Every Single Thing Darcy Hordichuk Did

Saturday night versus the Calgary Flames, Darcy Hordichuk made his 2013 debut for the Edmonton Oilers. He had four shifts, and played a whopping 1:11, all of it coming in the first period. After the jump, every single thing that Hordichuk did on Saturday night.

Shift One

This is Darcy Hordichuk (16 for Edmonton) entering the ice for his first shift. Ralph Krueger sent the fourth line out for a defensive zone draw, and had Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (93 for Edmonton) take Hordichuk’s spot, just in case Belanger was tossed from the circle (which is an interesting choice in its own right). After gaining possession, Nugent-Hopkins passed the puck off to Petrell (37 for Edmonton) at centre and went ot the bench to allow Hordichuk on the ice.

Hordichuk was the trailer on this play, and Petrell tried to pass to him but the puck redirected off a Flames stick; Hordichuk continued on to the net and then wheeled around.

Here he is at the blue line. After the puck went towards the blue line Petrell got on his horse and stalled the Flames breakout, eventually forcing a turnover; Hordichuk will quickly touch the puck and then immediately pass it into Eric Belanger’s skates, at which point it ricochets deep into Calgary’s zone.

The Flames chase the ricochet down and finally break out, but are stymied thanks to the efforts of Petrell and Smid. Jeff Petry takes the puck and passes it to Belanger, who in turn forwards it to Hordichuk on the offensive side of centre ice.

Hordichuk can’t handle the pass; it bounces off his stick and the Flames gain possession.

Hordichuk can’t catch up to Dennis Wideman, who takes possession and passess off to T.J. Brodie. He can’t catch up to Brodie, either, who skates up and makes a pass without trouble. After Brodie makes the pass he just glides, so Hordichuk angles towards him and throws a late but harmless hit (at the very edge of the screen). Brodie had passed the puck while inside the defensive zone faceoff circle; Hordichuk catches up with him just inside the Flames’ blue line.

Shift Two

This comes right after the Flames crashed the Oilers’ crease to make it a 1-0 hockey game.

Flames win the draw; Hordichuk goes on the forecheck.

After Petrell and Justin Schultz engage at the side boards (Petrell landing a big hit on Sven Baertschi) the Flames get the puck out; Hordichuk follows it back to his own end. Side note here: Eric Belanger picked up on Justin Schultz’s aggressive pinch immediately and responded accordingly, getting back to make this a 2-on-2 rather than 2-on-1 rush for Calgary.

Calgary gets a not especially threatening shot off, Dubnyk stops it, and that’s it for this shift.

Shift Three

Ryan Smyth (94 for Edmonton) dumps the puck in; Magnus Paajarvi (91 for Edmonton) will briefly pressure and then circle to the bench; Shawn Horcoff (10 for Edmonton) is already changing. On comes the fourth line.

T.J. Brodie collects the puck and sets up for the breakout; Darcy Hordichuk forechecks. Brodie will pass cross-ice and slightly behind him to Dennis Wideman.

Wideman (26 for Calgary) surveys his options; Hordichuk gave Brodie a little tap with the stick and then circled around to put pressure on Wideman.

Wideman takes his sweet time and then finally passes as Hordichuk lumbers into him. Hordichuk lands a good hit, and Wideman’s pass goes directly to Petrell – basically the definition of a successful forecheck.

The Oilers are bunched up a little bit because of Hordichuk switching wings – both Petrell and Belanger were already on the left side – but Justin Schultz (19 for Edmonton) jumps in to offer them a right wing option.

Petrell smartly decides to pass to Schultz, but his pass is no good – he’s sent the puck not even to where Schultz is, let alone to where he is going to be, but rather to where he was.

Eric Belanger, however, makes a quick play here, getting his stick on the puck. He can’t control the puck – he’d been going to the net, then turned suddenly and got his stick out – but he does manage to redirect it to Schultz. This isn’t really Hordichuk-related, but Belanger’s had a tough stint in Edmonton so it seemed only fair to highlight this particular nice play.

Schultz takes the puck, and Hordichuk goes to the net with his stick down. Schultz opts for the shot instead of the pass, which Kiprusoff handles fairly easily.

This is where Hordichuk does something stupid. He decides to crosscheck Dennis Wideman. The puck’s frozen (and Kiprusoff is on the other side of the net), the play is effectively over, and Wideman’s been nowhere near the puck since the last time Hordichuk hit him.

Wideman goes flying, a minor scrum ensues, and the Flames go on the power play.

Shift Four

Three seconds after Hordichuk’s penalty expires, Jay Bouwmeester’s shot squeaks between Devan Dubnyk’s legs and the Flames have a 2-0 lead. Hordichuk never makes it to the Oilers zone in time to be involved in the play; all he gets to do is collect a minus.

With more than 45 minutes left in the game, this is the last time that Darcy Hordichuk will appear on the ice. He did not have a good shift in the game. On his first, he made a bad pass, couldn’t handle a pass on his stick, and then threw a late hit. He didn’t get a chance to do much of anything on his second shift. He makes a great forecheck on his third shift, which results in a big hit and a turnover, but he negates all that by taking a bad penalty. His fourth shift lasted all of three seconds as he skated out of the box just in time to collect a minus on the Bouwmeester goal.

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  • Honestly we are struggling 5 on 5. Our power play has saved us so far this year. We keep looking for the perfect goal instead of taking a lot of shots and go to the net. Plus We are getting zero energy or scoring opportunities from our 3 or 4 lines. That’s why horkoff only played 12:30 minutes last night. This club has some exciting pieces but a lot of holes also.

  • J.W., not to assail your efforts here, as your one of the best at this game, and I like this segment, however, why in the world you choose to highlight a guy like Hordichuck who plays 4 minutes a game and is never a difference maker?

    There were so many other areas, like the uncharacteristic offerings of the first defensive pairings, or the continuous “watch me dangle displays”, that ended up in broken plays and puck control. The Team is not playing like a Team. They need to get the message that it requires hard work, talent alone will not do.

    I would suggest foreget the press clippings boys, roll up your sleeves and get to work!.

  • vetinari

    First Willis I love these vignet/sequence commentary articles they are very good.

    I was at the game and concur. I felt that just prior to the penalty that a 4th line energy player like Hordichuk needs a couple of shifts to get ready, but if he had not taken that stupid penalty he would have been an impact player for this game.

    What makes the penalty even more brutal is that with the referee duo of Tweetie Dumb and Dumber at the helm any play like that after whistle and around the net was going to be an automatic minor and luckily he had no visor or we could have been sent scrambling to our rules books once again. Surely a coach like Kreuger cautioned the team in a pre-game thus making his sit on the bench academic.

    btw I hate Calgary. . .

  • vetinari

    Sure, Hordichuk may not deserve a roster spot and sure, Dubnyk may really be shaved Sasquatch on skates, but I’d still rather have our lineup than the Flames’. As an aside, isn’t “the Shaved Sasquatch” the name of one of Calgary’s peeler bars?

  • I agree 1 game is meaningless, but this team has been a fast small team with great potential for years. I see a trend.

    Oilers were suppose to be great at the beginning of this season because of the core playing in the AHL, well teams will be able to manhandle this team. They need strength in their top 2 lines, obviously easier said then done. A guy like O’Reilly would be a great addition to this team, because of his strength and tenacity .

    Why should I think the philosophy will change with Lowe and Tambo. They are building an all-star team with no heart.

    • I am not sure what game people watched but the Oilers did not get manhandled last night. On the contrary Calgary kept them to the outside, gave sight lines for Kipper, executed its down low cycle offence and the refs kept the focus on them and did not allow any emotion in – Game Over.

      Edmonton responded with a goalie who let in two of the softest goals of his career and did not get enough shots on net (4 in Period 2 and 6 in last frame – Cmon Man!).

      This team scores enough they need a goalie and TEAM defence to achieve a .900 save percentage (currently .884) – this offence will score enough after that.

  • Time for changes,we have been patient fans but year after year it is the same thing,like watching re-runs of gilligans island.Hall,Ebs,Yaks,Rnh,Hemsky,schultz,shultz,petry and smid all stay,get hatri playing full time,butWhitney,ganger,belanger,hordi,horcoff,smyth and dubnyk need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!last night the kids came out flying and playing there style but our back end caved and we were behind AGAIN,you could see our style of play changed and again a loss.we need a couple of monsters(2nd line center,one defence)to help with physical play,and we need a star goalie to allow these kids to play!Dubnyk will never get these kids over the top,whitney will never return to form,horcoff looks like he should be delivering gatorade to the boys,anyone who doubts this is smoking something good,just add pronger and a hot rollie(circa2006)to this team and see the difference and confidence difference if the group.time to use ganger,klefbom,musil,first and 2nd round picks to make a big trade(throw dubnyk in there to!)buy out horcoff,wave byebye to habbi at the end of the year and dont let the door hit whitney on the way out!WE WANT TO START WINNING!

  • Ayodele

    Calgary manhandled your Oilers, I laugh at all these so called experts. Oilers are too small on their top 2 lines. Can’t win faceoffs and are physically weak as a team.

    I don’t know if you know that teams like Vancouver St Louis LA are trying to get better with 2 way players with size on their top 2 lines.

    You Edmonton fans can continue your with your party line but this team is going nowhere until it changes its philosophy.

    Don’t get mad at me , the results speak for themselves.

    • On the other hand, if we’re going for a ‘results speak for themselves’ line, shouldn’t we note that the Oilers beat Vancouver on Sunday and L.A. on Thursday?

      Of course, it would be crazy to do that because it’s all academic. One game is almost entirely meaningless for any team, and a week into the season is way too early to be divining anything from the results (last year at this time, five of six eventual division winners were outside the playoff picture; the lone exception, Phoenix, was 8th in the West).

  • Ayodele

    Weak Fist – just like Darcy’s play last night.
    What good is his physical presence when it nets nothing except a penalty the leads to a goal…I agree with his being stapled to the bench. Accountability my friends, accountability.