Craig MacTavish’s first major move happened today when he traded Shawn Horcoff to the Dallas Stars. Bob McKenzie tweeted that Horcoff is off to Dallas. We found out later via Darren Dreger that Horcoff was moved for D-man Philip Larsen and a 7th round pick in 2016. The Oilers didn’t have to eat any salary in the deal, so they just freed up $5.5 million in cap space.
This deal isn’t a major surprise. MacTavish made it clear a month ago that Horcoff likely wasn’t coming back, and Jim Nill told me on my radio show a few weeks ago that he wanted to add a veteran centre.

With the Oilers buying out Belanger and trading Horcoff, it is obvious MacTavish will be adding a centre in free agency or via trade. 

Larsen was a 5th round pick in 2008, and he’s played 95 games, including 32 last year. He shots right and is a decent puck mover. This will push Corey Potter further down the depth chart, and should end the speculation that Tom Gilbert will return. The Oilers don’t need another non-hitting right-shooting D-man.

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This trade allows the Oilers to swing big for David Clarkson, if they choose.

David Clarkson was in Edmonton today to meet with the Oilers, according to Aaron Ward. Price point is going to be the issue with Clarkson. I think most agree he is the type of player the Oilers need, but not at $6 million/year.

Stay tuned.. 

  • DSF


    hey Bud…Colorado made Landeskog the captain very soon…and Crosby was made captian quickly too.. and so I think Hall is ready after 3 yrs on this team..

  • DSF

    The acquisition of Larsen means Potter should be nervous. I know someone else said that he basically takes Peckham’s place on the roster, but I don’t think so as they don’t play the same style of game. He does, however, seem like a perfect person to put pressure on Potter who I would assume the organization is neither pleased nor displeased with. Potter was Renney’s man and since his extension he hasn’t played like he did to earn that extension.

    • DSF


      It’s nuts how people are already down on the guy. He’s a young dman, projected to be 2 way. Lots of Dmen don’t turn the corner unit they are 23 or 24. We can give him a shot in the 6/7/8 spot… worth a shot. He has shown plenty of flashes of solid play.

      • Reg Dunlop

        There is no doubt that Larsen is still a project for the River City Oilmen, but since you like to “run your numbers”, how about comparing Larsen to Kronwall in the size department & the points department at their same ages then..?

        Kronwalled is only 5’11’, & when he was 24yrs old he was still bouncing from the AHL to the NHL & only played 27 games for the Winged Wheel & registered a whopping 9pts.

        Good Grief… (‘o’)


    • Clyde Frog

      Because they have to…

      So many have drawn their self worth from proclaiming how terrible horcoff’s contract was and declaring they would never have done it…

      Now they have nothing to support their egos with.

  • J.R.

    I know its been said already but…

    Look at Clarkson’s stats. There is no way he is even worth 5m/season….let alone 6m.

    MacT is on crack if he even considers this kind of “bold” move.

    4m tops for a guy who has scored 30 what…once?

  • J.R.

    This was an untradeable contract…but MacT pulled it off. Time to praise him and move on. I liked him but heneeded a new environment as he was getting stale here. The dman coming back isn’t going to wow anyone but building depth in that role doesn’t hurt.

  • 15w40

    MacTavish exceeded expectations in this deal IMHO. Got a lot of cap space for Horcoff and I think he will flourish in Dallas as there won’t be this constant anvil of weight around his neck from the fans.

    Horcoff is a good 3rd line centre and a good vet by all accounts.

    Now the Oilers REALLY have a cavernous hole to fill up the middle.

    Boyd Gordon, to me should be getting a phone call ASAP.

    A long term deal for Clarkson at $6M per is too much I think but that may be the going rate. The Oilers would likely need to pay at least a 10% premium just to get him to sign here.

    Jagr may be a good short term option – if he would sign here. He could roll from the 2nd to the 3rd line pretty easily.

  • oliveoilers

    This just in, according to Sportsnet tonight: Everybody can go and do other things rather than follow free agent frenzy as the Leafs already have every single UFA, RFA and trades with Dallas locked up, so nobody needs to bother to see what their team is doing.

    I was a bit sick in my mouth just watching the T.O./eastern propagander.

  • MKE

    BTW, the Barker to Larsen comparisons are stupid. Barker was drafted like third overall in his draft class while Larsen was probably never really expected to make the NHL at all. He’s shown he can produce and is worth a continued look at while providing competition to our depth defensemen like Potter and the now ex-Oiler depth callup options like Peckham/Teubert. Barker, on the other hand, is almost a total bust years after he had his initial success. Honestly, were it not for his size, initial success, and high draft position he’d have been out of this league a couple years ago.

  • oliveoilers


    Ok..thanks for the refreshed opinion ya had..

    But, i say that larsen only needs to prove where he is at before getting ripped as just being a watsed contract. Now…that being said..his contract is much less (even more so 2 way in AHL) than Horcoff too>

    Also…as for the Horcoff to Dallas deal, no one here (or no one very much) has mentioned the truth too that Horcoff dictated where he would be dealt to with the NTC or NMC…

    Now to everyone out here…, even if Clarkson costs quite a bit for the Oilers..if he can be given a smaller term contract and he does produce pts and leads the team with mentorship and he does have very good seasons during his term here…then he won’t be a disaster at all.. but I really do hope myself that he does not get $6 mil or plus per yr…

  • bazmagoo

    Comparibles : Seguin was thought to be making far to much cap money to keep him as Bruins slated 3rd line center . He’s a very good player like Horcoff is . Difference is we got nothing of consequence for a good talent like Horcoff and the Bruins (cudos to them ) did for Seguin . You really think we didn’t get hosed?

    • 15w40

      I have never commented previously to this, however I feel compelled to do so in order to ridicule one of the worst “comparibles” (sic) anyone has ever had the audacity to propose.

      Seguin as a comparable to Horcoff… seriously? That is manifestly ridiculous, requires no counter-argument, and disqualifies you from any further discussion.

        • StHenriOilBomb

          I know, eh? All Seguin has done is score 29 goals and 67 points on a cup winning team… Too bad he’s not in the final years of his career and getting worse by the week, otherwise we could compare him to Horc…

          By your logic, should we have gotten rid of RNH instead of Horcoff? He’s only put up 52 ONCE!

          • bazmagoo

            I was trolling, thought it was obvious. I think Madjam is trolling u guys hard and thought I would sa something ridiculous. .Seguin never put up 67 ponts on a cup winning team though. He did it last year.

            Ill take Seguin all nite long

        • StHenriOilBomb

          We didn’t trade the Horcoff from seven years ago. I fully agree that in 2006 the value of Horcoff exceeded that of the then 14 y.o. Seguin. The Horcoff I was referencing scored 34 points in his last complete season (while 20 y.o. Seguin was scoring 67 points). None of this is to say that Horcoff is worthless. It is only to say that his value is negated at his cap hit. For a team like Dallas, Seguin is a good bet as a first-line centre at his cap hit. Horcoff will be on their third line. So they traded the appropriate assets for a first line centre and then (appropriately) traded less for their new third line centre. Both have the same cap hit. One will likely improve and the other will likely decline. Both can play but one can be great and the other is there to support that potential greatness. One is now essential to the team’s future and the other is (at best) a bridge to that future.

    • Oilers4ever

      I don’t know what you are smoking, but I want some of it. As others have said, Seguin’s been to the cup twice in his career. Won it once (yes they had other players obviously that made Boston awesome). But seriously, comparing Seguin with Horcoff, not even close. I loved Horcs passion, but he can’t hold Seguin’s jock strap. Not even comparable talent.

    • bazmagoo

      Forget Tattoo you are now officially mr. Rork Welcome to Fanasy Island!

      Lol you just compared SEGUIN TO HORCOFF and became part of the dumbest post hall of fame. Lol. Talk to DSF about what you should do next.

  • TeeVee

    Was briefly listening to Dan Tencer’s show earlier..and Bob Stauffer came on. He seemed to be hinting that both Clarkson and goalie Bryzgalov may be here with the Oilers…

    I am not trying to push wrong statements or bring rumours up to mislead but….

    Stauffer’s thoughts and/or insights usually come true so these can be pretty good possibilities at this time…but it also sounds like a big contract may be given to Clarkson…

  • John Chambers


    LMAO…yeah that was a lot of swearing by Grabovski eh…Didn’t Bruce Boudrea talk like that not too long ago???

    At least Bragger showed passion…and tomorrow was his wedding day too…so now all his guests (many Leaf players) are giving him and new wife a wedding gift and now new house warming gifts too I suppose

  • dunk7

    Hall should definitely get the captaincy out of any of the kids, should the kids get it. Why? Because on the ice, he shows more fire than any of them and never quits. Anyone remember that game against Calgary where the Oilers pulled their goalie and they scored the empty netter when Hall had to basically play goalie? I do. For whatever reason, the entire team had given up on the game at that point. Everyone except Hall. You could tell he was furious at the rest of the team for playing like a bunch of losers and giving up.

    It’s time that we had a captain that took the team on his back and drove them forward. The last two captains we’ve had were chosen because they were supposed to be good mentors who had the respect of the room with their professionalism and could talk a good game. Moreau only drove the team into the penalty box and Horcoff couldn’t walk the walk after talking the talk on most given nights. It’d be nice to see a captain who can up the ante and lead the charge for once.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      This, this, so much this. Couldn’t have said it better.

      Hall’s a guy who’ll block a shot in the last minute of a hopeless game, then turn around and beat Gretzky’s fastest hat trick record.

      That screams captain to me.

  • TeeVee


    Bud….the money that was going to Horcoff is now going to another younger very good player that the Oilers will sign (who yet-???) and that is the big trade factor…That salary money determines the trade value for of Horcoff…plus the 7th rounder and P. Larsen…

  • Crackenbury


    I hearb ya and agree…I would be pissed too. I don’t think Grabovski was actually bitchin about being on 3rd to 4th line…it was more how Carlyle treated him…

    He will be going hard against Tor in future games …

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    New Question…

    Does the letting go of Belanger and the trade of Horcoff lead the Oilers into now trying Hall at centre???

    IMO, I would try it thru training campo at least…Messier did it!!!

  • Rocket


    I agree on that he was pissed and was against Carlyle mainly.. but I agree with ya and hope the Oilers not get him and they instead go straight for Boyd Gordon and/or Zack Smith (trade deal???) right away as the next 3rd line centre.

    Smith is young enough to grow with this team for one to two yrs himself.

    I also Like Lapiere for 4th line at a cheaper contract too as he does win faceoffs, pisses of players and he does PK duty too.

    LOL…I hope Brown has his back cause Brownie is gonna be very busy with that kind of teammate (if Lapiere is signed)

  • Oilers4ever

    Before you all run Horcoff out the door maybe you should all view Horcoff’s accomplishments here over the years . Points , W/Championships lock out year and playoffs . Seguin will have to be pretty good to do so well . We were still a much better club with Horc in lineup last season . Horcoff’s also had 73 points in a season by the way and occasionally was close to a point a game . He can be proud, and we should be proud of what he did and accomplished here . Captain and special team player every team needs , also union rep and very well spoken . And yes , he does have character despite some that don’t care for him and what he has bought us all these years . One thing to run me down , but disrespectfull to be running Horcoff down .

    • bazmagoo

      FFS…try actually watching both of these players. It clear to anyone with a set of functioning eyeballs that Seguin is far more talented and has far more tools than Horc. No one is running Horc into the ground by saying he can’t carry Seguins jockstrap…its just the laws of physics.

      The only logic I can make of your comments is that you are actually Horcoff’s mother…otherwise I’m at a loss.

  • reaperfunkss

    First positive thought i have had for the Oilers in a Long time. I like this deal in the sense that although not spectacular it dumps a bad contract for a prospect type d-man and a pick, The more picks the better I say.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I don’t care how much money Clarkson will be making for the next 5 yrs. I’m not paying him. I’m just glad he’s an Oiler.

    ….just getting warmed up for tomorrow, sorry;)

  • bazmagoo

    Is it just me or should the Oilers go after Grabovski? I watched a fair amount of the Boston-Toronto series and I think Grabovski was a) pretty unlucky with his scoring chances and b) a total game changer when on the ice. Pretty big momentum swings when he was on the ice, a fairly dominant player considering he was getting 3rd line minutes. He played in a checking role, was effective in that role, and has some major wheels in addition to experience playing in the top 6. He whined a little bit after getting bought out, but it’s a pretty insulting thing to do when you consider he was 1 year into a 4 year contract. Sounds like a high skill level with a chip on this shoulder, sign me up! (at around $3.5 million for 3 years.)*edit) and he was throwing his body (however small) whenever he had the chance in the playoffs.

    I keep saying one thing, which I’m going to say again. Size in the top 6 isn’t the problem on the Oilers, it’s size and grit in the bottom 6. Our bottom six have been pretty whatever the political correct word is for p u $ $ ies over the last few years. We don’t need goons, we need guys who don’t like getting pushed around and will stand up for themselves (fight) when pushed. Would love to include Hall in that mix, lol, he’s the second coming of Messier if he ever has the balls to do it.

    Just my opinion.

      • bazmagoo

        I get a sense that’s just the start – can’t wait until Hall beats up a guy like Marchand or some other rat around the league. Here’s hoping he can keep his temper in check and pick his battles like the Moose used to be able to do.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Maybe the timing is right to land another first for Hemsky in a week, for teams that miss out on Filppula and Clarkson?

    Hemsky and a first for Dustin Brown and Matt Greene (salary dump)

    • bazmagoo

      “Hemsky and a first for Dustin Brown and Matt Greene (salary dump)”

      Sorry dude, that’s delusional. You think LA is going to trade their captain for a draft pick and Ales Hemsky? bahahahahahahah

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Whats the difference, this summer or next?

        Captains get traded all the time, I do believe one was even traded today if I remember correctly.

        Brown, like Seguin, didn’t have a stellar playoffs either. It’s not a matter of if, its when he gets moved.

        • bazmagoo

          Captain of a team that won the Stanley cup two seasons ago, and made it to the conference finals this year. Just a little bit of a different scenario when you compare him to a guy who captained a team who finished bottom 2 three years in a row and is getting pushed out by the young core of the Oilers and necessity.

          Just a little bit of a difference dude, lol.

    • MKE

      Maybe its just me but I don’t get why everyone is so high on Couturier. If he scored 4 goals in 46 games in Edmonton, everyone would want to get rid of him.

      He has potential. But he hasn’t shown anything to get me excited thus far

      • Rocket

        Stats aside, Couterier has a lot that The Oilers (or any team) would want.

        He’s big, physical, good hands, good shot, 2-way checking centre that’s still on his ELC playing with legit great older player mentors. Everyone is waiting for him to break out. Like you said, potential.

        Every team could use a player like him in their system.

  • bazmagoo

    If we can pay Shaun horcoff $5.5 million a year to do nothing but ruin our powerplay and be a cancer in the dressing room, why cant we pay Clarkson $6 mill a year to score 12 to 18 goals and run some guys over….? just sayin….

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Horcoff(5.5), Hemsky(5), Whitney(4), Khabibulan(3.75), Belanger(1.75), Sutton(1.75), Souray(1.5)

    = 23.5 Million off the books

    I’m looking forward to seeing who MacT spends it on.

    Shocked he was able to get rid of Horcoff without a buyout. If he can dump Horcoff a 100% negative asset, what can he do with Hemsky a decent skilled player on a one year deal.

    Smart to move him mid-july. With the kind of money The oilers have freed up Clarkson at 5 years 25 million wouldn’t be so bad.

  • bazmagoo

    if you guys weren’t paying attention, Horcoff already submitted his list of teams that he would agree to be traded to. Obviously Dallas was one of the teams crazy enough to take that terrible cap hit… Everyone giving MacT the gears for doing nothing should recant. Getting rid of that horrible contract and negative influence without taking a bad contract back is beyond brilliant. now we can watch horcoff skate in circles and not cover his man in Dallas for two years.

    • bazmagoo

      I do feel for Horcoff in a way though, even though I’d his harshest critic. He was given an inflated contract which he wasn’t able to fulfill (not his fault), was also given the captaincy on a team that was tanking (on purpose). Overall I think he’s a victim of circumstance and will likely thrive in Dallas.

      Oilers just need to move on, plain and simple.