As we approach draft day and what is certainly looking to be a very busy time for the Oilers, it’s important to be aware of all (ALL) available items for trade. Edmonton has a lot of assets.


  • #7 overall pick: No matter how you construct your draft board, there’s going to be an outstanding player available. If the top 6 are Mackinnon, Jones, Drouin, Barkov, Nichuskin and Monahan, that leaves Lindholm, Nurse, Ristolainen and others still available. Exceptional value.
  • Ales Hemsky: Despite injuries and a subpar season, Hemsky is an attractive option for a couple of reasons: he creates offense and his contract has only one year remaining. A team like Ottawa or Montreal would have good reason to be interested in him. If cap room is an issue, the Oilers could retain some of the contract in order to improve quality of asset returning.


  • Shawn Horcoff: A veteran 3rd line center in the NHL has value (Edmonton is actually going to be looking for one) and this fellow is the team captain. The contract situation can be improved by sharing (Edmonton takes on some of the money) the load, and there are teams that could surely use him. The question is: does Horc want to go to those teams?
  • #37 overall pick: This is a very valuable item, the 2013 draft is deep enough for this selection to be reasonably considered first round quality. Huge potential value. 
  • #56 overall pick: Still inside the second round where good value will remain in this draft.
  • Nick Schultz: Veteran has one more year remaining on his contract, and the Oilers may decide to cash him if they’re attempting to upgrade the position. He has a fairly expensive cap hit, but veteran defensemen always have value.


  • Corey Potter: With the emergence of Taylor Fedun (strong end of season), the signing of Anton Belov and the presence of youngster Oscar Klefbom, Potter may be available. Although he isn’t a strong top 4 option, NHL teams looking for depth would do well to look at him.
  • AHL players: You never know. There may be a team that highly values a player like Martin Marincin and is willing to overpay for the player. Unlikely for a team still building (as Edmonton is doing) but if the price is right anyone is available.
  • Linus Omark: Oilers retained his rights, and he might be a thrown in/addition for a team that would like to bring him in to see if he can help the offense.
  • Theo Peckham: A hidden gem in my opinion, the Oilers are extremely likely to walk away from him based on last season, but he has the kind out toughness, aggressiveness and ability NHL teams value. He’s also young and inexpensive, all positives.


The Edmonton Oilers are going to have to give in order to get, and we know that some of the young NHLers may be in play (although Sam Gagner apparently is not one of them based on MacT’s comments). If the Oilers are going to keep their attractive young NHL players, then the draft picks, Hemsky and Horcoff, and minor/junior players like Martin Marincin may be in play.

It won’t be long now.

  • Word to the Bird

    I wonder if it’s out of the question to package Gagner and the 7th for a big time player. People are undervaluing Gagner’s value plus it took a third line centre plus the 8th overall pick for Jordan Staal

  • book¡e

    I am so sick of coming here every day to read about the draft, potential trades, nhl games, prospects, NHL rule changes, the AHL, and photoshop contests. Seriously, what gives with hammering away on this stuff here all of the time.

    Do you think people come to to read about hockey and the Oilers? Get a clue and get to writing about 17th century French literature as would be expected at a blog like this.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have to think that Sakic opting for MacKinnon instead of Jones goes to show how strongly and how much influence Patrick Roy now has in that organization. Good to have a kid with his talent in the western conference.

    Could the Oilers get a first rounder in 2014 for Hemsky at half price?

    • I honestly don’t see why not? I can think of a few teams that might give a first for Hemsky.

      At least Hemsky and half his salary, possibly a throw in as well.

      Target teams might be

      NYI – DET – CBJ – ANH – DAL.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Dallas all the way. That could be a top 10 pick next season. There’s any number of teams that could struggle unexpectedly. Nashville, Phoenix, Montreal and the Capitals, tough call.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        I think Detroit is especially vulnerable moving to the eastern Conference next season. Aging veterans with a smallish team going into the EC against teams like Pittsburgh and Boston? I see a definite drop off coming for the Wings. I see them not making the playoffs in the EC for the next 2-3 seasons until they adjust to the difference in style that the EC plays. The only benefit they receive is the travel. Easier on the veterans but not enough to make up the competitive difference imo.

        • a lg dubl dubl

          Pits and Bos are good teams, for sure, but the eastern conference is widely acknowledged as being less deep overall. It’s also the less physical of the two… Boston plays a more western style of game (St. Louis, LA, San Jose, etc.)

    • Spydyr

      I would be so stoked if Colorado took NM. The rise in the competition in the WC with the addition of players like Yakupov,Hall,RNH,Landeskog and Duchene will only make the WC the more dominant conference for years to come. Oiler vs Colorad tickets will be at a premium. Especially you add Roy to the mix. We hate the Nucks enough already.But add John Tortorella to the mix? I could see a MacT vs Tort battle royale. If we did not have reason enough to hate the the nucks.Lindy Ruff is going make the Stars tough as nails to play against. Never mind that the hated Jets are finally coming back to the WC. You want rivalry wait till they show up on Saturday night hockey. Bring your big boy pants for those games. Claude Noel and Torterella in the same post game news conference. Fun? Like eating barbwire. The loss of the Wings and the BJ’s will be offset I think by the Yotes eventual move to QC. I for one do not believe that they will remain in Phoenix. The NHL cannot sustain the bad PR. It has to end sooner than later. If its me I suspend the franchise for a year and move them next season. Dispersal draft?

      Lowetide will you be in Penticton for the Young Stars completion? What a loaded tournament that will be. Sunshine, hockey and hooch.
      I assume you will be at the draft in Newark next week?Live Blog?

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Lets see the task list for MacT.

    1. Create secondary scoring
    2. Create better overall team defence
    3. Improve the scoring from the back end
    4. Improve the defensive play of the back end.
    5. Create a goalie tandem that puts pressure on Dubnyk
    6. Improve the goaltending
    7. Improve overall team size
    8. Improve overall team toughness
    9. Change the team culture
    10. Surround the developing kids with veteran support and mentors

    Trade chips: Horcoff, Hemsky, 7th overall pick.

    Good luck MacTavish check off everything on the list and we will have playoffs after 7 long painful seasons.

      • nuge2drai

        Oiler Domination To Follow

        I wasn’t suggesting horcs who I think will be baught out, and Hemsky who I think will be traded for a #4/#5 dman are going to knock off the checklist.

        I just wanted to list off the problems and show how much work there is to be done.

        Restructuring the culture, size, goaltending, defence and secondary scoring is a tough task, and MacT will have to be creative to make it happen.

        Free Agency is weak, I hate to sound like a broken record but I think Luongo would adress 3/4 of the holes leavin 6/7.

        • Spydyr

          Your list is pretty bang on IMO.

          I also feel it is going to take way more than one summer to fix the many, many issues with the team.It will take way more then the players you listed.Gagner for sure and at one point one of the kids.

          Let us hope Mac-T is up to the task but at this point all he has brought is a whole lot of talk. The next few weeks and months will be the real litmus test for Mac-T.

  • G Money

    On more relevant topics –

    1. I fear that the list of assets above, while decent, is *not* enough to actually fill the gaps.

    2. Though I hear she is not exactly a complete human being, I still find Megan Fox ridiculously hot.

  • paul wodehouse

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    … why did Megan Fox tattoo herself like that?

    a waste of a perfectly good forearm…yuck!

  • Gret99zky

    Horcoff and Hemsky are not going to get MacT very much return.

    Trading the #7 pick and the UFA/waiver wire are more likely where the new faces will appear.

    Gosh he’s got a lot of work to do.

  • Edsez

    here’s my daydreamimg NHL2013-style wow trade

    J Thornton, D Boyle & 20th for Horcoff, Hemsky, Omark & 7th + Peckham or Potter

    San Jose’s future down the middle is with Couture (just signed a 5/$30 mil extension) & Pavelski (needs to be re-upped at the end of next season) meaning a decision has to be made regarding re-signing Thornton and their cap situation suggests there isn’t room to sign both him & Boyle, both going into the last year of lucrative contracts.

    They have currently 8 forwards and 6 dmen + Brent Burns (wherever they decide to slot him in) and Niemi under contract leaving only $6 mil to fill 7 roster spots ….. they are in tight ***insert lurid Megan Fox reference here*** …… and there just might be the right mix of skill, depth and money-savings to entice Doug Wilson to cash in his blue-chips to move up in the draft

    The Oilers take on $3 mil in salary (which they can afford) and fill needed slots at center and defence, even if only for the short-term, without giving up the future. This gives the team an extra year to evaluate Gagner’s position going forward and a season for both him & Nugent-Hopkins under Thorton’s mentorship, as well as, Shultz under Boyle, seems worth the cost .

    or is this just crazy talk?

      • Edsez

        i don’t disagree with you that its a great trade for the Oilers but i see Thornton & Boyle diminishing in value as trade assets the longer San Jose takes to make a decision on re-signing them (see Mark Streit traded for a minor-leaguer and a 4th round pick)…… and there is little doubt that at least one and likely both are not in their 2014/2015 opening night roster

        This is really only about money ……with Couture getting $6 million a year and Pavelski likely getting the same the Sharks don’t have the cap room to be making any deals from a position of strength unless Thornton & Boyle are taking significant reductions in salary after next season

        One or both is either allowed to walk as a UFA, traded for draft picks/prospects at the trade deadline or traded now in a deal which gives them an opening night roster, a savings in money and an improved draft position ……. i’m not sure they could ever get more but it really comes down to what value Wilson places on the player available at #7 and what other players he wants to free up the money to sign (i’m also completely disregardin the no-trade contracts of Thornton and Boyle, too, I recognize)

  • nuge2drai

    J.Bernier to the TML for Frattin,Scrivens and a 2cd round pick in 14 or 15. Wow. The games are begging earlier. The Leafs solidify their goaltending while the Kings get a decent forward and a cheap backup. The Oil could have used Scrivens. There are going to be a lot of player moves this weekend during the draft. MacT is loaded for bear and he is on the hunt for GM’s looking to play Lets make a deal.

  • Justin R

    Is this plausible?

    To CLB:
    Hemsky + 3rd Rounder 2013 + Marincin
    To EDM:
    Fedor Tyutin

    To TOR:
    7th Overall 2013 (+ sweetener?)
    To EDM:
    Jake Gardiner

    If both of those trades were done (hypothetically), the Oilers have a pretty strong blue:

    Gardiner-J. Shultz

    • Edsez


      The Oilers don’t have a 3rd pick in this years Draft…

      The Oil’s 7th over-all plus something MORE for Jake..? That would be a resounding NO..!

      The sweetener would be on them if that was the swap…

      So Again…



      • Justin R

        Ok so put the sweetener on TOR if it makes you happy, and change the pick to a 2014 3rd rounder. I think that this is a pretty reasonable – and realistic – way for the Oilers to take their blue line from sub par to above average.

  • The CBJ give up FT not a chance. JD is there now with his GM buddy. There will be a cold day in hell when FT is traded. To valuable an asset to trade for what? Hemsky? 5 million for Hemmer. ST was on the koolaid signing that deal.
    Jake Gardiner. For the 7th? What has he done? I’d rather roll the dice with a pick on Monohan or Nurse.
    If the Oilers were smart they would trade for Gilbert and give Minny back Shultz.Stupid trade in the first place. Another ST head shaker.
    If the Oilers could they should resign Fistric and see if they can pry Del Zotto out of the Rangers this summer.
    The other deal is that they should target Halak out of St Louis. They have Elliot and Jake Allen.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I love Gags but where does he go in the linup? There’s no room for him on the top 6 if he isn’t the 2C. Their 4 forwards in the top 6 are all significantly better. He’s small, useless on the PK and terrible on FOs.

    Gags had an enigmatic year in my opinion, raising his perceived value. If MacT can realize this value, the Oil will have won themselves a trade (for the first time in a billion years).