Oilers deal Ladislav Smid, sign Ilya Bryzgalov


The Edmonton Oilers have traded Ladislav Smid to the Calgary Flames. Reportedly, they have also signed goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov.

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The Trade

On it’s own, this deal is a clear win for the Calgary Flames.

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The only legitimate NHL player in this trade is Ladislav Smid. He has his faults; in particular he isn’t an especially good puck-mover and has always been at his best when paired with a defenceman who can take primary responsibility for that part of the game. With that said, he is a legitimate middle-pairing defensive defenceman and a welcome physical presence, a guy who can kill penalties and has played some tough minutes over the years.

Olivier Roy is a marginal NHL goaltending prospect at this point, a guy still struggling to prove he can play regularly at the AHL level. Laurent Brossoit, an ex-Edmonton Oil King, is in his first year as a professional but is a better prospect long-term. Neither of these guys really matter in the NHL picture in the short term.

Roman Horak adds centre depth. He has 82 games of NHL experience but has spent most of this season with Abbotsford; he’ll help the Barons a lot at centre right now and provides the Oilers with a second plausible call-up at that position (along with Linus Omark.

In the balance: the Oilers cleared cap space, but their NHL roster just got poorer.


Ilya Bryzgalov is a pretty good goalie. We don’t have contract details yet, but the best guess is that we’re looking at a one-year deal somewhere in the $2.0 – $2.5 million per year range. This isn’t a totally surprising move; Jason Gregor reported it might happen not that long ago on this site.

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Over the last five seasons, Bryzgalov has posted a 0.923 save percentage at even-strength. That makes him a little better than Devan Dubnyk and puts him in the same range as guys like Jonathan Quick, Carey Price and Corey Crawrford over that span. The difference is that Bryzgalov also famously imploded after being signed to a amassive ocntract by Philadelphia.

This is a good addition, particularly if he’s being brought in to compete with Devan Dubnyk for playing time. It’s not enough to explain the Smid trade, unless the contract is horrific. 

That’s where we are now. The Oilers are better in net at the moment, significantly worse on defence and if another move doesn’t come this has been a very bad night for Craig MacTavish. Another move is probably coming, and it will need to be a good one to make up for what’s already happened.

  • Zarny

    Yikes. With a struggling team I wouldn’t bring the circus to town.

    The risk on the ice is minimal. I like Smid but he hasn’t been very good this year. He got pwned on TB’s 3rd G.

    The prospects from Cgy are irrelevant. Total salary dump. It’s likely neither every plays in the NHL.

    Bryz’s best years were behind very good defensive systems. LaBarbera had good numbers in Phx too. And I question how motivated he’ll be sitting on a buyout.

    Most of all I worry about bringing his crazy into the dressing room. He’s out there for a goalie.

    On the ice though I doubt he could be worse than Dubnyk has been.

  • Bryzarro World

    In his first game Bryz will pitch a 42 save performance and yak will score a hatty. While celebrating his third goal Bryz will grab him and tell him to “chill because three goal is nothing compared to the universe”. Yak’s mind will be blown to the point where he gives up hockey and pursues a degree in 18th century Belgium lesbian studies.

  • Jofa

    The Oilers are nothing but pathetic and sadly, have no identity in the NHL. What are they known for except losing? Oh yeah, overpaying their players, specifically paying 6 million dollar contracts to 3 guys, 23 and under who are nowhere near their primes.
    Bryzgalov is nut job, but when he is on his game, he can contribute. Since the Oilers seem to be posting a failing grade between the pipes, hopefully he can bring some life to this dismal team. They should have paid him NHL minimum, however. The deal with Philly had to be one of the worst ever in history.
    Maybe the shake-up in goal will get Dubnyk off his ass as well, and playing comesurate to what he is getting paid. Which again, is too much for his skill level.
    Smid is an average D-Man who again is making too much money for his level of skill. This seems to be a pattern with how the Oilers management spend their money. Smid makes more than Subban, who is a Norris Trophy winner. Hell would freeze over (I guess it routinely does in Edmonton, anyway) before Smid’s name would ever be mentioned in Norris Trophy discussions. Doubt if he will bring any more to Calgary than he did in Edmonton. Eakins is doing a terrible job, he seems to be spinning in circles, and McTavish and Lowe aren’t helping him in the situation the Oilers are in. These trades are a symptom of management who doesn’t know what to do. All three of them should be fired and obviously Katz the owner doesn’t have the stones to do it. He’s bleeding money and he must like it.

  • oilabroad

    wow are guys ever going over the top here with the MacT hate… if you ask me, we just stuck our rival Calgary with a 4M/year contract on a #5 defenceman for 4 years… and got them to throw in a couple of decent prospects.

    In a cap world, the old adage of team getting the best player in the trade is no longer relevant, we cleared cap space, made room for Klefbom and handcuffed a rival with a contract this is only going to get worse every year

    MacT, you magnificent bastard!!!

  • oilabroad

    Flames fan here. Brossoit is a mega talent goalie. I’ve seen him here for flames camps and the last wjc camp in which he was ROBBED of the starting goalie job. Too bad Subban was given the job 6 months before camp started. Brossoit was a particular favorite prospect of mine and I hate that he’s on your team now. He will once again become a fan favorite in Edmonton.