There’s so much low-brow one-downsmanship on the radio now it’s not often something is in such bad taste or so offensive it grabs my attention to the point of outrage, but The Dean Blundell Show at 102.1 The Edge managed it today.

Blundell, an Albertan and a talk show host based in Toronto, apparently finds humor in what is feared to be the drowning former Edmonton Oil King and Edmonton Oiler draft pick Kristians Pelss in Riga, Latvia.

While family, friends, fans and members of the Oil Kings and Oilers hope for the best and fear the worst while awaiting word on the fate of Pelss, who has been missing for three days, Blundell and his co-host used this unfolding tragedy as material on their show today – as pointed out by an Edmontonian going by the handle of JRM on Twitter.

Listening to the podcast of Blundell’s show, which runs 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., made me numb – as numb as I felt when I first heard reports yesterday Pelss has gone missing was feared drowned. I’ll resist the urge to mount the soap box here and let Blundell’s routine speak for itself.


"Edmonton Oilers prospect Kristians Pelss disappeared without a trace after reportedly jumping off a bridge in his native Latvia. Pelss, who played two seasons with the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL is believed to have jumped into the dark of a river in the capital city of Riga, Latvia early Tuesday morning," said Blundell, reading the first part of the item in straight news style. "Rescuers have seen no sign of him, according to a news agency.

"His clothes were found on the scene but a search of the river failed to turn him up. Edmonton Oil Kings organization along with the Edmonton Oilers and AHL Barons ba-da-ba-da-ba-da said that reports of him going missing are being looked at this week. There’s been contradictory information reported at times. They are hoping he returns to the Edmonton Oilers and Oil Kings organization shortly."

Then, the item takes a sickening turn.

"How much must it suck playing hockey in Edmonton when you . . . I’m not going back. I mean, you’d rather jump off a bridge in like a war-torn country in a freezing cold river than go back to Edmonton. Shame. I hope they find him. I’ve been to Edmonton. I know what that guy’s talking about (laughs)."

The link to the offending podcast is here. It’s the first item under "Current Feed Content," using the "play now" button.

The station manager at 102.1 The Edge is Ross Winters. If you care to reach him, you can do so here.

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  • Jodes

    Maybe one should arrange a phone call from the family of Mr. Pelss and he can man up and explain his actions and words. But He will probably give some half assed apology andcontinue to be his usual classless self.

  • Toro

    I have working my arse off on twitter to get this out there, thanks for helping spread the word on a pathetic excuse for a person. I wonder if he’d be cracking jokes if his kid jumped off a bridge. I know his comments were sent to the crtc, let’s hope they do something about it. Keep up the good work.

  • Eddie Shore

    Completely inappropriate and very disrespectful…exactly what I told Ross Winters in my email. Pathetic that someone would make light of this, no matter where or who they play for.

  • That’s “lose your job” level of stupidity, if you ask me. Completely insensitive to Pelss’ family, teammates, friends, and fans to make light of a terrible situation. I’m not sure what goes through someone’s mind to actually think it would be a good idea to say something like that, especially right now when it’s weighing on peoples’ minds.

    Hopefully the idiot gets fired.

    I actually got choked up a bit just telling this story to my fiance

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag


    I’ve done my part and sent a lengthy email to ross winters.

    I’ve asked for the removal of Blundell from the air – hopefully enough other people do as well.

    thanks for passing this story along.

  • go-oil

    Unreal- Lets pitch in for a a plane ticket to come to our City and
    vist with us. I know a place they will never find his sorry assed carcass.

    That is the ultimate no-class move i have ever heard.

    Bud F–K you. You piece of s–t We should turn you over to his family.

    Lets do what we have to do to have him fired, petition whatever it takes.

    You absolute F–k. Sorry Guys , i like all of you despise crap like this.

  • Rob...

    not that you folk don’t have the right to be upset, but how pretentious are you people? If you don’t like something than change it. Don’t take to a public lynching because “I’m” offended. Was it crass and untimely? Sure but all you people who never had a clue for this poor kid was before today are equally repugnant in that your empathy and “numbness” is so insincere it’s sickening.

    • Jamie B.

      You complete dickhead. Yeah, sorry to get personal but your comment is as personal an insult to me. This is an Oilers fan website, people here love this team no doubt more than is reasonably sane. We follow these kids from the day they’re drafted, not to mention that he played in Edmonton so we got to watch him in person, watch a young man come over here barely speaking any English, watch him work hard and grow.

      Yeah, I never met Kristians in person, but that just makes it worse, because if I feel this bad about what happened to him, I can only imagine a fraction of what his family and friends are feeling right now. If Blundell had any of that empathy he would never have made a comment like that. It sickens me that close friends and teammates of Pelss like Travis Ewanyk had to hear some jackass ignore common human decency because he just wanted to make a joke. Don’t tell me what I should feel about this. I didn’t just decide to be outraged at someone for the hell if it, my life’s not that f***ing sad.

      • Mumbai Max

        It is when people start going after him on twitter/facebook saying “go ef yourself” or even “go kill yourself” (which I saw on twitter). That’s when this situation really starts to annoy me. But hey, if you wish to express your opinion in a professional manner like you mentioned above go right ahead, it’s good by all means and everyone should have their say. It’s just that people who are attacking him so viciously don’t exactly seem much better themselves.

  • Big J

    The level of hypocrisy here is astounding. Everyone has laughed at or joked about Michael Jackson, or the Hitler rant parodies, for example. So I guess its fine for some people to say whatever they like, but not others. Do you really think a manager for a Toronto based radio station is concerned about the backlash from Oiler fans? From a radio station, a talk show, and a host that most people hadn’t even heard of?

    • Rob...

      If you can’t come up with better examples than those two then you just failed big-time. I’d instead compare it to the nurse who hung herself after her mistake involving those Aussie radio personalities. And I didn’t hear one joke about her after the news broke.

  • Eddie Shore

    (what I wrote to station manager; thanks for the link, Robin)

    That is a pretty disgusting attempt at “humour”. Edmonton hockey fans are feeling bereaved at this time, and to take asinine pot shots at us and our city at this time is beneath contempt.

    This jackass needs a job far, far removed from any microphone. Maybe fixing sewers?


  • “Hi and thanks for your email. Your input is valued, although I won’t be able to get back to each and every email, I will read them. Thanks again. Ross Winters Program Director 102.1 the edge Toronto, Canada”

    Oh, you’re very welcome, Mr. Winters. I expect you will have lots of reading to do in the near future.