That don’t look like no Sam Gagner being named Captain. Uh oh.

I’m a big boy, I own up to my mistakes. I said that Sam Gagner was going to be named Captain a few weeks back because I was told by someone who I trust that was going to be the case. Not because it was a rumour. Not because I was looking to stir the pot. But because I believed it was going to happen.

And I was wrong. So be it.


Your ol’ pal Wanye saw an opportunity and I pounced on it. I don’t regret it and given the chance to do it over again I would. I can suffer unlimited slings and arrows from haters as I am made of tougher stuff. So if you want to tell me off and call me names let’s get at it.

I don’t block people on twitter or ban people from the site. So let’s dance.


Poor ol Sam Gagner first of all. He went from being trolled on the internet by some clownshow with a fake name as being the next Captain to having his jaw turned to dust and being on the LTIR. For the record you would have made a tremendous Captain of the Oilers. I hope you get more respect from us Tier 2 rabble going forward in your career.

Look at you tweeting pictures of being back in the gym already. Respect.


Welly welly well. Andrew Ference is the new Captain of the Oilers. To quote the immortal TowelBoy "Who saw this coming?" I certainly didn’t. Good on you Captain. You join a laundry list of heroes including Gretzky, Messier, Lowe, Weight. You also join Corson, Moreau and Horcoff. It’s up to you which column you will ultimately join and we sincerely hope its the group of Legends.

Yes you used to be a Calgary Flame. Yes you have a Bruins tattoo on your right bicep. None of that matters. You are our man now. Please make the Oilers win. For heaven’s sakes it would just be so grand.


At the end of the day this entire Captaincy naming proves one thing. Dallas Eakins ain’t here to rubber stamp the orders of the Powers that Be for the Oilers. Naming Ference Captain comes straight from his playbook and he is clearly calling the shots around these parts now.

Do whatever you think needs to be done. Name Ference C14. Release Ryan Jones. Close every single doughnut shop in Northern Alberta. Just PLEASE get the Oil on the right side of the win-loss column. You have our unwavering respect Sir.


Shoutout to Bob Stauffer and Kevin Lowe respectively. I appreciate that K-Lowe took time out of his day a few weeks back to go on Stauffer’s show and call me names. I also appreciate Stauffer saying my real name on the air and DM’ing me threats on Twitter. I get it fellas. I am a nerdy blogger that lives in his Mom’s basement and couldn’t possibly know anything that goes on in minds as great as yours.

But you might want to rethink your approach to how you treat us young nerds though in this day and age. You might be surprised who we turn into one day.

  • Zipdot

    To be fair, even when you wrote the article I assumed that it was more of a ‘Gagner would be given serious consideration for captaincy’ rather than ‘Gagner WOULD be captain’ type situation. And I think that’s fair, all around, to say and while I don’t know who your source was Wanye, I found it more plausible that what he had heard (or overheard) was more closely aligned to that line of thinking.

    I do think (or perhaps I’d just like to think) that Gagner and Ference were the forerunners for the position in a battle between old and new blood and if Gagner doesn’t have his face rearranged by a careless stick, who’s to say that Gagner couldn’t have won over Eakins as well.

    That being said, all this drama around it all is lame. No one is right all the time. All this egg slinging by holier-than-thous is borderline ridiculous and those people need to take a step back and realize how silly they are being.

    But then I remember that the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS so with that, carry on, I suppose.

  • BK

    Why do fans need to bash media personalities in this town? If every media guy didn’t speculate on rumours, gave non opinionated arguments, and didn’t try to stir the pot to get people calling in or debating on blogs, what a boring off season it would be just reading “the facts”. We all can read what the facts are every day. Its the personalities all of them that we should appreciate.

    We should be thankful that we have 2 radio stations with quality sports coverage that we can choose from, multiple bloggers that we can visit and extend our oiler community to, and all oilers games broadcasted. I remember not so long ago when no games were broadcasted, no full time sports radio and no Oiler blogs. This all just makes it more fun and interactive. So every once and a while they will say something that will push boundaries, give some different opinions or speculate on rumours, it all is just ENTERTAINMENT. These guys are not running our country they are not perfect, they are simply giving their opinions and trying to make things interesting and give people something to debate and talk about with our friends, fans, coworkers etc and I’m thankful for all of them even if I don’t like or agree with them.

    Wanye – you were wrong. who cares. We debated it at work for a month, gave us something to discuss rather than work.

    Next topic

  • Wouldn’t it be a kick in the nads if Gagner WAS going to be the C and once Lowe and MacT got wind of Wanye leaking how the decision was made – THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS AND CHOOSE FERENCE JUST TO SHOW WHO’S BOSS!

    Wanye may just have single-handedly changed the future of the Oilers!

    *Mind blown*

  • OttawaOilFan

    Perhaps Wayne heard right and his friend just forgot to finish his sentence that Gagner was in fact captain….of the kids club. Honest question though, do they usually make the captain the captain of the kids club too? If not, that might have been a tip off, but I’m not sure what the usual deal is so…

  • OttawaOilFan

    I’m a long time reader and a rare poster (usually a day late to comment on articles) but I’d like to point out Wanye that you are batting.500 right now! You totally cracked the Comrie story/rumor before it happened but no one seems to remember that. You ARE the man! Keep up the good work. Us tier 4.5 fans out of city/province appreciate what you’re doing!!

  • BK

    You had me till the doughnut shop thingy.

    I know you would never put this baby or any of it’s devoted followers into a place of ridicule unless there was an honest belief it would happen.

    On a MUCH grander note, congrats on your HUGE overnight growth with ANOTHER digital acquisition.

    Very Katz of you to cover up a missed call by buying up competition! 🙂