With all the fun and jokes and griping that comes with the territory here at the Nation Network we are going to be serious for a moment and talk business to the serious people that read this site.

The Nation Network is hiring.


Undoubtedly no one reading this site has ever thought of working for it. Let us tell you a little bit about us with some  backstory potential applicant:

Founded in 2007, the Nation Network is a privately held Canadian Media Company that creates premium professional hockey coverage online, in podcast and on the Radio. We are proud to have partnerships with some of Canada’s leading Media companies including Post Media and


We are looking for a FT experienced and motivated Sales Person that can work in the Alberta Market selling online, podcast and radio advertising. Candidates are highly motivated and experienced sales people who have a track record of proven success in their current career.

We are advertising this position in several places thought we would throw it out to the readers of as well. No one knows how this thing works better than the folks who read the site after all.


If you are thinking that this is some sort of fun job that will be like working at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory you are wrong. Dead wrong. The Nation Network is secretly a place of unparalleled hustle that is masked behind a veil of humour and griping and interneting.

Think Wanye is some funny guy in real life that thinks only about Jordan Eberle? Please. Think Jason Gregor is a hands off media personality that doesn’t want answers "right now?" He does. Think that Kent Wilson sits down in Calgary out of sight and out of mind? No.

Serious candidates need only apply and only those shortlisted for interviews will be contacted. Interested candidates can send cover letters and resumes to