You are likely sick of waiting for the NHL to release the 2013 schedule, and so is friend of the Nation, loyal reader and proud Albertan Evangeline Lilly. Lilly hails from Fort Saskatchewan and when she isn’t busy staring in movies, she will be in part two and three of the Hobbit, she likes to read the nation.*

Here is what we know about the Oilers schedule that should be released later today. Of course it is the NHL, so there is always a chance you might have to wait until tomorrow.

The Oilers really wanted to start the season at home on January 19th against the Calgary Flames, but the CBC elected to go with the Canucks at home, because of a larger TV audience. There are more people in Vancouver, and clearly more looters and rioters, but I’m not sold they have more hockey fans.**

And I truly wonder if fans in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg would rather watch the Canucks, instead of a Battle of Alberta?

I’m a huge hockey fan, and I’d much rather watch the Leafs v. Habs than watch one of them play a non-rival. I like rivalries, and even if the Flames/Oilers rivalry isn’t one it once was, on opening night the atmosphere would be electric.

Regardless, the Oilers won’t start the season at home, and unfortunately you will have to wait another day until you see Nail Yakupov and Justin Schultz in Oilers silks.

The Oilers will open the season Sunday, January 20th in Vancouver.

Their home opener will be Tuesday the 22nd v. the Sharks.

The Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings are in town on the 24th and their first home Saturday game will be against the Dallas Stars.

I’ve been told that the Oilers play ten home games from Jan 22nd to February 23rd, and none of them will be against the Central division. They will have some road games mixed in during that time.

The Oilers will then vacate Rexall Place for a 9-game road trip, due to the Brier.

They will return to Rexall on March 15th.

The official schedule comes out later today, but regardless of who they play, it is imperative that the Oilers take advantage of the fact that 12 of their players have been playing for the past four months if they hope to make the playoffs.

They can’t afford a slow start.

Once the schedule is out I will update this post.

*We assume she does, but can’t confirm it officially.

**If that bothers you Canucks’ fans you are tad too sensitive.


I was sent this schedule and got it confirmed that it is accurate. Mark your calendars.


Here is what it looks like…

Jan 20th @ Vancouver
Jan 22nd v. San Jose
Jan 24th v. LA
Jan 26th @ Calgary
Jan 28th v.  Colorado
Jan 30th @ Phoenix
Jan 31st @ San Jose


Feb 02nd @ Colorado
Feb 04th v. Vancouver
Feb 06th v. Dallas
Feb 09th @ Detroit
Feb 10th @ Columbus
Feb 12th vs. Dallas
Feb 16th vs. Colorado
Feb 19th vs. LA
Feb 21st vs. Minnesota
Feb 23rd vs. Phoenix

Feb 25th @ Chicago
Feb 28th @ Dallas


Mar 1st @ St. Louis
Mar 3rd @ Minnesota
Mar 05th @ Columbus
Mar 07th @ Detroit
Mar 08th @ Nashville
Mar 10th @ Chicago
Mar 12th @ Colorado
Mar 15th v. Detroit
Mar 17th v. Nashville
Mar 20th v. San Jose
Mar 23rd v. St. Louis
Mar 25th @ Nashville
Mar 26th @ St. Louis
Mar 28th v. Columbus
Mar 30th v. Vancouver


Apr 1st v. Calgary
Apr 3rd @ Calgary
Apr 4th @ Vancouver
Apr 6th @ LA
Apr 8th @ Anaheim
Apr 10th v. Phoenix
Apr 13th v. Calgary
Apr 16th v. Minnesota
Apr 19th @ Colorado
Apr 21st v. Anaheim
Apr 22nd v. Anaheim
Apr 24th v. Chicago
Apr 26th @ Minnesota
Apr 27th v. Vancouver


  • The Oilers play the Flames three times in April in span of 13 days.
  • They play the Ducks on back-to-back nights in Edmonton on April 21st and 22nd. I can’t recall the last time the Oilers played the same team at home on consecutive nights. I’d love to see this happen more often.
  • They play four afternoon games. They play Saturday Feb 2nd in Colorado, Saturday Feb 9th in Detroit, Saturday Feb 23rd in Phoenix and Saturday April 6th in LA. 
    • m3sh

      Actually, the CBC is subsidized to the tune of 1 billion a year give or take, so not to nitpick, but at roughly 35million people, only maybe 20 million of which actually net *pay* into the pool, I’d say the number is more like 1000/20 = 50 dollars each per *actual* taxpayer. Which for a national network isn’t bad, keeping in mind that also includes the radio networks as well, and the unremarkable CBC Newsworld.

      But ya, I’d still vote for sell off HNIC to another network, and close up tv operations. There is little interest in CBC content beyond HNIC and maybe CBC sports.

  • Hemmertime

    agree with 2 Girls no Cups. I talk to fans of other teams a lot, and most of them say they will watch the Oilers this season even though they dont like them. They state we should be hella fun to watch and make for entertaining hockey.

    Even Americans want to watch Edmonton now.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    I’d set my PVR to record “The Biggest Loser”, but I’m afraid all I’ll get are Flames games.

    EDIT: Evangeline Lilly is so FREAKIN HOT….thanks Gregor

  • 24% body fat

    2 girls no cups:

    Who cares about what other people are watching? If you are an Oilers fan, you get 100% of games on tv. What does it matter to you whether other random people in the country have your game televised?

    • 24% body fat

      I dont care what other people watch. But a battle of Alberta would have been a nice start to the nhl season. CBC is playing to a large city whos loyalty to their team is very questionable.

      Is it not CBCs job to acquire the largest viewership possible? While thinking the larger city is the key to higher ratings I would strongly disagree. No American city will be watching it on CBC and most of the rest of Canada are in bed. Calgary, and Edmontons fan base put together is larger than the Canucks, thus I believe higher rating would be achieved through battle of Alberta game.

      Not only as an oiler fan, but as a Canadian tax payer I would like to see less of my money wasted on CBC.

      • DSF

        The Vancouver TV market is 3.25 million households.

        The Edmonton TV market is 1.5 million and the Calgary market is similar.

        Not only is the Vancouver market larger than Edmonton and Calgary combined, the game is also on an hour earlier so the casual fan is more likely to watch some or all of a game that starts at 7 pm than one that starts at 8 pm.

        The Canucks also have a large following in the Pacific Northwest and CBC is available OTA to many of them.

        A no brainer for CBC.

        • 24% body fat

          Ok you include the rest of BC but you do not include the rest of Alberta in these numbers.

          What about saskatchewan. You do not think Eberle has an effect on Regina fans. almost everyone I know in Saskatoon is an oilers fan. So lets say another million for Sask.

          We are now looking at 4.5M or so for both markets.

          Now if you look at the make up of the populations in each city, I would argue that as a percentage wise in Calgary, Edmonton and Sask, there is a greater penetration of hockey fans than there is in the Vancouver area.

          • DSF

            The Edmonton television market includes all of northern Alberta.

            The Calgary television market includes all of southern Alberta.

            The Vancouver television market is bigger than both combined.

            Since the entire population of Saskatchewan is just slightly over 1 million, I find it hard to believe that all 1 million of them are Oilers fans especially babes in arms, the elderly and infirm.

            No way to know but I would expect there are as many Flames and Jets fans in Sask as there are Oilers fans. (and more than a few Canuck fans.)

            Of course, you seem to know everyone in Saskatoon so I could be wrong about that 🙂

            Suggesting you know the “penetration of hockey fans” is greater in Edmonton and Saskatchewan is just nonsense.

            Got anything to back that up?

            Maybe all your 220,000 friends in Saskatoon could help.

            P.S. The population of Surrey is more than half a million.

            P.S. The population of Kelowna, which is not part of the Vancouver TV market is almost the same as “all your friends in Saskatoon”.

          • 24% body fat

            Your making the assumption that all of the greater Vancouver area is canucks fans. I lived in Northern BC and it is split 50-50 with oilers.

            BC 4.4M

            AB 3.6M

            SK 1.0M

            1. AB and SK are a larger market than BC

            2. I will definitely defend that there is a larger percent of hockey fans in AB and SK than BC

            3. I will also defend that in northern BC there is large support for the oilers (due to history) and in other places in Alberta there would be a smaller canucks following.

            4. Vancouver and Toronto are hated by fans of all other Canadian Teams. The other Canadian teams not so much. Meaning take a sample of 33M Canadians less out say 15M for Toronto fans (reasonable estimate) and 5M for Canucks fans. That is still 13M other people who would rather see the Flames and oilers than the Swedish Kesler diving team, with Capt Crunch Burrows. And yes this is assuming everyone in Canada is a hockey fan.

          • DSF

            You keep working from the assumption that everyone is Saskatchewan is an Oilers fan.

            They aren’t.

            Defend your “larger percent of hockey fans in AB and SK” all you want but there is absolutely no evidence to prove that.

            The number of hockey fans in northern BC is so small it’s irrelevant but I would wager there are many Canucks fans there.

            Vancouver and Toronto being “hated” by all other Canadian teams is just dumb.

            Between Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, you have 1/3 of Canada’s entire population.

            What fans in Swift Current think just doesn’t matter.

            And I’m sure the fans in Ottawa and Winnipeg could give a flying donut about whether or not the Oilers are on HNIC.

            BTW, Victoria has a population of 316,000, bigger than Red Deer, Ft. Mac and Grande Prairie combined.

            And they’re ALL Canucks fans, because I have friends there 🙂

          • Quicksilver ballet

            I’ve never asked this of you but are you an Oilers fan or do you just like debating with Oilers fans on ON?

            Also this discussion is ridiculous. That’s like arguing about who’s the most obsessed about the NFL in America. It’s everyone, it’s America’s game. Or what ocean has more water in it the Atlantic or Pacific. The NHL is Canada’s game and a lot of people are obsessed with it. But there are also a fair amount of Canadians that aren’t into it no matter what the geographical location. I live in Edmonton and I have friends that love to watch the Oilers and play in beer leagues and friends that don’t watch or pay attention at all. I’m sure it’s the same in every Canadian market.

        • B S

          Lets see, starting the game at 9:30 pm et or 10:30 pm et… yep lets broadcast a game that’s an hour later for a team no-one else in Canada wants to watch, Makes sense to me.

          Not to mention that Oilers v. Flames would attract all of Alberta and Saskatchewan, 3,645,257 + 1,033,381, compared to 4,400,057, you’re right the Canucks are obviously the better market.

          Edit: and that’s assuming anyone outside of Vancouver actually gives a crap about the team.

          • DSF

            I see there is a very large number of things you don’t understand about television scheduling, demographics and hockey in general.

            The last CBC game always starts at 8 MST…that’s 7PST.

            If CBC is showing a game featuring a home team that starts at 7pm, there are going to be more viewers available than a game that starts at 8 pm in the local market.

            And what makes you think everyone in Saskatchewan is sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for the “Battle of Alberta’?

            Many of them have already switched allegiances to Winnipeg.

            You should also be aware that the success of the Canucks over the past 5 years has also led to their being far more Canucks fans across the country.

            Just because you don’t appreciate good hockey doesn’t mean no one else does.

            A game between two teams that hardly ever make the playoffs is hardly the stuff of legends.

          • B S

            I stand corrected on the schedule (by you and J. G.), I must have been thinking about TSN (or I’ve lost it entirely which won’t bode well for any further arguments).

            Regarding Saskatchewan, most of the people I know from there are fans of both teams (Oilers and Jets), when given the option they’ll watch the Oilers play, especially with all the hype around the team.

            The success of the Canucks has bred far more enemies than fans, even hockey fans I know from Quebec and Ontario will avoid watching the Canucks, their dirty play and winning have developed both disgust and jealousy respectively among most hockey fans, added to a lack of success in the past and there is very little interest in the Canucks outside of B.C. and Vancouver Expats.

            Also, if you’re counting on NW United States to bolster their fan base think again, hockey fans are few and far between in America. Traveling (roadtrips) through Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, and Columbus, as well as living in the Midwest for a summer, I’ve only ever met two NHL fans (not counting the new fans I introduced the game to), one in Columbus (don’t worry, it was a Red Wings fan), and a trucker in North Dakota, an Avs and Jets fan.

          • 24% body fat

            And another point… vancouvers fan base is only large when winning. Oilers through out being crap have not lost theirs. Mostly because of a very historic past. One thing the Canucks do not have.

          • 24% body fat

            There is a difference between running straight numbers of populations and knowing your demographics.

            Any idiot can look and see Vancouver is bigger than Calgary or Edmonton. Does that mean that there are no other factors. Does that mean that everyone in Vancouver is a Canucks fan. Does that mean no one in Alberta outside Edmonton or Calgary or no one in Sask watch Hockey.

            If it were as simple as picking the largest city every businessperson would be a millionaire.

          • I work with media buyers. Buying advertising during a Vancouver game broadcast is more expensive than an Oilers game because their viewership is larger. It’s just a fact stations know about viewer numbers and demographics far more than casual fans. The broadcast schedule was purely based on viewership and advertiser revenue.

            This is just Oilers fans overstating their team’s importance. Outside of northern Alberta, the Oilers aren’t nearly as popular as you think they are.

          • striatic

            “Buying advertising during a Vancouver game broadcast is more expensive than an Oilers game because their viewership is larger.”

            also, wealthier.

            talking about raw population is sort of silly when the point is to target advertising at people with discretionary income.

            from a ratings perspective CBC is doing exactly what it should to get the most money out of its advertisers.

            sort of an anti-climactic way to kick off the season compared to the Battle of Alberta, but certainly the most *rational* choice.

  • 24% body fat

    So lower main land bc and other parts of canucks market is about 4M (high side)

    Alberta plus sask for an oilers calgary game would be roughly the same if not more. A lot of Northern BC cities are 50-50 edm van.

    Two teams that would draw a canadian market plus the hype around the oilers would e better IMO than a team in which every other city in the NHL hates.

    CBC being amateur hour again.