Video Highlights: Anton Belov

Steve Dangle of Leafs Nation spent part of his time during the lockout doing KHL highlights in English for the North American audience, and reminded me there was a bunch of Anton Belov video there. The hit above earned Belov a minor penalty and a 10-minute misconduct.


Lots of Belov in this clip, mostly skating around the offensive zone – he’s very active around the high slot in several scoring sequences here, and of course puts away a dynamite shot at a crucial time:

Belov scores Avangard’s first goal here; not much to say except that he obviously doesn’t mind jumping in on the rush:

Belov scores the critical goal to send the game to overtime here (also, fun footage of one of my favourites, Patrick Thoresen):

General Impressions

First, the caveat: it’s terribly dangerous to YouTube scout. It is, however, fun, so that won’t stop me.

I watched a bunch of video that isn’t included here – mostly clips of Avangard getting scored on in the post-season, and it confirmed an impression I’d had during the lockout: defensive systems in Russia just aren’t very tight. Some of that likely has to do with the bigger rinks, but some of it just seems to be playing style – shot-blocking doesn’t seem to be prioritized as much, and defencemen get beat 1-on-1 with greater frequency on goals than they do at the NHL level.

In Avangard’s case, Belov actually came across pretty well. His defensive game hasn’t exactly received rave reviews but compared to the mistakes being made by other players on the team he was brilliant. The one thing I did notice on a couple of goals was just that he didn’t take away time and space quickly enough on the shooter – either he didn’t get out from the net fast enough to cut down the angle or he took his man but wasn’t aggressive enough in handling him. Then again: every defenceman makes mistakes, and because it’s only the goals that get put in the highlight packages naturally it’s those mistakes that get highlighted, so it could be a case where Belov is fine in that department the vast majority of the time.

Also: if you missed it, right below this Jason Gregor has a great piece up on Belov, and Russian reporter Dmitry Chesnokov addresses some of these points. Be sure to check it out.


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  • Czar

    First, the caveat: it’s terribly dangerous to YouTube scout. It is, however, fun, so that won’t stop me.

    Which is great news,keep up the good work JW, I really enjoy the video clips!

  • Thanks for digging this up, Jonathan.

    Loved the first clip. 2 and 10 always hurts, but I bet the opposition gives him a little space after that.

    I remember in bantam hockey, our coach told us not to worry about the puck for the first 10 minutes, because after that, the other team won’t want it anymore. Hopefully Belov can bring some of that.

  • We all YouTube scout.. sometimes that’s all we can do. A little concerned in the second video (0:30 mark) as to why both Belov and his d-pairing were beaten like that and racing from behind… the video doesn’t show what happened though, and it does showcase Belov’s wheels at least.

    I love seeing the dirty videos of this guy though.. yah, getting some offense on the blue is great, but I welcome the dirtyness just as much. Of course the offensive skills are more important, but playing with a nasty edge can really add a lot to a guy’s game, in my opinion. When it comes to playoff time, that is where it can really wear a team down. Definitely not the only factor, obviously, but the more he brings with his game, the better.

    I always say I like my defensemen to be able to play defense first though, so I hope he can play in his own end fine, when the time comes.

    At the very least, he’s another PP weapon that probably won’t frustrate us as much as Whitney did.

  • Hockey News list him as 6ft.3in .-185lbs . Says he needs to fill out more for NHL rigors . Red flag on doping charge ? About the same time his stats started to go markedly up . Here’s hoping they did checks prudently .

      • Look at a class of junior high kids,they all look like they are on juice these days,hell all you need to do is eat a high red meat diet and you are on the juice,ha ha ha.

        We all have a genetic template that cannot be altered,so unfortunately the only advantage is that you dont have to work as hard or as long as someone not on juice.You arent making your body do anything it wouldnt do for you anyways by using steroids.Your max is your max,juice or not.

        As long as he can learn the coaches system adequately and can make complete stand-up checks at the blueline and recover first he will fit in.

        Hopefully he can keep the edge at the NHL level.

        • GVBlackhawk

          All your knowledge about human growth/performance and synthetic anabolism is false.

          Physical performance is greatly enhanced by steroids and human growth hormone.

          • Maddog

            See the reply to G Money.

            I have trained and competed with athletes ranging from Olympic level track team members,to professional Football players to Pro Team Canada Rugby players to All Black Pro Rugby players,i have witnessed first hand the long term steroid managment strategys used by the most elite athletes and the impacts of those programs–I have personally felt the impact–,I have seen the top end of the issue not simply guys in the gym or even hockey players looking to bulk up.Like the late Kordic for example whom I mention because I only talk from experience about situations i have experienced.I even witnessed young athletes evolve from the high school gym level to professional sports and the long term process in its totality.

            There is no way to go back in time and regrow your skeletal structure to allow it to accomodate any more mass than you dialed it in for when you were ten years old.There is no arguing the point and quite honestly without being a prick i dont care if you work out or did in a gym and are a steroid guru,the facts are the facts and until you can toss a resume down like mine where your own arse experienced the roid issue in a competative environment you have brought a knife to a gunfight and i dont pick on the underdog.

            I understand steroids better than you do and of that there is no doubt,you are accurate about their potential effects but ignorant of their potential impact from a strictly performance perspective.
            You are confusing cause and effect.Performance has nothing to do with body mass or size,it is a different concept totally.

            An opponent with a 6’4 /240lb body type didnt trump my 5’7 200lb body type ever,i wasnt good i was dominant.There was no dynamic I couldnt win,the performance differential generated by the roids was so small that my speed and endurance always gave me the winning advantage and ability to neutralise the body mass differential.Always.You need to compete to understand,its not so easy for a big huge human to do things with speed and mobility and flexibility and balance,no matter what the sport.I have sprinted against elite level sprinters on programs and can tell you the injury risk is so high it is inconcievable,when you optimise your physical performance envelope the degrees of acceptable error seem to shrink somehow in mass and volume.

      • The KHL suspended him for using “PEDs”. They also let him off the hook after investigation, when he said he didn’t know what he took was a PED.

        Soooo, on that note, I highly doubt it was steroids (can anyone confirm from a legit source?). I’m not sure what the KHL’s policy is, but there are some sports where even over the counter cough medications have been outlawed as PEDs. So I’d be a little interested to really know what it was.

        Actually, here’s what I found when searching around:
        “The substance found is known as S6 class B, probably taken by Belov through a non-certified sports vitamin supplement. According to experts, the substance do not have a significant effect on athletic performance.”

        Still concerned (to those that are)? I’m not.

  • G Money

    NewAgeSys: an acquaintance of mine back in Halifax knew he was going to prison (he was out on bail waiting trial). He was already pretty big (a muscular 5’11” 200lbs or so), but still worried, so he went on the juice, nearly doubled his workouts (4->6 times a week) … and put on 35 lbs in six weeks. He went from squatting 250lbs to doing two laps on the indoor track at his gym with 220 lbs on his shoulders (or so he told me). He was bloated as hell, but also strong as a bull.

    I’ve been working out in hard core gyms since 1987. *Nobody* puts that kind of weight on that fast naturally. Ever.

    In other words – what we have to do is figure out a way to get Gagner and the Nuuuuuge on the ‘roids. At least for a few weeks.

    • G Money

      @ G Money

      I agree about the fast weight gain six weeks is impossible so it couldnt have been muscle mass at all,just body mass.I hope your Pal did ok,especially if he was in for more than 6 months,because from what i have seen you dont have much of a window once you stop the juice.Unless you can find ways to supplement your fuel intake in the Big House you lose weight I would think,and with dietary constraints I see challenges to keeping the bulk for long.But on the other hand if you can get a cell phone in prison extra food and roids cant be much of a challenge to find.

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      If you can conceptualise what a dynamic template is you can apply this to an individuals physicality and history and you can create an accurate timeline of optimal performance envelopes relating to both gaining and losing muscle mass optimally and safely.

      If you try to screw with this schedule and still perform optimally on the ice or playing field you will injure yourself seriously eventually, likely sooner than later.This is a factoid.

      I could show Nuge and Sam how to use this dynamic managment ,I could teach them to create their own personal individual dynamic templates and self-manage properly and safely.

      I can help them optimise their genetic potentials,but first I can teach them to properly and safely self-valuate,without breaking any traditional training mantras or SOPs.They need to define individual timelines first anyways.And respect the professional support people they have now.

      I am afraid I use non-traditional catalysts in my training methods,this is the Juise the young men need.You need to do this to find the optimal level of anything.You could not help a pro hockey player make changes like these safely even with a team of support staff,their bodies have defined themselves to optimal degrees is specific areas already,withiout a dynamic template and managment tactics ,individually catalysed of course,you risk serious injury.This is a complicated dynamic with a simple solution that the man himself provides a template for.

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      Without developing an accurate dynamic template with the player its impossible to say how much room an individaul has to move according to the resources they have even if managed optimally.With a template you know immediatly what the top end is and can target it and have a 100% belief you can achieve it expediantly.

      The dynamic template catalysed by non-traditional philosophys is the Juise the men need,and if they are willing to believe then the Juice is worth the Squeeze.The NHS has a program for this that is applied roster wide.

        • Maddog

          Nice,that was so cool.

          Thanks for the chuckles,I bet you it works,maybe we can get a pallet of the stuff and try slipping the entire roster a Mickey,ha ha ha.

          There is a current commercial for Baby Planet but I cant find it on Youtube or I would post it,it says everything you need to say to turn the Oilers franchise around overnight,try to catch it on Oasis channel, the Baby Planet commercial.

          If i could embed it into the site I would ,ha ha ha ha,just the Audio,it is so perfect.

  • G Money

    Hot News ? Jeff Shultz wants to be traded to a young developing club . 6ft.6in. 230lbs. Calgary boy age 27 playing for the Capitals. We could hit the trifecta with the Schultz’s . I’d bet on it -haha .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Not many had a trigger finger like Billy Guerin. Guy had a humdinger of a shot.

    You know who else has a humdinger of a shot, or even better perhaps?

    Nail Yakupov. Man can that kid fire the puck as well.

    Oops, wrong topic, or one too many beverages this evening.

  • youtube searching has better results if you type it in russian- Белов Антон (Anton Belov)

    Doesn’t hurt to try him out – Big and mobile looks like he has a decent shot and not afraid to mix it up and punch someone in the face if need be.

    Also once clip has him doing the Glen Anderson kick while his opponent is on the ground… mean streak defenceman – yes please.