Ryan Smyth is hurt, Taylor Hall is skating, so is Ryan Hamilton and Jesse Joensuu is a ways down the line. Today, the Oilers found out that David Perron will need an MRI (neck) and could be out for a time. Who’s left?


  1. Nail Yakupov 12, 1-2-3. I know he’s out of position, but what the hell are you going to do? The young Russian is looking at an enormous opportunity here. EV, PP, hell at this point they might give him 25 minutes against Detroit.
  2. Ryan Jones 7, 2-0-2. Another converted RW, the veteran has gone from having a major scare last winter to getting legit minutes (and working hard) the next. Jones is extremely likely to get skill minutes.
  3. Ben Eager 5, 0-1-1. Eager is a veteran of 405 NHL games and the Oilers will employ him tomorrow night. The question is ‘what line’?
  4. Luke Gazdic 13, 1-1-2. The big man has certainly played the enforcer role, and chimed in offensively a little too. I suspect he’ll stay on the 4line as an energy player against Detroit.


  1. Anton Lander 1, 0-0-0. Called up again and likely to play (on one of the wings) tomorrow night. THIS would be a very good time for Lander to establish himself as a solid 2-way F who can PK. Opportunity is knocking.
  2. Linus Omark, OKC. I’m not sure he’ll ever play for the Oilers again, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He leads the Barons in points entering tonight’s action.


At some point, you have to laugh. The depth chart tomorrow night? I’d guess Yakupov, Jones, Lander and Gazdic (with Eager playing 4line on the other wing). Sometimes, when life deals you a bad hand, you find out more about yourself than you do when everything is coming up roses.

The Edmonton Oilers will need to dig deep this week. Can they? We’ll see.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Injuries,bad record,bad game or whatever,I do not care the Oilers are my team and I will gut out every game that I can watch or go to!Sooner or later everything will click and life will be good,they still make the playoffs!

    Hall for mayor!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I wonder what people’s impressions on Gazdic would be if he were not an Edmonton Oiler? People here seem very loyal to their players.

    Amazing how a guy who starts so often in the offensive zone, spends so much time in his defensive zone, and outchanced at one of the highest rates on the Oilers.

    I would think there has to be a better option available on waivers that could kill penalties, and improve the Oilers (even if only slightly) for 6 minutes a night.

    • Bonvie

      Wow!!!! How do you take out of what you seen so far to be translated to our role players are not good enough?

      Try Hemsky and Yakapov are softer than butter not just physically but with every play they make. Wether it be losing every battle on the wall, or simple things like having a two on one with a guy driving to the net and you don’t shoot low inside pad, even though you have been playing in the league for 10 years.

      Until we have a Hall, Eberle, Nugent, and cast who can play against the best players the other team has and outplay them its not gonna happen for us. Blame the trainer the stick boy, water boy, even Joey Moss if this is convenient for you, but eventually you need to come to reality and look at our top 6.

      Our woes can not be pinned on the role players, as convenient as that might be for some fans.

      Justin Shultz for all the good things offensively he brings, is in over his head and needs an absolute Defensive Stalwart to cover for his gambles and defensive short comings.

      As far as a fourth line or a checking line getting outshot who cares!!!!!!

      The bottom line is if you can have your third or fourth line in the low minuses at the end of the season that is a successful fourth line. Go look at the plus minus of our guys. THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

      Coaches know some guys are capable for playing periods of time in their own end without the puck going in the back of the net and some players can not. Outside shots are not dangerous until a player is open in the house to jump on the rebound.

      With the Oilers their weakness on defense is clear. Cycle the puck on their top lines so a forward is forced to cover the man in front and a missed assignment will result in goal quickly. The more a team activates their defense and cycle the puck to the defense or high man it will result in goals because players like Yakapov and Hemsky do not get their defensive assignments.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    We all know we can sure use a Sam Reinhart to add to the center ice position. I’m all in for that. Maybe it gets bad enough Lowe finally gets shown the door.

    More bad luck please…..

  • Quicksilver ballet

    This could be a positive. With so many out of the line up, the defensive expectations will be higher from the coach. This may cause our younger players to learn how to play at both ends of the ice more efficiently. Then when everyone gets back hopefully the lessons will stick and we can string some wins together.

    • DSF

      Buffalo already has 2 first round picks and will likely get 3 more when they trade Moulson, Ehrhoff and Miller at the deadline.

      They also have 3 second round picks and may have more by draft day.

      I’d wager their rebuild will be pretty quick.

        • DSF

          Likely not the best draft to be loading up but having all those picks gives them a lot of ability to wheel and deal.

          GM’s go crazy at the draft.

          And, if they keep all those picks in junior while offloading all their veteran talent, they’ll have a great shot at McDavid.

      • Klima's Mullet

        Plus two first rounders each of the last two years…each pick being a highly promising European player. They should be loaded up with emerging talent

      • Zarny

        A 1st round pick for Moulson and Ehrhoff…that’s funny.

        There are a lot more than 3 first round picks every year that never play in the NHL. Until you turn picks into players you’ve got nothing.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    How is it possible that the Oil can be so bad for so long and still have no depth from the draft to withstand the inevitable run of injuries? Just asking.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Because most of that suckiness was spent on our first overalls. Other than them, our secondary draft picks haven’t been working out too well.

      • pkam

        Forget about our drafting before 2008 because it was terrible. Not only our secondary draft picks didn’t work out, most of our 1st round pick didn’t work out.

        And in 2008, we don’t have any 2nd and 3rd round pick because we had been investing our futures trying to make the playoff.

        2009, we drafted MPS 10th overall and Anton Lander 40th. Looks like Lander can be a 4C. Not great but not as bad as 2007 and earlier.

        2010, we drafted Pitlick 31st, Marincin 46th and Hamilton 48th. Pitlick and Hamilton seemed to spend more time in the IR than on ice since they turned pro 2 years ago. Marincin, however, looks like a potential top 4 D in a year.

        It is too early to judge the 2011 and later drafts.

    • When you aren’t used to #1 overalls, it really takes 5 years for a guy to have a chance. Some sooner, some later. Apparently fans here think the 2010 draft will help them in 2013 and they are adamant about it. Screw all you impatients, and GO OILERS!

      P.S. LT, I wish you saved that balanced pic on your last article for later….

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      Everyone blames bad luck for all the Oilers injuries but it has a lot to do with the fact this team is soft and has been soft for years. Wimps get hurt all the time, that’s a fact. This team is wimpy.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I just had to make sure this shows up one more time.

      the Oilers are TERRIBLE! Nobody debates that, but this is one of the most telling stats of the Oilers suckitude.

  • DSF

    No matter what business you are in, people can’t stand it when the boss is doing a horrible job but he never gets fired because he is buddies with the owner. Never in business do you see a person in a company doing terrible in their position and instead of being fired or demoted they get a promotion. Ladies and Gentleman may I present to you the exception to this rule, Six Rings Lowe. This fool should have been fired half a decade ago. If and when he ever does finally manage to get fired the scary thing is he will likely be replaced by another former Oiler with no experience running a team, Messier. Keep hiring former Oilers Katz, it seems to be working fantastic!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    The Oilers didn’t have depth due to bad drafting (thanks Prendergast!) and worse development (thanks again Prendergast!) processes as well as management/ownership that was far too quick/content to trade away draft picks in an attempt to roll into 8th place every year. That we still don’t have enough depth is pretty telling of how badly this organization needed to be gutted from top to bottom.

    Haha, who am I kidding. From the middle to the bottom.

    Still, it IS turning around but Tambellini’s reign really didn’t help speed things along at all in any way shape or form. I will, however, give Tambellini credit for being able to make some damned fine AHL signings for OKC. I think he missed his calling by working in the NHL instead of the AHL. I’m actually kind of serious about that last part too.

  • Lowetide

    Everything is broken and nothing is getting fixed. No freakin’ wonder we are the joke of the league. Calling up players from Oklahoma doesn’t solve anything. Time for the moving company to ship out some of these guys and bring in some other players.

  • beloch

    Hi there Oiler fans. Flames fan here.

    The Flames just lost another game thanks to Joey MacDonald. He kind of stinks, but Hartley just keeps playing him. Would you consider asking your GM or, heck, your mayor to offer to pay ol’ stinky Joe’s salary if we promise to keep playing him? We think that would be hilarious. If we have to put up with a goalie like MacDonald, it would be nice if we could at least have a good laugh about it!

  • wiseguy

    Time for Lowe to come from hiding under rock and Katz from his penthouse in Vancouver and have a first hand look at what a great franchise they have developed here in the last five years.Explain to the fans just what the kcuf is going on here.

    Lets start the rebuild and fire all the trainers and med staff.

    • "Frank the dog"

      I think you missed the boat. Katz too a look at the state of the Franchise last summer, fired the bum at last, and started the rebuild with MacT. Oh, and Eakins.

      • pkam

        James Mirtle list the 2013 NHL teams by weight, height, and age. Boston is listed 26th in weight and 21st in height. Does your LARGE means something else than physical size?

        • Zarny

          It’s not about a team’s average height and weight.

          It’s about what individual players can do and how they compliment each other.

          Bos has Chara. Bos has Lucic. Bos had Horton.

          They can do things no one on the Oilers can do.

          That’s a problem.

    • pkam

      We claimed the toughest enforcer McIntyre from waiver to protect our top players, didn’t we? But he too is in the IR now before playing even one regular season game. What else can we do?

      And last year our big guy Eager was getting a concussion in training camp. Now seems like he need protection from getting another concussion more than our top guys.

      The guys that we acquired to protect our young stars couldn’t even stay healthy before their first fight. If this is not bad luck, what is it?

    • pkam

      I don’t know about that. There have been some pretty bizarre injuries having nothing to do with the way the players are playing…the skate to Hall’s face, stick to Gagner’s and so on

  • "Frank the dog"

    We have rotating problems on our team , and coaches and management from game to game . Is there any excuse we have not heard over last 7 seasons of futility – I doubt it ? Our best players have to be better than the oppositions , and that is not happening with any frequency . Thus we remain at bottom of league .

  • O.C.

    “Hey! Injuries! You suck!”

    Seriously, they do. But it’s a reality and this team has to get over it. Just win baby. Starting tomorrow. You’re facing a team playing back-to-back. You’re rested. No excuse for not being the better team.

    • pkam

      The problem this year is we actually are the better team in some nights but at the end we lost, games like the season opener vs the Jets, road game vs the Leafs and the Coyotes.

  • @DrDave

    Stu was put in charge after Prendergast’s reign of terror but I think we can all agree that in comparison Stu’s been one hell of an upgrade. Hartikainen, Hemsky, Dubnyk, and I think Petry are the only worthwhile players to come out of his drafting that are still around. Maybe a handful more that are no longer with the organization like Brodziak?