San Jose Sharks looking to trade Martin Havlat?

With San Jose making their playoff exit on Tuesday, focus has now shifted to the team’s off-season aims. One of them: dealing away veteran winger Martin Havlat.

The Report

From the Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami (via Lyle Richardson):

I presume the Sharks will move on or discard Martin Havlat, who is owed $10 million over the next two seasons — the Sharks probably will try to trade him to anybody willing to take that money. If there’s no deal, they will have to use the amnesty provision and pay out 66 percent of the contract ($6.67 million in Havlat’s case) to be done with him.

Kawakami is actually mistaken on the buyout amount – despite his cap hit Havlat is owed $11 million in actual salary over the next two seasons, meaning that a buyout would actually cost $7.33 million.

Havlat’s contract also originally included a no-trade clause which he waived to join the Sharks; it’s unclear whether that clause is still in effect or is negated by that trade.

An Opportunity?

One of the difficulties for the Oilers this summer is what to do with Ales Hemsky. The long-time Oiler has a deserved reputation for being injury prone, is seen as likely on the way out as the Oilers attempt to upgrade their size, and has a contract (paying $5 million next season) that may make it difficult to trade him and get value back.

The big disadvantage to bringing Havlat in to replace Hemsky is the extra year on his contract, but there are some advantages that may offset that. For one, he’s much bigger than Hemsky, being listed at 6’2”, 210 pounds. For another, the left-shooting winger generally plays right wing but has played left wing earlier in his career, so he may be a better positional fit. He has also been relatively healthy the last few years, playing 83% of his team’s games over the last five seasons, though he’s currently on the shelf with a lower body injury.

In a straight 1-for-1 trade, the extra year on Havlat’s contract is too much of a disadvantage to compensate for his advantages over Hemsky. But if San Jose was willing to sweeten the pot a little – perhaps by retaining some of that second year salary or by including something else (they have three second round draft picks), is it a deal that could make sense for the Oilers?

It really depends what other options the Oilers have; likely, this would be too much of a lateral move to make sense, particularly if they have a chance at a player like Nathan Horton in free agency.

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  • I like that trade proposal. However we may have to sweeten the pot a bit because there may be a team who offers more.

    I’d also look at signing Ryder for secondary scoring and vet presence.

    What about trading the 7th overall for Boone Jenner?

  • Czar

    Seems like he is bit of a headache no matter where he goes . I’d shy away from him . Same I suppose could be said of most of the buyouts . You get them at a good cost maybe worth a try . Prefer to see us go after Vanek or Heatley if their teams go that route .

  • Czar

    I’ll take a pass. The guy is 32 and has injury issues of his own, costs more money, longer term and would be on his 5th team. As you said JW,it would be a lateral move at best.

    Any word on what Antti Raanta decided?

      • Czar

        So it’s down to us and Minny? Reports say he was looking seriously at 3 teams and Minny was one of them. Hopefully Chabot described just how poor our goaltender depth is,way more hurdles for him in Minny.

        • The Jets were also one of the teams who were mentioned as possible destinations for Raanta.

          Russo from the Minnesota Tribune said something in one of his tweets that made it sound like they weren’t the winner. Once Raanta mentioned he made his choice, Russo tweeted saying that the Wild hadn’t heard from Raanta at all that day, or something like that. That doesn’t necessarily mean much. But I’d guess it’s down to the Jets and Oilers now.

          God this is taking too long. lol

  • Czar

    Seems like a pretty lateral deal and do not see why we would want to eat more money… To be completely honest I’d take Hemsky over Havlat… Not a great proposal

  • I’m using Havlat here because of the chatter that San Jose would like to trade him, but reasonably I think there are probably a number of opportunities of this type for Edmonton to pursue in a Hemsky trade – somebody with his own warts (most likely contract warts) who fills team need better than Hemsky does at this point.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    100% no to Havlat.
    trade Hemsky for a different type of player, please. anything but speedy euro-floaters who are injured more often than not.

  • 15w40

    Hey JW, I like to believe that Hemsky is for being part of a defenceman trade package or in a deal that moves the Oilers up to fourth to fifth in the draft.

    I dont know what Florida wants to do with their second overall pick but Tallon is open apparently to deal up to within the teams in the top ten only.

    Havlat to me is not a better pick up for the Oilers when forward type deals to go for Bickell, Stalberg, Horton, to Boyd Gordon, etc, are available. His contract does not then change the cap space of the Oilers either…and for two more years while Hemsky is just one yr.

    also, I am liking the idea of Raanta being with the Oilers. Hope that one works out

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Not a fan of either of these players. Do anything you can to get these kind of underachievers off your roster. If these guys were UFA’s going into this summer, these on again off again types would be lucky to get half of what they feel they’re worth. Seen enough of these soft Euro type players. No wonder we’re on our 4th coach in these last 5 yrs.

    • djc

      Euro trash?

      Is there anyway you and DSF can start your own blog? That way you both can post there 20 times a day, act/pretend you know more than everyone, complain and whine about every decision the Oilers have made and haven’t made, cry about Weber, and then the rest of us don’t have get annoyed reading your “insight”. I’m embarrassed that you get lumped into the term “oilers fans”.

  • shea78

    You might as well keep Hemsky, for the sake of a few pounds.. there is no advantage. In fact I sooner keep Hemsky vs Havlat.

    Havlat though talented , dosen’t come to play every shift.

    Spend your time and money chasing Bicknell, who is a UFA, brings some much need grit to his game.

    I woiuld also target guys like Torres and Ott.
    This is what the Oilers need, not another Euro
    slick player without heart.

    Think play offs.. you see what kind of players this team is missing.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Horc for Briere, then each team could buy each others albatross out and send then back to their old teams to sign on the cheap end of the scale. 10 is due 7 over 2 yrs, and Daniel is due 5 over that same span.

      Horc at 1.5-2 mill for 3/4 line duties is far better than the staus quo.

  • 15w40

    If FLA is open to trading the 2nd pick and Mackinnon is there, would you trade either #14 or #64 straight up for the centre man and retain #7 overall and select a D-man??

    Havlat for Hemsky seems to me like its just giving both players a change in address – no real advantage player wise either way. Extra year on $$ may cause an issue.

      • horndog77

        Not if you are Florida. I really can’t see them making that move especially for Mckinnon. It would take more. Talon would need to get blown away with an amazing offer. Hard to say though.

        • Oilergasm

          I’d say Eberle, Musil and #7 is a lot steep for #2.

          How about Eberle, Gagner and #7 for

          #2, Gudbranson and Matthias

          Possibly include a Horcoff for Jovanovski in there, then use a buyout on Jovo?

        • OilersBrass

          Detroit offered Jarncrok, a 1st and Oulette for Kulikov at the deadline after they missed out on JBO. That was turned down so I can’t see this happening. I don’t think Talon can do that even with Kulikov out of your equation unless he is sure on the #7 pick. Giving up a franchise type guy is so risky. With Huberdeau sitting there waiting for an elite center to play with, I just don’t think that would do it.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      And to think he still gets injured at his usual sub 95% effort level. Marches to the beat of his own drummer. If there’s a role model the Oilers don’t want these kids to pattern themselves after, Hemmer’s the guy. Mr. I don’t need to improve can’t be outta here soon enough.

      • No matter how hard you try, you will never be DSF! Even with the sub 95% effort/thought level you put into your comments, you still aint saying sh!t.

        What exactly is your Euro trash? A Canadian that forgot or turned his back on his European roots? A recycled European? I dont understand your wisdom, please explain.

    • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

      I don’t get any Oilers fans. Many nights even last year he would be the best player on the ice. The opposite team would have fits watching him undress their forwards and defenders. When Hemsky’s gone we will see other players struggle because he still has to be contained these days. Other players benefit with better match-ups.

      He’s not a 5 mil player now. If he was a 3-4 million dollar player and a 50-60 point guy when healthy in a secondary scoring role we would be ecstatic. I’m in the camp that they guy deserved more then 4.3 mil for 6 for his cap friendly home town discount contract. (I don’t factor in the injuries) He was a 5 to 5.5 mil player then, he’s getting a mild overpayment now.

      Our record when he went down was horrible, and what happened to Sam Gagner’s production? He blew once Hemsky was done. the Oilers also had some difficulties scoring outside of Yakupov. You can’t replace skill easily and unless your getting proper compensation, let him play out his contract.

      Some Oiler should not be too hasty to run him outta town. Frankly I’d let him play out his year, no point in trading him for a 3rd rounder, and offer him a 3.5 million 2 or 3 year deal or let his take his talents to South Beach, or Madison Square or Joe Louis. I know the idea is to get bigger and younger, but hell he’s 30, he produces, and he has never been the problem. The Oilers problem is they are missing size and grit throughout their line-up. The Oilers have suffered through years of poor development and they did not produce enough serviceable assets.

      Hemsky played here when no one else wanted, went to the dirty areas like an undersized power forward, took too many Rhegier checks, and wore his body down. Lets give the guy respect…

      • I’ll go by paragraph. Hemsky was the best player on the ice in maybe 4 or 5 games….might have been!
        You could argue that the players around Hemsky made him better! You could also argue that Hemsky was ONE of the reasons that the second line bleed chance after chance.

        No. He’s not a 50 to 60 point guy anymore, you can’t give ice time to a player that MIGHT stay healthy or MIGHT score 50 points.
        Yakupov is a superior player to Hemsky and your willing to cut his development and ice time on the off chance Hemsky MIGHT stay healthy or MIGHT score 50 points.

        Comparing Gagner production to Hemsky being injured is ridicules, Yakupov was still scoring and Gagner production slowed because the PP dried up on him, not because Hemsky was injured! Gagner still produced despite Hemsky being injured for the last 3 years.

        This is a business and as much as we as fans have attachments to certain players, it’s what’s best for the team and the players on the team, and in some cases best for the player on the way out.
        Hemsky position has been filled, with a better player, so use Hemsky to fill a position that needs a better player down the roster.

        I agree that he was a great player for this team, but keeping him is not filling a role on another spot in the line up that needs an upgrade.

        • OilersBrass

          I couldn’t disagree more with everything you just said. Yakupov will be better than Hemsky yes, but there’s no way he is better than Hemsky now.

          Who do you suggest upgrading Hemsky with? Keep in mind before suggesting a ridiculous (ps. that’s how ridiculous is properly spelt) trade, that teams don’t want to give up a player that is better than Hemsky.

          • Actually he is better, better defensively, better offensively, younger, faster, stronger his Corsi is better, his shooting percentage is better and his 5×5 is better.

            I’m not sure what you constitute a better player but Yakupov is already better.

            I never said upgrade Hemskys position, I said Hemsky position is redundant and he COULD be used to upgrade a position of need.

            I’ll go slow.

            Trade Hemsky to fill Jones or Petrel spot in the line up, that would equal an upgraded position of need.

            Also I use an apple I-pad most of the time so if its spells a word wrong I apologize and beg you for forgiveness.

        • stretch14

          You could argue that Hemsky linemates made him better. But Hemsky historically carried weaker linemates. Hemsky was at times the Oilers best player on some aweful nights.

          50-60 point player. He would of been close if he wasn’t injured for the last month he played. The only arguement you can logically make is he is made of glass and gets injured.

          Gagner is largely effective dependant upon linemates as any player. As Hemsky went he went tthe earlier part of the year so did Gagner. What exactly happened when Hemsky was finished for the season. Some media types talked glowingly about Horcoff importance and record when he got hurt. No one said nothing about how this team tanked, and was completely lifeless for what ten games after left. Not the first time this team fell apart after he got injured. Its been a recurrect theme, facts are facts. Really we should argue are the Oilers better with Hemsky or not. I believe they are. not and letting his ship sail without filling th gigantic hole he will leave is stupid. You can’t replace talent easily, haven’t we learned how difficult it is to aquire effective players who csan contribute. We need more elite talent not less. We need effective grinders which are non existant. Having two many of the same type is the media’s perception of what the problem was. The problem was the Oilers have 6 forwards that need to retire or go to the AHL.

          Trading Hemsky for nothing but draft picks is creating a hole. This team is multiple players from being elite. Yak never filled his hole, they still have holes if the retained both. Elite talent just doesn’t come easy. Look at Pittsburgh, the more elite talent the better. You can never have enough.

          • Good points smoke.

            I agree he will be missed somewhere in the line up, but his position is forever filled.

            He can’t play on the first line and was bleeding chances on the second line.

            He is still very effective on the PP but would be a waste on the third line.

            If he’s not going to play in the top two lines then he should be moved to a team that could still use his skills.

            In return he could help the Oilers fill a role somewhere in the line up, somebody recently said the Oilers could ship Hemsky for Ott or Torres, this is exactly what I meant by saying he could help fill another need in the lineup.

            I don’t use Hemsky injuries as a crutch or an excuse to justify my point.

            I just think its time for Hemsky to be moved where he can still be useful, in return, I would hope the Oilers get a player of need in return.

          • Maddog

            All Hemsky is is an elite NHL zone entry specialist,not much else.He is probably top ten in that dept in terms of impact and consistancy.

            The 2nd line didnt need Hemsky at all last year,the 3rd line needed his zone entry and penetration ability.Our first two lines have that capability withiut Hemmer for the first time in his career.

            Hemsky didnt historiclly carry weaker linemates,he has always been and always will be a one dimensional player,elite at what he does,that is his true value right there,his puck possesion time makes it seem like he is carrying linemates but 50% of the time his habit of keeping the puck screws with them to much if they are creativerly talented as well,Hemmer needs snipers he can set up that dont need to be creative at all just shoot,big men who can get into position for his feeds from behind the net.

            A smart Vancouver team would trade Louongo for him straight across.

            Gagner dynamiclly managed his line the best last year by a large margin,making the absolute best of the opportunitys he had.We had a playoff caliber 2nd line all season and the 4th line showed potential at times,but the 1st and 3rd sunk us totally.1st being mismanaged for 2/3 of the season and the 3rd for giving us next to no offense at all.

            I agree we need Hemsky and his zone entry and penetration abilitys for the 3rd line to play with Smyth and Horcoff,that gives us an NHL playoff caliber 3rd line,this means only our 1st line needs to be managed better earlier for us to be in the right position to make the post season.

            I wouldnt trade Hemsky but he wouldnt regularly crack my top 6 unless he starts crapping goals like a seagull binge eating in the Macdonalds parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.

            I wouldnt accept another repeat of last year,nope,to the 3rd line with you and score your way out of it,and if you whine we need to plant you on the bench ASAP.Put it this way if the 1st line starts like it did last year,Hemmer will get Halls zone entry job quickly and taylor may find himself working his way back up from the 3rd line,because its just the zone entry ability we need in both spots.Our 3 top zonr entry guys are MPS,Hemsky,Hall,put em where you want em,but one per line please.If Ralph really wanted his pairs idea to work it could have he just had to identify these zone entry specialist and rotate them up and down to present different tactical looks and power projections,it is just these 3 that need to be moved,the pairs on the top 3 lines need to stay the same.Ralph refused to drop Hemmer to the 3rd and put and keep MPS on the 2nd early enough and properly manage Hall early enough,he corrected but to late,that is the season in a nutshell.Most else was acceptable last year.

          • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

            Dude, for the love of all things Oiler….

            Your “novels” have no place on a quick hit comments section. You sir, are too verbose for your own good, and suffer greatly from verbal constipation. Eat some cheese already, would ya?

            You want to post novels, get your own site, or (heaven forbid) contact the Great and Illustrious Wanye von Gretz and see if you can be an un-paid intern.*

            Most of us here @ ON skip through your comments anyways.

            * If that ever happens Wanye, find some way to block him for good

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            yeah another 493 word post saying a whole lot of nothing.

            all this site needs to do is get a little closer to 2003 and get us an ignore user button. problem solved.

          • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

            The idea that historically Hemsky doesn’t make linemates better is one of most nonsensical things I’ve read here. I wouldn’t normal touch an obscure statment. My responce is simple. Ill mention a name or two you can figure out the rest. Smyth, Penner, Horcoff,, do I need to keeep going

            Why would Vancouver trade for a top six forward from us. Do we have a plethera of top flight forwards or something. Last time I checked this team can’t score. They got more depth then Oilers? My calculation is this. We need 5 contributing forwards for next year. Why make it six. Why trade a guy for nothing if thats what he worth. He wants to be here. He competes more then many players here and always has, and he has one year left. You can’t replace his skill and the team is not better going forward when you have to replace yet another relatively young skilled forward who made a committment to be here.

            If you want to make an logical argument then say hes a one man band some nights. He has to be many nights, and he turned into that. He wasn’t that with Horcoff Smyth, or Nedved, Dvorak in the early years. He goes offside too much, he is not hard in the corners no more, and hes not an outspoken leader. But one thing for sure is trading Hemsky for picks and not replacing him (remember you have 5 spots open for NHL forwards and Yak is not his replacement) all you’ve done is gotten cap space, and changed direction slightly.

    • magisterrex

      Jon, Hemsky, is soft today because he got pounded over the past several years,even though he’s what 30 years old, his best days in the NHL, are behind him, due too injuries.

      But hey, pound me for $40 million bucks he collected in the last 6 years.

      Bigger stars then him have been moved in this league ,,, its business. You can’t sit on the bench visualizing how great he was 4 years ago.

      I would say that if the team cant get a premium return on him, might as well see what he puts up in the coming season.. its a gamble.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Jonny, when MacT mentioned, guys at best were going to be a non factor most nights, Hemsky is one of the guys he was referring to. The play dies far too often when on the stick of either 83 or 89. In a puck possession league, guys like these kill you.

          Put Clarkson or Hartnell in his place and the Oilers are already a better hockey club. A one game a month player in Hemsky, out, and in, a guy who’ll give it his all for 60-70 nights a season.

          Softie out, and a grinder in. The grinder i’m sure will put up more points than Hemsky.

          • MKE

            No one is saying don’t trade him. But your “euro trash” comment is out of line and really disrespectful.

            Then again maybe the only people you have respect for are the people who make more rude, condescending, and overly negative comments then you do.

          • If you think Hemsky was the guy he was talking about, you heard him a lot different than I did.

            Edit to add:

            Here’s the quote:

            In today’s NHL you really have to be a threat to score at some point, even marginally. We had a lot of guys who really, the best they were going to be in any given game was a non-factor. There wasn’t a lot of upside for our guys, our role players to significantly help us, but the few times we did we ended up winning those games.

            How you read that and get “Hemsky” I don’t know.

        • Maddog

          Hemsky has the most skill on the team,we have all seen it,but it is a rare site.I would love to is what he could do with the twins in van,or even in pitts. maybe he would bring his A game more,and it would be fun to watch.

  • 15w40

    Seems sideways and pointless. I think we will see Hemsky this season. This team went into tank mode after he left at the end of the season. I think this team will miss him more then we think we would. I betcha you ask Eberle would think of Hemsky being traded, it would sadden him knowing he’ll take a brunt of the extra attention.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hemmer is not going to be involved in any trade for high draft picks. No one wants him. I believe that we can still get a really good player at #7 if sean monahan is gone than darnell nurse is our guy. DN games reminds me of chris webber. DN is the second best dman in the draft and if hes there and not SM is gone than we take him and be happy!!

  • Hope doesn’t seem to cut it anymore with most . We have three “wing and a prayer ” newbies in the form of Belov , Klefbom and Marincin . I don’t perceive a marked increase in defencesive efficiency if we use all three . We need a top 1-2 to be competitive and I doubt any of them meet that requirement . Sounds like we are not even sold on Smid -he may be up for trade as suggested on other sites .
    I think there’s more questions now with all the talk of how we are going to get better , than answers .

  • @bumboclate, I know Hemskyis not worth a high pick alone, but he has offensive value still.

    I can see Hemsky packaged with trading the #7 and a prospect like Gernat or Musil in order to get to #2, #4 or #5.

    Maybe the Oil also throws in next yrs first rounder to to get that #2 pick from Florida. Especially if they want MacKinnon. Gagner or hemsky in a package would be okay for Florida as both can provide some decent offence…although Gagner is 23 and better suited for the deal potential.

    I also think Carolina will go for Darnell nurse instead of a forward, or even trade that #5 pick to the Oil for the #7 with prospects (again Gernat/Musil) and maybe Omark or Rajala. I think Nurse will be available at #7 still and Carolina will gladly deal it for a kid like Gernat or Musil.

    Thats probably only gonna happen if the Oil want barkov or Nichushkin really bad.

    Hemsky for Havlat is not a good upgrade or deal right now with Havlat older at 32 and with that extra yr contract.

    • MKE

      I don’t know what site I saw it on but when teams generally move up in a draft from say say 7th to 4th or 5th, that added pieces are like a late second or third round selection, not a top 6 forward and your second or third best prospect like Gernat. The guys a gem where we got him. He was better then Reinhardt this season who went 4th overall.

      These suggestion seem a little bit unrealistic to me. For a Jones or McKinnon you may need that level of overpay as you suggest. I dunno what it would take. These deals never get done unless its a Bowmeester or Rick Nash scenario. Two teams trading a spot or maybe two. Correct me if I am wrong the only other scenario was Spezza for Yashin, but look who was the GM orchestrating that disaster.

      This may be a bad example, and roast me accordingly. Say like last year when TO had the 5th. Would we have taken the 5th, Kulemin, and Holzer or Percy for Yakipov. I don’t think we would have.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    No way to Havlat.

    Hemmer has been the Oilers best player for many years. Under rated in terms of toughness and value. Deserving of our gratitude.

    Time to move him if you get fair value. Should have moved him at the deadline for max value.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Keep Havlat away from the young guns………there are too many possibilities out there to explore besides Havlat.

    Watching the combines, I would move heaven and earth to get Nichuskin. Forget getting a huge center, get this guy now……….the possibilities of watching him play along side Yaks is too much for one to imagine!

    Nichuskin is big, fast, and can skate like the wind, there is nothing not to like.

    • horndog77

      Ya, I almost hope Nichuskin is gone at 7th. That kid is something else, world class speed and size and hands. He’s a no brainer top 5 talent that I’m scared may slip totally do to the Russian Factor. The Oilers would probably draft for postion rather then BPA and I don’t want to be thinking for 15 years we took the wrong player. Nurse and Nichuskin are the wild cards. If Nurse goes to Carolina which is possible, and Nichuskin slips, I think I’d join the bandwagon to move Hall to Center, and get the kid.

      Imagine a line of Nich/Hall/Yak…would there be a faster and a more totally defensively irresponsible line in the NHL. Sign me up.

  • horndog77

    Thanks but no thanks! Seriously Hemsky and Havlat are like brothers from different mothers, high end talent but made of glass. The last thing Edmonton needs to do is take on more salary. The thought of getting another second rounder sounds great, but I’m sure trading Hemsky to a team for a second rounder would be much easier.

  • horndog77

    I was thinking about it, do you think columbus would trade 19 overall plus johansen for gagner plus a second? Then we can try to move up, or pick lindholm/monoghan, then draft a mantha or similar with an extra first.
    Nuge lindholm johansen horcoff ufa(4th liner)

  • OilClog

    The idea of trading Hemsky for Havlat is ridiculous!! Havlat is hurt just as much as anyone in the league!! At a bigger cap hit then Hemmer! This article is a waste.