In the 2010 young stars tournament, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson and others impressed us and breathed life into a sinking franchise. Do you remember what we said about those young men (and the other kids) that summer?

Back in 2010, Oiler fans were pretty excited about the young stars and looking forward to some big time offense from Hall, Eberle and MPS! There were others who drew our eye, too. Here are some comments from August and September 2010 (Credited where available)

  • Ross Creek Nation: I think only 1 of Pääjärvi or Eberle will start here. I’m gonna say I think Magnus will see the toughest minutes of the 3. Eberle will join the team in Dec. Hall will have most pts. None will see Calder. Now you know..
  • doritogrande: I see Paajarvi getting the Hemsky treatment at the beginning of the year but towards January his maturity (he’s been playing against men for 3 years now) will start to show through. Seems like the most "complete" player among the Oilers’ 3 rookies, and Renney is the type of coach to reward defensive acumen with increased playing time.
  • Madjam: Lets not forget about Omark , whom might be most complete of bunch as well up front . Plante might even emerge on defence ? We certainly have an abundance of youth with credentials we have never seen in the past busting on to the scene at the same time perhaps. Not just one or two either !
  • Eddie Shore: Magnus Pääjärvi Svensson will win the Calder. Book it!
  • Joe Hallenback: One thing the Oilers have changed the past few drafts is they seem more inline with different scouting services with there 1st and 2nd round picks. The last draft were they might have reached was 2007 with Plante at 15(although I believe he was in the 15-30 range on alot of lists) and Nash at 21. Since then I can’t really complain or argue about there picks. They seem to be a little more loose with there later picks but I think at that point you have to go with what your scouts tell you. A guy like Blain was surely a scout pick. I am positive someone was backing that pick and they went with it.
  • Wanye: LT, I beg of you to continue to refer to Paajarvi-Svensson as such. We can’t let these millionaire athletes change their names on a whim.(I ignored him, but have followed instructions since!)
  • Jake: Wonder where that Hesketh kid is, the D from Minnesota?
  • Razzer: For all you Oil Fans thinking about coming to Penticton to watch….there are more Oilers fans in the Okanagan than Nucks fans. Come down to the SOEC and wear your colours proudly.Word has it, the owner of Slack Alice’s is loyal to the oil and might by you a draft.
  • Cowbell_Feva: I know Taylor Hall is getting a tonne of recognition and whatnot for going #1 overall, yada yada yada… But in my mind the rookie that will stand out this year is Eberle.
  • bookje:Bold Pre-season Prediction – Hemsky will have a astonishingly weak pre-season and look indifferent. Loads of internet people will get totally stressed about this. He will start to care again when regular season begins and stress levels will lower.
  • Golden Seals: Glad to see all of us armchair coaches are back from summer vacation. Good thing we don’t have to take physicals.
  • Lowetide: That D scares the hell out of me!
  • Wanye: The theme for this season should be "exciting last place hockey." Alternatively "more robots, more killing" would have some zip.
  • Archeology:  Decent (read: Franchise quality) centres are hard to acquire. I’d rather draft one than pay through the nose to pick up a free agent or trade away one of the kids to get a C. Obviously the Oilers need to take the BPA in the draft, but I bet Chicago is thanking the hockey gods they didnt win the lottery in 2006 and had taken Erik Johnson instead of Toews. (Arch would get his wish with RNH the following summer).
  • Steve: Here’s my ideal season (my ideal season would involve a Stanley Cup, but keeping it within the plausible range): the Oilers are an entertaining team that’s always near the bottom of the standings, but is in the game most nights. They have a bad streak shortly after the all-star break which drops them to 30th, then they finish the season with a hot streak that pushes them up to 26th. Then they win the lottery. The players go into the off-season feeling good about the team as-is (since it finished so strongly with so many players who can only expect to be better the following year), and feel even better when they consider that another first overall is on the way.


I missed this last fall and winter. A hockey season has a certain construction: the rookie camp, where we make wild predictions that do or don’t come true; the first pre-season game where all is lost (or won!); and the great delight of opening night and then the long winter days and nights of a season and the building hope for the playoffs.

The lockout took it away from us, but it’s back. Time to make wild predictions and use hyperbole in a sentence involving Ben Betker! It’s all good! There’s nothing about the rookie camp we’ll remember three years from now, except the names of the players who made progress and have NHL futures.

But it’s fun to groan and gasp and embellish–it’s a time honored tradition. 


In the last 24 hours I’ve read that Darnell Nurse is a draft bust, Oscar Klefbom is the second coming of Doug Lynch (injured before he could make an NHL impression) and that losing to the Flames in Game one of a (STILL SUMMER) rookie tournament is a very strong tell for the regular season.

Imagine my delight when visiting ON this evening to read the voice of reason–from a Winnipeg perspective:

  • #74 Darnell Nurse: The first thing to notice about Nurse is his skating. He’s a big, big man, but it’s his transition and lateral skating that make him effective. His straight away speed is reasonable, and his skating in short bursts is very good. He was able to keep a close gap against the Flames, and his escapes were sharp all night. He is remarkably mobile and rarely needs to use his size. He’s effective with the puck and showed strong awareness while his partner switched sides all night. He did, however, struggle to read coverage and was rarely patient without the puck. (PS: the trip on Nurse in the third was really, clearly a trip. Tough break.)

I hadn’t read Kevin McCartney before tonight, and that is clearly my loss. I will look out for his next article with great anticipation. (Hall and Ebs photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved).

  • RexLibris

    I agree, McCartney’s take was refreshing and *gasp* balanced. I’m just trying to come up with a clever McCartney-Jets fan-Wings joke…

    The Flames dressed a largely AHL lineup with some good chemistry and Monahan and Poirier showed well. Baertschi attending is just this side of a ringer in this kind of tourney, but who am I to deny that fan base a ray of light.

    The Oilers had the youngest and least professionally experienced group in Penticton and it showed early and often. That group has a long way to go, and perhaps (and this is telling) had they dressed Lander and Pitlick the possession time might not have been so lopsided.

    However, what I found most interesting about last night (aside from the ease with which a fan base that once scoffed at prospect hyperbole has now embraced that tune) was that the defense is on a different level than those forwards to the extent that, with a few exceptions, they weren’t able to skate the puck out of the zone or create much offense as a three-man unit. If the defense couldn’t get them the puck with no one around to challenge then they were basically hooped.

    Now, I’m going to go back to watching the Eskimos clinch a 1st overall draft pick in this year’s CFL draft. This is still Edmonton, after all.

    • Batfink

      I agree, McCartney’s take was refreshing and *gasp* balanced. I’m just trying to come up with a clever McCartney-Jets fan-Wings joke…

      Or classic Homer S: “Paul McCartney has left Wings? You idiots, he was the best one!”

    • Shermanater

      I’m sorry to hear RNH is out, but I am glad to hear Hall is going to get a long look at C. I believe Hall will surprise himself at how well he will play there, and then may rethink his stance on staying there.

    • Not to nitpick, but the exact tweet from Bob stated that RNH was “likely” to be gone all of October. IMO nobody knows for certain how long he’s going to take to be ready to go, not even St. Bob.

      It’ll all become more clear as September progresses.

  • Zack

    Hey LT… another good article today and I loved reading those past predictions and opinions…of which a lot were far off as hell…lol. I also enjoyed McCartney’s hockey article and opinions’ writing as well.

    Mind you, I was one who was then also wrongly thinking Paajarvi was gonna be a top power scoring force from day one…with Hall and Ebs.

    Now??? I like what I saw in this 1st game with my top choices of Khaira, Chase, Ewanyk, Roy, Gernat a lot…despite the bad plays/bad breaks.

    More so…I really love the skillsand talent of both Klefbom and Nurse though raw and rusty…but Marancin really impressed me the most over all with his game concerning patience and skating skills, and his long passes and offensive attempts.

    This kid is a definite upper type defender player in the near future, as are the others (Nurse, Gernat) but he is ready to move up to the NHL more than most right now. Klefbom jIMO, just needs more reps and games to get going..with having strong confidence for his shoulder too.

    The most problematic thing I noticed in the ugly eratic type rusty first game against Calgary…other than no proper practices, bonding, or prior exhibition games, is that several kids played on the wrong sides rather than their correct positions. All the defenceman in this one game are left handed shots I was informed and this could have been not the greatest thing to be with.

    Last to say…. is that if the Oilers were lose to Calgary this year at all…based on those talking of this 1st rookies game (lol), then it would be fact only then….that the Oilers are truly lousy (NOT), truly lazy (NOT), they dont want to play for Eakins (NOT)….or…. they dont give a damn (NOT).

    Oilers will make the playoffs this yr…..either in 7th or 8th in the conference.

  • First game was a garbage bin game – a write off . Not worth reflexing on . Continuing poor play , however , should raise some red flags as to our depth and skill of talent . Maybe tomorrow we might see something from this crop of rookies worth getting excited about .

  • OilClog

    It Nuge isn’t playing until November, and a candidate from within is the option, I go with Eberle. No one can fill into Hall’s shoes on the 1st LW, Perron is great! Hall is Dominate.

    Hemsky and Yak on the RW.. With a completely disolate bottom 6 lol..

  • Zack

    There is nothing I’d like to see more for the depth chart than Hall as an effective center however, I don’t really see it happening. With his run and gun style type game, defensively I just don’t know if it will work out. That and I’m sure after the first few games we will be complaining about his FO% in the dot. For some reason I could see Eberle at center more than Hall. Godspeed Nuge.

  • Batfink

    Clearly we all knew what the result would be before it happened, right? Worst offensive prospects in the rookie tourney, no time for system learning, and nurse and klefbom playing against men with NHL experience… this equals losing/learning. There is only one season that matters for the Oilers, everything else is prep.

    I really hope Khaira makes the team in the next couple years. He looks solid, hard on the puck, goes hard to the net, and it seems like he’s just started learning how to use his size to gain an edge now that he’s competing against men who never ease up. At least he offers ‘something different’ for all those pleading, and maybe he could gel somehow with the current firepower in the top club.

    As for center, I think Perron makes more sense than Eberle being that he has NHL experience at the position, but they’d probably opt for Hall (based on what management told Hall and Perron’s concussion history). Regardless, they’ll probably try a few combinations in the pre-season to see what works.

    LT I am becoming a serious fan, keep up the good work

    • Batfink

      Yea I agree with you ……….I took some flak yesterday because I compared him to Mark Messier…….tongue in cheek of course.

      We need a third or fourth round pick to turn out just so we can reassert our faith in mathematical odds, and our amateur scouts.

      Go Jughir!