Is Antti Raanta the next Tim Thomas or Niklas Backstrom?

Goaltender Antti Raanta is coming off a phenomenal season. In 2012-13 he posted the best save percentage in Finland’s top league and won the awards for best goaltender and regular season MVP (he’s pictured accepting that award above), as well as playoff MVP after back-stopping Assat to the league championship. Just for good measure, he was named one of Finland’s top players after taking the starting job for the club at the World Championships.

Unsurprisingly, multiple NHL teams are interested in the player, and the Edmonton Oilers are likely one of them.

Yesterday, I wrote about a rumour that the Oilers were interested in Elitserien goaltender Bernhard Starkbaum. Here’s what Bob Stauffer had to say about Starkbaum on Oilers Now yesterday:

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I don’t think that Starkbaum would be the primary choice for the Edmonton Oilers out of Europe, I think that he might be a back fill. There’s somebody else they’re targeting. There’s a guy out of Finland that’s got a lot of people excited right now, and his name has been mentioned a couple of times. I’m pretty sure Jim Matheson – before Jim got in the bike accident – had written about a goaltender out of Finland named Antti Raanta, who ended up being the number one goaltender for the Finns at the World Hockey Championship. I know that there is at least three or four teams that are significantly in on him, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Oilers were one.

How Good Is He?

Raanta’s 0.943 save percentage ranks him second among Finnish league goaltenders since 2000-01 (the furthest back statistics go at the SM-liiga’s official website), behind only the 0.946 save percentage Tim Thomas managed in 2004-05. Other goaltenders to crack the tough 0.940 save percentage line include Kari Lehtonen (0.941), Niklas Backstrom (0.940) and Tomas Vokoun (0.940). The following list shows every goaltender with a minimum of 20 games played to record at least a 0.930 save percentage in Finland since 2000-01 (though I also included Vokoun and Riku Helenius, since both went to North America in the following year).

And here’s what it looks like if we zoom in on only the guys who made the jump to North America immediately following that season:

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Interestingly, both Nurminen (in Atlanta) and Niittymaki (in Philadelphia) would emerge as starters within a few years, albeit with numbers that would have rendered them more suitable for the backup role. The risk is that Raanta won’t be a plug-and-play guy at the NHL level, like those two (and Riku Helenius); he wouldn’t be the first European goalie to need an adjustment period to North America.

The reward is the real possibility of landing a high-end starter Backstrom went from ‘unknown European guy in training camp’ to ‘high-end NHL starter’ basically overnight; Thomas’ journey was a little longer but the result was the same. Tomas Vokoun was already an NHL starter when he posted crooked numbers during the lockout.

A bold team with a solid starter and a fallback plan in the number three role could pencil Raanta in as an NHL backup, the way that Anaheim did with Viktor Fasth this year; the possibility of landing a 24-year old with elite ability just might be enough to justify that kind of roll of the dice.


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  • 15w40

    Antti Raanta seems like as good a prospect as any other mentioned.

    Question for him will be what works best for him as he is a free agent. He is not going to want to go to a team with an established #1 goaltender but he would likely want to go to a team where he isn’t going to get shelled every night and has a chance to win.

    Oilers fit on point #1 but not so much on point #2 and point #3 is up for debate.

    If they can get a realistic option for another goaltender next year without surrendering any assets, that is the best case scenario.

    With respect to the coaching stuff. I really think that after the brass figures out what type of team they are going to assemble going forward, then you find a coach that works or at least can work with those players.

    The coach is going to have to be flexible and be able to adapt as opposed to plugging in players into “his” system.


    Either way, Krueger is going to get at least the first 25 to 30 games to see if he is that guy I would think.

    • If you are only giving Kruger 25-30 games (he wouldnt have even had a full 82 games under his belt yet) and are really not that sure of him then you get rid of his now and go head hunting for best available coaches. You do not go into the year with him and get whatever coaches are sitting in their underwear on the couch watching netflix in January.

      You go into the year expecting to give him the full year unless something goes completely sideways or you don’t go into the season with him at all. Enough of this “I’ll assess some more” crap.

      And as for the Finn, yes, go for it. That just makes sense. Low risk, potentially high reward type scenario. Can only be an upgrade at this point in time for nothing but $$.

      • 15w40

        Your are probably right on the coaching in that if management doesn’t have confidence enough to give him a full year then change it now.

        I was coming at if from the angle that MacT has stated after so many coaching changes – it might not be the coach. He also said he was looking at augmenting the coaching staff, whatever that means.

        What my point is, is that if they airlift in 33% of the roster and the ship still looks like its headed into the abyss, then I can’t see him sitting on his hands until a whole season goes by again and they finish in the bottom 5 of the league again.

        Unless of course they are shooting for the next shiny marble in the 2014 draft.

  • He should look good with Ristolainen and Klefbom to protect him .

    Only two of last years draftees actually played most games with their teams that I can recall -Yakupov and Galchenyuk out of the first round .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    He actually looks pretty good. Someone to push Dubnyk hard, or even out of the picture totally.

    What’s a guy like that worth, 4’ish over 3 yrs to start his time over here? At that price could they afford not to, if the Oilers are the chosen best fit situation for him.

    Get both of these kids. maybe one pans out.

  • Oh P.S. (sorry for so many posts I’m just bored atm) I know playing in Florida players dont have to pay tax which is an incentive to play there (at least thats what i’ve read). Do players who play here pay significantly more in tax and therefor a 6 mil contract here isnt the same as a 6 mil contract in say.. Texas?

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    We went nowhere with our defence last season and Whitney ( 3rd most proficient Oiler defenseman in offensive zone ) is gone making us even weaker . Not like our defence is a stong one to begin with . Can two good rookies do much worse ? I’d be more prone to puke if we try to go with whats left from last season .

    • So our only two options are:

      1) go into the year with the exact same defense as last year
      2) Only add 2 rookies to improve the defense?

      Wasnt aware of that. Our goals should be WAY loftier than “doing no worse than last year”.

      Hell, why dont we ship out Nick Schultz too and add Marincin into the lineup next year and have 2/3 of our defense have less than 50 games experience?

      Lets actually try to have a real defense instead.

  • Just to clarify: Raanta would be subject to the entry level cap. We’ll need to see the new CBA to be sure, but that definitely means a two-way deal, and as I read the summary of terms and the old CBA a one-year contract.

    Likely, something in the range of Roman Cervenka’s contract last year (925K base salary, 10% signing bonus, and a bunch of bonus money the player likely won’t get).

  • northof51

    The high SV% in some of these Euro leagues made me wonder about equivalencies across different leagues.

    So, I did a (quick) informal comparison of this year’s top goalies (SV%) in the NHL and looked back at their AHL stats. Almost every one of them that spent significant time in the AHL (with the exception of Reimer) has a better career SV% in the NHL.

    It would be interesting to see if there could be some sort of coefficient assigned to goalies through different leagues, or maybe one exists? (Same as has been done for scoring totals). It would help in projecting some of these Euro goalies…

  • northof51

    Coming to NHL/AHL gives you a shot of reality, the numbers take a dive, and I think thats playing behind better defense men in some cases.

    I guess Backstrom might be the only exception on the list

    • I believe the Finnish league just tends to be a lower-scoring league than NHL/AHL hockey, and with higher SV% across the board.

      Certainly there are a number of excellent goalies who excelled in Finland and were fine in North America too.

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        An interesting follow up would be to take Euro goalies who transition to NA (ahl or nhl) with a buffer year, ie., look at the second year in NA.

        That might account for a transition period to the different style of play, level of competition and mostly ice.

        Dubnyk had an interesting conversation at the Worlds about how the big ice takes time to adjust to because the faceoff dots (which goalies use as visual markers for positioning) aren’t where you expect them to be.

        At any rate, in the new cap world Euro and College players are going to be key to icing a value roster.

  • @ Jonathan Willis

    I was listening to the interview with Kyle Woodlief by Bob Stauffer yesterday. He asked Kyle about the top 6 players , he left out Elias Lindholm which is odd because the Oilers don’t talk about him either.
    Kinda begs the question.

    Any reason why he did not ask seems like an obvious question given the top 6 will be gone before the Oilers pick

  • If we’re talking a million-ish for a very unproven commodity, I’d much prefer the proven guy we should be able to get for not much more than that – Khudobin. Currently makes $875 so $1.25-$1.5 seems reasonable. Yes I know he’s not really proven with 21 NHL games played, but he’s put up very good numbers in those games, and his time in the AHL and in the KHL during the lockout suggests those numbers may not be a fluke. Plan B- Thomas Greiss. This guy seems like a reasonable plan C through F though.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Raanta is definitely intriguing as a player and the Oilers will have to make an excellent sales pitch with others teams like Minnesota interested too.

    That being said, its the Oilers defensive play and Dubnyk’s regular type odd bad goal a game/not great puck handling skill that concern me most.

    The defence has to change cause Whitney, Peckham had horrible years. Smid/Petry and Nick schultz were too average from how they played the year before. J. Schultz is a high end rookie who is now learning, and Potter/Fistric did not do anything special or play too much.

    I have said before that realistically the Oil should go for both Streit (UFA-NYI), Alzner (UFA-Wash)and see what Klefbom can do.

    If Klefbom plays like pretty much like Brodin did with Minnesota this year, there is one jackpot the Oil have to go with J. Schultz.

    Streit – Klefbom…Alzner – J. Schultz,…Smid – Petry would be a very good type set of defencemen plus N. Schultz and Potter as extras is not too bad either.

    This is not a too costly defence core either for say the next two years….with prospects like Marancin, Musil, Gernat, getting ready by then

    I dont believe N.Schultz woiuld want to be an extra though. In this case the oil can look to trust Taylor Fedun as an extra.. Anyways witrh a defence core like this Dubnyk and Raanta, Smith, Khudobin, etc, would have even better save percentages/goals against averages.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    whattamike, that would be awesome,who would be 1st pairing though, klefbom a rook, justin seemed tired in the shortened season, mite have to break smid,petry pairing up: streit-petry?, J.S.-smid, alzner-klefbom. Harmonic wouldn`t be a bad pick-up,only 22yr old but been in the league a few yrs.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Voom 04…. I think Hamonic from the NYI would be a good addition too and the Oil could offer a trade of Nick Schultz for him plus maybe a 2014 3rd to 5th rounder.

    This is if the Oil want/can get Streit (UFA) and Alzner (UFA) both.

    Having Streit and Alzner here teaching and being with J. Schultz, Klefbom, and say…Hamonic…to go with Smid/Petry would be so effective and quite the upgrade. Then Fedun (call up) and Potter here as extras are not a bad thing.

    Its the goaltending that gets the most relief with this type core defence which is definitely more so a puck possession defence like Mac T wants.

    These guys would help Dubnyk bring up his percentage and down his GA average significantly. The PP and PK would be good with this defence core too.

    • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

      Alzner is a RFA…

      As for the Finn… Go for it, the 50 player roster limit won’t be an issue by July 5th with MacT at the helm.


  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    What’s this about Jim Matheson & a bike accident?? Follow as much as I can but have been working in the U.S. since Nov. Went to the Oiler game when they came to PHX. Sorry to sidetrack the thread….