It’s the dog days of summer. People have stopped complaining about the cold and are now complaining about the heat. Other folks have stopped complaining about pot holes and are now complaining about traffic snarls from pot hole fixing crews. And others still are cleaning out their houses and having garage sales to free up space for more stuff down the road.

We here at NationHQ are no exception. It’s time to have a blow out sale of assorted NationGear from events in the past year as well as a special line of tees from the site that birthed the Nation Network in it’s entirety. We found a box in Wanye Manor and almost fainted.

Oh and proceeds go to charity.


Did you know that once upon a time we started a site called to protest the Ryan Smyth trade? It’s true. We ranted and spazzed and people were kind enough to read it. Then we decided to go all in on an Oilers blog. Then Ryan Smyth came home. Coincidence? Without a doubt.

These babies are seriously a part of Nation History and anyone who knows anything about Antiques Roadshow knows that historical artifacts always go up in value.*

Only $12.99 per shirt. Limited sizing available. Click here to buy yours.


Was this the shirt that marks the last time the Oilers will draft first overall for the forseeable future? Or are we destined to consider the NHL Entry Draft our version of the Stanley Cup for all eternity? Only time will tell.

While you wait to see how things turn out, look funky fresh in this NationDraft Party tee shirt.

Only $12.99 per shirt. Limited sizing available. Click here to buy yours.


Do you remember turning five? Did you have a tee shirt commissioned to celebrate? We do and we did. These shirts are not only sharp as all hell but they also mark a special place in Nation history. They say 90% of businesses fail in the first five years and if you can make it that long you are probably good to go. Here’s to failing in year 7 amirite?**

Only $12.99 per shirt. Limited sizing available. Click here to buy yours.


Now this shirt is brand spanking new since the drunkest release party in the history of Downtown Edmonton last friday. They are one of the best tees we have done to date in our opinion. We have a wicked promotion cooked up with the Pint for the season ahead whereby NationBeer Gear will be flying out the door*** but if you are underage and lacking a good fake ID or don’t live within travelling distance to the Pint this may be your only way to get your hands on one of these babies.

Only $20 per shirt. Click here to buy yours.


The proceeds of the Rummage Sale will be split between the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society and the ICCP. These cats were supposed to get bulk coin from StreakCred but that failed spectacularly. If we have to sell our three remaining toes and one working kidney to make good on our promise of making a donation we will. Spare your ol’ pal Wanye a trip to the surgeon and get some shirts will you?

Limited sizes are available so act now. Haven’t acted yet? How about now? Still no? HOW ABOUT NOW??****

 *Except these of course. 

** I am rite.

*** More on that as the season draws near