Aidan Muir didn’t come from nowhere but you can see it from there. The final North American Central Scouting List saw him rocket to #108 after not making the initial and mid-term list. Who is this guy?

Aidan Muir is not your ordinary teenage hockey player. He was born in Brampton Ontario in August of 1995 and that’s just about the only normal thing about him. The week before he was drafted, Aidan flew to Washington to help some fellow Michigan high school students build and then fly an experimental airplane. Normal right?


Muir’s quick jump up the draft charts is in keeping with the unusual. Central Scouting’s MAIN goal is to draw attention to draft eligible players in a specific year, giving all NHL teams an even chance at least in terms of knowing all the names. Muir’s name made only the final list.


The stats published on Muir tell us he’s a big kid and that he was a good player at the midget level this season. In other words, not a lot. Scott Reynolds–an outstanding observer of the game–had a lash at the question this week and came away thinking this is an extreme long shot. Which makes sense, that’s kind of what you’re getting at #113 overall.


This week, Oiler fans have had a chance to see Muir at the Prospects camp in Sherwood Park and early returns are impressive. A buddy of mine told me his play with the puck is exceptional and he’s certainly going to be a power player when he matures. And then there’s this:

The best scouting report I’ve seen is from Chris Dilks article:

  • Chris Dilks: Muir is a 6’3" 180 lbs. power forward. He’s a decent skater for his size, though there is still some room for improvement. With his frame, there’s also the potential to add a little more strength. His biggest attribute is his grit and toughness in the dirty areas of the ice along the boards and in front of the net, and that he has the hands to make plays in tight spaces. He’s also a very high energy player and a tireless worker.


It’s tough to get a handle on Muir. He might never be heard from again or he might take off like a bat out of hell in the fall (he’ll be playing in the USHL). At this point, we can be encouraged by the reactions of guys like McCurdy, and count those as encouraging arrows.

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  • Lowetide

    “With his frame, there’s also the potential to add a little more strength. His biggest attribute is his grit and toughness in the dirty areas of the ice along the boards and in front of the net, and that he has the hands to make plays in tight spaces. He’s also a very high energy player and a tireless worker.”

    This seems to be the scouting report on pretty much every prospect the Oilers have acquired over the last six months or so. I like the direction this team is going.

    • Lowetide

      Nah. After #100 it’s a crap shoot and he was in fact ranked. The unusual thing with Muir is that he arrived so late–I expected it had a lot to do with his late birthday.

    • GVBlackhawk

      I drove up and watched the first day. Nurse looks okay but is definitely not ready to make the jump to pro. Klefbom was head and shoulders better than anyone on the ice. I’m hoping he starts the year in OKC in order to play big minutes. I think he could make the Oilers out of training camp, but might not get enough minutes as a 3rd pairing guy.

      • Lowetide

        Never made it this year to training camp , but Klefbom stuck out last year as well. Yakupov’s release was tremendous as well as most other skills as far as forwards that stuck out .Besides Nurse evaluation did you notice any improvement from Musil in respect to his speed and laterall mobility ? How did other Oil King boys fair ? Noticed a lot of kids play during camp with their heads down – not unusual they are concentrating so hard on the discipline . Did you notice who was fluid skating backwards and if any had power in their backhand shot . Always amazes me each of the several years I made it there how bad some of the prospects were skating laterally ,backwards and the lost art of the backhand . Any stick out this year ?

        • GVBlackhawk

          Klefbom stood out this year like Yakupov did last year. I mean….WAY beyond the other guys. Apparently that was his first camp, too, and says he can play better than that.

          No other real stand-outs, unfortunately.

          Musil is still a poor skater. He is not agile whatsoever. I hear that he is hiring a full-time skating coach this summer. Hopefully he makes some gains in that regard. If not, he is going to get killed by speedy pro forwards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Stockton rather than OKC this fall.

          I was disappointed not to be able to see Dillon Simpson who was out with an injury.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Seen him on that first day as well. Had hopes of him just flat out being better than one of those 5-7 types.

      Physically he appears closer than he really is. He would get eaten alive having to play with every day NHL’ers. I think he needs one more full year in junior, followed up with atleast half a season in something comparable to the AHL. At his age, and the AHL not an option, it appears two more yrs playing with kids is on his agenda.

  • Lowetide

    I went to the development camp and was most impressed by him. Wouldn’t peg him as a power forward, but there were no physicality drills.

    He’s a good skater, he’s got great hands, a pretty good shot, and is pretty tall at 6’3.

    Also liked what I saw from Evan Campbell. Good skater with good speed

    • GVBlackhawk

      Talk about two opposing views! My thought was: this kid will never make it unless he can learn to play with his head up.

      Saw him good for me was Greg Chase. Agitating little guy who has decent skating and skill. It’s no wonder opposition teams hate this guy! Will be a good addition to OKC in 2 years.

  • Lowetide

    I saw that he is playing two years in the USHL and then going to college, the Oilers would have to sign him after the two years or he is a redraft correct? But would there be some college loophole that he would have “declared” going to college so he is not eligible for a redraft?

    If that’s the case then the Oilers just drafted a big player with decent skills late and got 6 years of free development for him…smart way to use a late draft pick.

      • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

        Even if he hasn’t gone to college yet, since he will be in the USHL for 2 years the 2015 draft (his redraft) would happen before he actually attends college.

        So a verbal commitment holds enough value in the eyes of the NHL to keep him Oilers property?

        • Lowetide

          I can’t really say with any authority. If he jumped from the USHL after year one to the OHL? Don’t know. One of the things the NHL does is close loopholes from cba to cba, but there’s always another leak with the next one.

          I think he’s an Oiler for possibly six years if he continues on this course. If he alters course? I honestly don’t know.

  • RexLibris

    So based on what I’m reading, Muir has the potential to be a big winger who can agitate and chip in an occasional goal, maybe even play with skill and not look out of place.

    Why take him in the 100s of the draft? I thought these guys were supposed to go 31st overall.

    Kidding. Kind of.

    Still hard for me to read “Muir” and not think Bryan.

    Seriously though, Muir looks like he is a good prospect for where he was taken. A flier on a kid with his skill set and development (not to mention age range relative to his draft peers) is a safer gamble than reaching down ten or fifteen spots with the first pick in the second round.

    On another note, I think I know somebody who did something like that to their lawnmower. And various other around-the-house items. One of the best things in the world is knowing someone like that, you get all the stories (and occasionally the video) and none of the scars/amputations/lawsuits.

  • Lowetide

    Allan……….do you have any information on Jughir Kahria ( spelling could be wrong) and how he is tracking on the developmental plan?

    I recall someone writing that he is tracking extremely well?

  • The real minnow

    Hey LT, any chance the Oil Kings possibly try and trade for Greg Chase now that he’s oiler property? seems like the smart move, and thats what they’ve done in the past with some other kids that they draft.
    whatcha think?

    • GVBlackhawk

      No problem. These camps are such a small sample size and we shouldn’t get too high or low on any prospect at this stage. But I think that we should all be excited about the future defense corps on the Oilers.

      Yeah I agree that the tone was quite subdued vs the circus atmosphere from the last three seasons. There’s no flashy forward talent this year.

  • DoubleJ

    I had a buddy go watch. He told me the same basically as you guys. Klefbom stood out big time. But he also kept noticing Kahria kicking butt in all the drills.
    Kahria was the forward who stood out the most.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I thought Zarkov looked great. That kid looked a step quicker than most of the others on Thursday, he gets around the ice real well. Haven’t see him at all in scrimmages yet, but if this kid doesn’t have any competition/drive issues. He could be a rock solid pick. He just gets around the ice with the greatest of ease it looked like to me, perhaps there’s even another gear there as well during games. Hope there’s none of that taking shifts off/disappearing for a period or a game at a time. Should be interesting to watch his progress throughout the coming season.

  • bwar

    They make the caramilk bars upside down,basically. They fill the upside down top part with caramel, then cover it with a flat sheet of chocolate,flip it right side up, and voila.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I used to play on Evan Campbells Team when he played in JR. B, 2 years ago. He had some hands and speed but he didn’t stand out that much. He was also quite soft in tough games. Good guy to drink with though.