Our long national nightmare is over. The NHL and NHLPA–with a major assist from mediator Scot Beckenbaugh–have reached a tentative agreement!

Details are just coming out, but there’s talk of the NHL season beginning January 19th and a 48 or 50 game schedule. There are some interesting changes and more coming available as we roll, but the pertinent items are here courtesy tsn.

Among the major items of interest:

  • The cap in year one is $60M, floor $44M and teams can spend up to $70.2M. Don’t ask, I don’t know either I believe it’s in order to allow transition for some of the cap teams.
  • It looks like the season will start either on January 15th (50 game season) or January 19th (48 game season).
  • Training camps to start this week, as early as Wednesday.
  • The draft lottery selection process will change with all 14 teams fully eligible for the first overall pick. The weighting system for each team may remain, but four-spot move restriction will be eliminated. I think this might end up being known as the "Oiler" rule, as it gives teams less impetus to finish at the bottom of the standings.
  • Free agency remains July 1st. 


  1. G Nikolai Khabibulin $3.75M
  2. G Devan Dubnyk $3.5M
  3. D Ryan Whitney $4M
  4. D Nick Schultz $3.5M
  5. D Ladislav Smid $2.25M
  6. D Andy Sutton $1.75M (likely to spend season on IR)
  7. D Jeff Petry $1.75M
  8. D Theo Peckham $1.075M
  9. D Justin Schultz $925k
  10. D Corey Potter $775k
  11. C Shawn Horcoff $5.5M
  12. R Ales Hemsky $5M
  13. C Sam Gagner $3.2M
  14. L Ryan Smyth $2.25M
  15. C Eric Belanger $1.75M
  16. R Ryan Jones $1.5M
  17. L Ben Eager $1.1M
  18. C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins $925k
  19. L Nail Yakupov $925k
  20. L Taylor Hall $900k
  21. R Jordan Eberle $875k
  22. L Teemu Hartikainen $875k
  23. L Darcy Hordichuk $850k
  24. L Lennart Petrell $825k

I did not include bonuses (Hall, Nuge, Yak, Schultz, others) and have listed 24 but we’ll have to assume that Andy Sutton will remain on long term IR. I also haven’t included men like Magnus Paajarvi and possible recalls like Yann Danis, but NHL Numbers can help you with all  of that information.

We’re back. What a great day!

  • Gkpoil

    Conditions of my return.
    1. No more merchandise purchased for at least theremainder of this year.
    2. No paying to attend live games. Friend gives me tickets, andi will accept them, but I personally will not support the nhl or pa.
    3. Won’t record games that i can’t see live. Don’t want them getting more viewers, and i usually find out the score, and it’s an oilers loss, and i just delete it anyway.
    4. Won’t watch any games but oilers games for the same reason.
    5. Tax fraud. Katz can pay for his arena if he’s gonna be such a dick. Okay maybe not.
    Perhaps over time all can be forgiven, but I wish to send a message, and this is a reasonable way. I hope others will join me, as my pocket change that i invest every year is negligible to the nhl.

  • I hate changes to the Lotto system. Bad teams could get better and find marketable player. Being restricted to the bottom 5 teams meant that if you really sucked you could land some talent to pull you out of it.

    Nobody wants to see the Flames finish 9th in the West, battle for a playoff spot with 90 something points, then pick Connor McDavid 1st overall. Meanwhile legitimately bad teams miss out on having a Franchise player they can sell to the fans so people actually come to games.

  • Sofa King Bad

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the Oil finished 17th and won the lottery again?

    Also, we finally get to see them play meaningful games in January. I knew Tambo could do it!


  • Lowetide

    The League is Dumb, the players are Dumber. The points in this agreement look like they could have been settled before Oct.01 but they both had to show each other who is ¨boss¨!! What stooges! Speaking of stooges, do you really think this Oiler management team, given the opportunity to unload 2 salaries, wont just jump right back in the sh*tpile? This should be a great day for hockey fans. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

  • Lowetide

    It appears that the sides have come to an agreement somehwere between the last CBA and the original proposal put forward by the NHL. As one would expect a compromise was reached. But why did it take 4 months? Are the players questioning losing 1/2 their salaries for something that might have been reached months ago??

    Struds what do you think?

  • John Chambers

    If they buy out horcoff ccan they resign him to a cheaper deal or does he have to go to another team? He is perfect third line centre at 2.5 million a year.

  • John Chambers

    A 64.5M cap will bode well for the team next season considering they’ll be subtracting Horcoff (5.5), Khabibulin (3.75), Whitney (4M), and Sutton (1.75M).

    A total of $15M off the books but with raises due to Hall, Eberle, Smid, an unknown 3rd line centre and back-up goalie, and the elite defenseman we plan to acquire within the next week or so.


  • John Chambers

    im not mad at all. didm have to shell out for meaningless games and watching this race to the end is going to be awesome. oilers fans should be thankful. we have a hug advantage and we should see playoff games at rexall this spring.

    weher is the buyout portion of the deal. that is still there right?

  • Zed

    Half seasons don’t count. No live games, pay per view or oilers clothing for this bitter, die hard Oilers fan since the 80’s. I truly hope the rinks are empty (obviously I know this won’t happen cause we’re all wipped suckers)