The preseason is well underway. Some guys are getting a good look with the big club and the NHL is looking to control the look of some players by enforcing an existing rule from the 60s. 


One of the guys getting lots of hype so far in camp has been Jesse Joensuu. I must admit I too have a slight man crush on the big man.

It’s still a very small sample size but so far Jesse Joensuu has been one of the most, if not the most noticeable forward vying to crack the squad.

I didn’t think he was nearly as good versus the Jets. He got knocked around a little bit which may be something to watch for in the future. Maybe it was just one of those nights, but he was on his back a lot.

When he had the puck however he still looked very strong, and created a couple quality scoring opportunities. He is a huge frame that looks like he is more than able to keep up with the play and to date has given opposing teams fits down low. Size is obviously something this forward group desperately needs. It will be interesting to watch him as preseason goes on when more veterans draw into lineups.

The only thing bad about this guy right now is his number. Big men need big numbers. Look at Joey T here wearing the #6 early in his career. Gross.


A couple days ago the NHL announced they will be cracking down on how players wear their jerseys and equipment. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the NHL didn’t want players to have a little bit of individuality and style. Thankfully Elliotte Friedman cleared some of that up here.

I don’t disagree that the cut up pant leg is one of the worst looking things on a player and like the fact they will crack down for a cleaner look. I just hope that’s where it stops and this isn’t the beginning of the end. Please don’t go the way of the NFL where every player has to look exactly the same.

Players being able to express themselves with a little jersey tuck, white skates, black blades or tinted visors can make up a players identity even more than a number.

Can we all agree Doug Weight had the best style ever? Let’s not even start with what Gretzky would look like without the jersey tuck and dark blades. Both of them could have gone number less and you would know who they were on the ice.

I think (hope) going forward you will still see guys have a little bit of flare and style with their equipment as long as you are not showing skin or have hulking equipment sticking out all over the place. If not, then it’s just stupid.


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