The summer of 2013 is starting to start to wind down. The mornings are getting a bit chilly, it’s raining cats and dogs. For some this is a reason to wring one’s hands and cry aloud "WHY SUMMER WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?" For us hockey fans, we have a secret smile in our heart as we can begin counting down the days till puck drop.

To get us all in the spirit we proudly present the first two NationGear designs of the 2013-14 season.


The only other thing of note on the horizon is the Edmonton Mayoral Elections in October. We suppose all of City Council is being elected technically, but the big chair is up for grabs with Mayor Mandel vacating his spot. We here at NationHQ don’t pretend to understand the hot button issues of the day nor can we keep all the candidates straight.

Except one.

Imagine the Nuge ran for Mayor? Now granted he would need a ride to work every day and would require an adorable booster seat to be brought in to council meetings but we can’t help but think he would do a rip roaring job. Yes, a massive Nuge for Mayor campaign is just the thing we need here in the Capital City.

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It was brought to our attention that ladies want NationGear too and they want it to be "fancy" and "appropriate to wear with nice clothes." Contrast this with the majority of the dudes who want NationGear and want it to "hide ketchup stains" and "require rare washing if ever."

We think this is a cool design. At first glance people may not even realize that it is hockey related apparel. But once they piece it all together we can’t help but guess the wearer of these babies will get knowing glances and winks from everyone they meet.

Want strangers walking up to you and asking where you got your tee shirt? Of course you do. 

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As always a portion of the proceeds from NationGear will go to deserving Edmonton charities as a part of our corporate goal to get to $200k in charitable donations annually by the end of 2014. This time around we are supporting our friends at the Inner City Children’s Program who help provide afterschool programs and other assistance to Edmonton kids.

These designs will only be on sale for this week and then they will be gone forever. Don’t miss out and live a life forever filled with regrets of what could have been. Or get some other equally cool tee shirt and immediately forget about these. Whatever.