Earlier today, the St. Louis Blues signed forward Derek Roy to a 1-year, $4M contract. The deal–and the rfa’s still on the Blues list of ‘things to do’ might mean a solid scoring winger shakes loose from the very deep St. Louis depth chart.

The Blues as we speak have have about 8M to sign the following rfa’s:

  • R Chris Stewart, their leading scorer and a coveted PF
  • D Alex Pietrangelo, a franchise type defender coming into his own

This is going to be close, and I think there might be a chance for a club (oh, say the Oilers) to jump in and help St. Louis while also improving their own lot. As we’ve discussed for ages, and MacT has mentioned many times, the Oilers need a complementary player to go with the fab five (Hall, Nuge, Yak City, Ebs, Gagner). The internal candidates are:

  • Magnus Paajarvi, a solid young player but thought to be shy offensively.
  • Ryan Jones, recently signed and possessing offensive ability
  • Jesse Joensu, newly signed big man who has a nice range of skills but lacks NHL success
  • Ales Hemsky, thought to be headed out of town but only if a replacement can be found.


About a week ago, leading up to the draft, there were reports of Perron’s possibly being available:

  • Jeff Gordon, St. Louis Post-Disptach: The Blues also engaged in some preliminary trade chatter as other teams checked in on goaltender Jaroslav Halak and winger David Perron.

Those rumblings appear to have re-started and with the signing of Roy this could be closer now. The Fourth Period repeated the Perron rumor as the weekend started and things could heat up at any time.

Perron is a very skilled forward who can play at a very high level. In 340 NHL games, he’s scored 84-114-198, which works out to 20-28-48 per 82 games. Here is the Hockey News description of the player:

As you can see, there’s some health issues–Perron has had concussion problems and he spent some time in Ken Hitchcock’s doghouse last season. Still, there’s a talent player here.


So far this summer, General Managers have had a terrible time making trades. However, the window of opportunity may be opening for Craig MacTavish. The St. Louis Blues may be willing to deal one of their skill forwards for a less expensive forward or a package of prospects. And this should take place in other NHL cities as teams near roster completion and find themselves up against the cap.

David Perron could have a new NHL address in the coming days, and other names may emerge. Edmonton has the trade assets, the cap room and the desire to make a bold move. 

Stay tuned!

  • 15w40

    DSF : Keep up with your blogs . You seem to have a different perspective from most and are not prone to drinking the Kool-Aid most do . You see more reality and obviously do a lot of reseach to back your opinions . I may not always agree but respect your unique take on things . Adds depth to the site . Thanks again for backing me up on Perron by the way .

  • toprightcorner

    Hey DSF, the fact that madjam just endorsed you says it all.

    Now if Brownlee would only let NewAgeSys back in we’d have our starting lineup…NewAge and madjam on the wings with Perron…er…sorry…DSF at center.

    • Bonvie

      I agree they could be bold and go for both . However, Oilers have been stuck in developing their own thru draft for fat to long I believe . It seems unlikely they would break that mode of operation . Personally i’d like to see them deviate more in this second stage of rebuild .

      Make your point TDSM31 , but lay off the caustic personal attacks .

  • 15w40

    Couturier provides little cap relief for the Flyers. I think the only way they trade him is if they really think he isn’t going to pan out.

    Schenn provides a little more immediate relief and is due for a bigger raise in 14-15.

    If you are trading for both Schenn and Stewart there is no way that you keep both Pajaarvi and Gagner. Flyers don’t want salary so there will be some prospects / picks involved there.

    Stewart will require some NHL personnel going back the other way and good ones at that.

    Power forward would be great but I still think the Oilers need the bigger centre man more immediately.

  • 15w40

    How are we doing so far ? Some encouraging signs come from Odds maker in Vegas and Belmont Sportsbook . Oilers tied for 11-17th for Vegas and 12-18th for Sportsbook . Fun for stats lovers . 2014 Stanley Cup odds

    First : Vegas odds to play around with : L.A. 15-1 ,Van 16-1 , San J. 18-1 , Anaheim , 22-1 , Oilers 25-1 , Pho. 40-1 , Cal (2nd worst ) 66-1 . Florida 150-1 the longest .

    Sportsbook : Van.12-1 , L.A. and San Jose 16-1 , Anaheim 20-1 , Pho.40-1 , Cal . tied for bottom with Florida and Buff. at 100-1 .

    Nice to see they think we are heading upward , but both still ranking us below 4th in our new division .

    • Edsez

      DSF was not backing you up he got it wrong regarding the position of the player.

      You on the other got it wrong because you had no idea where he played and copy and paste some blurb you may have read.

      Kool-Aid- what an original thought, i guess you can hide behind word.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    Pittsburgh sure looks to be in a bit of a bind. Wonder if James Neal would wave his NT to start fresh in Edmonton.

    Perron and Neal would certainly bring hope to what currently appears to be another bleak season ahead. Hate like heck to give up too much to get these guys, considering these guys are a luxury they can no longer afford.

    • 24% body fat

      Delusions or grandeur Quicksilver? Holy Batman Neal and Perron. Might as well ask for Messier to suit up this year too.

      Under the heading of luxury’s we can’t afford. N.Shultz is a guy who at 3.5 is exactly that. Time to move him onward.

      The Oilers should buyout Potters last year. A regular buyout. Then sign Fistric. The Oilers will need his toughness in the lineup when they go up against the big boys from the Pacific divison.

      Gagner? 5 x 5.5?

      Grabbo 1 x 3.0? No term. Show up and provelast year was a fluke.

      • 24% body fat

        I agree. It’s better for MacT to take a sensible approach & hit a few singles then trying to hit home runs in his first year.

        5 X 5.5 seems too rich for Gagner IMO.

    • Edsez

      Something will definitely have to give there ….. it will be interesting to see which big $$$ contract they decide they opt to flip for picks and prospects

      a name that isn’t discussed much is Brenden Morrow. while he’s not a James Neal is he still a 25g/50pt #2 LW and can he be got for less than $4 mil ?

      • The Soup Fascist

        Morrow has stated publicly he wants to sign with a Stanley Cup contender. He still has enough game that someone with a sniff will give him an offer.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Don’t understand why players feel the need to go to teams that don’t really need them to begin with. Players on the down side of their careers seem to gravitate to the path of least resistance. Why not take on a larger challenge, a challenge like the one Andrew Ference chose to take on. Greater risk and a similar measure of reward at stake for those who embrace the opportunity.

          These guys are all winners, whether they have their name on the cup or not. Why not go where you’re wanted/needed more, rather than cherry pick your spot and accept a smaller role. Morrow has a ring already, does he need one for his ego too.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Put up your hands.Who thinks Chris Stewart is resigned in St Louis. My vote is no friggin way. With Ty Rattie on the brink you think giving Stewart an overpay is better than have Rattie come on and make the team out of training camp. Lets see CS 6 million. Or Ty Rattie. Maybe 1.8 million. I know if were the GM where I would lean considering CS history as a Penner wannabe. I would rather take a shot at Perron than CS. Seems more a sure thing.

    I thought that we were shying away from those stupid risky contracts. And guess what MacT has.He paid Gordon a solid 3 million plus a 3 year term for a guy we all know will be a huge upgrade on Belanger in terms of defensive reliability. If he scores 15 points a year I’ll be thrilled. What I expect is a guy who kills PK and is a 55+- guy in the defensive dot. Don’t expect the same in the offensive dot because I hope RNH and Gagner will learn enough from him to nother bonus to signing Gordon he brings that with him to teach the RNh’s and Gagners how to get better in the dot.By example and on the ice. His knowledge will help greatly in that aspect if its able to translate effectively to RNH and Gagner.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Just some thoughts…

    1. Nail shoots left and may move to the left wing (which is why the oil go for clarkson and not stalberg)

    2. Ben Eager seems to be sticking around (nobody talking about him, but he could make the team. .. 3LW)

    3. The oilers have a lot of defencemen for both the big club and the AHL.

    4. That leaves brown and MPS and jesse joneseau (sp?) for potentially one forward spot.

    5. If yak moves to LW then the spot needing to be filled is actually our 2RW position..

    Trade for Stewart as the bold move…

    (I can dream)