I usually don’t put a lot of stock in the polls that David Staples runs over at the Cult of Hockey at The Edmonton Journal. In fact I sometimes mock them, but the results Staples is getting today for his latest question – Who is Edmonton’s top sports radio host? – confirm what I already know.

That is, simply put, when it comes to the gift of gab in this market, Bob Stauffer of 630 CHED and Jason Gregor of TEAM 1260, both of whom I’ve had the good fortune to share the booth with as a co-host, sit at the top of Edmonton’s radio heap. Then, there’s everybody else – Allan Mitchell, Jason Strudwick and Mark Spector of 1260 and Dan Tencer of CHED. You can review the latest results of the poll here.

Stauffer, the uber-connected host of Oilers Now on CHED, and Gregor, who somehow fills four hours a day, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., with quality yakity-yak despite having a certified windshield technician as one of his co-hosts, will no doubt lead the poll from wire-to-wire. No surprise there, even though Stauffer and Gregor are as different as night and day in terms of style.

Both, however, obviously hit notes that resonate with Edmonton’s radio audience. And both, as any good radio host tends to do, have their fair share of critics. Anything in between love and hate, as in the dreaded "like," isn’t what drives big numbers in the radio game.


Here’s a sampling of comments posted along with the poll in The Journal. To see them all, click on the link I provided in the first paragraph.

Randy: Gregor is pretty good too, but for me, he says "you know" every 30 seconds. I’ve often that would be a fun drinking game. Nah, everyone would be hammered within the hour:)

Todd: Tencer is just ok. Far from good enough to justify the way he treats people. He also lost all favour with the fans when he basically lobbied on air for the downtown arena and anything else on the Katz agenda. Tencer also works for Katz, and this has no credibility as a broadcaster. Tencer also scored his gf, a oilers puck (vicarious much) a high profile gig in radio. The guys too young and too shady.

Peter: Sad that Allen Mitchell had to manipulate poll by begging people to vote for him. On a hockey site Stauffer should win…His show is all hockey. Best host, and most well-rounded is Gregor. He has a sports show that talks every sport, and he can talk them all. I find he is the best interviewer by far. He and Stauffer are the two best, but IMO Gregor is the best sports host. Bob is hockey.

John: I have a real hard time listening to CHED from 6-9 pm. That is a terrible time if you have kids. I wish they would put a show up against 1260 in that 9-12 am evening slot. As far as Jason Strudwick’s show, I wish he would spend 90% of his time talking Oiler hockey instead of 90% of his time joking with Majeau. If CHED even aired a repeat of Oiler lunch around that night slot, they would own it. Bob Stauffer is definitely the best in the City. Vancouver does sports talk radio seven days a week, 360 days a year and we have far more interested fans here. I would like to see at least one more nigh time sports show in Edmonton for sure. Staples maybe???


Stauffer, who gave me the chance to co-host his show when he was at TEAM 1260 before he moved over to CHED as the analyst to play-by-play man Rod Phillips on game nights, is easily the most connected media guy in the city – newspapers, radio and TV – and it’s not close.

For those who point out Stauffer should be the most connected, considering he works for the Oilers, that was the case BEFORE he moved from 1260 over to CHED (with a stint on both at the same time when he was doing Oilers Lunch on the TEAM and game nights on CHED).

Stauffer gets the dope because he goes after it by talking to GMs, agents and hockey ops people around the NHL, not because he gets it handed to him by team management, as his critics insist. You don’t have to like it or believe it, but that doesn’t make it less so.

As for Gregor, I think he’s the best interviewer in the city, and by a pretty healthy margin. He’s always prepared because he puts the work in, and he’s quick on his feet – if an interview takes an unexpected turn, as they often do, he’ll shift gears seamlessly.

More times than I can count, often as I’m listening in as I’m driving to the studio or a live location for my 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. segment, Gregor has rattled off an interview that has me locked on the dial. Gregor knows how to tell a story. Just as important, he knows when to let his guests tell their story without feeling the need to jump in and gum it up with what he thinks.

The other thing with Gregor is he’s the straight goods. What you hear is what you get. While it’s a rule of thumb that conflict and differing opinions make for good radio, I don’t remember Gregor taking a position on an issue he didn’t believe in just to generate calls or drive ratings. Integrity, what a concept.

There are plenty of reasons Stauffer and Gregor are top of the heap.


The landscape of Edmonton sports radio has changed a lot over the last decade and more changes are in store.

. . . I fully expect we’ll see TEAM 1260 re-branded as TSN 1260 in the not-too-distant future now that Bell Media has bought in.

. . . Don’t be surprised if SPORTSNET becomes a player on the local radio airwaves as well. Word is, they’re after an AM property (maybe CKUA) to compete with TSN.

. . . 630 CHED is the rights holder for Oiler broadcasts for the upcoming season and then the deal is up for renewal. Both TSN (1260) and SPORTSNET, if they draw in, will contest those rights.

. . . 630 CHED has some work to do to fill the void left by Tencer, who is leaving Inside Sports in the evening for a morning talk/news slot. Say what you want about Tencer – I certainly have from time to time — he’s built an impressive resume in a big hurry.

. . . Strudwick is proof you don’t have to have the slickest delivery or good hair to make waves on the wireless. Like John Short, Strudwick can spin a story, even if he butchers names and the English language. TEAM 1260 got it right giving him the late night slot.

Listen to Robin Brownlee Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Jason Gregor Show on TEAM 1260.

  • I like both (Stauffer & Gregor) .

    During the 06 playoff run Gregor hooked me as a life long fan, he had amazing energy that transcended into the radio.

    I know he’s said he has no loyalty to any team, but I was convinced he still had a little Oiler fan in there some where during that run.

    I still like listening to Stauffer but the edge is gone, it’s a softer Bob, which I don’t have a problem with, I just wish we could have really heard (1260 Bob) opinion on the Oilers, the Oilers management and what he really thinks the Oilers should do.

    Brownlee your not to shabby yourself.

    Great time to be a listener in Edmonton though.

  • i no longer listen to gregor like one of the comments i find his arrogance off putting. i rarely get a chance to listen to stauffer’s show but if i do i i stay tuned in. all this radio talk gets me thinking of the mike richards show, i have to imagine whomever is in charge of the calgary team station had a bad day when he told them he was leaving.

  • Rocket

    I wonder what new sports personality will take over Tencer’s job?

    I like them all but especially Lowetide. I also really like it when Stauffer has Tyler Dellow from MC79 hockey on. Gregor is great when he’s fired up; like lately when he ripped on The Eskimoes.

    Strudwick is entertaining but has a HORRIBLE taste in movies.

  • smiliegirl15

    I have to chime in here. I like Gregor the best and for my two cents, he’s done a lot to grow his brand here in Edmonton since taking over the big time slot.

    I think those who are making the claims that Gregor is arrogant are just a little bit insecure and don’t like the confidence they hear in his voice.

    And by the way, some of the trade proposals suggested by Oiler fans are beyond stupid. If I were Gregor, I’d get a bit exasperated with those callers too.

    As a guy who consumes all the sports I can, and not just hockey, I appreciate Gregor and Neilson for doing what they can to mix in a little NBA, MMA, NFL, whatever. It was nice during May and June to hear somebody talk NBA playoffs for a change.

    • smiliegirl15

      it’s my opinion which i have no problem voicing, we all have them. any insecurities i have do not have anything to do with what i listen to on the radio. with regard to the foolish trade proposals i don’t belive that gives anyone licence to treat their listeners poorly, they make up the shows market.

  • Rocket

    Fair enough.

    My opinion is that Gregor states his opinions with confidence because he has the research and the knowledge to back them up. The same cannot usually be said of the callers that seem to get his ire from time to time.

    I wouldn’t say he treats his listeners poorly – he gives us up to four hours of quality sports radio every day. Even if he is occasionally impatient with some of the less educated opinions he has to listen to, I think on the balance his net contribution to the discussion is positive.

  • smiliegirl15

    Team 1260 all the way! I listen to you guys all day at work. I cannot stand Tencer and stopped listening to his Oilers broadcasts when I got cable; he’s actually the reason I got cable and stopped listening to games on the radio. I literally did the happy dance the day Rome flamed out.

    I also happen to know for a fact Tencer’s gf is not a puck bunny, nor does she work in radio. Perhaps an ex of his does but his current gf didn’t even know who he was before they started dating.

    Robin you probably have shirts older than Milhouse, who know more about hockey than he does!!!

  • book¡e

    Gotta go with Gregor. The guy knows his sports! CBA question, he did his homework. NFL question, he did his homework. NBA, guess who did his homework? UFC? Dog didn’t eat that homework. And his opinions? Passion is golden! Stauffer, listen to him, everytime a player comes up he has to mention his junior roots, his peewee roots, it gets farking annoying! Ya you covered him when he was 12, we care about now. Ask the question and actually get an answer before piping up with your knowledge. Struds, love ya but I gotta hit FM when you are on, love your desire but you are not a broadcaster and your interviews and insights are mind-numbing. Vote Gregor. And this is not his mother FYI

  • Two and a half sports stations would water down the talent, wouldn’t it? Maybe we’ll get Brynn and Jake in the mornings again.

    Stauffer is a PR guy basically, so I’m not sure he really counts. I imagine he will be working with Spec if Sportsnet comes into the market. Presumably they’d have a leg up in the rights battle, seeing as how they already have a cozy and longstanding relationship with the team.

    I agree with 99% of what Spector says, and he has the best perspective on sports on the radio: sports is entertainment, it’s fun, and shouldn’t be taken totally seriously. I’m glad he’s got his own show.

    In terms of the important things that make someone a good radio host though, Gregor hands down.