The Oilers re-assigned Chris Vande Velde, Colten Teubert and Taylor Fedun to OKC today, but they also recalled Yann Danis.

Danis will actually be coming to Edmonton this time. On Sunday when the Oilers handed out their training camp roster, Danis’ name was on the list, but the Oilers never recalled him until today.

Nikolai Khabibulin’s groin is still a concern so the Oilers will play it safe and bring up Danis. They’ve also called up Tyler Bunz from Stockton to go to OKC, so I’m guessing Danis will dress Sunday in Vancouver.

Danis hasn’t put up great numbers in OKC this year. He’s 13-13-3 with a 2.99 GAA and a .905 SV%. If Khabibulin’s injury is serious, I wonder if the Oilers look at claiming Henrik Karlsson, who was put on waivers today by the Calgary Flames.

Karlsson hasn’t played much, only 26 appearances over two years with the Flames, but he might have more upside than Danis.

The Oilers don’t play back-to-back until January 30th in Phoenix and the 31st in San Jose, so Devan Dubnyk should be able to play the first five games prior to those two. That gives Khabibulin another two weeks to recover.

If Dubnyk plays well I suspect he will start 38 of the 48 games this year, but the Oilers need to ensure they have a capable backup for the other ten. Khabibulin practiced for the past three days, and I didn’t notice him favouring his groin at any point, but be recalling Danis it is clear they have some concerns regarding his health.


The Oilers have to declare their 23-man roster tomorrow afternoon. Andy Sutton and Ryan Jones will start on the IR, and I’m guessing Khabibulin will as well. That leaves 24 players remaining in camp.

The Oilers will either send Magnus Paajarvi to OKC, or put Theo Peckham on IR. If they put Peckham on a two-week conditioning stint he still counts against the 23-man roster, so he either goes on IR, or they put him on waivers today, or they send Paajarvi down. They could send both Paajarvi and Peckham down, with Peckham on conditioning stint, as well.

It does Paajarvi no good sitting in the pressbox, and considering he skated on the 5th line all week, I doubt he cracks the opening night roster. He isn’t suited to play on the 4th line, and Teemu Hartikainen will get a look in the top-nine to start the season.

The Oilers have 7 healthy D-men ahead of Peckham, so I’d send Paajarvi down and Peckham  down to work work his way into game shape. The Oilers can’t afford to lose Peckham on waivers, mainly because they don’t have much, if any, NHL depth in the AHL, so put him on conditioning stint and re-assign Paajarvi.

  • Czar

    If Habby plays like he did at the beginning of last season then he has some value. If he plays like he did the later part of the season then the only ice he should see is in practice and his cocktail.

  • A-Mc

    I agree with you Jason: Send Peckham down for conditioning. This guy needs to get his sht together if he wants to crack the Oilers roster, and because i like his interviews i hope he does it.

    Question: If he does get sent down for conditioning, how long is he allowed to be down there? 1wk? 2wks? 1 mnth?

      • Jason Gregor


        In five starts in January he has allowed 21 goals on 116 shots.

        His SV% in January is .818 and his GAA is over 4. He hasn’t played well lately. He is not the answer moving forward. And his best players were forwards that left, he should still be able to stop some shots a .818SV% is gross.
        Roy’s numbers not nearly as bad in January. He had GAA under 3 and save% of .881. OKC hasn’t given up many shots in any games in January. Opposition is only averaging 25 shots a game. And actually 38 came in one game.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          I guess you missed where I linked to his stats and noted his decline in Jan.

          His monthly totals are:

          Oct (4 starts): .887 Terrible
          Nov (11 starts): .926 Great
          Dec (8 starts): .923 Great
          Jan (5 starts): .819 absolutely decrepit

          So we’ve got a lengthy stretch of 19 starts where he is fantastic, we’ve got last year where he was great:


          and we’ve got a poor start of 4 games and a rough mid-season patch of 5 games minus his best players.

          Has he had a great season… no!

          is he playing his best hockey right now… no!

          what do you think best represents his abilities: his early and recent stumbles, or his long stretch of solid play this year and last?

          I don’t see how rounding out his player’s stats ought to be so objectionable.

          It is totally reasonable to note his struggles… I think it is equally reasonable to note his successes.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            I think most people agree that the AHL is a fairly good predictor of NHL performance, while duly taking note of the still large gap between the two leagues.

            At any rate, I don’t recall anyone claiming Danis was the answer. Merely adding info about his track record.

            Is he the best #2? not by a long shot.

            But based on your discussion of him… I think he is better than you are giving him credit for.

          • Jason Gregor

            Facts are facts, he is not an NHL goalie. And this year he has been grossly inconsistent. You proved so in your monthly stats. Not sure why you feel he is so good.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Let me put it this way…

            he was the AHL goalie of the year last year and is arguably the best 3rd goalie any team has.

            I think he is a fine replacement for Nik’s collapse… but he will still need someone to step in and relieve the pressure by becoming the permanent #2.

            Or, I think he is a great injury call up AND I think he is a mediocre permanent #2.