The day is finally here. Shea Weber can officially be traded. OMG.

I’m sure Craig MacTavish had a reminder in his phone to call David Poile this morning.

And the conversation went something like this….**

MacT: David, my man, what is happening. You been to Tootsies lately?

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Poile: MacT, things are well. I only go to Tootsies during the season. I like to interact with the fans.

MacT: Smart. I just go to the bar outside our dressing room at Rexall. Some nights I need a beer just to watch our games…Anyways… I was thinking we should talk about a Weber deal.

Poile: Are you serious?

MacT: I’ve received loads of emails from fans outlining what it would take, so I want you to hear them. I’ve had a tough summer.

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Poile: Awesome. I love fan proposals. Usually they are very fair.

MacT: How about Nick Schultz, Ales Hemsky, a 2014 first rounder and Linus Omark. He’s the best forward not in the NHL.

Poile: Good one. I’ll take two guys with one year remaining on their deals, and a guy who is great in shootouts. My fans would love it. I think my owner would be even happier. He’s paid Weber $27 million for 48  games. I’m sure he wants to sell low now. You got any other offers, I need a good laugh.

MacT: You bet. My inbox had lots, plus when I listen to Gregor’s show I hear some beauties from callers and texters.

Poile: One day I’d love to announce one of those trades. Just for fun. Too bad you can’t make trades on April Fools Day.

MacT: Okay…how about this one… (laughs)… Jeff Petry, Ales Hemsky, Teemu Hartikainen, he was just invited to Finland’s Olympic camp, Marc Arcobello, he’s a skilled forward, and Omark, the best player not in…(bursts out laughing)… Sorry I can’t even finish that statement. Best player not in NHL…Have any of those guys ever panned out.

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Poile: Don’t get me started. F*&*(#)* Radulov. They should have called him best floater not in the NHL. You thought Penner was a floater, hell, at least Penner had a pulse, a sense of a humour and he’d fill up on pancakes in the morning. Radulov loved vodka and late night clubs. That prick would booze it up in the playoffs. Now I’m annoyed. Any proposals that don’t involve me bending over and holding my feet?

Mact: I love hearing you get riled up. I guess Pens wasn’t that bad after all, and he is funny.

Poile: I’m going to go on a fanboard site and say you like him and tried to sign him.

MacT: Screw you, I had some people in Edmonton actually think he’d be a good fit for our team. So… honestly what will it take to get Weber.

Poile: I’ve paid him $27 million the past 12 months for 48 (*$&#()@ games. I’d need a lot. I’d need one of Hall, Eberle or Yakupov, and then Gagner plus something else. My fans are rabid, but after Weber, Rinne and Mr. Underwood they couldn’t name two players. I need offence, and you have a lot of it. You pick which winger to give me along with Gagner and your 2014 first rounder…

MacT: That is steep. Can’t do it.

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Poile: How about I take Omark in the deal.

MacT: I can’t give you one of those kids, Gagner AND Omark. The fans would revolt. Most believe he could be the main piece in the Weber deal. Good grief Dave, wake up.

Poile: (laughs)… Now you’re fired up…So one of the kids and Gagner is a no go?

MacT: Will you throw in Rinne with Weber?

Poile: We’re done. See you in late November….I’ll take you to Tootsies. I have a VIP table. Do me a favour and bring some of those emails, I’ll likely need a good chuckle.

**This was not an actual conversation…Well, we can’t confirm that it was…**



  • Bucknuck

    Haha. Very Droll Mister Gregor.

    I especially enjoy when they list their new line combinations replete with the four all-stars obtained in return for Potter, Omark, Curtis Hamilton, and the Oilers 6 round pick in 2016.

  • Bucknuck

    Paul Coffey 79-80-Kitchener Rangers-52games 19g52a71pts 80-81 Oil 74games9g23a32pts+-(-15) Justin Schultz 2012-13-Oakcity barons34games18g30a48pts+-(+8) 12-13 Oil 48games8g19a27pts+-(-17)

    • Bucknuck

      I think “Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)” has a legitimate point that comparing a rookie to hall of famers is a risky business. It raises expectations to the point that a decent player can never live up to. Then the player gets run out of town (like Jason Arnott did).

        • Wax Man Riley

          I saw him skate early in his career………..I swear that he never lifted his skates as he cornered around the net.

          I later learned that he spent a lot of time practicing weight transfer as a way to continuously propel himself regardless of what position he was in. I started practicing this myself after reading about it, and it works! Not sure where he learned this from ( someone mentioned figure skating) but he was ahead of his time. Scott Neidermayer skated much the same way………brilliant!

          • Spydyr

            Coffee wore skates two sizes to small but the thing that always stood out for me.When he skated there was very little sound .Most powerful skaters ripped the ice up not Coffee he was whisper quite.

  • OilClog

    I don’t understand really how anyone can bag on Jultz.. He led the D in scoring, put up great offensive numbers. Not one single person expected or wanted him to be the shut down type, he has zero chemistry with Nultz, Kruger has boneheaded systems.. AND HE PLAYED MORE HOCKEY THEN HE EVER HAS! Guy tired out. Give him a break. He’s going to be a player, not a Drew or a Shea or even a P.K.. He will be a Jultz.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Wait for 2 or 3 yrs. Poile will be on his hands and knees trying to move Weber. Edmonton could probably land Weber for a Lander and Petry type package. With another blow to the US economy imminent, that ownership group in Nashville could soon be looking to seriously lighten the load. Paul Holmgren has single handedly handcuffed that franchise for the next decade.

    Tip of the hat to Pajamah. Standing up for what you believe isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes a confident man to choose the path least travelled.

    • Word to the Bird

      Why are you so hung up on the economics of right now? Think about if they moved Weber. Who in Nashville will want to go to their games after he’s gone?? Weber is the star of Nashville, and stars generate interest. That’s how it works. Don’t you think that Nashville thought about that before they matched the offer sheet?

      • Quicksilver ballet

        There may not even be any NHL hockey in Nashville in a couple years. 2 or 3 teams will probably need to be relocated. Or, maybe the emergence of Roman Josi, along with landing Seth Jones, allows them to rid themselves of this burden/provides them with options.

        The 27 million they’ve given to Shea Weber is of no concern to Poile now, it belongs to someone else and is of no concern to them. The remaining 83 million, might just be of some concern though.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    the best part of the blog isn’t the blog itself, but the way one guy was upset and in turn EVERYONE else got upset.

    i didn’t find the blog funny either but meh. the humour was provided anyway. thanks.

    • magisterrex

      Great article – would you package Nurse and Gags ++ for Weber and a center ? Nashville gets another stud for their rebuild and we get immediate help to make the playoffs ….

  • Joy S. Lee

    My opinion of Weber: good defenseman, wide load, physical, tough, booming shot, decent skater… and hmm.

    Sorry, but Weber doesn’t jump off the page for me the way he does for some of you, like Gregor. Everyone declared him the best a couple of years ago, and I just never did see it to that degree.

    Thing is, Ryan Suter sure helped Weber look good. Seems like every team he’s played for, Weber’s had an outstanding D-partner.

    I think you’d be overpaying for someone who’s valuable, but not as valuable as the payment you’re all discussing as compensation. Besides, our defense is shaping up just fine, we have one more year of dealing with the unknown on that, and then the future core of our defense starts to gel, with potential surprises from every direction. (Who knows when Nurse, Klefbom, Marincin, Musil, Simpson, Gernat, and so on, will be ready, but it only takes one or two to make a leap in their evolution to completely change the mix.) I think giving up the farm and more depth would be a mistake to bring in this HUGE contract with this “dream” player everyone here has been talking about for years. It might have helped a year or two ago, but now it’s too late. Please proceed as you are, Oilers, and leave this idea alone.

    (PS: Want a franchise defenseman? Maybe an up and coming version? Ask for Seth Jones, instead. He might not cost you as much, either, and would be a far better bargain and long-term fit.)

  • magisterrex

    I think it would be more reasonable to hope that 1 or 2 of J.Schultz, Klefbom or Nurse emerge into a solid EV first pairing defenceman that can anchor either the PP or the PK (unlikely that one guy does both), with the other 5 defencemen contributing their part, such that the need for Weber is somewhat (but not entirely) mitigated. This would also be more manageable with respect to operating under the salary cap given how much money this team is spending on all of its forwards.

  • magisterrex

    You kind of hit it on the head.

    Good evGA dmen with a high even assit count have the best Goal differential affect on winning!
    Getting these types with a strong Pk presence.
    What we should target.

    top 30 EVA
    top 45 EVP
    top 7 tough comp D

    D. Grebeshkov:
    top 15 EVP
    top 10 EVA

    below 1.90GA/60 without gilbert and Staios
    A. ference
    Top 35 EVP
    top 60 EVA
    top end 2nd comp GA Dman.

    J. schultz
    top 30 EVA
    top 70 EVP
    4th worst Ga dman in game

    N. schultz
    top 70 EVA
    top 90 EVP
    10th worst GA dman in game.
    A plus player without J. Schultz

    top 10 Points KHL
    Top 10 +/-

    top 7 tough comp Dman.

  • G Money

    This is what I read:

    “Gregor, I want … crack …”

    And I thought to myself …

    “Man, this guys on crack!”

    I wish I couldn’t not resist the urge to wisecrack.