Craig MacTavish’s first major move happened today when he traded Shawn Horcoff to the Dallas Stars. Bob McKenzie tweeted that Horcoff is off to Dallas. We found out later via Darren Dreger that Horcoff was moved for D-man Philip Larsen and a 7th round pick in 2016. The Oilers didn’t have to eat any salary in the deal, so they just freed up $5.5 million in cap space.
This deal isn’t a major surprise. MacTavish made it clear a month ago that Horcoff likely wasn’t coming back, and Jim Nill told me on my radio show a few weeks ago that he wanted to add a veteran centre.

With the Oilers buying out Belanger and trading Horcoff, it is obvious MacTavish will be adding a centre in free agency or via trade. 

Larsen was a 5th round pick in 2008, and he’s played 95 games, including 32 last year. He shots right and is a decent puck mover. This will push Corey Potter further down the depth chart, and should end the speculation that Tom Gilbert will return. The Oilers don’t need another non-hitting right-shooting D-man.

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This trade allows the Oilers to swing big for David Clarkson, if they choose.

David Clarkson was in Edmonton today to meet with the Oilers, according to Aaron Ward. Price point is going to be the issue with Clarkson. I think most agree he is the type of player the Oilers need, but not at $6 million/year.

Stay tuned.. 

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Well. At least we got something for him but honestly if we have to keep salary, that pick better get higher with each million we have to keep. If we only get like a fourth and still have to eat say 2.5m or something stupid like that, I’m gonna be wearing my best wet cat look.

  • bwar

    With Horcoff’s Salary off the books, I think the Oilers could justify offering 5.5 to Clarkson. That is still an overpay but essentially you would be trading Horcoff for Clarkson on equivalent contracts.

    • PutzStew

      Uh yes it is confirmed hence this blog…. And Bob Mckenzies tweet… And TSNs post on their website. The details of the trade just hasn’t been confirmed

  • bwar

    Thank god. And Clarkson in Edmonton..hmmmmm
    as i said, we have to over pay to get people here.
    Nice Sunny day = Horc gone – Clarkson in town..No he isnt worth Taylor Hall Money but we need vets and Clarkson brings more than
    Horcoff. Good Luck Shawn – but mostly Good riddance.

  • 99thOilerfan

    Thank you for the heavy lifting, all these years.
    Best of luck in the future, all the best.

    In the end, ” once an Oiler, always a Oiler.”

    Fun Fact: Horcoff age 34, was drafted by the Oilers in the fourth round in 1998.

  • huskamania

    Wicked and who cares what return is all I know is he won’t be stealing mins from the youth ,he was getting more ice then ebs,yaks and was taking pp time also. Great trade didn’t think it was going to happen a lot happier today

  • Clyde Frog

    I always liked Horc for the player he is, not the player his salary unfairly made people think he should be.

    I’ll never forget his OT winner against the Sharks in the ’06 playoffs.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Goodbye Horcoff and thank you. I was never a big fan of yours but I always tried to defend you because you were an Oiler. Now I can properly put on the hate.

  • bazmagoo

    If true, I’m very surprised the Oilers managed to get anything for Horcoff. If MacT managed to trade him straight up for a pick, and didn’t have to eat any cap/salary then he is a freakin’ genius. I will take back everything I’ve said about him the past couple of days, ha.

    Here’s hoping it’s not a hoax…..

    • Time Travelling Sean

      I resonate your sentiments. Dallas is broke as hell, their not paying 3.5 mil or whatever for Horc, they probably need the cap hit so they can make the floor.

      My prediction is we eat half the 2/3 the salary, they take the cap, and we get a 4th rounder, Mike Modano’s jock, and say sorry for 97.’ If we don’t pay salary or.take cap then I’ll join that guy in the Carlton dance.

      Thx Shawn for all the years. We do actually like you.

      • DSF

        Dallas, while suffering at the gate, is not “broke as hell”.

        They have a new billionaire owner, Tom Gagliardi from Vancouver.

        “Gaglardi is president of Northland Properties Corporation, which he and his family own. The company operates hotels and restaurants in Canada and employs more than 10,000 people.

        He also serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Sandman Hotels, Inns & Suites and Moxie’s Restaurants, LP.

        He has been a Director of Leading Brands, Inc. since October 1998 and Secretary since June 1999.

        He also is part of the ownership group of the Kamloops Blazers of the Western Hockey League

        His mother is a native of Longview, Texas and he said he has “serious University of Texas relatives” who live west of Fort Worth, Texas.”

        While the Stars franchise has atrophied, he has committed to bringing it back to a very prominent state.

        Hiring Jim Nill appears to have been job #1.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Look at that Jim Nill go…

    He’s not one to let that “It’s not even July 5th yet, give him a chance” be a reason to hold things up.

    It’s July 4th, and he’s done already. Had MacTavish pegged as that needed to do this.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Now that’s just flat out Bold there DSF.

        Who you got, as his biggy signing?

        I see a whole lotta B and C type moves scattered over the next two weeks. So many guys are gone, and now he has a slew of roster spots to fill, with bandaids i’m thinking. Only addition to date….Belov.

  • Kinda sad to see him go, cause I was always a big fan of his. His contract really ruined his reputation here. But this is good for both sides. I’m hoping we didn’t retain salary though, because we’re going to need to replace him now, and that means we could be paying the same price for our replacement, essentially, depending on who we get and how much we retain.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Can we please put the fallacy that Horcoff had nothing to do with his contract to rest?? A contract is a negotiation between two parties, you can be guaranteed the Oilers first offer wasn’t what was settled on. The Oilers were desperate for ‘high end’ players as they were leaving town in droves, and Horcoff and his agent struck while they were in a position of strength. If you can’t blame Horcoff for his contract, then you can’t hold anyone responsible for the amount they earn, which is utter nonsense. Quit being apologists for him, he had no qualms fleecing the team and its fans.

  • bwar

    Does retained salary count against the cap? If so I will delay my elation a little, but elation will ensue nonetheless. Good for the team and for Shawn, whose effort I always appreciated but could never match that horrible contact. Best of luck Mr. Horcoff. And keep er goin MacT!