Ah the summers here at the Nation. Beer release parties, man cave judging contests. This is when us Oilers fans really go the extra mile entertaining ourselves isn’t it?

Let’s get to it.

Entries for the man cave contest were piling up among the spam in WanyeMail over the weekend. When our new Real Estate Advertier Jerad Cox suggested we put out a call to the OilersNation to see how they are living we kind of expected some crazy. But as you will see in our five finalists some people are living real nice. 




The gentleman who dropped this entry just emailed us the pics and said nothing else. I suppose when you have over 21 jerseys in your man cave, a pool table, a chair from the Montreal Forum among other awesome you don’t need to say much.

"Real Gs move in silence like lasagna" – Lil Wayne 



We just can’t get over this R2D2 sitting there in the corner. Is he an active R2 unit? Does he fetch beers? Does he have any outcome over the game what with his advanced technologies and all? Also the old school pic of 99 on the LHS is solid too.

This is a fine, fine man cave.



A GOLDEN TEE IN YOUR OWN HOME? WTF ARE YOU LIVING IN A BOSTON PIZZA? Man that looks like a great time. If there was a Golden Tee machine at Wanye Manor we wouldn’t need to leave the house, what with the plentiful delivery options for food in Edmonton and everything. Don’t even get us started on how much foosball we would play if this zone was our personal property.




Now because we don’t know how to make a multi pic gallery we had to pick a single frame from the series of shots the owner of this man cave sent in. That big Stanley Cup replica? Yeah, it opens in half to reveal space to keep 24 beers cold. Imagine for a moment celebrating a Cup win with your own Stanley Cup cracked in deuce with a 24 of freezing BLs at the ready.

If the Oilers can figure out a way to get it done before beer is replaced with LazerAle sometime in the 23rd century, the descendants of this man cave owner will be ready to rock.

That’s good planning.


Again like so many of these entries a single picture doesn’t really do this man cave justice. Still with ol school Gretzky Jofa Gloves, a massive custom Eberle pic (not shown) and those lil sticks the Oil gave out sitting in a prominent zone among what look like autographed sticks from days of yore this wicked room more than makes the grade for our five finalists.

Shoutouts to everyone who took the time to send us in entries. You know you are all Kings and Queens among the rest of us rabble, you don’t need to be a finalist in a silly man cave contest with a shot at winning a sick Nuge-Hall_Eberle lithograph to validate your obsession.

But these 5 folks did. Chuck a vote in the poll and lets see who wins the big prize. Thanks again to Jerad Cox for both coming up with this idea and supplying the prize. Even if you aren’t planning on moving you should let him sell your house. We are so confident in his skills as a real estate agent that it will make selling your beloved man cave that you have spent getting "just right" a great idea somehow or other.

Voting closes Sunday.


Oh man. People seem to think that the fact the Nation Network has it’s own beer is a sign that we are moving beyond "annoying blogs" into "annoying blogs with its own beer" territory. Heady times these. Why not head down to the Pint Downtown tomorrow after work and come see what all the fuss is about? It’s for charity too.

We have been peppered with questions so we thought we would put up a lil Q&A here to move more units.

Q: Do I have to buy my tickets in advance?

A: No but it guarantees you get a tee shirt and the $25 Noodle GC and $20 Pint GC. If this sells out and you put back a few dozen litres of NationBeer without copping gear and GCs think how sad you will be. And drunk!

Q: How much are tickets and what do I get?

A: Tickets are $20 and you get a limited edition NationBeer Tee Shirt, a $25 Oodle Noodle GC and a $20 GC to the Pint. All in all a fine deal. 

Q: Is it true that NationBeer contains the tears of Navy Seals?

A: Certainly not. Navy seals don’t cry. Where were you raised?  Belgium?

Q: Are you going to the NationBeer launch party?

A: Yes you are. Click here for tickets. 

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      i agree. no ceiling either! just like we did when i was young…just throw everything i had into the mostly unfinished basement, and voila! instant mancave.

  • A-Mc

    This contest seems a little backwards.

    The person with the coolest cave w/ the most stuff is going to win.. more stuff. Why not reward the worst of the top 5! The saddest sad sack to ever be sad should be given a little hand out =)

    ps: i voted #1

  • The Soup Fascist

    I was thinking #5 until I saw the Maple Leafs’ puck in the display case – automatic DQ – sorry Bub!

    Gotta vote #4. Some nice inset display cases with lots of goodies. The piece de’ resistance …. The Holy Grail of Hockey – loaded with ice cold beers.

    Hmmmmmm …… beer.

  • smiliegirl15

    and not one of them painted the Oilers colours – tsk tsk tsk.

    I can’t believe the size of the tv for entry #1. Love #4 – the built ins are awesome.

  • smiliegirl15

    Grebeshkov back to the Oilers? What is Mac T up to?

    So now our D includes:
    Ferance, J. Schultz

    Smid, Petry

    Nick Schultz, Belov

    Potter, Grebeshkov

    with possibles Larson and Klefbomb? Okay, who is going to be traded? Someone is going here. Nick Schultz maybe? Perhaps the Smid rumours are true. Or perhaps Petry i snot getting it done and they are sending him away knowing in a year or two prospects Klefbomb and Nurse will be up amongst the top pairing with J. Schultz and Ferrence?

  • vetinari

    I’m envious… I once had a Man-cave… Then I got married… It then became a Man shelf… then a Man closet… then a Man storage locker… and finally a ‘Crafts Room’… I have to go glue some glitter on a beer can in the Crafts room, but not before I empty its contents first…

  • vetinari

    Dang, i wish there could have been multiple pictures uploaded. Mine is #4, but i have much more cool stuff then what was showed. Although the Stanley Cup is my favorite. Have been offered a lot for it but wont part with it. My beer league team loves it when we win anything, i bring it full of beer – which isnt as often as id like 😉

    • Trudes

      I’m #5 and in the same boat, have lots of other cool stuff to show, especially my bar area. Think we both missed out by not taking panoramic pics. Maybe we could both get new pics uploaded?? haha…love the stanley cup fridge though, can’t believe something like that exists!!

      • Trudes

        Ya i tried to but with the furniture i have there, lots of the stuff got cut out. I assumed they could take 4 pics or so and crop them into one. My bad. Oh well, still cool to be mentioned. Theres some awesome man caves around here! Yours is pretty sweet, my friend.

        Thanks about the cup. I had it made for me as a central part of the room. Normally its up on a custom stand that looks almost identical to the one in the HHOF minus the plexiglass, but its on one of the other pictures. I just tried to get it in one of them.

        • Trudes

          Ya you’re right was still pretty happy just to see one of my pics make it as a finalist.

          Thats even better that you have a stand for it! That will be so awesome to drink beers from once the oil finally return to glory!

  • Trudes

    Number One’s set-up is bigger than my whole house, so I can’t support the obviously wealthy with a vote to win even more stuff. I’d feel guilty about that, but the Habs seat just pollutes the rest of the room, so no, even if this turns out to be Strudwick’s place. (Sorry, Struds.)

    I gotta support Number 5. The Gretzky gloves, plus the guitars (for shredding “Kick Start My Heart”) earn my support. The Leafs puck is a little sketchy, but I’ll pretend it’s a Borje Salming item and vote YES for 5!

  • toprightcorner

    ~Must be nice to have an excess of money to relax in such luxury and being the only ones able to enter a contest for a prize that each entry could easily go to the store and buy tomorrow~

    Sure, you could call me jealous… could also call me broke 8{

  • toprightcorner

    I am down for the party, but I merely frequent #5’s establishment. My basement is a mess, yours however looks great but I would probably beat you in golden tee!