as well as a few draft picks to help make it a reality. That would make July 5th a little more meaningful for MacTavish.

      • DSF

        Well I disagree that even a pick as good as Barkov can come in and help our team be better next year. Nurse would definitely need some time to develop; moreover, don’t we already have like four of this type of player currently in development? Wouldn’t it make sense to focus on improving one of them as oppose to starting over with this kid?

        I really want Barkov, but I just don’t think your top 6 can be all rookies and young up and coming stars and have success at the NHL level. It’s been proven time and time and time again.

        • You mean how RNH came in and made an impact right away? Or how after two years RNH is already a better two way player then Gagner?

          Ya, Barkov would be an upgrade on the two way game and just might come close to point totals as his projected numbers for his first season are outstanding.

          So in short, ya he would.

          • I would agree that our last 3 drafts have gifted us players able to come in right away and help the team, even though the standing wouldn’t necessarily reflect that. But those are first overall pedigree picks. I did say arguably the top 4 picks including Barkov could come in, arguably. But if we’re not getting one of them, and Monahan is off the board, and even Lindholm off the board because no one wanted the Russian, then I think we should take him as in two years I can’t see anyone from the draft that will come in and make as big of an impact as him.

            I just see us being a very good team in two years by virtue of all our star rookies having enough seasons under their belt, several of our defensive prospects will have matured by then, and hopefully Mac T will have landed the right free agents and made our team bigger. So if that’s our window, then how great would it be to also add potentially one of the top Russian Players in the KHL. We’d be like St. Louis adding Tarensenko who was on fire before going down to injury.

            It would be like loading up at the trade deadline, only we’d simply be bringing in a top end prospect who’s been developing in the second best league in the world. If we’re drafting at seventh, and projecting one or two years for whomever we pick up, then I hope we take a bonafied superstar.

    • Ducey

      Can’t speak for everyone, but HELLS YES on the seasoning needed for this year’s pick. This is what good teams do – or even bad teams (see e.g. Florida and Huberdeau). We need to sign or trade for our immediate needs down the middle (a 1-2 year deal), then draft with a view to the new kid being ready in fall 2014 earliest.

      Re: Nikushkin, Pronman likes him quite a bit.


      If he’s still available at 7 that means the top-end centers are likely gone, so not a bad pick in that spot (and not one you trade lightly).

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Huberdeau never spent a day being seasoned in the AHL. He went from junior (a kids game) right into the frying pan (men dominated NHL game) like the Oiler kids have. (also see Gudbranson for yet another example)

        • DSF

          Huberdeau spent another year in junior after being drafted…like Eberle did.

          You can bet Tallon would have sent him to the AHL if he wasn’t ready for prime time.

          Obviously, he was.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Eberle went right to the NHL when drafted, eh. Never knew that, thanks for that. I’ll take that fact to the bank.

            Going back to junior isn’t considered seasoning. It’s self preservation so kids can grow and become physically stronger before they make that step into the mens game. Huberdeau was sent back to play a kids game, it can hardly be considered seasoning.

            It’s a size/strength, prevent him from getting killed issue. Edmonton has paid the price for rushing Hall and Hopkins. They’ve both been shelved with 6-10 month injuries.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Wow that’s a great distinction. I can truly see how getting bigger, stronger and more mature is different than seasoning. Next time I’ll be sure to consult the “I change my ON screen name every week to something even more dumb” Dictionary before posting, to ensure I live up to your precise categorizations.

            The point, unless you are being a hair-splitting jackass, is that these kids did not come to the NHL directly after they were drafted (also see Gudbranson for yet another example), which is what should happen to this year’s pick if its not Drouin or MacKinnon, and maybe even if by some miracle it is one of them.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Atleast now, you’re aware of the difference.

            Call me anything you want if you’ll feel better about yourself. I’ll refrain from calling you names, if that’s okay, kid. Might be a possible link to the said maturity issue here you previously made mentioned of, not sure though.

          • DSF

            You are indeed the bigger man. Even if you do edit your posts after you put them up in order to increase the condescension factor.

            I’m not even sure what we are arguing about. In your last real post you point out that Hall and Nuge were probably rushed, resulting in injury. That is one of the reasons I am saying this year’s pick should play in a league other than the NHL. For seasoning (in the broadest sense of that word of course).

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Out of the 3 kids taken 1st overall, i’d have to think Yakupov was the most physically ready to play in the league at 18’ish. He’s solid on his skates, much like some 5-7 yr NHL’ers are. Nurse obviously could benefit from another year to fill out, Barkov could be ready to go if he’s anywhere near what Yakupov is. I’m greedy, sell the farm and get both.

  • Citizen David

    What would it take to get Duchene from Colorado? RNH straight across? I think he looks way better than RNH in these worlds betwen Hall and Ebs, slightly bigger and stronger than RNH better FW and has been an excellent PK option. That would change the top 6 and still give Colorado a 1-2 up the middle with the top 2 draft picks from 2011.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          The moron who suggested that is just trying to ruffle feathers. No one is stupid enough to actually believe he’s worth nuge AND ebs. That guys credibility is long gone.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        DSF what are you smoking? I agree it might take a little more than RNH straight across but not much as I do think most people would consider them both roughly the same player skill wise. And Colorado might do it because

        A) They need a change in their room
        B) They have O’Reilly and Landeskog Who can take over for the PK and faceoff that might be sacrificed for the switch.

        • DSF

          A little more?

          Duchene is a top 20 centre in the league.

          Hopkins is nowhere close to that and is coming off surgery.

          While I agree they have a surplus of young centres (Landeskog is not a centre), it’s highly unlikely they would trade their best one for a lesser player unless you offered them something that really got their attention.

          Much more likely they would move Statsny.

      • Citizen David

        I can’t resist.

        Barons 4 Stars 0

        Oleksiak -3
        Connauton -2
        Benn -2

        The brilliant Stars D prospects sure were killing one of the teams this game.

        Marincin 2 assists.

      • I agree, I knew he was good and his injuries have kept him under radar last few years but watching him this WHC I have been amazed, and I think we have the assets to pry him away. It’s not like it’s not costing us a lot giving up RNH, and I also agree DSF that Col would rather dump Stastny so would every GM but he has been declining since his big contract and it’s a huge contract and cap hit. I just think Duchene fits better with this Oilers team and would love to know what the cost would be to get him RNH and anything more than mid level prospect or 2nd and lower draft pick would be as high as I would go.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Whoa there…..RNH and Ebs for Duchene? Whomever proposed that is definitely on drugs. No sane or decent GM in any hockey league would make that stupid deal

    RNH and Ebs are two highly probable point per game players starting next year, as Hall did this year.

    I think the Oil make a deal with Florida for #2 by offering Gagner, a prospect (Gernat or Marancin and a draft pick #(maybe even the #1 in 2014 if need be)…..and choose either one of MacKinnon or Barkov.

    Then the Oil keep their #7 and then wait for Nurse, Pulock, Ristolainen or Zadorov to be available.

    Then The team starts trading those such as Hemsky, Horcoff, etc, for bottom six players and depth.

    • DSF

      What exactly would Florida do with Gagner?

      This is their centre depth:

      Stephen Weiss

      Jon Huberdeau

      Peter Mueller

      Sean Matthias

      Marcel Goc

      Drew Shore

      Nick Bjugstad

      Quinton Howden

      The top 5 on that list are all established NHL players and the last 3 are very highly rated prospects.

      And they’re loaded with young defensemen too:

      Dimitri Kulikov

      Erik Gudbranson

      Alex Petrovic

      Colby Robak

      Florida needs high scoring wingers and I don’t think they would have any hesitation taking Drouin to play with Huberdeau.

      • why I agree that Flordia takes Drouin, don’t for one second think that Tallon is an idiot.

        Gagner is an upgrade on every single center the Panther have right now.

        Mueller – 43 GP, 8 goals , 9 assists, 17 points, 18 PIM -11

        Total of 90 games over three years or 90/246 games.


        17 GP, 1 goal , 3 assist . 4 points -13
        Is a UFA.

        Nick Bjugstad – 11 GP, 1 point………-8

        Quinton Howden – 18 GP………………………. 0000000 points and a whopping -11

        Marcel Goc – 42 GP, 9 goals, 10 assist, 19 points… 8 total PIM -6 and is 30 years old.

        He also has never scored more than 30 points…..ever!

        Sean Matthias – 48 GP, 14 goals, 7 assist, 21 points and was -8

        Drew Shore – 43 GP , 3 goals , 10 assits 13 points and was -10

        where is this depth you speak of????

        • DSF

          You conveniently omitted Huberdeau, who is a natural centre.

          31 points in 48GP.

          That’s almost a 60 point pace over 82 games.

          He’s 19.

          Bjugstad also projects as a beast.

          They don’t need Gagner…for anything.

          • I never omitted Huberdeau, I left him out because he is a good center, the rest however are not as good as Gagner is right now..

            I doubt you can find it in you to admit right now Gagner is a better player then the rest of the Panthers centers.

            Gagner 38 points, that’s almost 70 points over 82 games.

            Having said that, I still believe that they draft Drouin.

          • Citizen David

            Florida has almost nothing going for them. They would absolutely love to have Gagner, but there is no chance we are trading him right now. Saying that they don’t need Gagner (or any good player for that matter) is like saying we don’t need air to breathe, because Florida is choking.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Now that Boston is out, that puts Chara on the trading block.*

    Get’er done MacT. Chara would look great in Oilers silks. #7, and Hemsky is a start…. maybe throw in Omark to sweeten the deal.

    *As I write, Boston is totally not out yet. 10 mins away.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Man, that must really hurt for Leafsnation. From the Penthouse to the Shiphouse in 10 minutes.

    Just happy I can laugh at the Prestige the Bruins just put over on Toronto. I’m in shock and i’m not even a Leafs fan.

  • Building for the future around T.Hall and J.Eberle ! Using RFA route this is what we might expect to get over and above our own pick .

    Let Hopkins go for 4 first round picks after next season. Follow same for J.Schultz the year after for 4 additional first round picks . Follow that up with Yakupov the year after Schulz for another 4 first round picks . That’s 2+3+4+4 first round picks over the next 4 years alone . That reduces to 3+3+3 for years 4-7 , I believe . Now that’s the expedient way to draft – not the way we are doing it .

    Draft Nicushkin and let him develop in Russia for at least 2 years .

    • Quicksilver ballet

      That doesn’t work. How good will those 4 first rounders be when it’s the better teams in the league stealing your best players. Have to think those picks would be 25-30th range every yr.

      • Your way over assuming they will go to clubs that will reach division finals each year, basically . Not going to happen . Take our club as an example , and how much our results went up with all three . We are still drafting @NBR.7 . Better clubs unlikely to give up that 4 picks . Those clubs wanting to make a breakthrough into upper eschilon are most likely to bid for them .Teams like Philly , Buffalo , Nashville , etc.

        What would you rather have ? 4 first round picks from Nashville , or Weber , and we give up 2-4 first round picks ?

  • Citizen David

    Anton Lander has 4 goals and 5 points in 6 games these playoffs. In my mind he already has NHL bottom six quality defense and penalty killing. It’s just that his offense was AHL bottom six. If he can keep this up he will have a future in the bigs.