Edmonton Oilers return seven to junior

The Oilers announced their first cuts of training camp today, sending back seven players with junior eligibility.

The list is as follows:

  • Marco Roy (56th overall, 2013)
  • Jackson Houck (94th overall, 2013)
  • Kyle Platzer (96th overall, 2013)
  • Ben Betker (158th overall, 2013)
  • Greg Chase (188th overall, 2013)
  • Ty Bilcke (undrafted invite)
  • Reid Petryk (undrafted invite)

There are no real surprises in the group that got sent out, and it aligns pretty closely with my guesses on Saturday. I had thought that Marco Roy might stick around a little bit longer – given his draft pedigree and impressive Penticton showing – but the fact that he was culled with the rest of the team’s most recent non-first round picks shouldn’t be held against him.  

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Clearing this first hurdle are the two non-NHL 2012 draft picks in camp – Mitch Moroz and Jujhar Khaira – who might also have been sent back to junior. Likely that will happen soon, but the coaching staff evidently feels those players will benefit from a slightly longer stint with the parent team. Darnell Nurse, the seventh overall pick in 2013, stays as well, which isn’t a real surprise given his draft pedigree; it would take a miracle for him to make the team but he is a developmental priority and it makes sense that he’s still around.

Also surviving the initial cuts is goalie Ty Rimmer, a graduating junior who played his first professional game with the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs last season. His resume suggests he may be an ECHL option for the Oilers’ organization this season, and given his age it’s not a big surprise that he’s still with the team but it’s encouraging for him all the same.

In summary, there weren’t any hard decisions made today; this simply pares down the roster to a more manageable number and lets the youngest guys in the mix head back to their junior teams to gear up for 2013-14.

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Kevin McCartney – who did some fantastic work for this site at the recent Young Stars tournament in Penticton – asks and answers whether Evander Kane and Devin Setoguchi are a good match at the heart of the Jets’ second line:

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It may just be the euphoria of a new season beginning, but I think Setoguchi has a good chance of fitting with Kane and supporting his transition offence game. If Scheifele can learn to use his size and puck skills to create low-high opportunities in the offensive end, the Jets’ second line could be offensively dangerous.

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  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Perron looked fantastic last night. Had great control in close, made guys look like they were standing still. And he didn’t hesitate to grab a guy during scrums.

  • 1983 and This Year

    Might Jesse Jonsseu be the power forward we have been looking for………sure looked it last night.

    Here is hoping the professional scouts make a difference for a change. I for one cant’s wait for pre-season games to be broadcast on TV more often. Time to take these games out into the broader community ( Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Fort Mac, Lethbridge, wherever) and reward the small community fans.

    • DSF

      Oddly enough, every Vancouver pre-season game will be broadcast.

      Sept 16 vs. SJS SNP

      Sept 18 vs. EDM SNP

      Sept 21 vs. EDM CBC

      Sept 23 vs. PHX SNP

      Sept 24 vs. SJS SNP

      Sept 26 vs. NYR TSN.

      And ALL of those games are also available on NHL Network in the U.S. as well.

      You would have to think the Oilers should be more aggressive in getting their pre-season games on SNW.

      But, based on last night’s feed fiasco that saw the Flames site streaming both games (despite having to rebuild their broadcast centre after flooding), it appears the Oilers are still trying to figure out this new fangled broadcasting thing.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Should’ve shown Chase and Roy a little more NHL love. Keeping them around another 10 days would’ve given them a better sample size of what the future may hold for them.

    3 whole days sharing the same dressing room as the veterans. Not a lot of showtime for these kids, swept aside a little quick for the commitment they’ve shown.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I was wrong. McGrattan a non-factor last night, Not a great hockey player and can’t keep up with the play. FERENCE was great. Awesome pick up. Same for Joensuu, Mike Brown and Smytty. How do we find room for all these guys. DALLAS EAKINS and MACTAVISH are going to turn this ship around. Loved the Eakins interview this morning……we can paint flowers and dinosaurs on the walls but in the end it’s all about winning! Still hoping we pick up an enforcer who can play a little bit- like Colten Orr!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    If Nurse keeps improving /impressing he is looking already top six . Grebs says Belov will be in for surprise at NHL level , and may not make team .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    No real surprises but I will definitely be following Roy’s season in the Q. He has skill, plays a feisty game and knows his way around both ends of the ice. A solid pick judging by the arrows thus far. Chase and Platzer also had tremendous camps and should be well worth following this season.