If you are new to the Nation this is how we have celebrated landslide victories since 2007. Give a listen on maximum volume and enjoy having this song in your brain banana for longer than you will care to admit.

There are several things to be pumped beyond measure about tonight.


 No fewer than 11 players had points for the Mighty Oilers tonite including Perron who led the way with 4. That’s unreal.



This guy here got a shutout with Bryz sitting calmly on the bench. Talk about pressure. Good on you DD.




*wipes eyes*

We all needed this. The Oilers needed this. It is a rare shaft of heavenly light in an unhealthily dark situation so far this year. So listen to ghost ride the whip. Call friends you haven’t talked to in years. Suddenly the DJ Suitcase ugly sweater Christmas party on Friday is going to be a real shindig. Buy your tickets here in support of the ICCP.

We will personally buy you a bucket of Jack Daniels and we can discuss the win for ever and ever amen.

In the meantime let’s shower the comment section with unreasonable optimism and enjoy every minute of it,. 

  • Phuryous George

    Can’t believe i passed up a free ticket to that game cause i’m fat, old and lazy on cold nights. Was the most fun i’ve had watching a game in a long time.

    Did anyone else notice that Belov and N. Shultz didn’t want anything to do with th puck? They both held the offinsive blue line well, especially Belov, but both of them could not wait to get rid of the puck, couldn’t get it off thier stick fast enough, and it almost bit them. Belov looked lost in the D-Zone, and couldn’t decide what to do with the puck.

    Hope it gets addressed on Wednesday and fixed for Thursday. 3 in a row would feel pretty good.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    I must have missed it. Where was Rishaug last night. I watched the Toronto Sports Network waiting for him to sing the Oilers’ glorious praises, but, he was a no-show … Where ya hidin at Shauger? Still hiding under the covers in ur makeup bubble ?I was really looking forward to the Gossip, girl.

    • camdog

      I don’t understand all of the hate for Rishaug? Sure I didn’t like some of the questions he asked Bryzgalof, but I’m glad someone in the Edmonton sports media is being a little critical of our sports teams. For the last 10 seasons the Eskimos and Oilers have gotten off way too easy.

      The players need to be accountable for there actions. It doesn’t help the organization when all of the beat reporters are pumping their tires like Bob Stauffer.

      As to Yakopov I think the entire saga was good for the kid. He’s living in a new country and he’s got a lot to learn about pro sports. Yak city created his whole drama and has come out of it a better man.

      • Hemmertime

        The hate on Rishaug is because he is grilling the newest Oiler who had nothing to do with our terrible season and lobs softies to MacT and Lowe and anyone responsible for this crap.

  • Bucknuck

    I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. It’s so much better to read all the write ups after the Oilers dominate.

    Anyone remember the dude who would always write “OILERS DOMINATION TO FOLLOW” after all his posts? It was kind of irritating. Anyways, I thought of him last night.

    I can’t help but hope that this is the “turning of the corner” that makes this season bearable to watch.

  • S cottV

    Nice to see the lop sided win as Oiler fans and surely the team gets a much needed morale boost from it. Coaches try to take out some of the high from wins and some of the low from losses, to focus on issues that lead to a steady progression and a playoff spot. Unfortunately too many lows and not enough highs to process thus far and the playoffs are out of the question. So – Eakins is forced to preach and lead progression toward a playoff spot – next year. It wont be an easy leadership task because maintaining hope for the playoffs, is a major motivation for players that any Coach would wish to keep in the mix. Cant help but think that Eakins misjudged the change process from the onset, trying to bite off too much change – too soon. Probably should have run with familiar systems particularly with d zone coverage and special teams, focusing as much as possible on the team getting off to a strong start. His systems – his way, could have been eased in over time because it created a lot of player confusion, horrifying GA’s (wasnt just goaltending) and a lot of lost hockey games. While the team is not yet built to be a legit playoff contender, it is good enough to have challenged for what should have been an interesting playoff run this year – probably falling short in the last couple of weeks of the season. Out – in mid Nov – should not have happened. It was avoidable.

  • Rob...

    @ Serious Gord

    Just goes to show how brainwashed some people are. “They took some steps tonight”, “let’s give Duby a chance”, “the process takes time”. This is all crap I can’t stand to see on here.

    Seriously, would you eat at a restaurant where the food was terrible and sent you home with the sh*its? And then justify going back by insisting they’re “getting better”. Bon appetit blind oiler fans

  • PlayDirty

    The point is that when someone says “even well run organizations struggle at times” (the comment you quoted) in reference to the Wings’ 5 game losing streak, that is not comparing them to the Oilers at all (which you accused them of).

    In fact, it is reinforcing that there is a wide degree of difference between the two teams. One is generally perceived as much better than the other.

    And just to be clear, I don’t think anyone on here is suggesting the Oilers are the better of the two teams.

    …even though they may have been last night. And by “last night”, I mean last night.

  • Spydyr

    Columbus was so bad defensively and toothless offensively that it was like getting to play against ourselves. Can we play every game against the Bluejackets?

  • Spydyr

    This has to be a feel good game for the players, however fleeting it may be!Hope this gives them confidence that shooting and going to he net may get you some goals. Look at the beauty by Perron, second time in two games he threads the needle in the upper shelve.

    YOu take the win, and build for the next game.
    This was a sleepy Jackets team… you can tell, even our 4th line looked like they might be from and NHL team.

    Negative…. the blue line was still not that great, many turn overs, and a lot of panic scrambles.

  • Spydyr

    It was nice seeing the Oilers dominate. Watching Yakupov play up to his potential and dominate. Watching Perron pop 2 goals in and even Smytty batting one out of the air.

    We have the opportunity to beat Florida, Chicago (unlikely), Nashville and Columbus to continue the upswing.

    However, the truth of the matter is, we are still a bad team. Changes still need to be made to the top 6, the top 4 and maybe goaltending.

    We still need Lowe gone. Forever.

  • Spydyr

    We beat two utter bottom feeders, nice to see but don’t throw your Lowe jersey on just yet and strut the halls of Rexall. This team still is a long way’s away from being a competitor. Until we beat a non AHL team I will continue to hold my breath. Ultimately passing out because this debauchery Lowe has mastermind will never be succesful.

  • Chainsawz

    The Oilers have out scored their opposition 11-0 over the last 80 minutes. And both were teams ahead of them in the standings!

    Without crunching the numbers, pro-rating that for the rest of the season I like our chances at a cup.

  • Coppperhead

    Speaking of Smytty kicking butt, did you see him in the the third period against Cow Town?

    My jaw was agape. He was one of the best Oilers among many good ones. His old sense of how to make it work seemed magically matched to an ability to do it. He was pinching in to situations just at the right moment to lay on the body, and give secondary pressure to maintain possession for the Oilers, and generally flying around. Not saying we should expect that from now on, but it was a glorious few minutes to see the old guy do it again. I hope we see it at least a little more before retirement.