Why Columbus is a great trading partner for Edmonton

There probably isn’t a team in the NHL that is a more logical trading partner for the Edmonton Oilers than the Columbus Blue Jackets. Lots of draft picks? Check. Good players on iffy contracts that could be dealt? Check. Strength on defence? Check. Executives with knowledge of the team? Check. All the ingredients are in place.

Draft Picks

Columbus has the following picks at this year’s entry draft:

  • First round, 14th overall
  • First round, 19th overall
  • First round, 27th overall*
  • Second round, 44th overall
  • Fourth round, 105th overall
  • Sixth round, 165th overall
  • Seventh round, 195th overall

*The exact position of the Los Angeles Kings’ first round draft pick is still unknown.

If the Oilers plan to move down for draft picks only, Columbus has a nice stockpile of first-round selections. If they want to move down to add a player and a pick, again the Blue Jackets are a logical trading partner.


R.J. Umberger. I’ve written about the possibility of the Oilers acquiring Umberger from Columbus before, and believe it’s the kind of move that could benefit both teams. From a Blue Jackets’ perspective, a primary reason he’s vulnerable is contract – he comes with a $4.6 million cap hit for the next four years, he’s 31 and Columbus isn’t a cap team (Umberger has been mentioned as a potential buyout candidate, though that strikes me as unlikely). He also had a bit of a down year offensively (31-point pace over an 82-game season after five years between 40 and 57 points).

From an Oilers perspective, Umberger fits a lot of criteria. Positionally, he has spent significant time at both left wing and centre, meaning he could slot in behind Taylor Hall on the port side (and perhaps help Sam Gagner by taking some draws for him) or he could move to the middle if needed. He’s a reasonably good volume shooter: he’s fired 200+ shots in each of the four seasons before this one. He’s also a career 10.7 percent shooter, which is why he scored between 20-26 goals in each of the four seasons prior to this one. He’s a two-way player used to playing tough minutes (defensive zone starts, good opponents, penalty kill) and he also plays a reasonably physical style. Topping it all off: he stands 6’2” and weighs 220 pounds.

Ryan Johansen. A 6’3”, 203 pound centre, Johansen was the fourth overall pick in the 2010 draft and a guy the Oilers have reportedly always coveted to at least some degree. He hasn’t delivered offensively at the NHL level but is a big young centre with undeniable talent.

Boone Jenner. Another big centre, Jenner is a prospect it’s difficult to imagine the Blue Jackets turning over. The 6’2”, 204 pound Jenner has always been of interest as a big defensive forward, but last season evolved into a player capable of producing high-end offence (45 goals in 56 games) at the junior level.

The defence. The Blue Jackets are strong on the blue line and have a number of players that might be of interest to Edmonton. James Wisniewski’s big money contract makes him expendable; he’s still a top-four defenceman with significant offensive talent and decent size (6’, 208 pounds). Other players are less likely to be available (or less desirable, in the case of Jack Johnson), but Fedor Tyutin would be a phenomenal acquisition for the Oilers and Nikita Nikitin is underrated.


The other obvious connection is Scott Howson – Craig MacTavish’s top lieutenant just finished up a long stretch as the Jackets’ general manager. He knows the players on the team – he acquired a lot of them – he knows their prospect system and he also likely has a better idea of the financial situation of the team than anybody else outside the organization.

None of this is any guarantee that a trade will be made, but there’s no doubt that the Blue Jackets match up very well as a potential trade partner for the Oilers.

Recently around the Nation Network

At Canucks Army, Jeff Angus has been running a series looking at potential trades involving Vancouver defenceman Alex Edler. In Trading Alex Edler: Who To Target, Part II, the Edmonton Oilers get a prominent mention:

Would the Canucks move Edler for Eberle? Would Edmonton? Would the trade make Vancouver significantly better? I think it would improve Edmonton’s team considerably – no slight to Eberle, but a two-way puck mover like Edler would be exactly what the doctor ordered (or has been trying to order for years) for the Oilers. Would the Canucks move Edler for Gagner and Paajarvi? Generally, the team receiving the best player in a trade wins the deal, so this probably isn’t one that would interest Mike Gillis a whole lot.

While the idea of running Alex Edler/Jeff Petry and Ladislav Smid/Justin Schultz is much more appealing than the current mix, my trouble with trading for a guy like Edler would be that I don’t trust him as a defensive defenceman. He has real offensive tools, but even in highly favourable usage under Alain Vigneault the Canucks have been better off with other defencemen on the ice. 

Click the link above to read the whole piece, or feel free check out some of my other pieces here:

  • Concur

    Jenner would be a huge addition to the oilers group and a perfect 3rd line centre… Big body, physical, bit of crazy and looks to have found his offensive game… I was a bit disappointed when the oil didn’t grab him in the 2nd round of the 11 draft.. The only way I would acquire umberger is if horcoff went the other way and Columbus added a pick for the extra contract years… Would be a wash for the oil for 2 years and a change of scenery for both guys…

  • OilClog

    Johansen.. Perfect age and match for the cluster, could get it going playing with this group. Wouldn’t pay much for him though, Lander + Omarks rights.

    Boone hasn’t delivered squat in the Bigs, we need the help now.

    Tyutin would be real nice.

    If Jordan Eberle was to be traded, better be someone more significant then Edler. If anyone wants Eberle, they better be offering the Moon and Stars.

  • OilClog

    I have never been a huge Howson fan, so when the Oil announced hiring him, I thought, “How is he going to help us? There goes Lowe again keeping his friends employed”. After reading your article Jonathan, I think Howson is going to be money in the bank for us. Now Lowes logic (at least in this case) makes sense .

  • Concur

    I can’t see the Oilers moving Eberle for Edler. I like the prospect of trading with Columbus. My only concern is the cap room, if the Oilers want to be adding veterans that cost, they have to be shipping out contracts. This means more than just Belanger and Eager. Top of my list would be N Shultz, he is being too much for 3rd pairing.

  • DSF

    JW, you’ve identified several CLB players the Oilers might have interest in, but what EDM players would the Blue Jackets have interest in?

    As far as I can see, they wouldn’t have any interest in an Oiler defenseman other than Schultz Jr. and I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

    Also bear in mind Ryan Murray will likely be joining the Jackets this fall.








    They’ve shored up their goaltending with Bobrovsky so that leaves forwards.

















    So what holes do the Jackets have that the Oilers could fill?

    They might have been interested in Hemsky but they went out and acquired Gaborik.

    I doubt they would have much interest in Gagner since they’re pretty solid at centre with Boone Jenner on the way.

    They might want to be rid of Jack Johnson’s contract in return for a scoring winger but the Oilers don’t have any to spare unless Eberle is in play.

    So, while the Oilers might covet what the Jackets have I can’t see the interest in the other direction and, with 3 first round picks, the Jackets are in a great position to wheel and deal at the draft.

    • Sox and Oil

      They may not have much interest in roster players but I think we should go after Jenner as I’ve stated before.

      7th overall, 37th overall or Paajarvi (to replace Prospal long term perhaps) for Jenner and one of their first rounders.

    • I strongly suspect that the chance of dumping Umberger or Wisniewski’s contract would appeal to the Jackets. Both have been mentioned as potential buyout/trade candidates over the past year in the press there.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if something along the lines of Hemsky for Umberger appealed to both teams.

      Also, for a non-cap team like CBJ, Horcoff at $3.5 million/year in actual salary might appeal, too.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Hemmer for Umberger looks like the most likely scenario.

        But Hemskys zone entry ability has to be replaced if we move him,he isnt the area we need to upgrade size from,his systemic value is to high.I wouldnt trade him for anything less than he is,an elite zone entry specialist,with above average offense when healthy.He is a true puck mule and for a team like the Nucks he is a gem they would overpay to get t heir hands on,he could take them over the top.

        Will Umberger at 35 be able to keep up with our core hitting their own early primes?Will he be able to keep up for even two years with our roster?I am thinking a 27 year old today peaks at 31 just when we need him there and an Umberger on the same timeline is fighting the onset of chronic injuries and old man time as a big heavy man at 35 .

        Its a fine line but we can use Umberger,if we are looking to insert him on the 3rd line where Hemsky belongs,then he is a perfect workhorse to lug us into the playoffs and in that dynamic he is not a centerpiece so we can absorb any injury downtime easily by rotating guys in the bottom 6.And we can bring his size into the top 6 if we need to.

        The problem is the zone entry capability we lose,Hemmer is a sure thing and mkes our 3rd line a championship one by lugging the puck into the o-zone consistantly and dominating the 3rd line game dynamic with offensive pressure for 60 mins,I WOULDNT trade hemmer.Unless we also make another move and add a zone entry specialist to the 3rd line as well as Umberger.we want to dominate 3rd line minutes and hemsky can do that right now and for another four years or more if we let him just specialise on our 3rd line as he has always done,he will find he scores just as many goals from there with his style,and wins us more games by breaking opponents from that position.He will feast on 3rd line opposition like never before over 82 games.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          As much as I am not a Hemsky fan, he is one of the best at driving the def off that blueline when he is motivated and you wonder how much that would be missed? Eberle shows capabilities to pick up the slack there.

          • Hair bag

            I agree Eberle is showing this ability but he isnt elite and on his line Hall is as one of our three elite zone traversing and entry players we need to spread out.

            The main thrust I have for keeping Hemsky here is that he can play into the top 6 and because of his skillset and individual possesion scoring ability he can dominate other teams from the 3rd line spot and win us games from there,Hemsky doesnt really need his linemates to set him up to score,he is a one-off guy who will always gain the zone and when he does shoot he scores well,he needs muscle on the 3rd line or any line he is on to gain real estate in front and recieve his consistant passes he makes all game long when he cant tuck it in as he dominates the zone.We can deal Smyth and Horcs but we need Hemmer on the 3rd line,we can give him Moroz and another beast but we need his zone entrys.

            I dont want Hemmer here as a top 6 forward.I want him here as a 3rd line catalyust as I did last year after the first 3 games were done and i saw the need.

            Championship teams have guys like Hemmer on their 3rd lines for just these reasons of dominance,the idea is to beat the opponent on all four lines over 60 mins,not compete .Hemmers skills let us seal up the 3rd line as our win,we dominate with him there,out top 2 lines will have to carry the ball like they are paid to do,and Hemmer can stay one dimensional as he is elite like that.On the 3rd we WANT him to do what comes naturally,in the top 6 we need to micro-manage him and he cant deal with it constantly.

            Hall made Hemmer expendable as the 1st line zone entry catalyst.MPS has the size and defensive awareness to present a different look that we need on the 2nd line,so that means hemmer is on the 3rd line or gone.

            I like Eberles habits especially when he pauses on the halfwall,but he has nowhere near the consistancy of our top 3 zone entry men yet,these are the guys who CANNOT be consistantly stopped by good defenses and they force adjstments to be made.Hall has speed like Hemmer and can score,MPS has SIZE that creates more space naturally , speed and is defensively aware,Hemmer has speed and passes consistantly.Those 3 are what we have to work with on the elite level.And those are the intangibles i see them bringing.

            We dont even have a man like this for the 4th line yet and we need one there,we cant really create another hole now.

    • Actually, Dubinsky primarily played LW last season iirc

      He would be the classic MacTavish player, one that can play wing or center, PP or PK and has a good cap hit with term.

      This is who The Oilers should be after.

      Umberger is soft

      • DSF

        Agree completely.

        He would be a perfect fit as #2LW and, at 27 is a much better fit for the Oiler group.

        Question is, what would the Oilers need to do to acquire him?

        Just noticed he took 439 face-offs in only 29GP last season and managed to win 58.3 percent of them.

        • A million dollar question.

          CBJ has depth down the middle, they have a very respectable back end.

          Goal and defensive forwards would be my guess.

          Could a package work?

          Would be good to know which one of the reports out of CBJ last year of Dubinsky wanting out or if CBJ were the ones shoppiing him

  • Sox and Oil

    I can’t see Edmonton being interested in Wiz. If for some reason they did want him, Hemsky would have to be going the other way no? Plus what kind of incentive would Columbus need to include to off load that much salary?

    Wiz plus 19OV (too much? LA’s 1st then)for Hemsky and Edmonton’s 2nd (or Anaheim’s 2nd if its LAs 1st)

  • Lexi


    The other thing that makes Columbus a good trading is them moving to the Eastern Conference.

    To me Nikitin is the obvious target, and he will probably be the least expensive top 4 Dman on the market. He only has 1 year left until UFA, so he has minimal trade value, has played with Belov so would seem to be a great fit. What would need to be added to Hemsky with some retained salary to make it work? A second round pick/a Musil like prospect/Nick Schultz?

  • Sox and Oil

    All the good players that the BJ have came from fairly good drafting…….us giving up any draft picks may fill a need now but will be costly down the road.

    I believe that every team in the NHL has players (given the new CBA) they no longer can afford to keep. The smart teams will be looking heavily on the compliance buyouts, and picking the best available players to bridge their needs until draft pick mature.

    It’s too bad our past idiotic GM gave up our third and fourth round draft picks for absolutely nothing! We could have had another potential first round draft pick ( Hemsky) but he managed to screw this up also. How much would that have helped in drafting up……..say to secure a top five pick? Maybe we would be talking about moving up and taking Nichushkin right now? This kid is the next Malkin except meaner………we do not have the draft choices available to help us move up in the draft……thanks ST!

  • Eberle would have to be part of a blockbuster deal that I don’t see happening . Edler not near enough . Maybe they try Edler , Bieksa , Kesler , Burrows , and take Luongo off their hands : while we toss them Hemsky , Horcoff , Belanger , Eager and Hortichuk to go with Gagner – not Eberle . Columbus doesn’t need us and no sense overpaying them or anyone else .

    Marketplace for buyouts will be at an alltime high – and maybe we might be better off to enter that reduced market than risk an overpayment elsewhere .

  • Sox and Oil

    I wonder if EDM might be looking at Erixon? CLB has a bunch of LH D, he might be available, we know Howson liked him enough to acquire him once (Nash trade).

    Would EDM look at the 7th for Erixon + one of CLB’s other picks, if the player they want at 7 isn’t available? If they are going to draft a D at 7 anyways, maybe?

      • I’m not sure how much of a factor that would be to them. Yes, Erixon didn’t want to sign with CAL when he had a choice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t want to play in EDM now. I don’t really remember anything about him asking for a trade from CLB after they acquired him in the Nash deal.

        • His refusal to sign in Calgary was mostly due to the fact that Calgary had a history of bringing in vets rather than playing youth. He felt ready to play. The second factor was he wanted to play where his dad did. I don’t think he would have a problem with a trade to Edmonton. It would be pricey though.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Edmonton should sit tight and prevent a Wisniewsky type of mistake the Jackets made. They’ll be saddled with that deal for most of the next 5 yrs. Be patient and see what happens this season with Klefbom, Belov and Marincin. A plan B move like a Streit,Yandle or (insert name here) could become an awful burden, sooner rather than later if one or even two of these 3 kids show they belong this yr.

    Unless the Oilers find a way to do business with Poile on the much talked about #6, there’s no way any of the fab 5 are involved/ going anywhere. Maybe with another boatload of patience, it’ll be most cost effective longer term. After 7 yrs of suckage, what’s another couple seasons waiting for the Oilers to grow their own top pairing blueliners. It certainly appears to be the only option.

    Still believe in that Johansen kid, sooner or later that kid will start to blossom. He’s probably the only reason to talk to the Jackets as far as the Oil are concerned. A lot of good those first rounders are going to be for Columbus, those selections have to all be 2-4 yrs away, if they pan out at all.

  • striker777

    Wasn’t Nikitin playing with Beloved in the KHL during this lockout and Belov had a career year?

    Good article, as there are so many trade possibilities with CLB. However, trading away #7 pick if Nichushkin is still available, is totally unacceptable.

    I like Paajarvi to CLB for their #27 and Johansen or Jenner.

      • OilLeak

        DSF, comments like these is where you lose rationality. Jenner has proved nothing at this point so Paajarvi is worth much more. A Paajarvi for Johansen trade would be pretty close to equal value, but I’m not sure I would make that trade.

        • DSF

          Oh, good grief.

          Paajarvi’s upside is a 3rd line winger.

          No one is going to trade a first round pick AND a promising centre prospect to get a 3rd line winger.

          NO ONE.

          Get a grip.

          • I agree with you for most of this comment except regarding Paajarvi’s upside, since he is already a 3rd line winger and still may have top six upside.

            I’d like to point out that you often seem to use the term “upside” as having a different definition depending on the point you’re trying to make.

            Paajari certainly doesn’t bring Johansen and the 7th but Paajarvi for Johansen straight up is not entirely outrageous. I wouldn’t do it if I’m Columbus, but…

      • striker777

        From everything I’ve seen, Columbus no longer has time for Johansen. In fact, they’re sitting him out on their farm club.
        I understand tendency to overvalue other teams’ players, but I don’t understand under-valuing our own players. Paajarvi finally understood what he has to do in order to succeed in the NHL. I am not even sure we should be moving him, and this trade proposal was just an example.

        (Sorry for misspelling Belov above. Damn auto-correct).

    • MKE

      Didn’t his career year continue after Nikitin left..

      Not a knock on Nikitin because I like him. Just saying. Belov seemed to be doing very well even after Nikitin left.

      Im hoping we have a real gem in Belov

  • DSF

    Does anyone else think NewAgeSys is just using a hockey thesaurus to make sentences to try and prove a point.

    Could have some valid points but I find myself skipping over the 500 page novel with incoherent sentences for better comments.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I find that he uses a continuous system of dynamic and inversely intuitive systemic verses of prose combined with a sentence gapping structure in a centerpiece of defensive dynamic anti-intuitive player movement purple horse tree rain.

      I have tried to use my optical receptors to scan and peruse a shifting dynamically updating screen on which words are typed and appear to instantly systemize hard hat retaining wall players shifting gap dynamic INTUITIVE. Opposing an opposite structure of DYNAMIC and SYSTEM opposition. The length of the structure of gapped wordage that NewAgeSys continually APPEARS to try to intelligently and intuitively dynamic system play type in a MONKEY rookie. haha

      But they are waiting too long before GAPPING a systemic DYNAMIC anti-intuitive specialist of verbage and word-playing intelligent sentence typing of antidiestablishmentarianism abundance to type and continually system the RK PP on the FIRST LINE actually maybe means a DEFENSE and DYNAMIC system of systemnes systemic.

      If I CAPITALIZE dynamic wordage and verbose BOLD you can understand an Occasional point of words that can BE SEEN on a screen. A point of rookies playing on a DYNAMIC playoff contender line of the 3rd degree of my system and gap a dynamically flower monkey. And a word count of changing OILERS on a line of system OFFENSE with an offensive upstart on a first line of sentence binder.

      • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

        you forgot the PART about being a 5’7″ dude with a bit of a weight problem but STILL somehow being able to rival the top NFL prospects in terms of average 40 yard dash time.

        • DSF

          Nice of you to remember some of the good stuff,dont forget the parts about training with and competing against Olympic caliber sprinters,CFL level players,Team Canada level Rugby players,New Zealand All-Blacks,oodles of hockey guys,most who never made it to the NHL a few who did,not to mention a little coaching of both mens and womens sports teams thrown in for fun.Oh yes and come on now be more accurate I was running at about 190 lbs when I was hitting 4.6 /40s.I couldnt maintain that at over 200lbs,but dam close.

          There was the Football named Palmer,who was the only ball player to top me endirance.I have had associations with NHL players but choose to keep them out of my conversations because I never played hockey and didnt compete directly against them or train with them.But they were around.

          There was the unofficial Canadian javelin record I threw at 14,oh hell I cant remember everything.

          Who the hell would listen to someone who hadnt accomplished anything?Some people BS online and some dont.I dont.

          If you nitpick enough my memory might slip a tad here or there like anyone,I am a bit long in the tooth.But generally you will get the same schtick from me.Yes I turned down scholarships and overseas Professional playing opportunitys before i was old enough to get into the bar.

          I never really thought much of my path,and never ever brought it up until I began posting online,everyone is a competitor and has a story,I like to let people know where I am coming from,and i dont care if they BS me about themselves,I am not here to play Maury Pauvich with the cyber-polygraph.

          As a competitor you wouldnt have gotten a word out of me unless you were a teammate in the room or an opponent on the field or court.I NEVER spoke up about my own accomplishments,not ever, it was a superstitious thing with me,and tacticlly and dynamiclly unsound.I wouldnt even talk shop after my shower,never.Total disconnect the minute i was dried off everything stayed with the towel,no carryover at all,I played to many sports to dwell on things for very long without screwing with the next domino.

          The NewAge Hockey System didnt come blowing out of me arse 3 years ago and just land on the Oilers site by fluke prior to my unholy banning as many probably wish it had,it is a product of a well versed and dominant competative and coaching mindset,one used to winning,and if possible crushing opponents.I created the NHS FOR the Oilers.,ha ha ha.

          I never played hockey so ,obviously on a hockey site I have a lot of fun trying to keep up to everyone in some areas,but the dynamic is reversed in an equal number of areas when it comes to understanding the winning formula as applied to all competative dynamics because I own that area when up against traditional hockey mindsets,I specialised in dissecting that specific mindset as i grew up,most good athletes were hockey brainwashed.It gave me a real edge,because they all think alike,its the quality coaching across the board,ha ha ha.I admittedly used to pick on hockey players for sport.Why not they were the biggest challenge?2nd only to unholy freaking Lacrosse Players,gotta love em always trying to hurt you ,hey I forgot to mention my friend and training partner who played for the Seaspray….oh forget about it,you will quit believing me soon ha ha ha ha.Oh yea I forgot,you already dont believe me,ha ha ha,thats cool.

          • OilClog

            Ha ha ha ha,no,I was an undersized Defensive End.

            And it was the Most Outstanding Male Athlete title in High School,not a record,and not Polk High but close,ha ha ha.

          • There was no close second ,ha ha ha.There was a second alright,ha ha ha,but it wasnt close by an epic margin.

            I devoted extra-curricular time as well as credited curricular time on coaching Womens teams,ha ha ha,funny you say that because at times it sure did feel like an All-Girls Boarding School,but every job has its downside right?I tried to manage as best I could.I dont remember a Molly,but there was the odd stache that popped up here and there from time to time,it takes many colors to make a Rainbow right?

          • OilClog

            @ Devolution.

            That sounds like a challenge Punk– do you play shuffleboard by chance?

            You dont want any of this action kiddo,ha ha ha,Dynamic Fiber catalysed Tactics make for a mean game of Shuffleboard you know.

            MPS is evolving to fast to neglect now he needs solid 2nd line time for 82 games,his size defensive awareness and upper end speed cannot be easily replaced in one package,he has significantly increased in value,and its because of his truly hardnosed and sustained play all year long,he is establishing himself as being willing to go to the dirty greasy areas with speed and power,and he selectively challenges d-men head on now aggressively at the right times,his decision making acumen has improved and so has his work ethic and leadership skills he is very reactive to the coaches and accountable to them,he is trending upwards nicely.Your valuation is solid.

            I really want to see Kharkov in the NHL and Moroz,we have some reslly big bodies we can ice if they can make the grade.I am not afraid to make changes if one of these guys breaks in and over a current roster player in the bottom 6.

            I am not sure Mac-T will be so quick to make any moves that arent blockbuster sized,and dont think for a minute that for the right price we couldnt see anyone packing their bags and heading out of town,as we all very well know can happen.We have enough skill now that an all-star top 5 elite NHL d-man would pull the trigger on anyone except Nuge.

            Does Columbus have any face-off aces on the roster or in their system anywhere?

    • Hair bag

      He’s been pretty good lately. He’s been more concise. I’ve found myself actually reading his comments. He’s gone from writing a Thesis to giving us the Coles notes.

  • MKE

    The blue jackets need more elite level talent. That’s why they made the move for Gaborik.

    Nikitin would help Belov make a smooth transition.

    I’m a little worried Johansen could be another Brule waiting too happen.

    If it was me I would love to have Mark Letestu playing in my bottom six.

    I would also rather have someone like Dalton Prout over Tim Erixon. But that’s just me.

  • MKE

    If I was the Blue Jackets I would be asking the Oilers to pay more for Nikitin.

    With the Belov signing it would be clear Nikitin’s value would be higher to Edmonton then most.

    If it was me, I really don’t want to give up any of the fab 4 forwards unless we are getting a legit top 2 defenceman.

    But the last time we saw a hockey trade like that was Hossa for Heatly

  • Forget Umberger, too old, and to expensive for what the Oilers are building.

    I would target Bickell from the Hawks. I think is value just went up after the play offs, but not sure what Chicago would offer for resign.?

    His current Salary is under a million dollars.
    This is exactly the kind of LW the team needs.

    He’s a UFA at season end… I’d offer him $3 million per season.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I wouldn’t give you a hamburger for Umberger – too old for our squad . The only hope is for R.Murray and why bother when we could have Nurse or Ristolainen this year ? I’d prefer to focus on Jets .

  • misfit

    The other item that lines up the Oilers and BJs nicely as trade partners is Columbus’ league-worst powerplay, and the likely availablity of Ales Hemsky (a known Blue Jacket killer, though that’s probably lesser known factor with current Columbus management).

  • stretch14

    Lay off the sauce Willis! This article is even worse than the Havlat one and by the looks of it took just as long to write.

    Are the Oilers and Blue Jackets good trading partners on the surface? Sure, maybe if the Oilers want to move down in the draft which is a dumb idea to begin with unless CBJ is willing give up the 14th and 19th picks for #7 and even then I’m hesitant.

    Do you really think taking on the bloated contracts of Umberger and Wisniewski are going get the Oilers back in the playoffs? Even taking on one of those will be terrible for our cap situation a couple years down the road.

    You think that the Blue Jackets are clamouring to give up good young talent like Johansen and Jenner to the Oilers? What are we going to give without subtracting anything significant from our roster?

    Since when is Aucoin, Erixon,Nikitin, Prout, Tyutin and Wisnieswki considered a “strong defense” to the point where they feel they have the depth to give up a roster play for picks/prospects? Even with Murray in the pipeline.

    And lastly did you use the words phenomenal and Tyutin the same sentence?

    • If I understand your position correctly:

      1) The Oilers can’t trade the 7th overall pick.

      2) The Oilers can’t trade anything significant off their roster.

      3) $4.6 million is a bloated contract for a second-line winger.

      Well, gosh, if all that’s correct the Oilers really are toast. They’re only allowed to move insignificant assets and can’t take on anybody making even modest money.

      Also, yes, Fedor Tyutin would be a phenomenal acquisition for the Oilers. I don’t think it’s doable, but he’d help a lot.

      • stretch14

        Not surprisingly you don’t understand correctly, good attempt to put words in my mouth though.

        1) The Oilers can trade the 7th pick. I’d love to trade up or get a good roster player. Personally, I don’t think trading down is a good idea.

        2) The Oilers can trade something significant from their roster but it will just open another hole to fill. You can trade a Sam Gagner for a Ryan Johansen but that’s pretty much a wash and considering where both players are at right now, it’s not going to improve the Oilers for next season where it’s playoffs or bust. The Oilers are at the point where they need to trade picks/prospects for veterans or win a trade like the Blackhawks did with Sharp.

        3) Yes, 4.6mil is an overpay for a mediocre winger on the decline with 4 years left on his deal. Considering what the Oilers have tied up in Hall and Eberle and soon Gagner, RNH, Yakupov. Not to mention we don’t have any defencemen on big deals yet. You can’t have 6 fwd’s making upwards of $4.5mil without being in cap hell. If Umberger had 1 or 2 years left on his deal maybe you take that gamble with RNH and Yak still on ELC’s but 4 years!? Fuggedabouit.

  • OilClog

    I’d say Magnus is still a promising prospect himself that has graduated and can play on the 2nd line or 3rd depending on assignment and contribute effectively. This has now been proven alil more this past season.. Meaning if I were to trade paajarvi, I’d want atleast a 1st rd pick and a promising prospect.

    • Ha ha ha ha,thats cool,and guess what we are related s scary as that is for me,because I happen to be directly related to the Queen of England ,actually several members of my family have sat on the Throne of Merry Olde England.Doesnt that just tickle your funny bone,eh??

      jesus this is even getting spooky for me,every time the stakes go up I seem to be trumping,MMmm,thats odd isnt it?

      Under the right catastrophic circumstances I could techniclly become King of England,as could others in my Family,you would have to see the demise of a hell of a lot of people in line first but the template is there already by birth.The NHS has a chance after all,ha ha ha haa.

      Remeber I said I dont BS,I have to ask you for the record are YOU really the King of France?

  • striker777

    Johanson and Exiron are the age and positions we need to improve on our team. If they have given up on Johanson and Exiron seems to be the “throw-in” player. Could a hockey trade be made for MPS and one of our “throw-in” players?

  • vetinari

    Columbus does look like a logical trading partner but somehow I doubt anything will come to pass between now and July because there seems to be a complete lack of chatter going on between the teams right now.

    If anything, I could see a trade between these strictly for picks (maybe their 14th and 44th pick for our 7th or maybe their 14th and 19th for our 7th and 37th).