Old School is one my favourite movies. Mitch, Frank "The Tank" and Beanie were an excellent combination of sarcasm, smarts, idiocy and yearning to re-live youth.

Frank ended up going streaking by himself, and ends up getting picked up by his embarrassed wife and her fan full of friends. Classic.

If the Oilers plan to start their own winning streak, they will need more than one guy leading the charge. The Oilers haven’t won two straight since winning on the road in Ottawa (Oct 19th) and in Montreal (Oct 22nd). That is the only positive streak the Oilers have been on all season, and considering they haven’t won at home since October 7th, it would a refreshing change for the home fans to see a solid effort.

The Oilers have lost six straight at home and they’ve been outscored 23-3. That is embarrassingly bad. You can’t sugarcoat it.  They are 1-7 at home, they’ve been outscored 32-11and their only win came in a shootout. It is time the Oilers start rewarding their loyal fans with a good effort, and hopefully some offence.

The Oilers have scored one ES goal at home in the last 360 minutes. One, and it was scored by a defenceman, Justin Schultz, late in the game vs. Washington. How is that even possible? What makes it even more concerning is that you are supposed to get favourable matchups at home, yet lately Sutherby and Strudwick are more likely to score than the Oilers forwards.

The fans pay big bucks and despite the awful start, they are still coming to the games. No more excuses, no more talk of moral victories, who cares about shots for or against or scoring chances. Just work harder and score. Go to the damn net, pay the price and shoot the puck.



N. Schultz-Potter


Justin Schultz returns to the lineup after missing eight games due to a groin injury. Schultz will help moving the puck out of the zone, but he needs to shoot the puck in the offensive zone. Philip Larsen had 19 shots in 8 games, and he helped make the PP better. Schultz has 20 shots in 14 games, and I’d like to see him shoot more often rather than look to pass.


  • Look for the Oilers weakside D-man to start pinching again. In Florida they stopped pinching, because the forwards weren’t making the right decision, which led to too many odd man rushes. When the D-man pinches it is vital that the high forward make the right read and not be too low in the zone. The 3F (high guy usually) has to anticipate when the weak side D is going to pinch, and he needs to swing high in the zone and shade over to that side.
  • Have Oilers fans become adverse to hard plays. I can’t believe Andrew Ference is taking grief for his fight with Lee Stempniak. Stempniak crushed Ference with a hard hit; Ference was annoyed by it and elected to go after Stempniak. The Oilers rarely push back, and when one finally does, some fans actually complained about it. Go back and watch tapes of the Oilers in the 80s, do you think they were choir boys all the time? They were incredibly skilled, but they also were tough and didn’t let teams take advantage of them.

    If anything, Oiler fans should be excited that they have a player who is wiling to stand up for himself. He took matters into his own hands. This team needs more guys to play with an edge or emotion.

  • David Perron is the only forward who has an ES point in the last six home games. We’ve focused a lot on the lack of a top-pairing D-man, which is true, but until this group of forwards can sustain a cycle in the offensive zone they will struggle scoring. It is time the forwards started carrying their weight on home ice.
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GAME DAY PREDICTION: At some point they have to win at home don’t they? The Oilers record for consecutive home losses is 9, between October 16th, 1993 to November 24th, 1993. That was a span of 39 days. The Oilers last home win this year was October 7th, a span of 43 days. The season ticket holders, mini pack holders or single game buyers deserve a win. Oilers shock all of us with a 6-2 win.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Hall gets two points. He has 11 points in 8 career games vs. the Blue Jackets.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: After hearing all the talk about whether the Oilers should have drafted Ryan Murray instead of him, Nail Yakupov scores a pair of goals, and crushes Murray with a heavy hit. After the game Yakupov says it was nothing personal, but also points out that if the Oilers had drafted Murray that J. Schultz likely wouldn’t have signed in Edmonton. That ends the "what if" debate about who they should have drafted. 


  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    If they get shut out tonight, that will be the third game I’ve gone to, only to watch a shut out loss. It better not freakin happen again tonight.

  • Spydyr


    With pressure from having a legit #1 in the wings Dubnyk does not let in a soft goal.

    Gagner still ends up minus something

  • Spydyr

    So listening to TSN1260 today and i have to agree, why the F–K
    is Arcobello not playing ? Is it not time for Gramps Smyth to
    take a break? It just baffles me. Arco makes few mistakes and he
    is a rookie for crying out loud !

    Any word on Pitlick ? its like he fell off the face of the earth.

    Those who dont come out hard tonight should miss their next shift
    and so on until they get it right. Accountability right Eakins ?
    Be a man of your word, so far …. you have not. Perhaps bench
    yourself if you are not performing.

    Ference ! stay pissed off and do what needs to be done.
    Been a long time since i saw a Oilers Player DEAL with things.

  • PlayDirty

    Agree with your statement about the flak the Captain has been taking. Everyone is crying for big bodies who won’t allow our guys to be pushed around? What do you think we would otherwise expect out of these big bodies that would eliminate our boys being pushed around? Tap-dancing and toe-drags?

  • Doctor Smashy

    I for one loved the Ference fight. Stempniak faked chasing the puck and then let it go by him and then quickly went back at Ference who was reaching. This is the body contact equivalent of a sucker punch. Other players make those hits on you when they don’t respect you. Minutes after the fight, Stempniak’s tooth explained that to him in the infirmary.

    Go Oilers.

    • Sean17

      Someone should remind the timid Ference that this is the NHL and body checking is allowed. That was the reason he was let go by the Flames, other than being a small man who couldn’t take a hit he simply was not good enough skill wise.

      Speaking of Ference funny how he plays for the ‘Oil’. In the off season he is a crusader for tree hugging and anti-oil protests. He is opposed to Oilsands development and plays for a team in the centre of Oil development. Glad he plays for an inept teamm that last week set a new modern day record for consecutive shut-out losses on home ice!

      Happy losing Oiler fans….your inept team deserves the timid Ference!! hahaha!

      • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

        Can’t tell if your serious or an idiot. I’ll go with an idiot. Stop trolling and being a giant baby. Bout time someone stands up for this team, or himself. Who cares if the hit was legal or not, it’s about sending a message. You don’t like it, go hide under a bridge….TROLL

      • BigE91

        Let me remind you spaghetti bender that fighting is also allowed in hockey. Stepniak got his clock dentures reset in grande style. He should run and stay away from fighting…in fact stay away from the NHL… no turtles allowed.

      • oilerjed

        Beat it Primo, your weak insults have no power here. The fact that Stempniak skipped by the puck and layed a shoulder into Ferrence should have been interference call. As a reward Stempniak can do a new whistle thanks to the captain.