Taylor Fedun is a top flight AHL defenseman now, and at 25 is still young enough to have an NHL career. Every time Fedun seems to have peaked, we see an added wrinkle to increase his value. This season, Fedun is keeping his name in the mix for recall to Edmonton.  

As an AHL rookie one year ago, Fedun’s SOG/per game total (1.31/per game) was interesting but not earth shattering. His teammate Justin Schultz (2.74 per game) led the 2012-13 Barons blue:

  1. Justin Schultz 2.74
  2. Brett Clark 2.11
  3. Martin Marincin 1.42
  4. Brandon Davidson 1.38
  5. Taylor Fedun 1.31
  6. Colten Teubert 1.31
  7. Alex Plante 0.43

This is fairly predictable, I’d bet most of Clark’s and Schultz’s shots came on the PP, and the others are well behind because of it (although Schultz is such an offensive player I wouldn’t be surprised if he trumps the group at evens too). This season, without Schultz, it’s an interesting race:

  1. Taylor Fedun 3.8
  2. Phil Larsen 2.5
  3. Brad Hunt 2.3 
  4. Brandon Davidson 1.5
  5. Denis Grebeshkov 1.0
  6. Martin Marincin 1.0
  7. Martin Gernat 1.0
  8. Oscar Klefbom 0.3
  9. David Musil 0.67

This season, Fedun’s shots on goal have increased markedly (and of course it’s early); part of the increase is surely PP time. Fedun is 5, 0-2-2 so far this season, with one of the assists coming on the powerplay (last season, he went 70, 8-19-27 overall and 3-5-8 on the PP). The added PP time this season should give him better boxcars and add to his reputation of being a capable player in a range of areas.

He’s already considered a solid defensive player, a PK regular and a RH shot to boot (the Oilers have a ton of lefty shots).


A couple of years ago, life gave Taylor Fedun a punch in the gut (or thereabouts). I admire him a great deal for how hard he’s worked and the success he’s had with the Barons. He keeps adding to his resume, and one day it’s going to pay off with a call to the NHL.

(Fedun photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Gang of Four!

    Not the band I think of when Fedun comes to mind, but I’ll take it!

    Looks to me that Eakins/MacT aren’t afraid to use rotate the 7th D pretty intensely. So far the top 6 has been untouched, but I think the use waivers and call ups is an indication that they are going to try everyone out a bit when injuries and/or crappy play comes.

    • Lowetide

      I thought of it when writing the article because of his increased sog and shot. I love that first GOF EP and Armalite Rifle is the last song on it.

      Armalite Rifles as an idea were first dreamed about art Fairchild Aircraft Corp in the early 1950s. Fairchild Aircraft is in Farmingdale, NY and that’s 1 hour and 40 minutes from Princeton.

      Princeton is the place Taylor Fedun played his college hockey.


      And of course Armalite rifles are lighter and smaller than trad weapons, and Fedun matches there too.

  • Lowetide

    Besides NHL experience, what does Garbagekov bring that Taylor Fedun does not ? This Guys refuses to give up. Just what the Oilers need.

    Your shot is coming Taylor.

  • I have really been pulling for Fedun since we saw him in the pre-season before thug-life sent him into the boards. I still have a lot of hope that Fedun will turn out to be a big surprise on D. Hopefully the arrows keep pointing up. Right handed D are always a hot commodity too. I figure Fedun is quietly improving in the AHL while the shiney diamonds like Nurse, Klefbom, and Schultz steal all the limelight. But I consider Fedun to be a good prospect, himself.

  • Dan 1919

    Hello All,

    I am here to advocate a, “Bold” move on defence. Trade an untrade-able for, “The Guy.”

    Having a top tier d-man will pay huge dividends for not only the immediate help on D he brings, but also for the development of the Oil’s young up and coming defencemen, i.e. Shutlz, Nurse, Klefbom, even Fedun.

    With Dubnyk hopefully returning to form (average goaltending), it places the Oilers biggest need of improvement back to defence.

    It’s time, you have my support Mr. MacT, make the BOLD MOVE!

  • Dan 1919

    Why is JW located now in OKC. Not that I mind a direct connection with the Oilers farm team. What else is he involved in? And at what point did he announce this on OilersNation. Excuse me but are we the last to know?

    Still I like the direct connection. Considering how OKC has not been the overwhelming success they thought it might be when they first got there I think we’ll see the Oilers moving their AHL franchise a little closer to home sooner than later.

    I would have kept Fedun and tossed Grebeshkov and Potter.

  • I tried it at home

    I actually predict an Oil win tomorrow. Even though it’s on HNIC. Even though it’s a matinee. Even though it’s on the road.

    After all, the Senators are in such a mess right now what with Pamela Wallin being a healthy scratch and Mike Duffy on IR.

  • Lowetide

    I am watching the Eskimo game, motionless, lifeless, numb.
    Tomorrow I will be watching the Oilers game, yea, motionless, lifeless, numb. Thats our teams. Waahoo.

    • Today I tuned into the middle of a conversation on TEAM 1260. Not sure who it was.. they sounded like a coach. They were talking all gloomy and how the team has to come out and play better, and yada yada.. basically all the cliches we hear on a daily from Oilers coaches going back to 2006. I assumed it was about the Oilers. It sucks that you can’t distinguish which crappy Edmonton team people are lamenting about on the radio.. it turned out it was the Eskies.

      Well, at least there’s the Oil Kings right? They’re an awesome team.. no? What do you mean 2nd last in the East to start the season? …. Damn it. (I kid.. I think that is only temporary)

    • Lowetide

      I honestly don’t know. I’d guess bottom pairing because of footspeed, but he’s a good passer and (from what I have heard) can play on either special team. He appears to have enough to get a look at the NHL, he needs the opportunity and then to go from there.

      He’s a “fringe NHL” player now, or about where Corey Potter was when EDM signed him. He might get a cup of coffee or he might play for a long time.

  • We forget 25 is young for a d-man.
    He has proven he has the right attitude. That mental fortitude will serve him well. I bet he gets a cup of coffee sometime this year if/when we hit injuries.
    I don’t think he’ll have a regular spot for a few years but I think he’ll eventually earn it. And once he has it, he’ll could hold the spot for a couple/ few years.
    Maybe he’ll be Randy Gregg lite on our 2017 team…