Hockey Canada announced the invitees to their Olympic orientation summer camp today. Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle were on that list, but will they make the final roster on December 31st?

I had an article ready to post about who I thought would be on the list, but before I could Hockey Canada sent out the official list.

Here is who I thought they would invite, and the names in bold are who I think will make the team, followed by the actual roster.


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Roberto Luongo, Carey Price, Corey Crawford, Mike Smith and Cam Ward. John Shannon reported that Braden Holtby was the 5th and not Cam Ward. 


Shea Weber-Drew Doughty

Duncan Keith-Brent Seabrook

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P.K Subban- Alex Pietrangelo

Kris Letang-Marc Staal

Jay Bouwmeester- Bryan Campbell

Mike Green- Tyler Myers

Dion Phaneuf-Francois Beauchemin

Dan Hamhuis-Marc Methot

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Hockey Canada likes to extend invites to veterans who have played well in the past, so Dan Boyle could get an invite. I think the top four pairings are the favourites to make the team, but if any of those guys get hurt of struggle in the first half of the season, one of the bottom eight guys could easily take their spot.


Eric Staal-Sidney Crosby-Steven Stamkos

Rick Nash-Jonathan Toews- Claude Giroux

John Tavares-Ryan Getzlaf-Corey Perry

Logan CouturePatrice Bergeron-Milan Lucic

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Taylor Hall-Jordan Staal-Andrew Ladd

James Neal-Patrick Sharp-Jordan Eberle

Chris Kunitz-Matt Duchene-Brad Marchand

Jamie Benn-Mike Richards-Marty St.Louis

Joe Thornton

Some forwards like Patrick Marleau and Jarome Iginla could get an invite based on past contributions, but I don’t see them having a realistic shot to make the team.

Mike Babcock and his coaching staff will have some extremely difficult decisions amongst the forwards. You will notice I only picked 12 forwards, because I believe Hall, Eberle, Jordan Stall, James Neal, Andrew Ladd and Patrick Sharp and all have a great shot of making the team.

If I had to pick one of them, I believe the coaches might lean towards Ladd due to age, size and his ability to kill penalties.

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Here is the actual list of who was invited


Roberto Luongo, Carey Price, Corey Crawford, Mike Smith and Braden Holtby.

Shannon was correct that Holtby got the nod over Cam Ward, and Luongo is the only goalie who was invited to the 2010 camp.


Shea Weber-Drew Doughty

Duncan Keith-Brent Seabrook

P.K Subban- Alex Pietrangelo

Kris Letang-Marc Staal

Jay Bouwmeester- Dan Boyle

Mike Green- Karl Alzner

Dan Hamhuis-Marc Methot

Dion Phaneuf-Travis Hamonic

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

No major surprises here, although it is interesting to note that Tyler Myers isn’t on the list. I had 13 of the 17, but it is nice to see they wanted to give some younger guys a shot. Alzner, Hamonic and Vlasic are all solid, but I suspect the seven D-men who make the roster will come from the top-four pairings above. 


Eric Staal-Sidney Crosby-Steven Stamkos

Rick Nash-Jonathan Toews- Claude Giroux

John Tavares-Ryan Getzlaf-Corey Perry

Logan Couture-Patrice Bergeron-Milan Lucic

Taylor Hall-Jordan Staal-Andrew Ladd

James Neal-Patrick Sharp-Jordan Eberle

Chris Kunitz-Matt Duchene-Brad Marchand

Jeff Carter-Mike Richards-Marty St.Louis

Joe Thornton

I got 24 of 25, but I had Jamie Benn making the camp and not Jeff Carter. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they get down to deciding on the 13 forwards. 

If Hall continues to perform like he did last season, and Dallas Eakins asks him to be more defensively aware he’ll have a great chance of making the final roster. His speed on the big ice would be a huge bonus for Canada. 

Lindy Ruff liked Eberle at the World Championships, and if Eakins uses Eberle on the PK this year, that will increase Eberle’s chances of making the team. He’ll have to produce like he did in 2011/2012 to get serious consideration. 

I believe this crop of forwards has more depth than the 2010 team, and that will should make for some great debates when people submit their final 23 players.


  • Here is the list of the 46 players who were invited to the summer camp for the 2010 Olympics. Steve Mason was one of five goalies invited. It’s crazy how quickly things can change.
  • One more note regarding arbitration. Even though Gagner and the Oilers didn’t go through the arbitration process, Gagner still got to see what the Oilers think about him. The player and the team are required to submit their case to the other side 48 hours before arbitration. The notion that teams and players avoid arbitration because they don’t want to rip the player, isn’t completely accurate, because in the case of Gagner, the past two summers he reached a deal only hours before his case, thus he was able to see how the Oilers valued him. 
  • Based on current lineups, if the Oilers are still trying to move Ales Hemsky, Ottawa seems like the decent fit. They need another top-six forward and they have enough cap space to absorb Hemsky’s $5 million cap hit. This is just me speculating. New Jersey might be a fit, but they just signed Jaromir Jagr, but the best fit based on need is Nashville. The Preds desperately need a skilled forward. 


  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    They will pick a team suitable for Canadian ice and lose.

    They just don’t get it that Getzlaf ,Perry and their ilk are just to slow for international ice.

    Meanwhile Hall will sit at home when he is built for the Olympic game.

  • Spydyr

    I’m hoping both make the team because the only way that would happen is if they both are having career years.Which should translate into the Oilers in a playoff spot at the break.

  • Citizen David

    Goalies are the big risk. Loungo and Price are both excellent goalies but both have streaks where they struggle mightily.

    Weber, Doughty, Letang, Pietrangelo, Keith, Seabrook, Subban, and Bouwmeester make an insanely great defence.

    Forwards is where team Canada will screw it up. If they take Getzlaf over Duchene I’ll be ticked. Guys like Nash, Perry, Thorton, Eric Staal, Getzlaf, Lucic inspire no confidence in me. The Perry Getzlaf line stunk in Vancouver. So did Eric Staal. The group needs to be carried by Crosby, Stamkos, Tavares, Toews, Duchene, Bergeron.

    I would have Jordan Staal, Logan Couture, Hall and Eberle, Giroux and Spezza. I don’t know why Canada hates Spezza. Maybe it’s health concerns but a healthy Spezza makes my team everyday. He’s a career 1.02 Pts per game. Topped 90 points twice, once in 68 games. 2011-2012 he was top 5 in NHL points. Over-looked every time.

  • TeddyTurnbuckle

    Nuge will show everyone he should be on the team as a powerplay specialist. This kid has more talent than eberle and hall combined. In fact they should just bring that whole line. Love the Nuge.

    • DSF

      These are the centres invited to camp:













      Did you mean Sammy could be the stick boy?

  • Citizen David

    The whole eastern bias bothers me. Read to many reports about Taylor Hall being omitted. I’m not sure anyone who has seen him play can omit. Guy was shafted by Ruff at the world and still put up points and albeit he caused a few to many turnovers, he can play safe hockey.

    One name being omitted is Horton. Horton Toews Lucic is my third line. You got two thirds of the best line in hockey with the second best center. A guy like Nash always shows up for Canada, Horton wins you games.

    Goaltending is scary. The only one who’s done something is Crawford. Luongo needs to restore confidence and Price is inconsistant. Mike Smith should be on the list.

    • DSF

      The camp roster has ELEVEN high end centres invited. A few of those will be shifted to play wing.

      Hall would have to shoot the lights out in the first half of the season to even get a sniff.

      I would imagine Toews, Thornton, Getzlaf, Carter, Duchene and Couture will be shifted to wing.

      Pretty tough company

      • Word to the Bird

        Yeah that’s a good idea, let’s not have any wingers. Let’s put centres on all of the wings.

        Get me wrong, some centres should and will be put on the wing. But to suggest that Hall won’t even get a sniff without playing out of his skin? That’s ridiculous. He is our best left winger, if not it’s close between him and Nash. One of the two will make the team, if not both.

        • DSF

          Martin St. Louis

          Rick Nash

          Corey Perry

          Claude Giroux

          Brad Marchand

          Patrick Sharp

          James Neal

          All listed as wingers.

          Combine that with the centre group and it’s murderers row.

          • Clyde Frog

            Let’s see Taylor Hall outscored Rick Nash, Corey Perry, Claude Giroux, Brad Marchand, Patrick Sharp and James Neal; some of them by a WIDE margin.

            Who did he not outscore?

            The 38 year old Hockey Robot that is Martin St. Loius….

            The kid is a 2 time memorial cup MVP and has some pretty amazing early point production numbers in his career.

            Yeah, no way he has a chance to crack that roster.

          • Jason Gregor

            He may have scored those players , but he is injury prone ! You guys just don’t see this. If you make roster of team Canada and get injured you cannot replace player . Do you not fact or injury into your thoughts ???

          • 15w40

            no , unless he gets another concussion next season . Can’t have so many injury prone players on the team . Does not make sense because only so many players go , means that too many injuries = bad result . Take Hall only if less players on the team are injury prone .

          • 15w40

            Injuries do matter……if he’s injured. They won’t take an injured player that’s not 100% over somebody that is, save for a select few like Crosby. If he can go he will be on there.

            If Hall is healthy and he deserves to be there, then I don’t think they leave him off because he MIGHT get hurt. That would be a complete failure as a management group.

          • Clyde Frog

            and what happens if Toews and Crosby gets hit the head, Hall separates his shoulder, etc , ect ? where do the players come from then once the roster is set?

          • Clyde Frog

            Yup Hall missed 3 NHL games, playing 45 last season WHILE playing 24 AHL games before.

            Your logic is air tight, cut the bum…

            Sorry for wasting your time.

          • Clyde Frog

            Rick DiPeitro played 60+ games for 3 years . Is that not acceptable for an nhl goalie ? Does that mean he is not injury prone? Look at Hall’s first two years !

          • Clyde Frog

            No, no you are right; obviously the situations are the exact same.

            They also play different positions and are completely different players…

            But they both do play hockey and therefor Hall’s career injury and otherwise will mirror DiPietro’s…

            Your arguments are completely sound! We are passing on Crosby, Hall, Toews! Any others we need to avoid?

          • Clyde Frog

            Not saying he will . Just something to consider . most Canadians have concussion history and one more hit to the head will finish them . look up all the players that have had a concussion . what happens if a third of the team is concussed ? WHAT HAPPENS !?!? roster is already set at the point .

          • Clyde Frog

            So correct me if I misunderstand, sometimes genius is hard to follow.

            You expect a 3rd of the team to be concussed?

            All these star players are going to be knocked out of the NHL next year due to concussions? Or are they only at risk at the Olympics?

          • Clyde Frog

            I am not expecting it , but do you really want to take the chance ? if it were to happen we wouldn’t have a full roster . that means no medal and were 5th right now , not good . because we can only take so many players makes Olympics more important .

          • Clyde Frog

            So, you don’t expect it to happen.

            BUT you want to ice a lesser team in case that which you don’t expect to happen actually happens?

            That which has NEVER happened by the way?

            After a year that Taylor essentially played a full season’s worth of games?

            Nope, you my friend are a genius! Because honestly I don’t think anyone else would have the foresight to cut Crosby, Toews and Hall.

          • Clyde Frog

            I am not saying cut Crosby and toews . I am saying that I wouldn’t put Hall on the team because there are too many others with injury problems . If they go down then we won’t have enough players to ice a team . I am not 100% stating my opinion, I am just trying to generate hockey talk on this subject . Gregor what do you think ?

          • Clyde Frog

            Oh I see, you are just generating hockey talk and not 100% stating your opinion.

            So you are just posting random garbage because you are a professional blogger; I forgot.

            Can you add the following addendum to all of your posts?

            “PS I am just posting garbage to generate hockey talk and because I am too lazy to have thoughtful or insightful comments. I have probably just posted the opposite of whatever comment I have quoted, please do the needful”

          • Clyde Frog

            How is what I am doing any different than what the media or guys like Gregor write ? I am just trying to get people to talk about the sport I love , I am 62 years old and I like going to games .

          • Clyde Frog

            But that is the rub, you aren’t trying to get people to talk about the sport you love.

            You post the opposite and extremely skewed views to get people to argue about the sport you love.

            Instead of taking the time to write thoughtful comments in which you discuss the actual merits of things, you post things you “don’t 100% believe” in the hopes someone picks an argument with you.

            The difference between you and Gregor or the other actual bloggers is:

            A. They are employed by the site
            B. The articles they write are supported by their experience, research and in some cases certain stats divided by others (Which they call advanced stats instead of ratios)
            C. When they post they provide their ideas in a coherent and thought out manner.

            If you want people to respect your opinion try having a real one as opposed to just jumping to the opposite side of every argument.

          • Clyde Frog

            Then I think it is easiest if you could just include the following at the end of all your posts.

            PS I am just posting garbage to generate hockey talk and because I am too lazy to have thoughtful or insightful comments. I have probably just posted the opposite of whatever comment I have quoted, please do the needful

            It will allow new posters to properly understand you as a poster.

          • Clyde Frog

            that’s wrong then because I just want to talk about hockey not post garbage . No one else other than you have stated that I post garbage . You have your opinion and I have mine so I should be able to post whithout posting that garbage .

          • Clyde Frog

            I take it you rarely read the replies to your 100% not believing, chain rattling posts.

            No one is going to force you to put a disclaimer on your troll antics.

            You should, but hey we aren’t all professional bloggers like yourself.

          • Clyde Frog

            I always do and have never heard the word garbage mentioned . How is your opinion any more valid than mine ? You call me a troll but it seems that all you do is troll my “trolling” , , maybe you should put a disclaimer on your posts saying your just a troll’s troll and that if anyone wants to promote hockey talk , your going to troll them even if its for the best for this site .

          • Jason Gregor


            No one picks the team based on “what if they get hurt.”

            Hall didn’t get hurt last year, so he is still injury prone?

            If they are all healthy on December 31st, then you take the best players. Only way injury comes into play is if one of them is currently injured and they debate if he will be healthy by February.

          • Clyde Frog

            Hrmmm, looks like I was addressing DSF not you before you interjected with your post…

            Which was comprised of thoughts you later stated you don’t 100% believe?

            Yup, I am definitely the one trolling…

          • Clyde Frog

            So , you don’t care if your team gets injured and can’t play and forefeet?

            I don’t know why know one is talking about injuries. Not saying it is my opinion.

      • Professor Q

        Toews will not be shifted to the wing. Thornton, carter, and getzlaf better not be on this team as they have no where near the skating ability of hall or duchene. I have all the time in the world for couture on the team.

        If guys like lucic, iginla, Thornton, Getz, and carter make the team we will not be medalling. 2006 all over.

  • Zarny

    Who plays with Crosby and which C’s move to the W will determine the final picks. Toews, Crosby and Stamkos could be Canada’s 1-2-3 C or the first line.

    I’d give Hall an edge in making the final cut given how many lists have Stamkos and Giroux playing RW. With their success at the World Championships though I’d roll Crosby-Stamkos 1-2 with Giroux setting up Stamkos instead of St. Louis. I won’t be surprised if Getzlaf-Perry, Stamkos-St.Louis get taken as pairs though.

    So many combinations.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Hall, Duchene, Benn, Kane. They all are strong, North-South skaters that should be high contenders for the bottom six.

    Hall is one of the best players right now, and he’ll probably be better this season than he was last, so he should be more of a lock than Giroux.

  • Hair bag

    How is Joel Quinnville not part of the coaching staff? He’s won 2 Cups in the last 5 years and more deserving than Ruff or Hitchcock. By keeping basically the same coaches from the gold medal team of 2010, I worry it will be a repeat of Torino.

    • Jason Gregor

      Did they change that for this year? The past two Olympics it was 23…They had 3 goalies, 7 D and 13 forwards. And there was no reserve squad in 2010 that I can find.

  • Clyde Frog

    I still think Hall will make the team. If the over abundance of centres have to shift, they’ll likely shift over to the right, otherwise Canada will be very unbalanced. The only other LW that was better last season was Kunitz, and how much of that was Crosby. Hall does it all himself. As such, here’s my new prediction for a balanced hockey team that can do it all:

    Crosby – Nash – Perry

    Giroux – Hall – Stamkos

    Toews – Lucic – Stall

    Bergeron – Kunitz – Tavaras

    I think is a balanced team as opposed to something Russia would put on the ice. As for some of the huge names I left off, as Tampa showed last year, huge names does not a good team make.

  • Micbilly99

    What I don’t understand is how St.Louis is not an automatic Olympic forward. 60,74,99 points the last three years! Lucic, not a chance should he be on the team (27,61,62 pts) and why Nash (42,59,66 pts). Neither Lucic nor Nash can cover the same amount of ice St. Louis covers. He can play all three areas of the ice better, he plays power play, shorthanded and even strength better. Plus and this is a huge plus…he puts in the effort necessary all the time. While Lucic zones in and out while taking bad penalties and Nash just zones out if is not on the power play. St. Louis is a way better all around player than both of these punks at 38 year old. Start putting his name on the jersey right now and forget these other two!

      • Clyde Frog

        @ Micbilly99

        Lucic and Nash are both LW with size and skill who can impose their will on generally smaller international competition.

        Who internationally do you see trying to move Lucic from in from in front of the net?

        Plus, Lucic and Nash don’t have Stamkos.

        St. Louie is a small RW with skill, and in that sense, there are players that can do his position better.

        Finally, sure he had a lot of points, how has Tampa done the last few years?

        @Mike, I just hope you’re joking.

          • Clyde Frog

            Are you sure you’re not joking? Cause if you’re really not, then just go back and re-read the numbers to find your mistake. If you’re still not sure what’s going on, let someone know and I’m sure we’ll all be happy to let you know what those commas indicate.

      • Micbilly99

        MKE, let me spell it out for you, in each of the last three years St. Louis has had 60 pts, 74 pts and 99 pts. Lucic has had 27 pts, 61 pts and 62 over the past three years. I don’t care how big Lucic is or even how big the Sochi ice surface may be. St.Louis is a far better all around player than Nash or Lucic. There are very few players in the NHL that can do what he does.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    If PK Subban makes Team Canada I will cry myself to sleep. Him being mentioned for the Norris, never mind winning it was the most tragic award thievery since Pat Roy won the Conn Smythe over Joe SAkic the last time the Avs won the cup.

    We don’t need a turnover machine that takes bad penalties on big ice. He has a good one timer, that’s it. Give me anyone on the list other than Phaneuf on Defense. Sweden is going to have one helluva team. Can’t wait for Sochi….looking at the Oilers roster so far for next season, they might be fighting for McDavid by the Olympic break.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    For the Oiler goggled fans…last year the Oilers had horrible Defense. Ference is just another 5,6,7 guy… Grebeshkov and Belov??

    They needed more size and grit anywhere upfront and got Perron and that soft centre man from Phoenix that can win draws.

    Ask yourself this…..are they really any better than they were last year?? I don’t think they are.