On draft day, nerds like me always have their favorites. Far from the top 30 overall, long past the longest mock (even Pronman’s) there are names that some of us will be looking for in tomorrow’s 211 names. I don’t like Harry, I don’t love Louis, but there are some names I’d like to share before the draft.


I’m talking miles off the beaten path in terms of the draft–men ranked outside the top 100 for the 2013 edition and in many cases deeper than that. For reference purposes, I’ll post Corey Pronman’s draft rank beside the name. Here are 6 interesting NHL prospects for this year’s draft.

  • D Gustav Olofsson: Terrific skater, very mobile and an effective puck mover. He fits the MacT description of a solid defender in terms of decision making and footspeed. 6.02, 190, won’t be a strong offensive option but is a pretty smart draft bet. Pronman ranks him quite high, #85.
  • R JC Lipon: July 1993 birthday and he’s 5.11, 180. Lipon’s appeal is his offense (61, 36-53-89 with Kamloops, WHL) and the fact he plays a gritty style. Lipon will be in the AHL next season, and I’d suggest he could be a hidden gem deep in the draft. Pronman has him  #118.
  • L Myles Bell: Moved from defense to LW and enjoyed a terrific season (69, 38-55-94 with Kelowna, WHL) and looks like he’ll finally get drafted into the NHL. Like Lipon, he’d be a plug and play into the AHL next year. Pronman has him #121.
  • R Justin Auger: 6.06, 225 big forward with some skating issues who grew three inches last summer. Scored well enough (68, 16-17-33 with Guelph, OHL) to be considered a prospect but would have to be considered a project. Might be worth a late round flier. Pronman has him #134.
  • D Jesse Lees: Youngest member of the 2013 draft pool. Puck moving (66, 12-18-30 with Kelowna, WHL) defender is very creative and has just slightly below average size (6.0, 180). Pronman has him #164.
  • G Fredrik Bergvik: 6.01 190 G from Sweden, had a .950 SP in the Swedish Juniors. .950? I’ll take it!  Not ranked by Pronman.


Oilers pick #128, #158 and #188. Those depth picks are often nothing–the last Oiler draft pick from the depths to turn into an actual NHL player is Kyle Brodziak a decade ago. Still, if the Oilers can strike gold (and recent picks like Martin Gernat, Brandon Davidson and Toni Rajala are tracking well) it can be an important area of procurement.

  • oliveoilers

    TSN reporting possible Schneider move to EDM. Slow day in the news or based in fact? And I too am not used to picking so low in the draft. Feels weird to have to make hockey decisions!

  • djc

    Well I think the Oil should be all over Clutterbuck if they are asking for a second and a prospect. I’d be okay with Pitlick and 2nd. Maybe you can even convince them to take a 2nd next draft instead of this one. Also if the Oilers are in on Schnieder then I hope they dont make that trade unless the frist rounder is for next year. I think they are high enough in this deep draft that the player they select will be of more value than Schnieder.

    • bazmagoo

      No to Clutterbuck for Pitlick and a second. The first second this year is like another 1st. Maybe Anaheim’s second or more realistically a third.

      Schneider is over rated. With quality free agents such as Emery, Bryz, why Schneider for 3.5 and two more years. Plus giving a first to Vancouver is wrong, and pointless unless your moving Dubby. Trading for next years first will get you burned and you don’t do that or you end up like TO or Colorado and pay dearly for thinking your closer to contending when you are not and you loose a quality asset.

  • Sox and Oil

    Going to Shoppers soon to get sleeping pills.

    Latest trade rumor of Coburb and 11th for seventh. I don’t like, the faster MacT puts down the phone and drafts one of Nuchuskin, Lindholm, Monahan, Nurse, Ristolainen the faster my blood pressure returns from.heart attack levels to just you’ll be dead in abou 5-10 years levels. I could live.with getting a declining number 4 defender and one of say Horvat, Lazar, Ristolainen, whoever else, but I’d rather make the pick. I’m scared because I believe A)the drop off from Monahan to Lazar/Horvat is not much, and B)MacT came for a center and top 4defensemen. Then all he has left is to run poor Hemsky outta town for poor return and get sign one of Emery, Bryz, Labarbara.

    The Schneider to Edmonton or anywhere is the last ditch attempt of Gillis to increase Lou trade value enough to get tangible return, in order to slightly adjar the Canucks window. Schneider is not going nowhere, and even if he was Vancouver would expect realistically one or two pieces quality assets we have no reason to give. Ill take Emery for free over stocking Vancouver’s bare cubboards and letting Canuck fans have a glimmer of delusional hope. Gillis won’t admit defeat and buy out his need my tires pumped, egomaniac, pseudo starter overpaid chump goalie. The NHL has spoken, they want Lou on their terms, and not long term. Buy him out and we all laugh, the window shuts a little further. When is the Buyout window closed anyways?

    Lastly, big shout of to Horcoff. I loved you in 06′. Thought you scapegoated for the contract any bloke would sign. We honor you by saying thank-you for the fact you never mailed it in, when no end of players did. Once you get your buyout or MacT pulls a rabbit outta his perverbial ars hopefully you will enjoy third line duty in a classy organization like Detroit, Chicago, heck maybe Long Island.

    Don’t Trade Hemsky…

    • Sox and Oil

      Jesus, you take the words right out of my Toshiba.

      Thats unusual.

      Gotta give you 5 pucks out of 5 for that post.

      What was your neighborhood Mailmans name?

      • Sox and Oil

        I personally think its 4.5 out 5, I typo’d Coburn and missed some punctuation.

        I don’t remember the mailmans name. After I curb stomped him for.fathering my last child I got a restraining order placed on me. Once the trial starts I’ll let you know.

        Anyone think Hemsky, our two seconds for Nino Neidereiter. Just pulling it outta my butt like Dreger and Ecklund do while on the porcelin every morning. Dreger becoming more like Ecklund and less like MacKenzie every day. Guys some wanna be insider, sure flies out for for every bomb he hits lately.

    • djc

      I honestly think that Van ownership is refusing to buyout the contract so its one or the other. If they can’t get anything for Lou they need to have a backup plan and thats what they are setting up right now. If MacT can walk away from the 1st round with Coburn, Lazar, Schnieder then I would think thats a huge win. They have plenty of Defense prospects right now and they need centers and proven NHL players. Its all good man.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        The Oilers have one grade A top 4 pairing prospect, and he has little offence. The rest may or may not pan out. I’d like to have both Nurse/ Ristolainen and Oscar thats as sexy as Jill Hennessey in a thong. Lazar is ok, Coburns a 4 and declining, Schneider=Dubby. Why trade for Schneider? Let Vancouver shrivel and die.

  • Sox and Oil

    I would love to see #7 for coburn and #11, the oilers get a top 4 dman (legit top 4 on any team, #1 in the oilers) and only move back 4 spots where horvat or risto will be plus maybe a guy who drops down.

    I don’t want PRV or Gagner traded (unless gagner commands 5+) but could those two for bogosion and burmistov not be an ideal trade for both teams? All 4 are rfa, jets get THEIR #1 center and oil get a top pairing d in the right age cluster.

  • Blue Bullet

    I agree with your comments on Olofsson and is a potential #4/5 d-men. I like him as well at 82nd.

    Lipon I find is getting underrated for being a 93 born as I think he could become a good role player. I have him 74th.

    A couple guys I like more than others are a couple of other average sized gritty players in Dunn and Harms. Both these players also have some offense to their game. Dunn is a total shift disturber. I have them 75th and 76th.

  • Sox and Oil

    I don’t think the new Schneider trade idea to the Oilers is gonna happen with both teams in the same division. Gillis knows that if makes that trade and Schneider stones the Canucks four times or more, he is finally absolutely gonzo as GM…so there’s no deal to be sure.

    Concerning goalies, I believe also that Dubnyk rates as high to better than Schneider in next two yrs anyways. Also, I strongly believe the Oilers are targeting Khudobin (Bos), Mike Smith (from the soon to be Seattle Something), or Emery (UFA).

    The Oilers should keep that #7 pick…unless they can get up to #2 to #4 …without trading any of RNH, Ebs, Hall (next Oilers Capt), Yak, J.Schultz, or Klefbom.

    My personal pick choices for #7 would be Lindholm or Monahan (then trade Gagner to Tor for Gardiner) or go with Nurse or Ristolainen. It’s gotta be a future top 2nd line centre or top type defenceman…. I believe that Nurse could stay in junior one more year but Ristolainen could start in AHL because Klefbom is ready now for the NHL.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Crazy rumour Seguin for a top 10 pick, and top 6 and prospect. Asking price ridiculous. So say 7th, MPS, Musil or Davidson. I don’t know. Think if get Lindholm or Monahan u pass.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Please please please, let it be Lindholm, Nichushkin or Nurse.

    If MacTavish is going to tinker, let it be with roster players (outside of the important ones) and 2nd tier prospects or picks.

    I would do that Seguin for the 7th and the 56th in a heartbeat.

  • Sox and Oil

    Pass on anyone “with some skating issues”. The wasted pick on Plante a few years back was enough for me.

    The first D listed looks very interesting, though.

  • Sox and Oil

    go for seguin,a 7th pick and whatever it takes(first next year),because if we could put segiun with the likes of hall,ebs,yak,rnh and schultz=WOW,go after clutterbuck for some toughness,mabey colburn for our 2nd round picks and MPS and we are a better team

  • bazmagoo

    If Philly is desperate to unload some salary on their defence and wants to add a top 6 forward, I’d guess if a deal goes down involving the #7 pick it will come about because Monahan isn’t available at #7.

    Considering Philly is somewhat desperate to unload some cap space, I think the following could be likely:

    Hemsky (Oil eating half his salary and cap space) plus #7 (if Monahan isn’t available) for Coburn and #11.

    Philly gets Hemsky at a discount, he slots into their top 6 and has lots of potential upside. With #7 they draft Nurse or Ristolainen, who both fit into the Flyers traditional mold for defencemen. Plus they save $2 million in cap space.

    Edmonton gets Coburn who slots in next to J Schultz for the next couple of seasons. Big, physical yet capable defenceman they desperately need. Oilers draft Bo Horvat or Curtis Lazar with #11, filling a team need for gritty potential down the middle.

    Seems like a win-win to me, considering both teams are desperate in certain ways.


    If it’s Paajarvi going the other way instead of Hemsky I think that’s an overpay by MacT.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems


    Trading Hemsky and eating half his salary doesn’t reduce his cap hit for the team that gets him. Doing a #7 for #11 pick swap would likely mean sending Philly someone useful on a value contract (i.e. entry level deal), or an AHL prospect + future picks.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems


    I stand corrected!

    Oilers could retain up to 50% of the salary and the cap hit in a trade.

    I thought they could only retain 50% of the salary, thus making the player attractive for a cap floor team (paying minimal “real dollars” for a contract that gets them the floor).

    Short story long: Seguin would be amazing for the team, but I think it’d be tough to make a deal that works for Boston. They are in a bit of a cap tight spot (like Philly), so they are motivated sellers though…