The Edmonton Oilers added to their future offensive arsenal yesterday when drafting Marc-Olivier Roy. His scouting report (and the highlight package) suggest a terrific prospect and a player worth watching over the next couple of years.


Marc-Olivier (don’t worry, they all shorten it after awhile, much to Wanye-Squee Wanye’s chagrin) was well regarded by the trusted scouting agencies going into the draft:

  • Bob McKenzie: 58
  • Redline: 39
  • ISS:54
  • Craig Button: 52

And they said very nice things about him:

  • Redline: While thought of as a grinder who brings passion and intensity to each shift (which is accurate), that is short-changing his skill level. Good skater with speed and balance, and accelerates well. Wins a lot of races for loose pucks and is always 1st into corners. Works his bag off every shift and comes back hard on the backcheck. He’s an absolute buzzsaw with a motor that never quits. If his team loses the puck, he wants to go and get it back immediately. Stays in constant motion in the offensive zone, making him very difficult to check or contain. Soft hands for both giving and receiving passes. Gets shots away quickly around the slot and shows good accuracy. Competes like a bastard and always has his head in the game. Rugged and persistent on the forecheck. Reliable player at both ends who is continually improving. Also 6’1″ with a nice frame to fill out.


  • QMJHL boxcars: 65, 29-38-67
  • NHLE: 82, 11-14-25
  • Shots on goal: 159 (65th in Q)
  • Shooting percentage: 18.2
  • EV: 65, 16-25-41
  • PP: 65, 13-13-26

Roy scored well at evens and on the powerplay. As a comparison, Calgary’s first round selection who also played in the QMJHL last season (Emile Poirier) went 65, 22-24-46 at evens (superior to Roy, but in the range) but didn’t enjoy the same success on the PP (65, 7-8-15 compared to Roy’s 26 points with the man advantage). Roy has been reported in some circles as a center, but took only 65 faceoffs this season, winning 20. Something to keep track of as he matures, but it’s probably wise to list him as a RW until further notice.


The young Roy may have turned a corner late into the season and then in the QMJHL playoffs. His coach (Jean-Francois Houle) stresses attention to defensive detail and Roy flourished during the year and in the post-season, popped 19 points in 15 games–playing a major role for his team.


We’ll know for sure in 5 years, but Marc-Olivier Roy’s stats at 17 in the QMJHL were impressive. If he can take a significant step forward in the coming season, the Oilers may have a top flight two-way prospect on the way.

    • oilerjed

      Agreed. I think a good mix of personalities is what makes this a fun comments section to read over and occasionally post on, but it’s unfortunate that it quickly devolves when certain individuals post remarks aimed solely at whipping people up without much relevance to the conversation at hand.

      The resulting frenzy is unfortunate (and the fault of everyone who engages, not just the rabble-rouser). It would be nice if we could all just argue on a point, and not have it revert to the same tired lines of attack.

  • djc

    Let’s hope that he is a Gem. Each and every year there are gems in the draft and I suspect that Mac T was trying to land some of these ” Russian Gems”, by trading down?

    This Shepylev player seems very intriguing ………LT how about a write-up on these guys? Any interviews in the past that can shed some light?

  • oilerjed

    @ Madjam

    I understand your impatience I just dont agree with it. There was nothing at the draft that would have accomplished anything that makes the Oil a better club. The upgrades we need arent going to be available until after the UFA kicks off. Im better with an overpaying a UFA then using future depth as chips. Katz has cash he is willing dole out, the club does not have the assets to flourish long term. Now they have more, some may work out some may not, no one will know for a couple of years. Other GMs can only hold out on the Oil for so long then they too need to get on with fixing their teams for next year. With that all being said I am totally jonesing for something hockey related to happen to tide me over for another week until this whole thing starts over again.

    • oilerjed

      Your missing the point , it’s about execusion of your goals that you set forth – impatience is not part of argument nor should it be . MacT. set the goals and expected timeline to deliver , not you or I .

  • Reg Dunlop

    So, it seems the asking price for the very few available, useful players was too rich for Mact’s taste on the weekend. That’s allright, I’m sure the price will drop during the coupon days of free agency.

    Of the oilers group of prospect defencemen, surely 1 or 2 will eventually turn out to be serviceable. The prospect pool for centres and tenders is as dry as DSF’s scalp, and wasting draft picks on Russians who will never leave mama’s boiled turnips and cold, boiled fish behind… someone tell me WHY the rhetoric last year was never pick a dman high 1st round and this year a 185lb beanpole is for sure the next Pronger? Mact just pissed away the biggest day of the year for NHL teams that suck. Add to the one area of perceived strength and ignore the 2 areas that even Mact recognized as in need of attention. When Khabbi starts game 1 next season after Mact unsuccessfully woos and begs and embarrases the oil and the city of Edmonton while pursuing this year’s white whale(Horton) the temperature may finally be right to make the necessary fundamental changes here. Adios Lowe, Mact, pro scouts, Bucky and Smith.

  • oilerjed

    @ Madjam

    No I get your point Im just saying that basing your opinion on 1 week of the off season is premature. We are both hoping for the same thing. At least one solid dman and hopefully 2-3 forwards. Lets rehash this in August when there is an actual barometer to gauge MacT on. Unless you want to Book It! now and call MacT a bust, KLowe could always drop Howson in to tread water until the next draft. (Sarcasm intended)

  • Reg Dunlop

    What is the solution? I don’t know but it may be time to accept our immediate fate and give the team over to the kids. If we are destined to blow, may as well let the kids, all the kids, get NHL experience. Fill the bottom of the line-up with OKC grads. Play Fedun, Marincin and Davidson. Sink or swim. Could it be worse than playing Jones and Belanger? Next draft, Sam Reinhart and the year after, McDavid. If we ever see a new arena we may have a real team playing in it.