If all the annoying ads, tweets and articles haven’t broken your free will – perhaps the start of StreakCred 2013.2 will convince you to join. For the second round of playoffs we have a whole new round of prizes and the entry cost is only $10.

People who signed up for round 1 continue on as though nothing has happened competing for the same prizes including the grand prize of a trip for two to Munich for Oktoberfest.

People who have been avoiding signing up "because the game looks dumb" or "because I don’t pay for stuff on the internet" now have a chance to get involved.

There has never been a better time to join up and help the MS Bike Tour and the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society.

Sign up for Round Two of StreakCred here.


"Ok you have my attention because I have nothing better to read for 5 minutes. What is streakcred once and for all?" StreakCred is a game where you pick who is going to win the games on any given night. It ain’t gamblin as there is no points spread or over under or anything like that. It’s just as simple as logging in and guessing who is going to win.

String back to back wins together and you have a streak going. Longest streak between Round 2 and the Cup Finals wins the grand prize.

Which brings us to: 



We launched StreakCred last minute and our entries have fallen far short of what we thought we would get. Nevertheless the people who are playing it report it is "way funner than the original NationDraft" and "it is ruining my career/marriage/life."

Of our paltry entry totals through the first round our entries from Edmonton and Area are merely a fraction of the overall entries.So we are doing round 2 with an Edmonton focus.

The Grand Prize is going to be a round of golf with Jason Gregor, Jason Strudwick and your ol pal Wanye. We will share a golf cart, I will buy you beer and together we will secretly laugh at the pair of Jasons as they hack their way around the course. And we will bring you some swag that may or may not contain NationGear and other assorted goodies.

Second place is Oodle Noodle for a year for a lucky person. That’s right. Free deliciousness from here until May 2014 when we are all wringing our hands about missing the playoffs again and alternately looking forward to the Oilers continuing their fantastic rebuild. Other prizes rounding out the top 10 are from our friends at the Pint and naturally more Oodle Noodle GCs.

We are trying to bail ourselves out of a StreakCred sized hole Nation and the only move is – you guessed it  – more StreakCred.

So please sign up.


For only $10.