The rest of the Nation Network authors have brilliant insights on the game, use statistical models more appropriate for predicting the weather than NHL hockey or have players perspectives the rest of us can only dream of. Yeah well, your ol’ pal Wanye stood next to a big name in the NHL in the little gentleman’s room at RX1 last night.

Here comes some brilliant insight. You have been warned.


Our main man Mandeez and I chaperoned a pair of Edmonton’s finest to the match last night. Naturally at intermission it was our game plan to ditch out and chug beers. We snuck away leaving the ladies talking about getting their nails permed our whatever it is girls talk about and ran to the beer dispensing station.

After a chugging competition was won by yours truly and a pair of those little $300 personal pizzas had gone down we somehow ended up on the opposite side of the arena near the press boxes. They say if you love something you have to set it free and that was the case at this point in the night. 

As anyone who has had 8 trillion Rexall Beers will tell you – at some point you are going to have to get those out. 


And so minutes later two brave kids from the Canadian Prairies found themrselves standing in the epic 2nd intermission lineup at the Gentleman’s Room next to a sharp looking chap in a fancy suit with a million dollar haircut.

Knowing only Oilers players and staff and not able to identify any opposing team personel we naturally assumed he was the President of the United Nations or something and ended up having a routine urinal line up chat as only red blooded men at a hockey game can.

The game so far, the weather, the ubiquitous joke where you look at the guy who hasn’t moved from his urinal in ages and you telepathically ask each other "WTF is taking him so long?" That sort of thing.

We quickly deduced that we weren’t talking to any ordinary joe as we watched no fewer than half a dozen habs fans walk up and shake his hand. After they had made a standing deposit in the porcelin bank if you catch my drift.

"Wow, you are a saint to be shaking hands with those fellas" we remarked to our new snazzy friend. "Well what am I to do these are the best fans in the world. I will wash my hands extra well on the way out" came his classy reply.

As three spots simultaneously opened up the three amigos stood shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. "Who in the hell am I standing next to?" we couldn’t help but wonder. "Is it Elon Musk? The Mayor of Montreal? Some suit tycoon wearing his fall line?" Then we stopped to listen to what sounded like the entire room talking about the man.

"Holy cow that’s Marc Bergevin. What’s he doing here?"

"Wow Bergevin has to use the normal peple bathroom like the rest of us. Amazing."

"What an honour to be in the men’s room with the GM of the Habs"


The GM of the Montreal Canadiens! The man must have Craig MacTavish’s phone number on his phone! We are standing next to a man that employs the most famous moustache since Lanny MacDonald. What a world!

*cue immediate stage fright for the first time that we can recall in our entire life*

As we zipped up from the least satisfying phantom wee in the history of Northlands Coliseum we strutted up to watch the GM of the Habs giving his hands a scrub worthy of a doctor preparing for brain surgery.  

"Ah I didn’t realize you were the boss of the Habs. You keep your dirty hands off of Jordan Eberle and you and me will be cool." He laughed, two freshly cleaned hands shook and we went around to the back of the line up again as there was still the matter of 8 Rexall Beers sloshing about in our innards.


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