Stu MacGregor’s time as the scouting director for the Edmonton Oilers is now 6 summers deep, and we’re getting a nice idea about where his team is getting value. Here’s a look—by season—at the best draft picks by MBS outside the first round.


After hitting a home run in the first round (Jordan Eberle, 22nd overall) the Oilers didn’t have a second or a third round selection. In the sixth round the club found big Teemu Hartikainen, who has played in 52 NHL games (and is currently having a nice season in the KHL). Oilers retain his rights, it is unknown when he’ll return. Hartikainen certainly covered the draft bet placed on his with 2/3’s of an NHL season.


Lander’s basically the only player left from the 2009 entry draft (second round, 40th overall), and is having a solid year in Oklahoma City. Lander has played in 68 NHL games, but those came when he was unready and have given him the reputation of being a poor NHL option. His progress in the AHL has been impressive, and there’s a good chance he will carve out an NHL career.


Marincin was selected 46th overall (second round) in a cluster of picks (4 in 30 selections) during the 2010 entry draft. Although he hasn’t yet played in the NHL, Marincin’s progress at the pro level has been impressive and he is likely to make his NHL debut in 2014.


The day Simpson was drafted, the scouting reports talked about skating and strength issues. Since then, Simpson has worked very hard to improve in all areas and at this point it’s anyone guess as to where he’ll land on the pro depth chart when he finally signs in 2014. The Oilers are suddenly deep on the back line, but Simpson’s range of skills make him a player of some note.

Tobias Rieder and Martin Gernat are also developing well from this draft.


The 2012 draft has some nice things tracking, but it’s early. Jujhar Khaira has followed up his strong NCAA season at Michigan Tech a year ago with solid two-way work in the WHL. Khaira is not a feature offensive player for Everett, and he has been injured, but there’s no doubt his size, speed and skill have him heading in a good direction.

Mitchell Moroz and John McCarron are also players of interest from this draft.

It’s too soon to tell for 2013, with Marco Roy, Bogdan Yakimov and Greg Chase all in the running. But, it’s early.


Patience is required when it comes to prospect development, and defenseman take time. The Oilers talent pipeline should be sending some impressive talent to the NHL starting later this season, and the Oilers may be able to turn a few trades their way with the addition of one or more of these young prospects.

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    Milan Lucic Rnd 2
    David Krecji Rnd 2
    Patrice Bergeron Rnd 2
    Brad Marchand Rnd 3


    Kris Letang Rnd 3
    Rob Scuderi Rnd 5
    Dustin Jeffery Rnd 6
    Robert Burtuzzo Rnd 3


    Duncan Keith Rnd 2
    Brandon Saad Rnd 2
    Andrew Shaw Rnd 5
    Brandon Pirri Rnd 2
    Marcus Kruger Rnd 5
    Niklas Hjarlmarsson Rnd 4
    Ben Smith Rnd 6
    Brian Bickell Rnd 2


    Devante smith-Pelly Rnd 2
    Sami Vatanen Rnd 4

    What shocked me was how many players on these first overall teams in the standings came from outside the first round. Does this speak to getting players outside the first round as these are the guys who are making to the NHL on a combination of hard work and skill instead of skill and entitlement.

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      I believe your sample includes the premiere picks that have panned out – maybe peruse to NYI, Florida, Carolina etc

      Bottom line is MacG has done well – solid base and future is good. Just don’t squander this work in poor trades going forward.

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        His point was that if your late round picks don’t pan out you become NYI, Flordia, Carolina etc.

        You just made the point! Good teams (Chicago, Pitt, Boston) have key contributors drafted from later rounds.

        Personally I think MacG has been highly overated. I see a whole lot of flops and outside of Eberle no homeruns.

        I get being patient as Lowetide pointed out…

        BUT – 2009 looks like a complete bust IMO. Pajarvi @ 10?? Lucky MacT flipped him into Perron. Then all we got was Lander, a guy you HOPE might play on the 4th line. Maybe…. That doesn’t sound like championship drafting to me.

        • YFC Prez

          Although I suspect macG is slightly overrated, I wonder more about this teams ability to develop these picks. IMO the way these guys are developed is much more of an issue then who the are drafting.

        • YFC Prez

          IMO 2009 was a complete bust of a draft year for the league entirely. Outside of the top 7 real impact players are few and far between. I know there are good players to come out of this draft year but I am curious the the number of players to make the NHL in 2009 years draft compared to other years.

          Could just be my perception, but 2009 just seemed weaker for talent in comparison.

          • DSF

            I’m not sure 2009 was as weak as you might think.

            There’s a bunch of players from later rounds already in the league and more just making their debut.

            Ryan O’Reilly – 2nd

            Kyle Clifford – 2nd

            Alex Chissaon – 2nd

            Jakob Silvferberg -2nd

            Drew Shore – 2nd

            Robin Lehner – 2nd

            Richard Panik – 2nd

            Brandon Pirri – 2nd

            Tomas Tatar – 2nd

            And, a smattering of 3rd, 4th, 5th and even 6th round picks who look like they’ll make it.

            Reilly Smith

            Alex Urbom

            Cody Eakin

            Casey Cizikas

            David Savard

            Craig Smith

            Marcus Foligno

            Linden Vey

            Marcus Kruger

            Jordan Nolan 7th round.

            So far, according to Hockey DB, 40 percent of that draft has played in the NHL.

            That the Oilers essentially got one NHL player of marginal value (Paajarvi was a healthy scratch again last night) and a “maybe” 4th line player out of that draft is certainly a concern when you consider how high they were drafting.

          • YFC Prez

            A couple base hits…but no real home runs. I don’t know there just doesn’t seem to be the Jam in the later rounds compared to other years. But with this draft same as others time will tell.

            Like I said It’s just my perspective and I could very well be wrong. Where’s the Subban’s Simmonds or Keiths?

            I am high on Clifford and Shore though

          • YFC Prez

            Fair enough… But its just another excuse.

            I’m tired of excuses.

            Everyone has this false perception of MacG. That he has done some great stuff. He drafted Eberele. Good for him. He draft a bunch of 1st overalls.

            Then he drafted Kevin Lowe’s buddies sons (Simpson, Musil). Brandon Saad or your buddy Musil’s kid… Who would you take?

            I’m tired of people apologizing for this team and its incompetence in every single way.

            ** Quit comparing our drafting to Florida/Carolina and saying its “not bad because we got Lander – who might possibly, if the stars align properly turn into a 5 minute per night 4th line plug”.

            When will we start to expect Chicago style drafting. Get some solid top 4 or dare I even say top 2 D men from the late rounds…. GASP! I know, its crazy to expect. But its what cup winners do.

            Enough praising MacG for not doing OK. When is OK or “Not that bad” become a good thing around here…

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            I see at least 5 NHL regulars from the second round. That’s not bad. Sounds more like you are making excuses for oilers poor drafting and development.

          • YFC Prez

            Oh don’t get me wrong. The oilers were brutal in both drafting and development. I just think that 2010 is the year that all changed. Only time will tell though.

            Im not making excuses for the oilers bad draft selections. Im just pointing out that 2009 was a bust for many teams.

          • camdog

            I can respect that but until some other the none first rounders, start playing regularly, neither the drafting or development deserve and props. At this point in time they have been failures, other wise we would see a player or 2, with a name like Pitlick or Lander, playing more then 10 minutes a night Regularly in the NHL.

            That is what drafting and development success is. Not being bad enough to constantly get high first round picks.

    • Lowetide

      How many of those players were drafted 2009 or later? That’s the problem imo. People are expecting this to happen Lucic quickly and it’s extremely rare.

      Take Marchand as an example. Drafted in 2006, makes debut in 2009 and regular in 2010.

      The Oilers 2010 draft was 3 and a half years ago. Marincin isn’t late, he’s right on time. Pitlick looked okay in his chance.

      Same with 2011. Lucic types are rare (2nd rders arriving so soon after draft). I’m not saying all of these kids will work out, they won’t.

      However, I don’t think it makes sense to make a call on a Mitchell Moroz or a Dillon Simpson this early.

  • 719

    John McCarron could be a very good pick.

    I am surprised from 2010 that Pitlick is not given an honourable mention. Seems like someone who is progressing well, and looked decent in his callup before injury.

    I believe they say that if you find 2 players from a draft class that it is a very good draft. So far it seems like Mr. MacGregor is on track to cover that bet, but time will tell.

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    Anyone who becomes a significant contributor to the team who is picked outside the first round.

    I’ll do a quick and dirty study and tell you how many guys on the roster are drafted by that team outside of the first round by that team for the teams in first place in all the divisions.

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        I think Petry needs to be more aggressive in terms of offense. Fedun and Larsen have shown more ability then Petry has imo. Petry has shown at times how much more growth he needs. Needs to be more physical. For me Petry fills a 3-4 role until he develops more of the offensive game we all know he has in his skill set.Till then….

        • Lowetide

          What you are saying you would play Larsen and Fedun ahead of Petry.

          I agree ¨Petry for his size could use a little more jam., but that’s never been his style.

          Larsen, his skating and puck movement style reminds me of Duncan Keith, his play in his own end reminds of Justin Schultz.. not good.

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    Still waiting for a homerun from a late round draft pick. I think that is necessary for this team to turn the corner and for the Scouts to be deemed truly successful.