Minnesota Wild beat reporter Mike Russo wrote that the Oilers are actively pursuing Cal Clutterbuck and the trade could involve Tyler Pitlick. 

One team hot after him is Edmonton; the Wild has talked to the Oilers about a deal that would include Minnesotan Tyler Pitlick. 

Russo had the above line in his piece on the Wild’s salary cap situation and where Clutterbuck fits. Clutterbuck is an RFA, and he just finished a three-year deal with a $1.4 million cap hit. He made $1.7 million in actual dollars last year, so you’d think he’d be looking at a deal north of $2 million.

Clutterbuck is coming off his worst season in four years. He scored only 4 goals and 10 points in 42 games last season, but the previous three years he was decent offensively.

YEAR             GP      G        A      PTS      PIM        +/-
2010              74      13      8        21         52         -8
2011              76       19     15      34         79         -5
2012              74      15      12      27        103       -4

The Oilers wouldn’t add Clutterbuck just for his offence. He’s been a 3rd pairing forward on the PK the past four seasons in Minnesota, and he plays with an edge. He’s one of the most physical forwards in the NHL, having led the NHL in hits in 2010 (318), 2011 (336) and he was 3rd in hits in 2012 with 288.

Some will argue that because the Chicago Blackhawks rarely hit you don’t need physical players to win, but the Oilers don’t possess a blueline like the Hawks, nor are their forwards in the same category as Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp.

The Oilers haven’t had a physical player, who could produce and play significant minutes since Ehan Moreau scored 20 goals in 2004. Ryan Jones was pretty good in 2011, but he’s not an overly physical player.

JF Jacques led the Oiler forwards in hits in 2010 with 158.
Ryan Jones had 152 in 2011, and he scored 18 goals.
Lennart Petrell had 122 in 2012 and Mike Brown led them with 65 this past season.

Outside of Jones, none of the others played significant minutes or made much of an impact offensively, and they were usually a liability defensively.

Clutterbuck’s corsi numbers aren’t stellar, but in 2012 the Wild had the worst corsi rating of any team in the league. The entire team sucked, but Clutterbuck has shown improvement over the years. If you want to see his Corsi, Fenwick and other stats read here.

Clutterbuck is exactly what the Oilers need. A fiesty third line player, who can inject some energy, annoys the opposition, skates well, can help out on the PK, plays on the edge and has some decent offensive potential.

If the Oilers have to part with Pitlick and something else to obtain Clutterbuck, I’d do it yesterday.


    • Bucknuck

      Gregor might have traded Yakupov for Clarkson, I just can’t get over that. He can’t be my GM based on that alone. But he would be the best media relations guy ever.

      I want Willis making the decisions, and Gregor at the press conferences. That would be great.

      EDIT – I do want to add that the point that the top six needs an overhaul with some grit inserted is a good one I am open to… but it has to be the right person. Clarkson? no.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    How about we let Mac T have a couple of weeks that include his first draft and free agent period before we say he does little or not. Crow probably doesn’t taste that great.

      • StHenriOilBomb

        He has so many lines in the water, he doesn’t want to plan dinner until he knows what kind of fish he has caught…

        He’s in discussions with Gagner’s agent.

        All of the UFA’s are guys it sounds like he wants to get rid of.

        Paajarvi is my only concern at this point, but it’s unlikely he’s presented with an unreasonable offer sheet.

        Sounds like MacT is hoping for so much change that he doesn’t want to tie his hands.

        What would you suggest he should have done in his first 9 weeks? Besides, of course, hiring a new coach, preparing for the draft, and building relationships with other GM’s.

  • nuge2drai

    Gary Bettman here for 20 years now, and no Canadian based team has won a Cup yet, Coincidence. Also, Most NHL Players come from Canada, we provide junior league for them to develop, and when star become free agents, at least the better ones, they head for the States and help Their teams win all the Stanley Cups. And guess what, Canadian based teams sell out and have to put money into Bettmans Profit sharing scheme, keeping loser franchises like Phoenix, both Florida teams and a cople of others afloat. Why are we Canadians allowing this scam.

    • Here let me correct your garbage.

      “Gary Bettman has been here for 20 years now, and no Canadian based team has won a Stanley Cup yet. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Also, most NHL players come from Canada, we provide the junior leagues for them to develop and when the stars become free agents (at least the better ones), they head for the USA and help their teams win copious amounts of Stanley Cups. Also, Canadian based teams sell out and have to put money into Bettman’s Profit Sharing scheme, keeping loser franchises like Phoenix, both Florida teams and a couple of others up and running. Why are *WE*, as Canadians, allowing this scam?”

      If you’re going to impersonate me at least figure out how to type.

      Oh and by the way, I disagree with all of it.

  • bwar

    Assuming a Horcoff buyout and assuming the trade wouldn’t involve any roster pieces. Edmonton could eat Heatley’s contract and potentially also grab Clutterbuck or some other bottom six piece. The Oilers would be stuck with Heatley’s contract but they do have a little bit a of cap room to work with and if things don’t work out he’s a UFA after next season anyways.

    Basically we would become Minnesota’s salary dump and get two guys for our bottom six who could both fill in on the second line if needed at the cost of a prospect who has been just ok and maybe a late round pick that we would probably waste anyways.

    I guarantee this won’t happen but it is something worth considering.

  • nuge2drai

    Several teams around and below us are going to have to draft defenceman if they hope to get back in the playoff picture . The time is right to draft for need !!!

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Judging by MacTs presser yesterday, we are keeping the 7th. He also made it clear he was actively looking at trading both 2nd round picks for immediate support of the core. Emphasis to get bigger, and if it costs us some current roster players(Gagner is the only small player I could see being dealt) he would be more than willing to trade them. He will only add size if the players are 25, 26, and 27 – not older vets via trade.

    He has also talked to every GM and is working the phone lines.

    If he flew all over the country to sign Belov I’m sure he will make a small splash at free agency, and make some solid moves at the draft.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    If the Yotes lose Smith. Will Bryzgalov end up back in the desert?

    If the Oilers packaged the 37th and 56th selections, would that get the Oil another mid’ish to late first rounder?

  • Zipdot

    Grocery Stick:

    I do not Him.

    he is a 2nd Comp 26EVP player who faces hellish Zone start. around 40%.
    who gets equal shots.
    he is better than average Pk winger.

    He gets you in the playoffs.

    A guy who roles on the ice with zero pain toleeance gets you knocked out in the first round.

    if we get him I hope he was faking.

    In a cap World thou:

    In a 64.3M cap the average salary for 23 roster spots is 2.796M
    39.14M for 14 forwards.

    The cap structure for most playoff teams.
    17-18M in top 3 forwards.
    13-15M in forwards 4-7
    7-8M for forwards 8-14

    Eberle 6M
    Gagner 5M

    RNH 3.775M
    Yakupov 3.775M
    XXX 3M
    MP 1.75M

    XXX 2.5M
    Smyth 2.25
    Lander .9M
    Rajala .8M

    Slot him were?