The CEO for Hockey Canada Bob Nicholson said, “By my count, I’m at 11. It’s never been that low. The number has always been higher," in Mark Spector’s story yesterday, when responding to the question of how many players are locks to make the Canadian Olympic team.

If Nicholson is correct, that leaves 12 spots open, and two "extras". The roster has been expanded from 23 to 25, but I was told a few weeks ago that the players holding down the 24th and 25th spots will be told they are going to Sochi as extras, unless they run into injury problems.

So who are the 11 players that are locks to make the team?

After scanning the roster here is who I feel are locks:

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Roberto Luongo. He won gold in Vancouver, and even if he doesn’t start every game he’ll be one of the three goalies.

Shea Weber. Big, strong, good skater, heavy shot and he’s can play against any forward in the tournament.

Drew Doughty. He was only 20 in Vancouver and was one of Canada’s best D-men, and his overall game is more consistent now.

Duncan Keith. He’s won two Cups since winning gold in Vancouver, and his speed and first pass will be a major asset on the big ice.

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Sidney Crosby. He’s the most complete forward in the game, and when healthy he’s the best player in the game.

Jonathan Toews. He led Canada in scoring in 2010, and his two-way game is outstanding. He’s extremely competitive and he’ll be one of the leaders.

Ryan Getzlaf. Excellent play maker, and he had a bounce-back season last year. He’s won Olympic gold and a Stanley Cup.

Eric Staal. He can play centre or wing and can play on any line. He understands the pressure of the Olympics having played in Vancouver.

Patrice Bergeron. Some questioned his spot on the team in 2010, but he was excellent on faceoffs in Vancouver and in the past three and a half years he’s become one of the best two-way centres in the world.

Rick Nash. Nash has lots of international experience, and played very well on the "checking" line in Vancouver. I see him and Toews as a combo again in Sochi.

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Steven Stamkos. He is the only non-returnee that I have as a lock. He’s the best Canadian goal scorer, and I suspect we will see him and Crosby play together.

When Nicholson mentioned 11 players, he easily could have had Corey Perry on his list, but I have Stamkos as a lock.

Nicholson’s 11 locks don’t have to include returnees, because 15 of them were invited to the summer orientation camp. Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, Mike Richards, Brent Seabrook and Perry are the other fiver returnees who will be at camp.

I believe Perry will make the team, because the coaching staff likes having players who’ve experienced the pressure of the Olympics. It is different than NHL playoffs, because of the single game elimination format of the playoffs. You can’t have an off night, and then play great for four other games.

Whether Nicholson was referring to Stamkos or Perry, the reality is that seven forward spots are taken, barring injury, so that only leaves six forward slots and one "extra" forward position.

Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall will have to out perform Jeff Carter, Logan Couture, Matt Duchene, Claude Giroux, Chris Kunitz, Andrew Ladd, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, James Neal, Patrick Sharp, Jordan Staal and Martin St.Louis and John Tavares if they hope to make the team.

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In Spector’s article GM Steve Yzerman had this to say about available spots. 

“I’d say there are probably, conservatively, maybe 10 locks. Ten may be a conservative number, sure, but half of this team is available for guys to make. At least half.” 

I suspect Yzerman says 10 because he wants all of the 47 players who arrive in Calgary to believe they have a realistic shot of making the team. 

The final selection announcement will garner massive interest and debate amongst Canadian hockey fans. Some very good players will not make the team. The speculation on who will make it will be higher than ever, due to the deep talent pool.

Will Hall or Eberle make the team?

If Hall plays like he did last year, I don’t see how he doesn’t make it. His speed through the neutral zone and ability to attack, and beat, D-men one-on-one will be too hard to overlook.

Eberle will need to produce like he did in 2011/2012, and if Eberle gets lots of PK time with the Oilers that will increase his shot of making the team.

Who are your 11 locks?


I have no idea what Dallas Eakins will say to the Oilers when he addresses them on the first day of training camp, but I’d recommend he watch this. Nick Selby….Epic speech.

"Our mission as students is not to follow in the footsteps of astronauts, Nobel Prize laureates and presidents who graduated before us, but to exceed their footsteps. Crush the shoulders of the giants upon whom we stand."

"If you want to play theme music during your convocation speech like a bad ass, WE ARE AT GEORGIA TECH, YOU CAN DO THAT…"

Gold, Nick, Gold.


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  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Really hope Hall makes this team, I’m still miffed over the all star debacle.

    Here’s hoping Eberle returns to form, I’d say he’s got the best backhand in the league.

  • 24% body fat

    Does no one know what the definition of locks are. It is the players Yzerman is taking regardless of the camp or the year (only injury).

    You can only have ten or eleven locks.

    Your personal wish or thought of what a team is does not make them locks. Even if Yzerman picks the same team you predict, it is not locks.

    That being said my locks are the same as gregors with Perry replacing bergeron. (bergeron can make the team). I just think Perry and Getzlaf are a duo and are the locks Stevey Y is speaking of.

  • Citizen David

    The Defense is the simple part. After Weber, Doughty, Letang, Keith, Subban, Peitrangelo, and Seabrook there is a drop off. The only players capable of catching them might be Bouwmeester or Mike Green if they have great starts.

    Goaltending will be Luongo and Price for sure. The third will be for whoever can have the best season going and is probably wide open to any Canadian goalie.

    The Forwards are the tricky part. The only forwards that I would give 100% not even have to think about it lock status are Crosby, Stamkos, Toews, and Bergeron. After that no one should be a lock. For me personally, players like Tavares, Hall, Jordan Staal, Duchene, Giroux, Couture, Eberle, Spezza, inspire confidence in me. Eric Staal, Getzlaf, Perry, Thorton, Nash, Carter, Richards don’t.

  • Citizen David

    Remember Turin where

    Crosby 3rd in NHL points for a Canadian
    Eric Staal 4th
    Marc Savard 5th
    Jonathan Cheechoo 6th
    Jason Spezza 8th
    Patrick Marleau 10th

    All didn’t make the Olympic team cause they were too young or didn’t have the experience, or weren’t the big names like Doan or Iginla or Lecavalier. Only thing is none of those factors stopped them from dominating the NHL. And team Canada couldn’t score to save their lives.

    The best players should go. If The Gezlaf’s and the Nash’s are dominant forces this year then take them. But if they are tailing off and guys like Eberle and Duchene are passing them then take the better players.

  • Citizen David

    I have to go off on another Jason Spezza rant. This guy is the most underrated player in the NHL. I don’t think Hockey Canada even knows he’s Canadian.

    Jason Spezza’s Career PPG 1.02
    Joe Thorton’s Career PPG 0.99
    Eric Staal’s Career PPG 0.91
    Jarome Iginla Career PPG 0.90
    Ryan Getzlaf Career PPG 0.94
    Rick Nash Career PPG 0.82

    I get it if he’s injured don’t take him. But if he’s healthy he’d make my team any day. Hockey Canada’s a joke.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I had the pleasure of being at the CAD-RUS game in 2010 and marvelled at the skill/grit/speed/creativity of the Nash-Toews-Richards line. This line dominated RUS and the USA in the final. I’d love to see them together again. Toews has emerged as, in my opinion, the best two-way player in the game. Nash is bloody amazing on the large ice surface and looked pretty good for the Rangers in the playoffs. Richards has a ridiculously high hockey-IQ despite merely above average skills, he’s bloody sneaky. I hope they bring back this checking-line.

    As for Grabo to WAS, shame MacT. Better find another bloody centre! The Oil are terrible week down the middle. I miss depth at any position on the Oil…

  • Citizen David

    i would hope that Rick Nash is not a lock. yes, he has been a good international player in the past, but, IMO, there are many people Canadian forwards that have suppassed him at this point. will he make? probably, you he shouldn’t be a lock